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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

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NOTE : If the links to the phishing files -- Paypal, Regions Bank, etc. -- won't work, it's because the website host has blocked them as a result of the latest false alarm. Some or all of these files are supposed to be setting off malware detection software even though links to the original phishing sites have been deactivated and my files contain no program code which could be activated merely by downloading my html file to your computer.
UPDATE: The false alarm came about because an anti-phishing agency reported one of my pages as having phishing content – i.e. one of the pages on the " Phishers In Action" anti-phishing website was offering examples of what phishing emails look like . . .

Received in December
8492. Earlie London / Help! Unfamiliar bill spam [Thanks C.W.]
8491. Tracy Santos / Changes in bank reports spam [Thanks C.W.]
8490. Private.Message / Mysterious message spam [Thanks C.W.]
8489. YouTube Support / Your video has been approved spam [Thanks C.W.]
8488. ClearAccount / Payday loans spam [Thanks P.T.]
8487. Mrs. Sharon Williams / Wow! A metal box in Florida containing $8.5M! [Thanks R.H.]
8486. Pepsi Gift/Prize / $560,000 imaginary lottery prize [Thanks R.H.]
8485. Dr.Jerry Solomon / $325M!!! dormant account swindle [Thanks R.H.]
8484. Hayes, Cheryl - GGE / A spot of email account phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8483. Claiming Manager / $2,500,000 Hot Lotto Africa "win" [Thanks R.H.]
8482. BMW® Registered Office / Free cars come in pairs? [Thanks R.H.]
8481. Raymond Kuo Fung / Can't be a scammer -- he says he's not! [Thanks R.H.]
8480. PNC Bank Online Customer Service / Even more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8479. Guinness Customers Promotion / $500K fake lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8478. Mrs Kate Grant / "Here's $350K for your help" scam [Thanks R.H.]
8477. Usha Martin Limited / Very quick & dirty fake job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8476. Alan Deng / Alleged son of dead Sudanese general with $25M [Thanks R.H.]
8475. PayPal Online / The phish are arriving like shoals of piranhas! [Thanks R.H.]
8474. USAA / A spot more of the old phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8473. Claim Services / Accident injury compensation spam [Thanks P.T.]
8472. Christmas Quizz - UK Offer Source / Quizz, Quiz or just Spam [Thanks R.H.]
8471. The Open University / But a scam OU rather than the real one [Thanks P.T.]
8470. WebDoctor / Jump National Health Service queues spam [Thanks P.T.]
8469. Credit Summary / Your credit rating summary spam [Thanks R.H.]
8468. shanka / Cure for Incurable Diseases spam [Thanks R.H.]
8467. Oscar Aris / Marsupial diplomatic pouch scam [Thanks R.H.]
8466. Egyptian Gulf Bank / Not a phish; a bent banker (alleged) [Thanks R.H.]
8465. Bank of America / More seasonal phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8464. Patricia Clemons / Walmart Mystery Shopper fake job [Thanks R.H.]
8463. American Express / A spot more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8462. Scale Watcher / Hard water spam [Thanks P.T.]
8461. Pennsylvania State University Team / A spot of email phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8460. Dr.Jennifer Adams / $7.5M ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
8459. Bank Of America / All-purpose $10M scam [Thanks R.H.]
8458. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / The boss refuses to be left out! [Thanks R.H.]
8457. Miss Donna Story / Another non-Mueller FBI scam [Thanks R.H.]
8456. Euro Millions / £500K lottery win scam [Thanks R.H.]
8455. Egyptian Gulf Bank / $24M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8454. OAO Gazprom Oil & Gas (Promotions) / Brief $920K scam [Thanks R.H.]
8453. Mr.Rorrita Assafiri / Horizon Arabia Group fake job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8452. Switching service / "Switch and Save" scam [Thanks P.T.]
8451. Cobra Health Insurance Alternative / Health Insurance scam/spam [Thanks R.H.]
8450. Solar America / Solar panel scam/spam [Thanks R.H.]
8449. united nation / The UN paying out Microsoft's lottery wins? What next? [Thanks R.H.]
8448. Gray Michael Fisher / Marine in Iraq with 3½ million bucks! [Thanks R.H.]
8447. Bank of America Alert / A spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8446. sgt william smith / Shot down like a dog while composing the scam? [Thanks R.H.]
