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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
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British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

January-April  •  September - December

Received in August
6334. Chase Online / Pretty neat phishing attempt [Thanks R.H.]
6333. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission / It's a "Fraud Alart!!!" [Thanks R.H.]
6332. GT Bank / $1M ATM card scam from Guaranty Trust Bank [Thanks J.G.]
6331. Mohammed Abubakar / Not so much a scam as an outraged rant [Thanks R.H.]
6330. Oil Project / Very quick scam with no details [Thanks J.G.]
6329. Knit Textile Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.G.]
6328. First Flight Courier Services / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.G.]
6327. Habitat for Humanity International / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.G.]
6326. Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.G.]
6325. Coca-Cola Online Sweepstakes Promo / £500K bogus win [Thanks J.G.]
6324. Eva Talastas / Scam based on Polish leaders' air crash [Thanks J.G.]
6323. Tony Chan Chun-chuen / Friend of Asia's richest woman with a scam [Thanks J.G.]
6322. ICEP Switzerland / Eminent Person with scam going back to WWII [Thanks J.G.]
6321. Sgt. Brian Horn / Two bogus war heroes claiming to have cash in Iraq [Thanks J.G.]
6320. Mr. Randy Chow Angelo / $19.5M inheritance scam [Thanks J.G.]
6319. Jennifer Frank / US Treasury blocked payment scam [Thanks J.G.]
6318. The Lemelson Foundation / £850K bogus grant on offer [Thanks J.G.]
6317. Gulf Oil And Gas / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.G.]
6316. Attorney Fionelio Mantilla / $10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.G.]
6315. Mr Robert Mueller / Extremely fancy FBI scam [Thanks C.G.]
6314. British Airport Authority / $5M in a box at Heathrow airport [Thanks C.G.]
6313. Over-Due Payment Office / $5.5M payment scam from Britain [Thanks C.G.]
6312. Obama's Foundation / The US President with a $1M scam? Surely not! [Thanks R.H.]
6311. United Nations Development Programme / $650K bogus grant [Thanks M.S.]
6310. United Nations Office New York / Inheritance payment scam [Thanks C.W.]
6309. Aberdeen Fund Unit / African scam victim scam [Thanks R.H.]
6308. Andrew George/Sgt. Ron Bernier / More bogus US soldiers in Iraq [Thanks C.G., R.H.]
6307. Fischer, Shelley / Bogus UK national lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6306. Petros Alexandrou / €18M banking scam from Cyprus [Thanks R.H.]
