Alleged source: Clients support team Comerica Bank (2008/04/18)
Subject: Comerica Bank - important information about the safety of your account.

Client authentication using digital certificates in COMERICA BANK®

Dear Customer, site has requested that you identify yourself with a =
The next step in the transformation of Comerica Online is Digital =
Certificate (DC) access.=20
This DC will allow you to access Comerica Bank and other online services =
through a single sign-on.

All users will be notified and transitioned to the new URL between April =
2008 and October 2008.

Please register your DC account and use our services safely.


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Alleged source: Digicert Update Team (2008/04/25)
Subject: Comerica Bank SSL Certificate Update. Certificate is due to expire in 5 days

Comerica TM Connect Web Bank Renewal

Certificate Renewal
Personal (Smartcard) e-Cert & Personal e-Cert
Certificate owner must renew the certificate before expiry date. 
Your certificate expiration date - 1may 2008.
The system will send email (Certificate Renewal Notice) to the certificate owner ten 
days and 3 hours before the certificate is due to expire, if it has not been renewed.
Upon receiving the renewal notice, certificate owner is required to connect to 
Comerica Bank Certificate Management System and present the client certificate. 
Secure Server e-Cert & Developer e-Cert
Certificate owner has the responsibility to renew the certificate before expiry date. 
Successful renewed application will receive an email notification from Comerica Bank. 
Applicant can just browse to the URL stated in the email and then download the certificate.

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