8445. Mr. Riyal Abdullah / Arab oilman seeks partner for secret deal [Thanks R.H.]
8444. Agent Chris Swecker / Another of Mueller's Men with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
8443. Barrister Abel Komi / Alleged lawyer with $10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8442. Rev James Morgan / Alleged Nigerian bank boss with ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
8441. Mr . Anthony Goodluck / $5M scam in not terrific English [Thanks R.H.]
8440. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) / Mr. Mueller seems to be on holiday! [Thanks R.H.]
8439. Mr.Edward Meyers / Long-distance US banker with scam [Thanks R.H.]
8438. Mrs.Nadiane Sidambaram / Dead politician's widow scam [Thanks R.H.]
8437. ZenithBank / Very cryptic scam message [Thanks R.H.]
8436. Mr. John Gomez / Somewhat fancy Western Union-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
8435. North Pole / Personalized letter from Santa in Tokelau spam [Thanks R.H.]
8434. Cougar Experience / Come and meet them in Tokelau spam [Thanks R.H.]
8433. LogbookLoans Offersource / Vehicle equity release spam [Thanks P.T.]
8432. Norbert Walter Award Coordinator / Western Union being v. generous [Thanks R.H.]
8431. Pashkevich, Dmitry (CCC-UZB) / Dying Bolshevik with dosh [Thanks R.H.]
8430. Jim Martins / Has "certain sums" of dollars in need of repatriation [Thanks R.H.]
8429. Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd / Bogus banker in Ghana with $1.5M interest on offer [Thanks R.H.]
8428. The Times / Fake cheap subscription to the newswpaper [Thanks C.W.]
8427. ChipsAway Franchising / Fake franchise spam [Thanks G.R.]
8426. Mr. Olusegun Aganga / Alleged Nigerian accountant with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8425. Mr. Ban / Long-winded UN-based scam for $10.5M [Thanks R.H.]
8424. ATM Card Section / UN/IMF/Various banks ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
8423. Compensation office / UN/IMF scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8422. Audrea Garza / Job Contract Translation with dodgy attachment [Thanks C.W.]
8421. Federal Reserve Wire Network / Cancelled wire transfer spam [Thanks C.W.]
8420. Western Union / Run there and pick up $5,000 scam [Thanks R.H.]
8419. Recovery Of Lost Funds / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8418. BMW Lottery Department / Get your Xmas car and cash! [Thanks R.H.]
8417. Peter Welbeck / Much shorter imaginary job spam [Thanks R.H.]
8416. Jennifer Brooks / Get paid for advertising Red Bull! [Thanks R.H.]
8415. United Nations / Povery eradication? Scam, more like! [Thanks R.H.]
8414. Blackberry London Promotion Award 2012 / Very spare scam [Thanks R.H.]

Received in November
8413. Barrister James Hurd / Another dead engineer scam (or the same one rebadged) [Thanks R.H.]
8412. China Citic Bank / "Somebody is after your $5.5M" scam [Thanks R.H.]
8411. Martin Carter / Opinion research spam scam [Thanks R.H.]
8410. Microsoft Notification / A seasonal lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
8409. United Bank for Africa / Very fancy ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
8408. Dr. Kenneth Williams / UN agent in UK with compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8407. Western Union Customer Care / Xmas Special Bonus scam [Thanks R.H.]
8406. Accounts support / Phishing scam from Italy [Thanks R.H.]
8405. General Andrew Owoye Azazi / Nigerian soldier with contract scam [Thanks R.H.]
8404. Stephen Glen / Fake banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8403. Bank Of Africa / Complex compensation scam from Mexico [Thanks R.H.]
8402. Habbo Hotel / Intercompany Invoice spam/scam [Thanks G.R.]
8401. TheECOexperts / Solar panel spam [Thanks G.R.]
8400. Mrs. Gloria Moyo / Another rich victim of corrupt regimes in southern Africa [Thanks R.H.]
8399. Mueller / Mr. The Third seems to have relocated to Penn State U.!! [Thanks R.H.]
8398. China Citic Bank / $5.5M flying around, grab it quick! [Thanks R.H.]
8397. Miracle Christ Deng / Guy with a great name and a sad story [Thanks R.H.]
8396. Emerald Lux / Comoplimentary E-Cig spam [Thanks R.H.]
8395. FUJIFILM UK / Debt Recovery Agent job on offer to complete stranger [Thanks R.H.]
8394. USAA / Another spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8393. Mr. James Burke / Clearly, lots of demand for a complete stranger as a P.A. [Thanks R.H.]
