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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

January-April  •  September - December 

Received in August
8154. Mr. Charley Lorie / Threatens suicide and you wish he had! [Thanks R.H.]
8153. Union Bank / Actual Nigerian scam spam from China [Thanks R.H.]
8152. Lane Perry / Bogus private banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8151. Abdullah Al Yusuf / Boris Litvinyenko-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
8150. United Nations Grant / £950K email address award scam [Thanks R.H.]
8149. Mr Thomas Lang / Bogus fund manager with Gaddaffi loot [Thanks R.H.]
8148. Survey Savvy™ / Bogus new products panel offer [Thanks R.H.]
8147. SunTrust Bank / Very plain bit of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8146. Anthony D Gaussoin / Charity scammer with name retention problems [Thanks R.H.]
8145. Barrister Mrs Dora Tallman / Special bonus from Western Union scam [Thanks R.H.]
8144. DR KEN OMA / One-millionth diplomat stranded at JFK? [Thanks R.H.]
8143. Mohd Khalid Bin Abdullah / Bogus Singapore banker with scam [Thanks R.H.]
8142. James Walter / Bogus banker with Dormant Account scam [Thanks R.H.]
8141. Kim Olssen / Big win in imaginary email lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8140. Tupak / Spam from another phoney psychic [Thanks P.T.]
8139. Blackberry 12th Anniversary Awards / £800K prize from another bogus draw [Thanks R.H.]
8138. Mrs.Carman L. Lapointe / Rather confused UN-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
8137. South Africa Shell Reward / Yet another bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8136. Promo Office / London 2012 fake UK National Lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8135. Sgt Tomas Bjarland / Finnish soldier, he sez, with loot in Syria [Thanks R.H.]
8134. Dr. David May / Spend a lousy $78 to collect $3.5M!! [Thanks R.H.]
8133. Mobil Promotion / €500K from bogus Exxon-Mobil promo [Thanks R.H.]
8132. Felicia Bean / "Tell the IRS to get lost" scam [Thanks R.H.]
8131. Yahoo Lottery Asia / $1,000,000 win! Pity it's a scam [Thanks R.H.]
8130. Barrister Mrs Dora Tallman / $900K special bonus scam [Thanks R.H.]
8129. Express Courier Worldwide / $500K unclaimed cheque scam [Thanks R.H.]
8128. Cheung Pui / Bogus Chinese banker with loot from Iraq [Thanks R.H.]
8127. Anderson, Cheryl [PMC] / Phishing expedition [Thanks R.H.]
8126. Maria Medium / Spam from fake psychic and numerologist [Thanks P.T.]
8125. Credit One / More fancy phishing [Thanks P.T.]
8124. Gage Wilson / "A degree in 35 or 30 days" spam [Thanks C.W.]
8123. New Order / Order he didn't place verification scam [Thanks O.B.]
8122. Gaming Corporation / €1M win in faik online lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8121. CPT. John Craig {US ARMY} / Being pulled out of somewhere, has loot . . . [Thanks R.H.]
8120. Evaluation / Become a Mystery Shopper for a mystery company spam [Thanks R.H.]
8119. Wells Fargo Online / Competent phishing attempt [Thanks R.H.]
8118. Sahih Al-Bukhari / Bogus lawyer with Saif Gadaffy scam [Thanks R.H.]
8117. Jim Burch / $1.5M UN/Western Union payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
8116. Mr Robert Shaw / UPS package scam [Thanks R.H.]
8115. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / A Mueller rival with an ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
8114. p a y p a l / Very barebones spam, possibly with bad intent [Thanks R.H.]
8113. Joel Therien / Micro Model Business System spam [Thanks J.F.]
8112. Toyota Lotto Award / Million dollar win in fake lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8111. Western Union / Bogu's deposit s'omewhere by United Nation's [Thanks R.H.]
8110. Brad Solution / Boghus Detective shopper job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8109. Mis Madam Christine Lagarde / "Mis Madam"? IMF scam [Thanks R.H.]
