Alleged source: Clydesdale (2009/07/03)
Subject: Online accounts review

Dear Customer,

During our regular update and verification of the Clydesdale Internet Banking
Service, we could not verify your current information. It is either your
information has been changed or incomplete and as a result,your access to
use our services has been limited.

To restore your Online Banking access, kindly update your information by
following the link below.

Click here to update your account

Thank you for banking with Clydesdale Bank.

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Alleged source: Clydesdale Bank PLC (2010/02/04)
Subject: Clydesdale Bank products and services - Keeping you safe and secure

Always thinking about delivering great service

At Clydesdale Bank we are committed to delivering a high standard of customer service. At its heart is our philosophy of ‘always thinking’. It encapsulates everything we believe in as a business and how the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

We are fully committed to high standards of service, treating our customers fairly, helping our customers understand how their accounts operate and giving them a better understanding of banking services and maintaining confidence in the security and integrity of banks.
You can find further information on how we secure your account details online on the Financial Services Authority’s "CbOnlineSecure" website, below (opens in a new window).

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Best Wishes,

Shawn R. Williams
Head of Online Security
Clydesdale Bank

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