6305. Mr. Maxwell Brooks / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
6304. Barr. Cliff Khumalo / Plane crash next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
6303. John Patrick Luye Fisheries Co Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
6302. Mr.Steve Morganck / Alleged Texan with scam victim scam [Thanks C.G.]
6301. Central Bank Of Nigeria / Genuine Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks C.G.]
6300. Etim Tombri / Indonesian fraudster with Nigerian fraud scam [Thanks R.H.]
6299. Fedex PostBox-Manager, Orlando Glau / Virus-laden attachment [Thanks C.W.]
6298. PORTLMARRY / Czech $8.3 UN bogus payment/grant scam [Thanks C.G.]
6297. Allen Mary / Orphan with $5.5M, she says! [Thanks C.G.]
6296. Mr Antonio Savimbi / $40M South African gold scam [Thanks R.H.]
6295. Dr.Khalid Aziz Ahachana / Dying man offering all his cash + his body! [Thanks R.H.]
6294. Rev.Charles Smith / $3.5M Chinese DHL delivery scam [Thanks R.H.]
6293. United Nation Office United States / Fancy scam with a form [Thanks M.L.]
6292. Scott Malume / Foreign partner, funds transfer scam [Thanks M.L.]
6291. President Good Luck Jonathan GCFR / US/Nigerian joint scam [Thanks M.L.]
6290. LOTTERY OFFICE / £1M bogus win + a brown car [Thanks M.L.]
6289. Mark Sun / $2.5M Chinese stock exchange share scam [Thanks M.L.]
6288. United Nation / $37.2M payment release scam [Thanks R.H.]
6287. Mrs Jane Savage / Bogus artist looking for US representative [Thanks M.L.]
6286. Chief Fred Eze / Nigerian contract scammer wants to move loot [Thanks M.L.]
6285. Barr Joe Martins / Bogus barrister with next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.L.]
6284. Christian-Aid Inc. / £850K scam invoking real British charity [Thanks R.H.]
6283. Western Union Alert / $1M bogus compensation payment [Thanks R.H.]
6282. ®Free Internet Lottery / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H]
6281. Dr.Kwabena Dufuor / $10M inheritance/contract scam [Thanks R.H.]
6280. Mr. Sanders / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.G.]
6279. Wills Marshall / Scam involving diamond powder [Thanks R.H.]
6278. CITIBANK PLC / International scam involving $4.6M (allegedly) [Thanks R.H.]
6277. Rev.Charles Smith / Bogus vicar with DHL parcel scam [Thanks R.H.]
6276. Halifax Bank Plc / New format phishing expedition [Thanks P.T.]
6275. Ulster Bank / New Phishing Source [Thanks M.K.]
6274. VISA & MASTERCARD / $1M bogus online award [Thanks R.H.]
6273. Prime Minister's Office / Compensation for Brown's victims? [Thanks M.L.]
6272. Thai Lottery Organization / Rival to Case #6266 [Thanks M.L.]
6271. Office Of The Presidency / Nigerian delayed payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
6270. FBI Office / More scams from Mr. Mueller (allegedly) [Thanks C.G., R.H., M.L.]
6269. Mrs. Bell Cork / Nigerian Swift ATM card scam [Thanks C.G.]
6268. Susan Shabangu / South African mining scam [Thanks C.G.]
6267. Wells Fargo / A phishing expedition [Thanks R.H.]
6266. Yahoo Thailand Lottery 2010 / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6265. Loteria Nacional S.L / €485,910 bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6264. UK Universal Lottery Inc. / £5M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
6263. Common Wealth Of Nations Lottery / $5M bogus win [Thanks C.G.]
6262. Freelance Job Opportunity / a.k.a. Bogus Job Opportunity [Thanks C.W.]
6261. Internet Banking Security ( HSBC ) / Another dose of phishing [Thanks A.M.]
6260. Alliance & Leicester / Another phish [Thanks C.W.]
6259. The Egg Servicing Team / More phishing [Thanks P.T.]
6258. Lt. Dionne C. Wallace / A female bogus war hero with loot [Thanks R.H.]
6257. Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
6256. liverwood promo / Very poor £1.5M lottery scam [Thanks C.G.]
6255. Allied Irish Bank(Investigation Unit) / Lord Tuner with a next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
6254. Mrs. Vanessa Cooke / UK National Lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
6253. Brian Roland / Chinese disabled children's charity scam [Thanks R.H.]
6252. Mr. Anthony D. Loehnis / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
6251. F.B.I OFFICE / A bunch more scams from Mr. Mueller (allegedly) [Thanks C.G., R.H. x 2]
6250. Jo Whelan / UK Debt Management Office scam [Thanks R.H.]
6249. Dr. Ibrahim Dankwabo / "Thanks for your help, here's $1.2M" scam [Thanks R.H.]
6248. Richard Eze / Dumped & Ignored Contract scam [Thanks C.G.]
6247. Ahmed Taiwo / Alleged Malaysian lawyer with Iraqi loot [Thanks J.C.1]
6246. Chevron ® / $5M bogus grant scam [Thanks C.G.]
6245. Mr. Patrick Armstrong / Unclaimed consignment scam [Thanks D.K.]