8108. Capt. Craig Adams / Another boghus American hero with loot [Thanks R.H.]
8107. Nuhu Sahin / Very shouty Gadaffy scam [Thanks R.H.]
8106. Joyce Lizeth / Fake Intuit Market order with virus [Thanks C.W.]
8105. Melita Flowers / "Print your airline ticket", get a virus [Thanks C.W.]
8104. Ramig, Robert Franklin / Boghus BMW promo, cash + a car [Thanks R.H.]
8103. Wells Fargo / Back to phishing again [Thanks R.H.]
8102. Survey Savvy / Wow! another boghus survey [Thanks R.H.]
8101. Walmart / Boghus survey offering $50 [Thanks R.H.]
8100. William Associates / Boghus solicitor with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8099. Yahoo! / Yahoo! Yipee! A phish [Thanks R.H.]
8098. Wells Fargo Online / Another couple of tries at phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8097. Alpha Bank plc / $800K funds transfer scam [Thanks R.H.]
8096. Dave Dawes / Another lottery jackpot winner impersonator [Thanks R.H.]
8095. Market Force Information / Formatting-free bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8094. Husain Ali / Another Gadaffiy/Libyan loot deal [Thanks R.H.]
8093. Manclux Chemical Company / Bogus job offer, 10% commission [Thanks R.H.]
8092. Premier Solar Panels / Pretend to be green and be ripped off [Thanks P.T.]
8091. The National Lottery / £4M UK Online Sweepstake scam [Thanks R.H.]
8090. General Peter A. Blay / The old "trunk boxes" in another scam [Thanks R.H.]
8089. Mr. Christine Lagarde / Scammer doesn't know boss of IMF is female! [Thanks R.H.]
8088. Jose Otero Perez / Bogus lawyer with Syrian civil war scam [Thanks R.H.]
8087. BMW Automobile Sweepstakes / £800K and a free car [Thanks R.H.]
8086. Mrs. Sarah Moses / Facebook-related lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
8085. INTERNATIONAL POLICE / "You are dead" scam from "French Interpol" [Thanks R.H.]
8084. UNCC CUSTOMER SERVICE / Slap-dash UN-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
8083. Brian Day / Bogus bank manager with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8082. David Lipton / Message which fell down a Black Hole [Thanks R.H.]
8081. Agent Keith L. Bennett / Non-Mueller FBI scam [Thanks R.H.]
8080. SuperEna Lotto Italia 2012 / Another bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8079. Jonathan Crawford / Bogus British solicitor with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8078. Vodafone 2012 Promotion / A million quid from a bogus promo [Thanks R.H.]
8077. FIFA UK PROMO / Another bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8076. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / The Feds have their own lottery!! [Thanks R.H.]
8075. Mohamed Mustafa / $10.5M "son of Gadaffy" scam + 3 others [Thanks R.H.]
8074. Trapped / "Debt solution" spam [Thanks P.T.]
8073. P.P.I. CLAIMS / PPI Pests, pay them, don't do it yourself for free! [Thanks C.W.]
8072. / Another spot of phishing [Thanks P.T.]
8071. Italian Lottery Promo 2012 / €1.9M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
8070. Mr. Prachapon / Thai scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8069. Sinopec Oil And Gas Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8068. Evaluation / Be a mystery shopper for cash spam [Thanks R.H.]
8067. Mr. Kent Young / World Bank unpaid contract scam [Thanks R.H.]
8066. Mr Ahmed Charamba / Bogus accountant with Gaddafi loot [Thanks R.H.]

Received in July
8065. Queen Elizabeth Foundation / £1M bogus donation [Thanks R.H.]
8064. Didier Kone / Bogus banker with £9.8M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8063. Barrister Ulrich Claypole / Fake laywer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8062. Speechly Bircham LLP / £88M John Paul Getty will scam [Thanks R.H.]
8061. Groupon / Another unexpected invitation to download a ZIP file [Thanks P.T.]
8060. United Parcel Service / Unexpected mail with a suspect ZIP file download [Thanks P.T.]
8059. Federal Bureau of Investigation / Mr. Mueller with an ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
8058. Barrister Joe Cooper / Spanish lawyer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8057. Antonio Gomez / Spanish tax-dodger's lawyer with scam [Thanks R.H.]
