Alleged source: US Bank (2004/07/26)
Subject: U.S. Bank's officiaI notice!

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Alleged source: U.S. BankŪ (2007/11/20)
Subject: Important Notice From U.S. Online Banking

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Dear Customer

U.S.Bank is serious about doing its part to safeguard your personal information online.
Due to an increase in phishing activity across the Financial Industry,It's important
at times like this to reassure our customer's information is safe and protected,
and that it's a good thing to take precautions themselves.

Your contribution is important to protect the security of your access to our services.
You can help prevent unauthorized access into your account.

You are advice to follow the link below to secure your account Details,
while we initiate the security process of your account information.

Security Advisor

U.S.Bank Internet Banking

Alleged source: U.S. Bank (2008/07/03)
Customer Service:ImportantSecurityNotification
Subject: Customer Service: Important Security Notification

Important Security Notification

U.S. Bank is committed to protecting your privacy

We confirmed various login attempt on your Online Banking Account, and if you did not Authorise this activity, you are therefore asked to re-confirm your Online Banking Access detials on the secure webform below for the protection of your Online Banking Account.

Note: All details should be accurate to ensure the protection of your Online Banking Account.

Thank you for your co-operation towards the security of your Online Banking Account.

U.S. Bank
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