8392. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon / The UN abolishing poverty again [Thanks R.H.]
8391. Lance Ver / Looking for a complete stranger to be a P.A. [Thanks R.H.]
8390. Barr. Suarez C. Manuel Francisco / Bad guy with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8389. FBI Office / Mr. Mueller tries a less aggressive stance [Thanks R.H.]
8388. Nectar SignUp / Sainsbury supermarket + Nectar points scam [Thanks P.T.]
8387. Lott@IT / There are definitely Lotts at it!! Scammers, that is. [Thanks R.H.]
8386. Gillian Bayford / Another mega-generous lottery winner [Thanks R.H.]
8385. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / Yet another "final warning" from the boss [Thanks R.H.]
8384. king son need help / Looking for the "help of Aliens"!! [Thanks R.H.]
8383. Facebook Online International Lottery / $950 on offer (not!) [Thanks R.H.]
8382. Mrs. Irene Walkerson / Russian branch of the FBI with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
8381. Accounts support / General purpose phishing attempt? [Thanks R.H.]
8380. Alfred Riwanne / Western Union-related compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8379. Barclays Bank plc / A Chinese branch with a scam [Thanks C.W.]
8378. MyOffersUK / Tesco supermarket-based scam [Thanks P.T.]
8377. Microsoft Office Department / Bill Gates being generous again [Thanks R.H.]
8376. James Mike / $15M up for grabs -- only it's in Nigeria [Thanks R.H.]
8375. Shirley Dudley / "Execution of Late Engr. Robert Adler"scam [Thanks R.H.]
8374. ALPHA BANK PLC. / $800K scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8373. Greg Montoya / "Shocking Video Proof" spam [Thanks R.H.]
8372. Elena Caruso / Undelivered package that keeps coming back scam [Thanks R.H.]
8371. Surveys Int. Inc / Very dodgy survey job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8370. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / It's that Mueller bloke, at it again [Thanks R.H.]
8369. Western Union® / They're holding $250,000 compensation! [Thanks R.H.]
8368. Heinz Hager / "Once in a lifetime" scam [Thanks R.H.]
8367. BMW Lottery Department / New car + $500K (if only!) [Thanks R.H.]
8366. Jean Z Francis / Rather fancy $1.2M UN-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
8365. ChristianMingle / Mormon(?) dating spam [Thanks R.H.]
8364. Mr Song Chen / Chinese scammer in Spain with $12.8M dead [Thanks R.H.]
8363. Marthias Sherpard / Fake UN Inspection agent with scam [Thanks R.H.]
8362. OnlineDeals / spam scam [Thanks C.W.]
8361. Joel Therien / Internet traffic workshop spam [Thanks P.T.]
8360. Mrs. Mary Dyall / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8359. Grant Harry / Secret Survey agent for Western Union stores? [Thanks R.H.]
8358. BestValueDeals / Solar panel spam scam [Thanks C.W.]
8357. Offersource / Brilliant Asda offer is just spam [Thanks C.W.]
8356. High Bank-Charges Claims / PPI spam [Thanks C.W.]
8355. Tropical Cruises / Win a trip to the Canary Isles spam [Thanks C.W.]
8354. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / Ultimatum from Mr. Mueller III [Thanks R.H.]
8353. Support Center / spam/phish/scam [Thanks R.H.]
8352. Oxfam GB / A charity giving rather than taking? [Thanks R.H.]
8351. Sierra Burnett / would have you believe Gazprom is being generous [Thanks R.H.]
8350. Free Lottery International / Wow! Another two million quid won!! [Thanks R.H.]
8349. E-board online / £950,000 lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
8348. Barrister Masoud Baharin / Quick & dirty next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8347. Mrs. Aaliyah H. Al-Ghrari / Bombed to bitz in Libya, but still feeling generous [Thanks R.H.]