Received in July
6244. Alliance & Leicester / More phishing from a usual suspect [Thanks P.T.]
6243. PNC Bank / Fancier phishing than the last one [Thanks R.H.]
6242. IMF / "We are writhing to know if it's true that you are DEAD?" [Thanks R.H.]
6241. Bruce Thandi / Crude oil trading scam [Thanks R.H.]
6240. Accu Lottery / £700K bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
6239. Barrister Rafael Cooper / $10.3M next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.G.]
6238. Sgt. Victor Brown / You wouldn't think there was any loot left in Iraq! [Thanks C.G.]
6237. Robert S. Mueller / More FBI scams from the boss [Thanks J.C.2, R.H.]
6236. Thailand Internet Lottery Organization / $368K bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
6235. Mrs. Damsy Peters / Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks C.G.]
6234. Wells Fargo Online / Phishing attempt [Thanks R.H.]
6233. Google Lottery Promotion / £500K bogus promotion win [Thanks R.H.]
6232. Rj-huofu Foods Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
6231. P.George & Co. Solicitors / Alexander McQueen-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
6230. Mr. Oluwatoyin Olusegun Olufade / Bogus diplomat with a scam [Thanks M.L.]
6229. Abul Nazir / "Are you still alive" scam [Thanks M.L.]
6228. Loteria Nacional / €485,910 bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
6227. The New York Clearing House / $12.5M blocked funds scam [Thanks R.H.]
6226. Constructor Industry Job Board / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
6225. Hsbc Bank Plc / New phishing format [Thanks P.T.]
6224. Catherine Thomas / Auction Job Finder bogus job offer[Thanks P.T.]
6223. Constructor Industry Job Board / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
6222. Bushe Claretta / Extremely incoherent scam [Thanks C.G.]
6221. Eric Daniels / Scam by a Lloyds Bank boss? Surely not! [Thanks R.H.]
6220. Robert Meuller (FBI) / Another scam aimed at the FBI boss [Thanks R.H.]
6219. Paypal Payback Raffle Draw / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks C.G.]
6218. Saverite Online Promotions / $2.4M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6217. Powerball Online Intl Jackpot / $6M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6216. Chelsea Lottery © Corporation / £820K bogus win [Thanks C.G.]
6215. Honeywell International Inc / Bogus job offer also involving Toshiba [Thanks R.H.]
6214. Online 2010 Promotion / £1M bogus Yahoo lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6213. Exxon Mobil Cash Rewards / $500K bogus lottery win [Thanks G.R.]
6212. Shawn Henry FBI Washington D.C / Another Robt. Mueller rival [Thanks R.H.]
6211. US Homeland Security Agency / The FBI has a rival now! [Thanks R.H.]
6210. World Asia FreeLotto / $1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks C.G.]
6209. Best Jobs / Not very good PNC Bank phishing scam [Thanks R.H.]
6208. Wilson Cromwell / £4.6M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
6207. Robert S. Mueller III / More FBI-boss scams [Thanks R.H & C.G.]
6206. LotteryWest / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks C.G.]
6205. UNITED NATIONS / Scam taking Ted Turner's name in vain [Thanks R.H.]
6204. Mrs. Mary Derrick / Holidaying boozer with cancer & dosh [Thanks R.H.]
6203. UK National Lottery / £1M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
6202. Office Of The National Security Advisor / Nigerian general with a scam [Thanks C.G.]
6201. Toyota Car Promotion Department / Cash plus a car scam [Thanks B.R.]
6200. Albert Wong / Bogus Malaysian banker with $7.3M next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.G.]
6199. Mrs. Jane Harwood / The United Nations scamming Americans (apparently) [Thanks R.H.]
6198. Royal-Mail / Missed delivery scam with a nasty in the attachement [Thanks A.M.]
6197. Chevron Winning / Only $700K in this bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6196. Lloyds Group / Bogus banker with £6M, next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
6195. Italian Superena Lotto / €1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6194. Coca-Cola Company / Very fancy fake lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
6193. USAA / USAA Savings Bank phish [Thanks C.G.]
6192. Dr Sanusi Lamido Sanusi / Fancy $10.5M Nigerian inheritance scam [Thanks R.H.]
6191. john gelsthorp / Czech-Nigerian accountant with $3.8M to stash [Thanks C.G.]
6190. Diplomatic Payment Unit / Nigerian scam from Poland [Thanks M.L.]
6189. British Web Lottery Promo / £800K bogus lottery win [Thanks C.G.]
6188. Nisei Seino / Japanese gentleman with a very brief scam [Thanks R.H.]
6187. Robin Sanders / US ambassador to Nigeria with a scam! [Thanks J.C.]
6186. Microsoft Company Award UK / Origin-confused lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
6185. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon / UN Sec. Gen. with a scam? Surely not! [Thanks R.H.]
