Alleged source: Citibank United Kingdom
Subject: URGENT SECURITY NOTIFICATION [Tue, 12 Jul 2005 10:13:01 +0100]

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Alleged Source: Citibank UK (2007/07/20)
Subject: Your card payment is overdue


*******This message is for CitiBank United Kingdom customers only***********

Your Citibank Card balance is currently overdue and we require an immediate payment of 43.97.

What to do next

Go to your Citibank account account, select the 'Move money' tab and choose the 'Make a one-off payment' option, and then follow the on-screen instructions. If you're having trouble finding the money to make your payment, you can talk to us about alternative options or help with getting on top of your finances on 0800-00-55-00 (If calling from abroad dial +44 20 7500 5500).

As soon as possible, please access your online account following the link below:

Check your online account

If you've already spoken to us or you've put your account in order, please ignore this communication.

Yvonne Smith
CitiBank United Kingdom
Card payments Dept
Citibank International Plc

CitiBank Email ID#5436578000987

This is a new type of phish; a demand for a specific amount of cash with a link going to a criminal outfit in Hong Kong.