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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

May - August  •  September - December 

Received in April
7772. ESPN Star Cricket Draw / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7771. United Nations / A pair of scams: £500K and $400K [Thanks R.H.]
7770. Kathleen Simonitsch / Compensation payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
7769. Lottery Arena / €1,2M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7768. Survey Savvy / Business survey spam [Thanks R.H.]
7767. Bank Of America / Phish with poisoned attachment [Thanks R.H.]
7766. Hashim al-Adly / Scam from one of Ex-Pres. Mubarak's minister (he sez) [Thanks R.H.]
7765. Euro Millions Intl / €700,000 bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7764. Mrs. Clare Fraser / The British PM and the UN up to no good [Thanks R.H.]
7763. Kraft Foods Ltd. / Another bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7762. Personal Info / Credit rating spam [Thanks R.H.]
7761. Australian Lottery INC / $1M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7760. B o n d T r u s t / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7759. PayPal / Phishing attempt against PayPal "Costumers" [Thanks R.H.]
7758. EuroMilliones / Invitation to a bogus Raffle Draw [Thanks R.H.]
7757. Bank of America / A whole lotta phishin' going on! [Thanks R.H.]
7756. John Lee / Can you "Stand & Receive" $27.5M? Hell, yeah! [Thanks R.H.]
7755. Microsoft On-line Coordinator / A million quid!! Thanks, Bill!!! [Thanks R.H.]
7754. Steve Morgan / scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7753. Regions Bank / Another spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7752. Mr. Robert Mueller / Our favourite special agent on the job again [Thanks R.H.]
7751. William Johnson / NATO hero in Afghanistan with poor grasp of emailing [Thanks R.H.]
7750. Powell, Jeremy / A spot of email phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7749. Michael R. Phillips / Non-Mueller FBI scam [Thanks R.H.]
7748. Sir George Graham / Scam from the British PM, the UN and the USA [Thanks R.H.]
7747. Mr. Haruo Mayigi / Chinese crook pretending to be Japanese banker [Thanks R.H.]
7746. Online Lotto Award 2012 / Bogus Dutch lottery with €1M "win" [Thanks R.H.]
7745. Isbell, Suzanne / Phisch set up as anti-phisching measure [Thanks R.H.]
7744. Rev Jack Brown / Pay $109, get $2.5M scam [Thanks R.H.]
7743. Keith Bolcar / Brief $3.5M overdue payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
7742. Western Union 2012 Award / Not phishing but generosity! [Thanks R.H.]
7741. / CulturalBook spam [Thanks C.W.]
7740. Dermalyze / Anti-wrinkle cream spam [Thanks C.W.]
7739. Espn Star Cricket / £1M bogus promo win [Thanks C.G.]
7738. Moise Kabila / Alleged son of late president of Congo with scam [Thanks R.H.]
7737. Sohail Khan / Last chance spam – if only!! [Thanks C.W.]
7736. Sohail Khan / Spammer looking for people to join his team [Thanks A.M.]
7735. WesternUnion Support / Even more phishing, but not anonymous [Thanks R.H.]
7734. Customer center / Very anonymous phishing attempt [Thanks R.H.]
7733. Capt. John Shubeck / Another hero stuck in Iraq with loot [Thanks R.H.]
7732. International Monetary Fund (IMF) / Multicoloured Inheritance Fund scam [Thanks R.H.]
7731. Mr.Collins Mensah / Top secrete (sic) Bogus banker with scam [Thanks R.H.]
7730. B-MELA - DIREZIONE / Italian Phishing attempt [Thanks R.H.]
7729. International Lottery Commission / €615K bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7728. Western Union Malaysia / $1.5M United Nations giveaway [Thanks R.H.]
7727. Personal Email / Scammer pretending to be a lottery winner [Thanks C.W.]
7726. Robert Mueller (F.B.I.) / 2 FBI versions of a Mueller FBI scam [Thanks R.H.]
7725. Sean Harvik / CIA version of a Mueller FBI scam [Thanks R.H.]
7724. Rev Omang L. Ekeng / Bogus vicar with payment release scam [Thanks R.H.]
7723. Saatchi Gallery / Bogus job offer? Definitely! [Thanks R.H.]
7722. Mr.Thomas richard / Gaddaffy's investment guy with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
7721. Eastern Technology Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7720. HSBC BANK / Scam for someone "very verse" with SWIFT cards [Thanks R.H.]