8056. "Who wants to be a Millionaire" / $800K bogus lottery prize [Thanks R.H.]
8055. Peter Harris / "Your opinion is worth a paycheck" Yeah, right! [Thanks R.H.]
8054. Mr. Chico Haley / Ait Automation Systems bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
8053. Wang Lei / Even shorter $25M deal [Thanks R.H.]
8052. Yosten, Cathy / Very brief $12M bogus inheritance [Thanks R.H.]
8051. MICROSOFT SUPER PRIZE / Very brief $2.5M scam [Thanks C.G.]
8050. Mr. Bruno Campbell / Bogus Santander banker with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
8049. Chase Bank / A spot more of the old phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8048. Miss miranda Sajid / Excuse me, lady, you forgot the scam! [Thanks R.H.]
8047. Richard Leigh Clifford / Bogus Amro banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8046. Mrs. Laura Miao / Cash + a car from a bogus lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8045. BBC Cash-Out / Apparently, the BBC has a Lottery Dept.!! [Thanks R.H.]
8044. Timothy Brown / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8043. Jamal Abdul / Stuck in London with $25M of Libyan oil loot [Thanks R.H.]
8042. MICROSOFT PROMOTION 2012 / £500K on offer [Thanks R.H.]
8041. THE WORLD BANK GROUP / Scam that never got off the ground!! [Thanks R.H.]
8040. RX / Some phishing by User Agent, supposely [Thanks R.H.]
8039. Linkedin Corporation / A spot more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
8038. / Another phish or infection try [Thanks G.R.]
8037. Jane Dowling / Phishing or infecting expedition [Thanks G.R.]
8036. Burnham Lottery / Bogus online lottery win of $500,000 [Thanks R.H.]
8035. Rachel Beck / Bogus Spanish accountant with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8034. Mrs. Remy Pejo / International company, swindles in Haiti & Sudan [Thanks R.H.]
8033. IMF Mobile Promo / $650K ATM card from bogus promo [Thanks R.H.]
8032. Cpt. John Anthony / Hero moved from Iraq to Afghanistan, has loot [Thanks R.H.]
8031. Tano Kwesi / Bogus refugee in Ghana with an inheritance [Thanks R.H.]
8030. Kenneth Bonsu / Bogus banker in Ghana with $18M of Libyan loot [Thanks R.H.]
8029. Mrs. Sharon Williams / Metal box containing $8.5M floating around [Thanks R.H.]
8028. Robert Williamson / He's sending $1.5M in dribbles [Thanks R.H.]
8027. Bella Andrea / A "Caravan Mingles Magazine" contact? [Thanks R.H.]
8026. Sharon Smith / Wants to will $14,258,000 to a complete stranger! [Thanks R.H.]
8025. Anderson Grain / AALDEF bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8024. Skype / Another touch of the phisch stuff [Thanks R.H.]
8023. Foreign Unit / HSBC banker with indecent proposal [Thanks R.H.]
8022. Allen And Violet Large Donation / More bogus generous lottery winners [Thanks R.H.]
8021. Chim Wai Kai / Annoying spam email! [Thanks R.H.]
8020. WESTERN UNION / Falls Over In Amazement! email [Thanks R.H.]
8019. Western Union Head Office / $500,000 from the United Nations!! [Thanks R.H.]
8018. BMW Automobile Company Ltd UK / Global bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8017. Asia Pacific 2012 / Another bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8016. Mr. Sying Huan / Iraq war combined next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8015. UK Lottery Promotion 2012 / Brilliant! A £800K Olympics year win! [Thanks R.H.]
8014. COCA'COLA Online Draw / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8013. / More phishing from another new source [Thanks R.H.]
8012. Brenda Davis / Dodgy job doing focus groups for cash [Thanks R.H.]
8011. Dr. Vitus Uche / Money Gram Interanational spam [Thanks R.H.]
8010. Deborah Ann Powell Clinton / Somewhat threatening phishing message [Thanks R.H.]
8009. Mrs. Roy Kartine / Bogus god-botherer & $23M [Thanks R.H.]
8008. Durango Merchant Services / New phishing activity [Thanks R.H.]
8007. Payroll Management Inc / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8006. UK-CANADA LOTTERY / £1M bogus win [Thanks C.W.]