8346. Barclays Bank Plc / That's the Barclays in Ukraine, by the way [Thanks R.H.]
8345. Agent Jason Gale / Another Mueller III minion making threats [Thanks R.H.]
8344. Wells Fargo Notice / Back to the phishing as for 8339 [Thanks R.H.]
8343. National Security / Co-operate with these guys, OR ELSE!! [Thanks R.H.]
8342. Gareth & Catherine Bull / Generous lottery winner scam [Thanks R.H.]
8341. Microsoft Windows / Windows operating system phish [Thanks R.H.]
8340. Bank of America / Even more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8339. SunTrust Alert / More phishers living in hope [Thanks R.H.]
8338. / Company allegedly looking for staff picked at random [Thanks R.H.]
8337. Free Lotto Int. / £4M prize from an imaginary lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8336. Santander UK / A spot of phishing [Thanks C.W.]
8335. Roberto Calandro / Some spam in Italian [Thanks C.W.]
8334. Free Lotto Int. / "Your email address was picked" for a lottery scam! [Thanks R.H.]
8333. Mrs.Christy Walton / Terminal / condition that "defiled all medical treatment" [Thanks R.H.]
8332. Mr. Adams Mensah / Claims to be a banker with a financial package [Thanks R.H.]
8331. Scam Compensations / or "a scam absolutely guaranteed"? [Thanks R.H.]
8330. Campus Doodle / Doodle yourself a $1,000 college scholarship! [Thanks R.H.]
8329. FBI Agent Franklin Fisherman / Mueller minion flies solo? [Thanks R.H.]
8328. David Mark / Spam from the Director of the National Warehouse! [Thanks R.H.]
8327. Joel Therien / "20+ leads per day" spam [Thanks J.T.]
8326. SMITH AWALA / $5.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8325. job street / Dodgy job offer for Thai readers [Thanks R.H.]
8324. Irish Lottery / £891,934 win? Not euros, the currency of Ireland? [Thanks R.H.]
8323. Toyota Promo / Fake lottery 2nd prize: cash + a car [Thanks R.H.]
8322. UKC / Gambling spam [Thanks P.T.]
8321. Sylik Zendorck Investment / You put up the cash and they stroll off with it? [Thanks R.H.]
8320. Larita Brierly / Wonderful job offer from ILG [Thanks R.H.]
8319. Mr.William Morris / Bent banker, he sez, with $90M abandoned off-shore [Thanks R.H.]
8318. Allen Mark / Scam about a woman "called to glory"!! [Thanks R.H.]
8317. Kentrox Fabrics / Job offer swindle [Thanks R.H.]
8316. Cnooc Oil Base Group Ltd. / Spurious job offer from Chinese company [Thanks R.H.]
8315. Gillian and Adrian Bayford / Euromillions winners-based scam: 2 versions [Thanks R.H.]
8314. Fuertes, Elaine / who becomes Naziman B. Muhmud for the scam [Thanks A.M.]
8313. Christmas Letters / Santa bluddy Claus with a scam [Thanks P.T.]

Received in October
8312. Better Business Bureau / Same story as the previous one [Thanks C.W.]
8311. eFax Corporate / Unexpected message with dodgy download [Thanks C.W.]
8310. ADPClientServices / Phishing or spamming expedition [Thanks P.T.]
8309. Mrs Stella Linus / Rather fancy Money Gram scam [Thanks R.H.]
8308. Mrs. Larry Andrew / Fake banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8307. Uyi Edogun / Nigerian done for "quilting of receiving stolen goods" [Thanks R.H.]
8306. Mr. Vinny Johnson / Russian with birthday-related next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8305. Ngama Yerima / From Nigeria? Must be a scam! [Thanks R.H.]
8304. EFCC Nigeria / Nigerian scamers pretending not to be [Thanks R.H.]
8303. Dave Anderson / Do research, get paid lots spam [Thanks R.H.]
8302. Alfred Riwanne / Wester Union-based scam victim scam [Thanks R.H.]
8301. Mr Robert Swan Muller / The full name for a BIG scam [Thanks R.H.]
8300. Saeed Suhail Ali Alyabhouni / Bent banker with scam worth $MMMs [Thanks R.H.]
8299. Mr.Kareem Mohammed / $8M Gadaffy regime scam [Thanks R.H.]
8298. CIMB Bank Malaysia / Astonishing $2,500,000,000 scam!! [Thanks R.H.]
8297. Patricia A. Rose / Mr.Y.George / 2 poor & very similar scams, 1 better one [Thanks R.H.]
8296. Union Western / Somewhat backward scam [Thanks R.H.]
8295. BMW Lottery Department / Further corporate generosity (not) [Thanks R.H.]
8294. Nokia Online Donation / Fake online prize from Nigeria, of all places [Thanks R.H.]
8293. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / Mr. Mueller back with a fancy offering [Thanks R.H.]