7719. Peugeot Automobiles / £700K + new car in bogus lottery [Thanks C.W.]
7718. Andrew Williams / Brief & mysterious Afghanistan scam [Thanks R.H.]
7717. GK Capital Group / Chinese scammer with bogus investment stuff [Thanks R.H.]
7716. Robert S Mueller / More sinister stuff from the FBI! [Thanks R.H.]
7715. Mr David Bryan / Bogus beneficiary scam [Thanks R.H.]
7714. Job Opportunity!!! / Adidas-related bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7713. Rashi Kamal / $5.5M bogusy electronic lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7712. Mr. Tang Kam Sun / Bogus Chinese banker seeks investor for his dosh [Thanks C.W.]
7711. PayPal / Yet another spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7710. Mercedes Benz Promotions / Bogus online quiz competition [Thanks R.H.]
7709. Mimi Moss / Bogus complaint report with dodgy attachment [Thanks P.T.]
7708. J. McDonald / Webinar spam offering Google search influence [Thanks C.W.]
7707. DHL Manager 50 / Another fake message with a virus as bonus [Thanks C.W.]
7706. Intuit Market / Bogus order with virus-laden attachment [Thanks P.T.]
7705. Federal Express Courier / Bank draft for $400K help up in the post! [Thanks R.H.]
7704. FBI OFFICE / That Mueller bloke refuses to give up! [Thanks R.H.]
7703. Mr. Mihai Andrei / Not too brilliant Yukos Oil-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
7702. Brien Seedna / Bogus Irishman seeks American sucker, object: scamming [Thanks R.H.]
7701. Terry Gilliam / Probably not the guy out of Monty Python [Thanks R.H.]
7700. EuroMilliones Alibaba Promo / Invitation to take part in a dodgy lottery [Thanks R.H.]
7699. Rebeca Sally / Very bad Mega Ball fake lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7698. Fred Kigali / Gaddafiy's investment manager, he sez [Thanks R.H.]
7697. NOKIA MOBILE UK / £1M win in bogus promotion [Thanks R.H.]
7696. Saadi Gaddafi / Very terse & mysterious approach [Thanks R.H.]
7695. Sir.Paschal / Not very good UK national lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
7694. Barr Ahmad Hafiz Kamal & Co / $9.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7693. Ancona, Jillian / Last chance for $12M inheritance!! [Thanks R.H.]

Received in March
7692. M.s Anita Konate / Lady with inheritance cash to move abroad [Thanks R.H.]
7691. Pascal Tagro / Another African with lots of dosh, he sez [Thanks R.H.]
7690. Ernest Obeng / Crooked politician in Ghana sneaking funds abroad [Thanks R.H.]
7689. Barrister kenneth Oliver / $17.5M tsunami next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7688. Mr.Sung Lee / Bogus Chinese banker with $43M, he sez [Thanks R.H.]
7687. Raymond Taylor / Scammer sez he's the son of a sacked Liberian president [Thanks R.H.]
7686. Micro-soft Sweepstakes Promotion / £550K bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7685. Aart Barend / $12.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7684. Brigadier General Nana Tennyson / More trunk boxes containing loot [Thanks R.H.]
7683. Diplomat Richard Harry / Yet another one lurking at JFK airport [Thanks R.H.]
7682. Federal Bureau of Investigation / Bogus Mr. Mueller at it again x2 [Thanks R.H.]
7681. Nicholas Hamilton / Sez he's a soldier in Iraq with $30M! [Thanks R.H.]
7680. Winchcombe Design Joinery Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7679. Espn Star Cricket Awards / Bogus award [Thanks R.H.]
7678. SP Support / Spanish casino spam [Thanks G.R.]
7677. Central Bank Benin / bogus Poverty Alleviation Program [Thanks R.H.]
7676. Sgt Ricco Torres / US soldier in Libyar with Gaddaffiy loot, he sez [Thanks R.H.]
7675. Ms. Teresa Au / Bogus banker with $23M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7674. Miss Wendy Rice / Bogus lottery win from Nigeria [Thanks R.H.]