8005. Littlewoods / Credit limit increase phish [Thanks C.W.]
8004. / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8003. Office File / Diplomatic agent with $3.6M in a package [Thanks R.H.]
8002. BBC One National Lottery / Guess what? A fake lottery win! [Thanks R.H.]
8001. *Mercedes Benz Gl@ward*! / Another +*$#*! fake lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8000. Dr. Khatib Fahed / Another generous lottery winner [Thanks C.W.]
7999. mypaypalaccount / Pretty obvious phish [Thanks R.H.]
7998. Mr. Peter Ferguson / Suitcase full of cash in Atlanta scam [Thanks R.H.]
7997. Digg / Even more phishing. Digg who? [Thanks R.H.]
7996. Mr.Anthony Goodluck / He has a check on his desk. Wow! [Thanks R.H.]
7995. Mrs. Lisa Martins / Scam from bogus Barclays banker [Thanks R.H.]
7994. Wells Fargo / More bloody phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7993. Hannah Muammar Gaddafi / More Libyan loot on offer [Thanks R.H.]
7992. Toyota Car Lottery / $2.5M bogus prize [Thanks R.H.]
7991. Anthony Thompson / Very brief bogus job spam [Thanks R.H.]
7990. Evaluation Team / Another bogus mystery shopping assignment [Thanks R.H.]
7989. Nicolas McWen / Detective Shopper bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
7988. British National Freelotto Inc / £952K bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7987. Barrister Mok Papom / Honest co-operation in next-of-kin swindle needed [Thanks R.H.]
7986. BMW Lottery Department / $500K and a new car! [Thanks R.H.]
7985. Madam Zinab / More Gadaffy era loot on offer [Thanks R.H.]
7984. Snore Wizard / Flashy "Stop snoring" spam [Thanks P.T.]
7983. Durango Merchant Support / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7982. Tunde L.Lucky (Chairman Payment Committee) / $34.5M on offer [Thanks R.H.]
7981. Mr James Catoun / Bogus Swiss banker with dormant account [Thanks R.H.]
7980. Bro.Gajinder Manawali / He hears voices and he thinks it's god! [Thanks R.H.]
7979. Oma. / Please read attachment [Wot bloody attachment?] [Thanks R.H.]
7978. Capt. Anita George / Been in Iraq for ages, needs help with loot [Thanks R.H.]
7977. Mrs.Anita Ezeego / is desperately trying to hand over $2.85M [Thanks R.H.]
7976. Barrister James Fung / Next-of-kin scam but no "how much" [Thanks C.W.]
7975. Bank of America / Still more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7974. Carla Cristina Rosa / More phishing/identity theft [Thanks R.H.]
7973. Robert S. Mueller / The Boss Strikes Back!! [Thanks R.H.]
7972. Agent Mark A. Morgan / Non-Mueller FBI scam [Thanks R.H.]
7971. Adnan Abubaker / Bogus banker with "obscured business proposal" [Thanks R.H.]
7970. Mrs. Kim Lee / HSBC banker with $800K inheritance fund [Thanks R.H.]

Received in June
7969. FedEx Express / Wow! $800,000 certified bank draft! [Thanks R.H.]
7968. LinkedIn Corporation© 2012 / Some further phishing [Thanks C.W.]
7967. Bebo Service / US Federal Tax no-payment scam [Thanks C.W.]
7966. Twitter / The phishing goes on and on [Thanks C.W.]
7965. LinkedIn Password / Rather confused scam [Thanks C.W.]
7964. Myspace / Spot of phishing [Thanks C.W.]
7963. Robert S. Mueller / If only it WERE the "final warning"! [Thanks R.H.]
7962. Mr.Daniel Omah / Contract swindler with $85.5 or $30.5M, he sez [Thanks R.H.]
7961. Uk National Lottery / £5M win? The UK doesn't have that much! [Thanks R.H.]
7960. Condon, Bethany / Another monster lottery winner sharing [Thanks R.H.]
7959. uper Lotto / Can't even get the scam's name right [Thanks R.H.]