8292. Lottery Winnings / A pair of very similar scams [Thanks R.H.]
8291. Bob Fryar / Badly formatted BP Gulf oil spill scam [Thanks R.H.]
8290. Major John Krumm / "Barrels of loot in Afghanistan" scam [Thanks R.H.]
8289. Ahmed Al Sultan / Pretend U.A.E. banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8288. En. Mohd Badrul Hisyam Bin Muhamad Alias / Alias? Not his real name? [Thanks R.H.]
8287. Gilbert Gooch / More of the inexhaustible Iraqi loot on offer [Thanks R.H.]
8286. Ms. Carman L. Lapointe / UN-based Nigerian scam [Thanks R.H.]
8285. Tara / If she were really psychic, she'd know I'd ignore her spam [Thanks C.W.]
8284. Competition 12 / If you can read Thai, you'll be okay with this! [Thanks R.H.]
8283. Dowd, MaryAnn / One very generous person with $1M to give away [Thanks R.H.]
8282. Mr.Van Rehn / EU Financial Regulatory Authority scam [Thanks R.H.]
8281. Mrs. Sarah Moses / Facebook Mega Promo Award scam!! [Thanks R.H.]
8280. Joe Dobson / Update your email address (and be scammed) [Thanks R.H.]
8279. Experts in Money / Medical scam/spam/phish [Thanks B.E.]
8278. National Accident Helpline / Scam/spam/phish [Thanks P.T.]
8277. Robin White & Co. Chambers / Fake lawyer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8276. Dr Fatimah Kayat / Microsoft Lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
8275. Mr. Syed Albukhary / Gadaffy regime-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
8274. LOTTERY / Unclaimed confirmable bank draft scam [Thanks R.H.]
8273. Ms. Christine Lagarde / Boss of the IMF with a scam?? [Thanks R.H.]
8272. BBC LOTTERY BOARD / Imaginary win of imaginary lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8271. Hilton International Hotel / One hotel, lots of fake jobs [Thanks R.H.]
8270. Cargo And storage Unit / "5 days to prove you're alive" scam [Thanks R.H.]
8269. Bank of America Alert / The phish are leaping again [Thanks R.H.]
8268. Mr.John Martin / Spurious job offer as personal assistant [Thanks R.H.]
8267. Agent Jason Gale / One of Mr. Mueller's FBI rivals with some threats [Thanks R.H.]
8266. Rolls-Royce Motor Company / An Roller and a million quid? Wow!! [Thanks R.H.]
8265. Joel Therien / Evergreen Business Services spam [Thanks C.W.]
8264. Region Bank / The phishers at it again [Thanks R.H.]
8263. General Trading Company / So what's the trade like in used generals? [Thanks R.H.]
8262. Microsoft E-Mail Promo Award2012 / £750K on offer. Not. [Thanks R.H.]
8261. Jim & Maureen Emerton / Another generous big lottery winner scam [Thanks R.H.]
8260. Bender Elizabeth / $95 advance fee for $2.8M claim scam [Thanks R.H.]
8259. GAZPROM AWARDS / $920K award from fake anti-poverty pogrom [Thanks R.H.]
8258. Mrs. Marie Smith / Alleged Canadian in scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8257. Hiller, Stefan / Never give your real name? [Thanks R.H.]
8256. Chiarman Chrome Oil / Pressurized influential woman scam [Thanks M.H.]
8255. Peter Green / Iris Green / Fake jobs from people called Green [Thanks R.H.]
8254. Micheal Sultin / "Are you dead?" scam [Thanks R.H.]
8253. The Sunday Times / More Spam/scam/phish [Thanks P.T.]
8252. Astrologer / If any good, would have known the pitch wouldn't work [Thanks R.H.]
8251. Mrs. Asma al-Assad / Syrian president's wife with a scam? [Thanks R.H.]
8250. Pay Office / Wow! $365,000 winning funds scam [Thanks R.H.]
8249. Mr Richard Ikem / Western Union Reward scam [Thanks R.H.]
8248. James Smith / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8247. Mr.Sanusi Lamido Sanusi / Classic Nigerian scam [Thanks R.H.]