7673. Google 12th Anniversary Awards Centre / Bogus lottery win from Nigeria [Thanks R.H.]
7672. Dave Dawes / Scam based on $156M lottery winner [Thanks R.H.]
7671. The Serious Fraud Office / Scammer with serious fraud in mind [Thanks R.H.]
7670. Baden-Württemberg Lotto GmbH / Bogus German lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7669. Barr.Dowana Fawzia / Another scammer with a Libyan-based deal [Thanks R.H.]
7668. MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH / Going to be hanged in Libya, has loot [Thanks R.H.]
7667. BBC FINANCE DEPARTMENT / £18M Olympics scam [Thanks R.H.]
7666. Chief Justice Of Nigeria / $5.5M international certified bank draft scam [Thanks R.H.]
7665. Naomi Dorman / Bogus Irish woman with $12M to invest [Thanks M.L.]
7664. Power Ball's Lottery / Very poor lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
7663. freemason illuminati / "You have no choice about joining us" spam [Thanks R.H.]
7662. Nicholas Story / Another FBI agent working an ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
7661. Mystery Shopper / Nameless company with bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
7660. Mrs. Olga Patarkatsishvili / Tycoon widow imposter with scam [Thanks R.H.]
7659. Doug Ana Boyes / Quick £1M lottery scam in Spanish [Thanks R.H.]
7658. Ana Robbison / £1M bogus UK National Lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7657. Obama's Foundation / $500K scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7656. Daniel Smith / Former Libyan defence minister-related scam [Thanks R.H.]
7655. Mr Ronald Williams / Mystery Diner bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
7654. Major. Wendy Kelloggs / Alleged US Army medic with Iraq scam [Thanks R.H.]
7653. Henry McKenzie / News International Phone-hacking scam [Thanks R.H.]
7652. Mrs. Barbara Willofy / Bogus bank manager with centred scam [Thanks R.H.]
7651. / Not very good MicroSoft lottery prize scam [Thanks C.G.]
7650. Suzanne Mubarak / Allegedly, the deposed Egyptian pres's missus [Thanks R.H.]
7649. Wellsfargo Bank / A spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7648. Shantelle Hender / One million libras prize in Spanish [Thanks R.H.]
7647. Toyota Car Lottery Promotions / $2.5m bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7646. European Coca Cola / £500K bogus promotion win [Thanks R.H.]
7645. neha / Bogus job, still paying in shillings rather than New Pounds [Thanks R.H.]
7644. Rodrigo Sanchez / Another Libyan revolution scam [Thanks R.H.]
7643. American Express / Rather better bit of phisching [Thanks R.H.]
7642. Western Union / Very pedestrian phisch [Thanks R.H.]
7641. Distelhorst, Kristin / £12M bogus beneficiary scam [Thanks R.H.]
7640. Commonwealth Foundation / Million-pound scam [Thanks R.H.]
7639. Detective Emmanuel Akomaye / Bogus detective with internet scam scam [Thanks R.H.]
7638. Bank Of America / Yet even more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7637. Santander Bank / Another spot of phishing [Thanks P.T.]
7636. / Scammer's who's a fan of M*A*S*H? [Thanks R.H.]
7635. Charmaine Banach / Another charity scammer wannabe [Thanks R.H.]
7634. Asha D. Rajaratnam / Wife of gaoled criminal wants cash moved [Thanks R.H.]
7633. Swiss Lotto London UK / £750K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7632. Bernard Boka / Has $5.5M for investment by a total stranger, he sez [Thanks R.H.]
7631. Peter Jones / Russian guy with a charity scam [Thanks R.H.]
7630. Barrister Wacfeld Mabsan / €6.1M next-of-kin swindle [Thanks R.H.]
7629. UK FACEBOOK AWARD C TEAM 2012 / Not the A Team doing the scam? [Thanks R.H.]
7628. Jennifer Preston / $600/day bogus part-time job [Thanks R.H.]
7627. Doreatha London / Virus-laden car leasing warning [Thanks P.T.]
7626. Sherise Wolfe / Virus-laden self-print airline ticket [Thanks P.T.]
7625. BANK / Bogus Thai banker with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
7624. EBay Secret Shopper / Bogus mystery shopper job [Thanks R.H.]
7623. Stephen Investigating Officer / $6M diplomatic compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7622. Mr. Robert Zoellick / World Bank Group scam victim scam [Thanks R.H.]