7958. AmericanExpress / And now for a spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7957. Federal Reserve Bank of America / A spot of identity theft? [Thanks R.H.]
7956. Crown International Corporation Groups / What an amazing email address!! [Thanks R.H.]
7955. INTERNET FRAUD UNITi / Interpol on the job? Yeah, right! [Thanks R.H.]
7954. Johnson, Steven / $2M banking activity compensation, wow! [Thanks R.H.]
7953. U. A Oluyemi / A Nigerian Petroleum Development Co. scam [Thanks R.H.]
7952. Access Bank Nigeria PLC / That "Nigeria" is a bit of a giveaway! [Thanks R.H.]
7951. Mr. Frank Wisdom / Master Card bogus lottery win [Thanks M.L.]
7950. Freelotto Email Promo / $2M bogus online promo win [Thanks R.H.]
7949. Robert S. Mueller III, FBI Director / Final Warning from the boss!! [Thanks R.H.]
7948. Major Linda Hayes / "View attached link" -- but there isn't one! [Thanks R.H.]
7947. U.S. Department of Homeland Security / Be scammed or be shot? [Thanks R.H.]
7946. Humberto Olmos / Bogus job offer in Spanish [Thanks H.T.]
7945. LinkedIn Email Confirmation / New phisching source? [Thanks H.T.]
7944. Info / Dutch Post Code Lotto scam [Thanks R.H.]
7943. Michael Smith / UN scam victim rehab scam [Thanks R.H.]
7942. CPT John Craig / Not saying where he is or how much cash he has! [Thanks R.H.]
7941. Crown International Corporation Groups / Gold dust scam [Thanks R.H.]
7940. Mr Roger Johnson / Nigerian FBI ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
7939. Club Social - Círculo Católico / Lottery winner impersonator [Thanks R.H.]
7938. BSB Electrical Promo Board / £1M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7937. Timothy Briggs / Scammer invoking the Russneft oil company [Thanks R.H.]
7936. Mr. Ben David / Sez he's an FBI "foreign agent" in Nigeria, which is illegal! [Thanks R.H.]
7935. Yahoo / A miserable $1M international lottery win [Thanks C.W.]
7934. Euro Millions Lottery International / €2M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7933. U.S. Customs And Border Protection / Another diplomat jammed up at J.F.K. [Thanks R.H.]
7932. Barrister Michael Agams / Bogus lawyer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7931. Walker, Troy J / Bogus "Shop N Check" job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7930. Ms Carman L. Lapointe / Another UN-based scam victim scam [Thanks R.H.]
7929. UNCC CUSTOMER SERVICE / Payment of $5.8M on offer! [Thanks R.H.]
7928. Fedex Office / ATM card delivery scam [Thanks R.H.]
7927. Jack Zellman / Wow! $3-4M just lying about at Atlanta airport! [Thanks R.H.]
7926. Mr John Lee / Masterpiece of incompetence, scamwise! [Thanks R.H.]
7925. Yahoo! / A further spot of identity phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7924. Rolando Biscocho Castillo / Bogus investment consultant with $8.5M [Thanks R.H.]
7923. Barclay's Bank plc London / $10.7M Inheritance fund scam [Thanks R.H.]
7922. Rev. Peter Eke / "You will never ever regret paying the fee" Yeah, right! [Thanks R.H.]
7921. Reed Francis Patrick / Wants a random stranger to manage his $17M [Thanks R.H.]
7920. Barrister Kieta Sisso Kamaram / Bogus lawyer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7919. Inter-Switch ATM / $950K ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
7918. Sir. Nicolson Piaf / UN/UNICEF "you think you'll get some cash" scam [Thanks R.H.]
7917. Libardo Ramirez / Escape "this nightmare of an economy" spam [Thanks P.T.]
7916. Judy Born / Out of the blue, $12M inheritance![Thanks R.H.]
7915. UN Award Promo / $1.4M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7914. Congratulations / UK Coca-cola lottery, £1M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7913. Federal Bureau of Investigation / Non-Mueller scam [Thanks R.H.]
