Alleged source: VISA Service (2006/02/24)
Subject: Attention! Several VISA Credit Card bases have been LOST!

Good afternoon, unfortunately some processings have been cracked by hackers, so a new secure code to protect your data has been introduced by Visa. You should check your card balance and in case of suspicious transactions immediately contact your card issuing bank. If you don't see any suspicious transactions, it doesn't mean that the card is not lost and cannot be used. Probably, your card issuers have not updated information yet. That is why we strongly recommend you to visit our website and update your profile, otherwise we cannot guarantee stolen money repayment. Thank you for your attention. Click here and update your profile.

Alleged source: VISA (2007/10/22)
Subject: Notification from Visa Credit Cards

Notification from Visa U.S.A.
VISA Credit Cards Online, Department Notice
You have received this E-mail because you or someone else had used your 
Account from different locations. For security purposes, we required to open 
an investigation on this matter.
In order to safeguard your Account , we require you to change your VISA 
Password and confirm you Banking Details.
To help speeding up this process , please access the fallowing link so we can 
complete verification form Online.
To get started, please click the link below:
Please note:
If we do not receive the appropriate Account Verification within 48 hours , 
we will assume this VISA Credit Card Account is fraudulent and it will be 
suspended. The purpose of this Verification is to ensure that your VISA has 
not been fraudulently used and to combat fraud from our Community.
VISA Security Team