7621. Exxon Mobile Award / £850K bogus lottery award [Thanks R.H.]
7620. Royal Dutch Shell / $2.5M bogus donation [Thanks R.H.]
7619. WINS / $2.5M UN-related charity bonanza scam [Thanks R.H.]
7618. Hang Seng Bank / Bogus banker with $44.5M scam [Thanks R.H.]
7617. Reagan Stahl / Another virus-laden file to download [Thanks C.W.]
7616. / "Scan from an OfficeJet" with virus bonus [Thanks C.W.]
7615. BYERS, Bill / Procter & Gamble/UK Olympics based scam [Thanks R.H.]
7614. Mr. Robert Zoellick / President of World Bank Group with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
7613. Mr. Steve Morgan / Scam victim compensation payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
7612. TalkTalk / Another spot of phishing [Thanks C.W.]
7611. Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde / A gang of African Crime Fighters in action [Thanks R.H.]
7610. Commonwealth foundation / ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
7609. James Roberts / Scam related to ex-Pres. Mubarak of Egypt [Thanks R.H.]
7608. Fred Knott / Fred Knott Textile Co., Ltd. of China, bogus job [Thanks R.H.]

Received in February
7607. thomas williams / Very crafty or shouldn't be out on his own [Thanks R.H.]
7606. Andreaw Farser / Another dead engineer, beneficiary scam [Thanks R.H.]
7605. Andre Coleman / Charitable institution set-up scam [Thanks R.H.]
7604. Fulcrum Evaluations LLC / Mystery Survey company bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
7603. Grand Burstin Group / Hotel group with bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7602. Mr Philip Amaga / Scammer pretending to be FBI boss R. Mueller [Thanks R.H.]
7601. Cindy.Eric Clock / Weird, or what!! [Thanks R.H.]
7600. Neteller / Phishing, never heard of them [Thanks P.T.]
7599. Mrs. Safia Farkash Gahdafi / The great dictator's missus with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
7598. Nancy Utoula / $4.5M scam from Ivory Coast in French [Thanks R.H.]
7597. Agent John Simmon / Bogus agent with scam compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7596. Mrs. Betty Richard / Wants to leave $5M to a complete stranger! [Thanks R.H.]
7595. Microsoft Notification / The software is dodgy but the generosity is great! [Thanks R.H.]
7594. HomeLand Security / Belated Happy New Year message + Nigerian scam [Thanks R.H.]
7593. Ahmed Khan / $200M of Gaddafiy loot up for grabs [Thanks R.H.]
7592. United Nations / $1.55M for a fraud victim [Thanks R.H.]
7591. Ministry of Information & External Affairs (UK) / Scam victim scam [Thanks R.H.]
7590. BBC Finance Department / No wonder the licence fee is so high! [Thanks R.H.]
7589. James Allen / Like #7573, only he wants a personal assistant [Thanks R.H.]
7588. Joe Ofori / Nigerian scammer looking for suppliers, he sez [Thanks R.H.]
7587. Lotto Netherland / €2M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7586. Josie Qiao / Suzhou Shenchen Textiles bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
7585. National Lottery Award / £500K bogus UK lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7584. Stanley Old / Dispossessed farmer from Zimbabwe; another one [Thanks R.H.]
7583. Janet / Another confused female, possibly Nigerian/Russian [Thanks R.H.]
7582. Stella / Total waste of time spam [Thanks R.H.]
7581. Farhat Omar Bengdara / Self-confessed Libyan crook with $55.5M in loot [Thanks R.H.]
7580. Mrs Linda Abram / Bank of Africa ATM card scam [Thanks M.L.]
7579. Jutta Anna Terry / Lottery winner giving money away [Thanks M.L.]
7578. CSAC - St Cecilia / Illiterate soldier in Afghanistan with $27M [Thanks M.L.]
7577. Mr.Roxita Savor / $750K from UN Rehab scheme! [Thanks C.G.]
7576. Email User **!**12 / Another email lottery scam with ⒔970,000 prize [Thanks R.H.]
7575. Richards Green Energy / Another bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7574. Mr. Ron Mills / Peruvian alleged Fed with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
7573. NANNY / Not from Nanny; this guy wants a complete stranger to be one! [Thanks R.H.]
7572. Brenda Anderson / Online survey and work at home for Big Bucks spam [Thanks R.H.]
7571. GEPetrol / Dormant petroleum sale licence scam [Thanks R.H.]
7570. e-Bay Member: dogman8310 / Another phisching scam [Thanks R.H.]