7912. Mrs. Iris Stobbs / She's dying but her lawyers die faster! [Thanks R.H.]
7911. John Anderson / Guy who doesn't understand email structure [Thanks R.H.]
7910. Mr.Nicholas Pedro Woods / World Bank scam victim scam [Thanks R.H.]
7909. Project Funding / Soudi investment group scam [Thanks R.H.]
7908. Miss Cindy Kipkalya Kones / Has $6.8M, stepmother trying to kill her! [Thanks C.W.]
7907. Olympic Lottery Distributor / Had to come: bogus Olympics lottery [Thanks R.H.]
7906. Darrell Granger / "fifth times of writting" and he's getting impatient! [Thanks R.H.]
7905. Jennifer Harrington / Phoenix Lottery bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7904. Ming Hung Chen / Steel company bogus representative job [Thanks R.H.]
7903. FB Of I / Mr. Mueller "seeking to wiretap the internet"!! [Thanks R.H.]
7902. Ticket Support / Looks like a pharmaceutical spam [Thanks R.H.]
7901. Schleu, Michael / £720K bogus Irish lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7900. Mr. Jacob Williams / "Abandoned consignment box" scam [Thanks R.H.]
7899. Sean Fred / Brief $1.5M "UN poverty alleviation" scam [Thanks R.H.]
7898. World Bank Group / Wow! $16.8M of yours which some guy is trying to steal! [Thanks R.H.]
7897. Browne Jacobson Esq. / $20.5M Bogus beneficiary scam [Thanks R.H.]
7896. Mrs. Maksim Chmerkovskiy / International croaking widow with dosh [Thanks R.H.]
7895. Barrister O C. Joe Okocha / Bogus lawyer with a dead man's dosh [Thanks R.H.]
7894. Mrs. Jennifer C. Kelly / "Comptroller of the Currency" handing some out! [Thanks R.H.]
7893. Mr Ban Ki Moon / UN scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7892. Col. Gino.B, A US Army / Iraq, then Afghanistan, still has lots of loot [Thanks R.H.]
7891. nelly miranda / Work at home and make millions spam [Thanks G.R.]
7890. Steve Conrad / A man with a company to save [Thanks R.H.]
7889. Frau Laura Watson / €750K bogus lottery win (in German-ish) [Thanks R.H.]
7888. Ada / Weird spam from Sumglex Europe Corp. [Thanks R.H.]
7887. Daniel Rock / "Thanks You For Your Paste Effort" scam [Thanks R.H.]
7886. Fidelity Investments / Admitted fraudster trying to launder loot [Thanks R.H.]
7885. Toyota Automobile Company / $250K from bogus lottery [Thanks R.H.]
7884. Clev Tower Dispatch Deliveries / BMW plus a cheque for $500K!! [Thanks R.H.]
7883. American Express / A spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7882. Mr.Perry Winchester / Bogus banker sez it's not a scam! [Thanks R.H.]
7881. COCA COLA / £852K win in bogus lottery [Thanks R.H.]
7880. Mr ISA ISA / Disgruntled banker offers sucker fair play [Thanks R.H.]
7879. Robert S. Mueller III / He's back from his holiday at Scammerworld! x 2! [Thanks R.H.]
7878. James Roberts / Hosni Mubarka's secret $5M scam [Thanks R.H.]
7877. CIMB Bank Malaysia / A pair of Bogus Bankers with scams [Thanks R.H.]
7876. LinkedIn Email Confirmation / A spot of phishing/identity theft [Thanks G.R.]

Received in May
7875. Humberto Olmos / Bogus job spam in Spanish [Thanks G.R.]
7874. Eskom Holdings Limited / $35M South African swindle [Thanks R.H.]
7873. info pagweb / Yet another diplomat stranded at JFK airport with dosh [Thanks R.H.]
7872. Mr. Thomas B. Steven UN Office / Funds release by Human Right Activist [Thanks M.L.]
7871. Honda Motor Co., Lt / Bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7870. Mrs Anturah Daniel / Ailing female with lots of dosh [Thanks R.H.]