8246. Hernando Gomez Gomez / Belated Olympics lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
8245. World Bank Group / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8244. Giff Gaff / SIM Card scam/spam/phish [Thanks C.W.]
8243. Barclays Current Account / Phishing/spamming/passing off [Thanks P.T.]
8242. Freebiemania / Something for nothing spam [Thanks C.W.]
8241. David Thorburn / Santander banker, he sez, with $50M [Thanks R.H.]

Received in September
8240. Centro de Conciliacion U. de A. / Very generous but very fake lottery winner [Thanks R.H.]
8239. Coca Cola Promotion / £1M for international awareness of fizz [Thanks R.H.]
8238. Capt. Evelyn Hill / Fanny's sister with a $5M scam [Thanks R.H.]
8237. MR. Yassine Hassan / Moroccan bank manager with scam [Thanks R.H.]
8236. UK loopy lotto organizers / And you'd be a lot loopy to take any notice of this! [Thanks R.H.]
8235. Vex Corps Inc. / Customer Care Representative scam [Thanks R.H.]
8234. Mrs. Karen Connolly / Dodgy bank auditor with $5.5M scam [Thanks R.H.]
8233. FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C. / Mr. Mueller again [Thanks R.H.]
8232. Joel Therien / Some guy monkeying around with Mobiles Phone Apes! [Thanks O.M.]
8231. Henry Blaine Jnr. / Fake Swiss banker with $320M scam (thinks big!) [Thanks R.H.]
8230. Lotteria Italia / $2.5M imaginary Italian lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8229. Ms. Obeidi Saleh / Libyan refugee with $45M -- yeah, right! [Thanks R.H.]
8228. Capt. Evelyn Hill / In Afghanistan with $5M but not bright enough to extract it [Thanks R.H.]
8227. Zoe Wright / Another work at home scam [Thanks R.H.]
8226. Iris Green / Another Mystery Shopper scam based on K-Mart [Thanks R.H.]
8225. Mrs. Mary Bell. (Secretary) / Another scam based on UK national lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8224. Global Mega-Million Lottery Promotion Centre / Fake win [Thanks R.H.]
8223. Mr. Pablo Oritz / Fake banker with €13M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8222. Lotto Italia / $2,500,000 win! Wow, gosh!! [Thanks R.H.]
8221. Mrs. Aaliyah H. Al-Ghrari / Widow of rather crude oil merchant with dosh [Thanks R.H.]
8220. Barr. David Bentley / Fake lawyer with mysterious deal [Thanks R.H.]
8219. Federal Ministry of Finance / $950K on offer in dribs & drabs [Thanks M.H.]
8218. Lady Lisa Mason / Ain't no lady, ain't got no cash! [Thanks R.H.]
8217. BMW Motor Awards / Cash & a new car? Like as if! [Thanks R.H.]
8216. Devorah Cantu / Stuck in Spain, embassy & cops no help, send cash [Thanks P.T.]
8215. Online Lotto Promotion / A more generous €1,000,000 this time [Thanks R.H.]
8214. Nokia Team / £415,000 "win" in scam promo [Thanks R.H.]
8213. Mrs Connie Dutton / Dodgy advice on how to beat the scammers [Thanks R.H.]
8212. Mrs. Faith William / Another diplomat stuck at an airport [Thanks R.H.]
8211. Central Bank Of Nigeria / Central Bank Of Scammers, more like! [Thanks R.H.]
8210. Marie Stopes International / Undisclosed grant/donation on offer [Thanks R.H.]
8209. European Payment / $800,000 Compensation Payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
8208. Mrs. Janet Napolitano / Scam victim scam from Homeland Security [Thanks R.H.]
8207. United Nations / Hopeless Dreams repaired while U wait [Thanks R.H.]
8206. Wema Bank Plc / 'Deed of Assignment' scam [Thanks R.H.]
8205. PPI Alert / Another colourful PPI mis-selling scam [Thanks P.T.]
8204. Rebecca Thomas / Totally not genuine opinion research job [Thanks R.H.]
8203. Yahoo! / Very colourful fake lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8202. The National Lottery / If only it was a £761,937 win! [Thanks R.H.]
