Alleged Source: Merrill Lynch Business Center (2007/08/14)
Subject: Check up system today, virus threat


Dear Client!

Thank you for choosing Merrill Lynch Business Center. An advisory from Sophos Labs informed yesterday that a malware writer has been infecting thousands of computers by hiding a new Trojan variant in a cartoon video, which has been spread around the world via e-mail. The malware, identified as Troi/Agent-FWO Trojan was hidden into "Yes & No" Shockwave video , a popular cartoon created by the Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto.

Please use next link to enter the Merrill Lynch Business Center via protected online server. The system will automatically detect infection and you will get report to your web browser during next 60 seconds.


To log in, you must have a valid ID and password.

Once you log in to the Merrill Lynch Business Center, you can start performing a wide range of electronic business banking activities, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You'll have access to your account information, VisaŽ activity, Business Life (our online publication providing bottom-line resources for your business) and information on all of our business financing solutions.

Thank you for cooperation.

Alleged Source: Global Markets & Investment Banking Group (2008/03/06)
Subject: Merrill Lynch banking notification mail

Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch Enhanced Security Authentication

We have enhanced the Merrill Lynch Business Center security access to further safeguard access to your account information. Click on the hyperlink below and follow the prompts to answer and record answers to five personalized security questions. We may, in the future, ask you for answers to these questions when you log into the Business Center to ensure that only you are accessing your account information.
By clicking the link below and/or by using the Merrill Lynch Business Center website ("site"), you:

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I. Represent and warrant that you are authorized to accept the Merrill Lynch Business Center Terms & Conditions and use the site on behalf of yourself and your employer and in doing so you are acting within the scope of your duties.
II. Accept the Merrill Lynch Business Center Terms & Conditions on behalf of yourself, agree to be bound by them.

Alleged Source: business centre (2008/05/06)
Subject: Merrill Lynch Business Centre New Home Page.


Merrill Lynch develops new solutions that deliver instant,
comprehensive online banking and protection against evolving
computer security threats.

Dear Merrill Lynch Business Center Customer:

In an effort to better serve you, the following changes to the
daily processing procedures will go into effect on Tuesday, May 6th:
We'll be launching new Business Centre homepage

In addition to a fresh look, the new Merrill Lynch website will provide:
-Easier access to login
-Easier ways to contact and locate us
-Access to more information on what we offer and what we do Online
Please discover new Business Centre homepage now:

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