7869. UN Scam Compensation funds ® / Says it's about scams, and that's what it is [Thanks R.H.]
7868. Russell Williams / Very brief bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7867. General Manager of Saudi Oger Ltd / Bogus Saudi businessman with scam [Thanks R.H.]
7866. Ren, Xiaoming / International 2010 World Cup quiz scam [Thanks R.H.]
7865. Jaco Rensburg / Hosni Mubarak [ex-Pres. of Egypt] related scam [Thanks R.H.]
7864. BBC AWARD PROMO / Very colourful, still a scam [Thanks R.H.]
7863. Hon.Emmanuel Olayinka Ayoola / Nigerian fraud-buster with scam [Thanks R.H.]
7862. Mrs Sheri Roberge / Scam victim who got compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7861. La Salud / Very brief Mercedes-Benz based scam [Thanks R.H.]
7860. FBI / Non-Mueller $5.5M bank draft swindle [Thanks R.H.]
7859. British Tobacco Promo / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7858. Mr Koffi Annan / UN scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7857. Mrs. Christy Walton / A scammer's tale [Thanks J.A.]
7856. Egyptian Gulf Bank / $24M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7855. Mr. Ali Shahad / Interesting Libyan National Oil Corp. scam [Thanks R.H.]
7854. Federal Reserve Bank New York / Overdue payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
7853. QUETU Frédéric / Very quick $250,000 scam [Thanks R.H.]
7852. FIFA Game Of Life Promotion / Bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7851. United Nations / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7850. Mrs Safia Farkash Gaddafi / The widow looking fo a home for loot [Thanks R.H.]
7849. Internet Fraud Unit / $650,000 Scam invoking Interpol [Thanks R.H.]
7848. FinCEN USA / US Treasury involved in Nigerian scam [Thanks R.H.]
7847. OPEN NOWW / Spam in Thai! [Thanks R.H.]
7846. Federal Bureau of Investigation / Non-Mueller scam [Thanks R.H.]
7845. Mrs.Carolyn Johnson / Greenland Security Courier Co. in Nigeria scam [Thanks R.H.]
7844. Microsoft_award_promotion / Very fancy but still a scam [Thanks R.H.]
7843. Dr. John Chan Chak / Scam from a guy with the environment on his mind [Thanks R.H.]
7842. Dr. Douglas Martin / $5.5M ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
7841. Kojo Michael / Gold and diamonds for sale scam [Thanks R.H.]
7840. BMW AUTOMOBILE / $500K and a free car! [Thanks R.H.]
7839. ALFREDO`s Pizzeria / Fake pizza order extortion [Thanks A.M.]
7838. Patrick Ferdinandsen / Virus-trap spam [Thanks A.M.]
7837. / Dodgy attachment spam [Thanks A.M.]
7836. / Nothing good will come of this! [Thanks A.M.]
7835. Jameson Stanley / "This is not a spam" scam [Thanks R.H.]
7834. Mr Kone Ahmed Al Bowardi / Investment scam from Abu Dhabi [Thanks R.H.]
7833. Mr.James Kumalo / Utmostly surprising next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7832. Michel Terry / Inheritance set-up for identity theft? [Thanks R.H.]
7831. Bank of England / Cheeky buggers with inheritance scam [Thanks R.H.]
7830. FBI - ? / Another non-Mueller scam [Thanks R.H.]
7829. GUASCOR MAROC STE / $25,000 UPS-based delivery scam [Thanks R.H.]
7828. Bank Of America / Poisoned phisch [Thanks R.H.]
7827. Worldbank Committe / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7826. Hot Diamond Plc / $600M win? This is getting silly [Thanks R.H.]