8201. CPT.J.ANTHONY / Alleged hero moving from Iraq to Afghanistan [Thanks R.H.]
8200. UNION BANK / Alleged Nigerian banker with ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
8199. Miss Anna / Alleged Libyan orphan with funds, wants truelove [Thanks M.H.]
8198. Power Ball Lottery / Is this Bill Gates being generous again? [Thanks M.H.]
8197. Barrister Graham Jones / Fake legal scammer with next-of-kin proposal [Thanks R.H.]
8196. Stop Procrastinantion - Now! / by watching a video [Thanks R.H.]
8195. Reserve Bank of India / Catch-all payment scam with demand for $149 [Thanks M.H.]
8194. CharterhouseClaims / More PPI compensation spam [Thanks P.T.]
8193. Citibank / The Phish are leaping again [Thanks R.H.]
8192. Yukos Oil Company / Fake Russian with confidential info scam [Thanks R.H.]
8191. Chevron Promo Award / Very terse £2 million 'win' [Thanks R.H.]
8190. SuperLotto649 / Wow! $500,000 from email promo! (not) [Thanks R.H.]
8189. Mr. Graham McMillan / Who hasn't grasped the job of the "Subject" field [Thanks R.H.]
8188. P.P.I CLAIMS / More spam from our friends in the United States [Thanks P.T.]
8187. ATM Customer Care / $4 million on offer by ATM Card!! [Thanks R.H.]
8186. Robert S. Mueller / Yet another episode of the Great FBI Scam [Thanks R.H.]
8185. Gudrún Anna Gísladóttir / Phishing from Iceland? [Thanks R.H.]
8184. A.H.A International Co.Ltd. / Another dodgy job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8183. American Consumer Opinion® / Another job that isn't real [Thanks R.H.]
8182. First National Loan Service / [Thanks R.H.]
8181. RTE Group / Job offer out of the blue? Must be fake. [Thanks R.H.]
8180. BMW Registered Office / Cash + a car in a fake lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8179. Capt. Cozart E. Robinson / Hero in Afghanistan with $5 million [Thanks R.H.]
8178. Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde / "African Crimefighters" possible oxymoron? [Thanks R.H.]
8177. Rudra Thangeswaran (NORTH WEST LONDON HOSPITALS NHS TRUST) / [Thanks R.H.]
8176. Job Alert / "Mistery" shopper fake job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8175. Shougang Group / Imaginary job offer for scam purposes [Thanks R.H.]
8174. Liu / Mercifully brief $19M scam [Thanks M.H.]
8173. Mr.Nta Ekpu / of the Nigerian Anti-Fraud Unit, he sez! [Thanks R.H.]
8172. Leading Bookmakers / Scam based on [Thanks P.T.]
8171. Aqua Card UK / Reward Credit Card scam or phish [Thanks P.T.]
8170. Injury Claims / No-win, No-Fee Accident spam [Thanks P.T.]
8169. Freebiemania / Amazon discount coupon spam [Thanks R.H.]
8168. Kentrox Fabrics Ltd. / Dodgy employment offer [Thanks R.H.]
8167. Western Union / $750,000 prize in fake lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8166. Mrs. Elizabeth Juliana Oliver / Generous lady with affected brain [Thanks R.H.]
8165. FedEx Courier Company / £475 insurance payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
8164. John Kumuna / Diamond mining geezer with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
8163. PayPal / A spot more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8162. Jeff Paul / Euro Mega Millions Promotions scam [Thanks P.T.]
8161. Heritage Lottery Fund / £500K bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
8160. WESTERN UNION MALAYSIA / $350K bogus grant on offer [Thanks R.H.]
8159. Victoria Cudjoe / Refugee being persecuted by her step-mother [Thanks M.H.]
8158. accounts / Another generous lottery winner spam [Thanks R.H.]
8157. Shougang Group / Bogus job offer from China [Thanks R.H.]
8156. Pinecone Research / Fake customer feedback survey [Thanks R.H.]
8155. David Neil Sobreira / Total waste of time spam [Thanks R.H.]

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