6184. Egg Bank Notification / More Phishing [Thanks P.T.]
6183. Facebook Security, Aline Resszke / Virus-laden malicious message [Thanks P.T.]
6182. Hsbc Bank Plc / A trio of different Phishes [Thanks P.T.]
6181. Metropolitan Police UK / Bogus copper with $2M scan [Thanks C.G.]
6180. Daniel weatham / Bogus barrister with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
6179. Oscar Williams / Alleged refugee from Siera Leone with $17.5M [Thanks R.H.]
6178. Dr.David Owen / $11M funds transfer scam with spam analysis [Thanks C.G.]
6177. John Gelsthorp / Bogus Nigerian banker with $3.8M, he says [Thanks C.G.]
6176. Dr. Nathan Gama / Bogus South African banker seeks mug [Thanks G.R.]
6175. Desire Guerero / Bogus job offer from ELM [Thanks P.T.]
6174. Mr. Douglas Ocha / $10.5M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
6173. United Nations / The UN has taken 7 months to decide you're worth &500K [Thanks R.H.]
6172. Paul Ochuko / An attorney with a dead engineer on his hands [Thanks C.G.]
6171. UK National Lottery / Another bogus win of £750K [Thanks R.H.]
6170. Nidec Copal Company / Cash + a new car scam [Thanks R.H.]
6169. ITOCHU Corporation / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.G.]
6168. Pamela Etters / A bit longer, but still a quickie scam [Thanks C.G.]
6167. / Extremely brief scam [Thanks R.H.]
6166. Anniversary Awards Center / £5M fake UK lottery win [Thanks R.H.]

Received in June
6165. Jane Stevens / $5M contract/inheritance scam [Thanks C.G.]
6164. law firm / Bogus Malaysian lawyer with a scam [Thanks C.G.]
6163. Pandora Jewelry / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
6162. US Department of Homeland Security / Nigerian scammer scam [Thanks R.H.]
6161. Malvern Cosmetics / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
6160. Barr. Stella Martins / "A scammer is pretending you're dead" scam [Thanks R.H.]
6159. Monica Alexander / A much shorter scam victim scam [Thanks C.G.]
6158. Justice Emmanuel Ayoola / Nigerian Anti-Fraud Unit fraud [Thanks M.L.]
6157. Office Of The Senate President / Another Nigerian government swindle [Thanks M.L.]
6156. Bank Of America / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
6155. Canada Lottery UK / Another $1M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
6154. Australian International Lottery / $1M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
6153. Bwin Online / Bogus online casino lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
6152. Barr. Joseph Cheng / Scam being claim-jumped scam [Thanks C.G.]
6151. Google Corporation / £850K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6150. HM Treasury / The British Government doing a $1.5M money transfer scam [Thanks M.L.]
6149. Corporal Mary Ann MacCombie / Wounded hero in hospital with $3.2M [Thanks C.G.]
6148. Endowment Claims Solicitors / Bogus British solictor with inheritance scam [Thanks R.H.]
6147. Anglo American Lottery Promotion / $2M South African scam [Thanks R.H.]
6146. Barrister Kofi Addo / $4.7M 2006 Tupolev-154 crash scam [Thanks R.H.]
6145. Powerball Lottery / $665K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6144. Peugeot Online 2010 / Bogus promo, cash + a free car [Thanks R.H.]
6143. Peter Smith / Bogus job offer, allegedly from "Mystery Evaluation Inc" [Thanks R.H.]
6142. Barr.Wendell Beppler / $4.5M overdue payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
6141. John Taylor / Bogus UK part-time job offer [Thanks A.M.]
6140. Barr. Randolph Paul / $4.8M 2004 tsunami next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.G.]
6139. First Direct / New format for this phish [Thanks A.M.]
6138. EBay Secret Shopper LLC / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.W.]
6137. Smile systems / Another spot of phishing [Thanks P.T.]
6136. Reid Johansson / $20M next-of-kin scam from Hong Kong [Thanks B.H.]
6135. Dr Daniel Esimobi / $6.3M next-of-kin scam from Togo [Thanks B.H.]
6134. Payment Committee / Send $65 to get a $6.3M ATM card scam [Thanks M.L.]
6133. Hon Margaret Hodge / Failed Minister given a new lease of life by a scammer! [Thanks C.G.]
6132. Richard Parker / United Finance Co. of Florida scam [Thanks C.W.]
6131. Miss. Sandra Brooks / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
6130. Newell, David K / BMW lottery scam from an BP email address! [Thanks R.H.]
6129. Mr Phillip Campbell / The late B. Patarkatsishvili (Georgian billionaire) scam [Thanks B.H.]
6128. GET BACK TO ME / US ambassador to Nigeria with a scam!! [Thanks B.H.]
6127. lsj02 / $2.5M Chinese Visa card scam [Thanks B.H.]
6126. Johnson Kofi / $2.5M funds transfer scam by alleged banker in Ghana [Thanks C.G.]
6125. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu / Nigerian Public Debt Committee scam [Thanks C.G.]