7825. Atencion Ciudadana Baja California Norte / Cash + a SUV this time [Thanks R.H.]
7824. Swisslos Satallite Lotto.CH.NL / A mere €750K 'win' [Thanks R.H.]
7823. Ecowas National Lottery / £6.8M win!! [Thanks R.H.]
7822. Mark Morgan / Alleged Irish auditor with $15.5M [Thanks R.H.]
7821. General Manager of Saudi Oger Ltd / Get out of Saudi scam [Thanks R.H.]
7820. Check-Department / 1,000.00 something on offer "this afternoon" [Thanks R.H.]
7819. Mrs. Aaliyah H. Al-Ghrari / Similar plight to 7818 but in Libya [Thanks R.H.]
7818. Abdulkader Maroof Omar / Alleged Iraqi trying to bug out before the Yanks go [Thanks R.H.]
7817. / Serious failure of scammer's cut 'n' paste job! [Thanks R.H.]
7816. Tinkle, Theresa / Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Scammer . . . [Thanks R.H.]
7815. Mr. K. Assiwah-Cyril / Nigerian scam victim scam [Thanks R.H.]
7814. Power Ball Online Jackpot / [Thanks R.H.]
7813. International Monetary Fund / 2 "gentle men" with $12.5M in dormant account [Thanks R.H.]
7812. Orticerio, Robin M. / Very brief and "confidentail" scam [Thanks R.H.]
7811. Fernandez Flor / Bank manager in Equador with $3.7M scan [Thanks R.H.]
7810. Martins Doris & Associates / Nigerian solicitor with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7809. Carmine Sizemore / Bogus job application spam [Thanks R.H.]
7808. BSB Electrical / £1M and a Range Rover! Wow! [Thanks R.H.]
7807. BlackBerry® Promo / Very brief £850K promo "win" [Thanks R.H.]
7806. Linda Hill / Bogus jobs offering fabulous riches [Thanks R.H.]
7805. Publishers Clearing House / Another bogus grant on offer [Thanks R.H.]
7804. Euro Million Lottery Board © 2012 / £161M fixed win on offer! [Thanks R.H.]
7803. PayPal / Not very good phishes with spelling mistake [Thanks P.T. & R.H.]
7802. Apple UK / Discount Card phish [Thanks P.T.]
7801. Falkland Oil And Gas / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7800. Microsoft Notification / £1M bogus lottery win + a bogus scam [Thanks R.H.]
7799. Mrs. Laura Susan Fredrick /Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7798. Edward Jackson / Bogus evaluation officer job [Thanks R.H.]
7797. Barr. Ms. Margaret O. Beckett (Esq. / Air crash next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7796. WONG HUI / Chinese crook with Libyan scam [Thanks R.H.]
7795. Master Card Suntrust / Very brief phish [Thanks R.H.]
7794. U.K Olympic Lottery / Flavour of the month (and the next) 2 scams [Thanks R.H.]
7793. Regions Online Banking / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7792. Inger Nilsson / Lottery winner impersonator giving imaginary money away [Thanks R.H.]
7791. YAHOO MAIL LOTTERY / No, you haven't really won anything [Thanks R.H.]
7790. Eva Morrison / US Army attachment in Afghanistan with loot [Thanks R.H.]
7789. richard / Bogus auditor with $41.1M next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.G.]
7788. Microsoft / $2.5M bogus Super Prize win [Thanks C.G.]
7787. States Disbursement Committee / Contract/inheritance payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
7786. Bank of America / Rather plain phisch [Thanks R.H.]
7785. World Bank/IMF / Scam victim compensation scam x2 [Thanks R.H.]
7784. Mr Guff Walter / Bogus job at Kraft Foods [Thanks R.H.]
7783. Desmond Onos / $8.3M Bank of Africa SHOUT in capital letters [Thanks J.F.]
7782. SA National Lottery 2012 / $820K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7781. Mr.John Gyasi / $10,5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7780. Dr. Andrew Martins / Bogus UK banker with scam [Thanks R.H.]
7779. Email User **!**01 / Mega Millions Lotto bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7778. Lotto NL / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7777. Roger Breadon / Gadaffy's personal pilot with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
7776. BSCampground / €300K EuroMillions bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7775. Mr. kenneth Lamar West / Metal box of dosh scam [Thanks R.H.]
7774. Haier Thermocool / £950K Bogus sweepstake promotion [Thanks R.H.]
7773. Nuha Kunda / Cash at a diamond mine in Sierra Leone [Thanks R.H.]

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