7569. ENI and AGIP Petroleum Company Inc / Bogus email lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7568. Mrs. Cynthia Williams / Another bogus Olympics promo/prize draw [Thanks R.H.]
7567. FLC P&G OLYMPICS 2012 / Bogus multi-client Olympics promo [Thanks R.H.]
7566. / A spot of retail phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7565. Robert Mueller III / FBI fails to grasp the format of an email [Thanks R.H.]
7564. Nikki Krause / Bogus car rental demand [Thanks C.W.]
7563. Ma Celine Herman / Another dying woman with lots of dosh [Thanks R.H.]
7562. Brien Seedna / Irish scammer needs partner for $12.1M real estate deal [Thanks R.H.]
7561. Coca Cola Online Draw / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7560. Mr.Williams Satherley / Pal of the ousted Libyan PM with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
7559. Murco Petroleum Limited / Incoherent and murky £4.5M deal [Thanks M.L.]
7558. Mr. Thomas Lang / "requires" you take his bogus job!! [Thanks R.H.]
7557. Kenneth Danquah / Bogus politician craving help with kickbacks [Thanks R.H.]
7556. Berco Delivery Service / Pay $100, get $150,000. Great deal! [Thanks R.H.]
7555. WEB SERVICE ACCOUNT / More email phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7554. Abigail / Multilingual "help a refugee" scam [Thanks R.H.]
7553. U.S Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control / $15.5M scam [Thanks R.H.]
7552. Taylor Robert / Bogus German banker, endless next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7551. BARCLAYS BANK PLC / $28.5M Nigerian inheritance scam [Thanks R.H.]
7550. Sanaa Osborne / "Download this attachment if you dare", spam [Thanks C.W.]
7549. Jeremy Smallwood / "Real Life Experience" diplomas spam [Thanks C.W.]
7548. / Jordanian 2% loan spam [Thanks C.G.]
7547. Rev Mrs. Grace Walter / Nokia prize draw scam [Thanks R.H.]
7546. Mohammed Alpha / Has gold dust to sell, or so he claims [Thanks R.H.]
7545. Kwan Kin International Holdings / Delinquent customer-buster needed! [Thanks R.H.]
7544. TalkTalk Billing / Billing details phishing expedition [Thanks G.G.]
7543. / Wire transfer phish or spam [Thanks P.T.]
7542. Courier Company UPS / Fedex failed delivery phish or spam [Thanks C.W.]
7541. Evalon / Virtual Merchant phishing or spamming attempt [Thanks R.H.]
7540. England Ministry Of Finance / Believe this, you'll believe anything [Thanks R.H.]
7539. Mr. Jerome Corsi Odinga Jnr / Refugees (alleged) with $25M (they say) [Thanks R.H.]
7538. Eric Collins / Cass Art London, UK bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
7537. PNC Bank / Guess what? More Phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7536. Barclays Online / Another spot of phishing [Thanks P.T.]
7535. Hush Financial House / Any sort of loans spam [Thanks R.H.]

Received in January
7534. Mrs. Felicia Mark / Another dying woman with $8.5M to give away [Thanks R.H.]
7533. Greg Stevenson / Mysterious email from alleged investor [Thanks R.H.]
7532. / You have won the Mega Ball lottery (in Spanish) [Thanks R.H.]
7531. DiamondLand Belgium / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7530. Stephen Brown / Alleged US soldier with Libyan loot in Switzerland [Thanks R.H.]