6124. Lt General James Morgan (Rtd) / Abuja contract/inheritance scam [Thanks C.G.]
6123. P.George & Co. Solicitors / Alexander McQueen's estate scam [Thanks B.H.]
6122. Dennis Davies / International finance next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
6121. Mr. Charles Mukhale / Bogus South African banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
6120. United Nations / UN Debt Reconciliation Unit compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
6119. Col. Calio Reese / The scam zone has moved from Iraq to Afghanistan [Thanks C.G.]
6118. MR JOE SMITH / Nigerian overdue payment scam [Thanks M.L.]
6117. Yahoo Internet Lottery / $1M bogus payout [Thanks C.G.]
6116. Mr.Mohammed Kazeem / Bogus payout from National Security WareHouse [Thanks R.H.]
6115. Michael Koone / ArtGraphicA Gallery, London, bogus job offer [Thanks C.G.]
6114. Ammy Houston/Frank James / Investigative/Mystery Shopper bogus jobs [Thanks R.H.]
6113. BMW Award Promo / A pair of bogus promotion "wins" [Thanks C.G., R.H.]
6112. ICPC Investigation / Nigerian Anti-Fraud Unit scam [Thanks C.G.]
6111. Amid walters / $4.5M stuck in a bank in London scam [Thanks B.H.]
6110. ITOCHU Corporation / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.G.]
6109. Bryant, Carolyn / Scam from Labour leadership candidate Diane Abbott? [Thanks C.G.]
6108. Barrister Rafael Cooper / $10.3M next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.G.]
6107. AM0011 / "We want you to invest for us" scam [Thanks C.G.]
6106. Mrs. Kristine Wimbledon / Can I Deposit £20M In Your Account? scam [Thanks B.H.]
6105. Secret Shopper® / Bogus Mystery Shopper job offer [Thanks B.H.]
6104. Robert Mueller III / The FBI boss returns to the scamming business [Thanks C.G.]
6103. Dr.Sanusi Lamido / $10.7M Nigerian contract payment scam [Thanks M.L.]
6102. Mrs.Reyna Cruz / Bogus Publishers Clearing House lottery win [Thanks C.G.]
6101. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / Mr. Mueller's assistant with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
6100. Mr. Kofi Annan / Another United Nations ATM card scam [Thanks C.G.]
6099. Majlis Daerah Marang / The O'Bamma Scammer Foundation back in business [Thanks B.H.]
6098. Charles Howard / $4.6M bogus UK lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
6097. Mrs. Esther Moore / Pay $250 to get a $500K cash prize scam [Thanks B.H.]
6096. Agent:John Simmons / Nigeria Financial Intelligent Unit scam victim scam [Thanks C.G.]
6095. Newman Chris / £9.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
6094. UPS COURIER COMPANY / Very unlikely parcel delivery scam [Thanks R.H.]
6093. Mrs. Rose Wils / $800K certified bank draft scam [Thanks R.H.]
6092. Shell Oil And Gas Company / Bogus £5M povery reduction scheme [Thanks R.H.]
6091. Jafphet Orhi / Nigerians confused about who to send the money to [Thanks C.G.]
6090. Al-Fayed Charitable Foundation / The former Harrods owner doing good? [Thanks R.H.]
6089. the Just Lottery / Bogus World Cup lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6088. Honeywell International Inc. / Bogus spare time job offer [Thanks R.H.]
6087. Joo Cawthra / Persistent scammer with inheritance scam [Thanks R.H.]
6086. Powerball Lottery / Bogus $655K UK promo win [Thanks C.G.]
6085. DIR. FBI. Robert S. Mueller III / No. 6081 wasn't as final as advertised! [Thanks R.H.]
6084. COCA COLA / World Cup 'official drink' scam [Thanks R.H.]
6083. Dr.Michael Kofi Sai / Central Bank of Ghana ATM card scam [Thanks C.G.]
6082. BMW Price Award Malaysia / $1.2M bogus prize [Thanks C.G.]
6081. FBI WASHINGTON D.C / The Feds issue a Final Notice! [Thanks R.H.]
6080. Toshiba Computer Corporation / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.G.]