7529. Ashley Lanham / Another lottery winner giving away part of it scam [Thanks R.H.]
7528. UNITED NATIONS / Fancy $8.3M inhertance payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
7527. Cocacola Claim / £1M bogus lottery win from China [Thanks R.H.]
7526. Li Park / $44.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
7525. Mrs. Yani Ajita Tan / Got cancer & lots of dosh, dying, etc. [Thanks R.H.]
7524. David Mckay / Another investment scam [Thanks R.H.]
7523. Google 12th Anniversary Awards Centre / Bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
7522. Sgt Jason Campbell / This one has $20M, he sez! [Thanks R.H.]
7521. Dave and Angela Dawes / Scam using real Euromillions lottery winners [Thanks R.H.]
7520. Capt. John Adams / US Army, with NATO in Libya, monetary proposal, etc. [Thanks R.H.]
7519. Capt. Anita George / US Army medic in Iraq, loot, etc. [Thanks R.H.]
7518. Daniel Bommel / "Will you invest $65 million for me?" [Thanks R.H.]
7517. Better Business Bureau / One of your rotten customers has complained! [Thanks P.T.]
7516. VISA Manager 95 / Credit card scam spam [Thanks P.T.]
7515. Aurelia Ramirez / Microsoft registration spam scam [Thanks P.T.]
7514. Kouakou Cecillia Aya / Dead relative inheritance scam [Thanks R.H.]
7513. Brown, Pamela A. / £1M bogus general lottery 'win' [Thanks R.H.]
7512. Smith Lee / Happy New Year and this isn't a haox [Thanks R.H.]
7511. Rebecca Martin / Survey/focus group job spam [Thanks R.H.]
7510. Wang Shu / Says he has a $6.5M business proposal [Thanks R.H.]
7509. Aicha Ibrahim / Bogus student looking for someone to invest her cash [Thanks R.H.]
7508. British Olympic / 2012 Olympics related scam [Thanks J.C.]
7507. Stephen James Associates Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7506. Patty Phillips - VUSD Music / £1M bogus award [Thanks R.H.]
7505. T-Mobile End Of The Year Promo!! / Just a lousy £200K [Thanks R.H.]
7504. 2012 Cricket Award England(UK) / Fake lottery [Thanks R.H.]
7503. Sunday Ehidro / Nigerian scammers busted scam [Thanks R.H.]
7502. Nokia Award Promo / $950K bogus award [Thanks R.H.]
7501. Miss Hitomi Wong / £710K Samsung bogus promo award [Thanks R.H.]
7500. * *Recipeint*1*/Email User* / La loterianavidad €2.7M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7499. American Express / Yet another phishing expedition [Thanks R.H.]
7498. Yahoo!! International Lottery Organization / $1M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7497. ZANDRA Bonilla / Spam with Virus-laden Attachment? [Thanks P.T.]
7496. Capt. Anita George / Scammer pretending not to be one [Thanks R.H.]
7495. Global Payments / A spot more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
7494. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / That bloke Mueller III back again! [Thanks R.H.]
7493. Pascal Mufai / Laurent Gbagbo-based huge sum of money scam [Thanks M.L.]
7492. Foreing Payment Department (CBN) / "Foreing" - something to do with golf? [Thanks M.L.]
7491. Charles Schwab / Too many people complaining about phishing! [Thanks R.H.]
7490. Western Union Money Transfer ©2012 / Bogus on-line award [Thanks R.H.]
7489. Julia Cassel / "Thatcher Charity Foundation" scam [Thanks R.H.]
7488. Hongkong Huanuo™ International / Cash + free car from bogus promo [Thanks R.H.]
7487. Mr.Harry Witkamp / Bogus Coca Cola €1.5M prize [Thanks R.H.]
7486. Certified Associates® / Survey Agent bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
7485. Ng Ten Thoon / Totally dreadful scam!! [Thanks R.H.]
7484. Yahoo!! International Lottery Organization / $1M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
7483. Javier Nicolas Contreras Aristizabal / Bogus UK lottery/BMW promo [Thanks R.H.]
7482. Larry Johnson / Bogus UN inspection agent with scam [Thanks R.H.]
7481. Nokia Company Online Promo / Very quick scam! [Thanks R.H.]
7480. Capt. Salvatore Gallardo / There's still some loot left in Iraq! [Thanks R.H.]
7479. Qin Yanjun / Another Brazilian Oriental with a next-of-kin sacm [Thanks R.H.]
7478. Hao Tong / Mysterious Oriental in Brazil with deal [Thanks R.H.]
7477. Peter Mok / $2.5M ATM card compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
7476. Sanusi Lamido / Bogus diplomat at Jacksonville airport, not JFK, with dosh [Thanks R.H.]
7475. General Azu Ezu / Anti-terrorism/Drug Law $2.5M scam [Thanks R.H.]
7474. Barbara Cole / Bogus British orphan with sad tale [Thanks R.H.]
7473. United Nation(Austria) / Scam victim compensation scam {Thanks R.H.]
7472. John Batty / Dormant account next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]

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