Received in May
6079. Inga-Britt Ahlenius / The UN gets tough with Nigerian scammers! [Thanks R.H.]
6078. Robert Felix / [Thanks J.B.]
6077. American On Line And Microsoft Association Team / Bogus prize draw [Thanks C.G.]
6076. Honourable Minister for Finance / With a dishonourable scam! [Thanks R.H.]
6075. Dimas Elian Che & Associates / Bogus lawyer with Claim Resolution scam [Thanks C.G.]
6074. Abdulkader Maroof Omar / Scammer wants to get the hell out of Iraq [Thanks R.H.]
6073. Maxwell Jonathan / Bogus job as a surveyor in the Americas [Thanks R.H.]
6072. UNDP-Mr. Jan Hillary / Bogus UN Foundation grant [Thanks C.G.]
6071. Western Union / Pay $190, get $100,000 in convenient chunks [Thanks R.H.]
6070. UK Lottery Organization / A draw held in Bangkok? What's that all about? [Thanks C.G.]
6069. Prof.Morathi / $30.5M South African next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.G.]
6068. Dr.Sanusi Lamido / Another $8.5M Nigerian scam [Thanks M.L.]
6067. Halifax Bank Plc / Another spot of phishing [Thanks G.R.]
6066. Prince Sidi Hammed / Sudanese refugee with $18M, he says [Thanks R.H.]
6065. Mrs. Mariam Fatima Abacha / Nigerian head of state's widow + mucho dosh [Thanks M.L.]
6064. Kelvin Grant / £8.6M inheritance scam [Thanks R.H.]
6063. Annaliza Bouaiz / Woman with cash who's dying, she says [Thanks M.L.]
6062. iTunes Products / Bogus gift certificate + the Worm/Koobface.AZ virus [Thanks P.T.]
6061. UPS Services / Bogus invoice containing the FakeAlert virus [Thanks P.T.]
6060. Karl Su / Bogus Chinese banker with lots of cash to invest [Thanks R.H.]
6059. Volkswagen Motors Worldwide Ltd / £850K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6058. HSBC Bank Plc / Fancy $5.6M payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
6057. British Lottery / £750K bogus win plus bonuses [Thanks R.H]
6056. Oceanic Bank PLC / Very fancy Nigerian scam [Thanks R.H.]
6055. Petros Alexandrou / "€4M in a dormant account" scam [Thanks R.H.]
6054. Mr Charles Miller / Nigerian contract/inheritance scam [Thanks M.L.]
6053. Philips Mobile Promotion / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6052. Thomas sammy / Bogus employment offer [Thanks B.H.]
6051. Australian Lottery Inc / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
6050. Federal Ministry Of Finance / "Your business partner in Nigeria scam [Thanks R.H.]
6049. BARCLAY'S BANK / Multi-faceted scam involving an ATM card [Thanks M.L.]
6048. Mervin Coleman / "Europe Real Estate" bogus job offer [Thanks C.W.]
6047. Dimitri Alexandrovich / Bogus part-time job offers from Russia [Thanks R.H.]
6046. Executive Governor Central Bank / Nigerian funds transfer scam [Thanks R.H.]
6045. John Taylor / Bogus job offer from unnamed company [Thanks C.W.]
6044. EON BANK / $1.1M ECOWAS funds transfer scam [Thanks R.H.]
6043. microword Corporations / €500K bogus sweepstake win [Thanks M.S.]
6042. Mrs. Kristine Wimbledon / Croaking but has £20M, so things aren't too bad [Thanks B.H.]
6041. ITOCHU Corporation Japan / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
6040. Foundazion Di Vittorio / Regular customers back for another pop [Thanks B.H.]
6039. Advance Anti-virus Message Center / Phish/Spam/Time-waster [Thanks G.R.]
6038. La Loterie Romande / Massive €2.5M fake lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
6037. Priscal Robert / Bogus lawyer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
6036. SWISS LOTTO / Says it's Swiss but run from the Netherlands? Scam! [Thanks M.S.]
6035. Economic & Financial Crime Commission / Another Nigerian scam [Thanks B.H.]
6034. Mrs. Rosemary Olusegun / Nigerian scammer with a secret bank account [Thanks C.W.]
6033. Smile Account Department / Another spot of phishing [Thanks P.T.]
6032. Mrs. Farida Waziri / Opportunity to scam a scammer scam [Thanks B.H.]
6031. Barbara Green / We-based customer service assistant bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
6030. Miss. Miriam / Teenage orphan from Ghana with $5.5M in a London bank [Thanks B.H.]
6029. Microsoft Corporation / A lousy £250K from the world's biggest company [Thanks B.H.]
6028. Nokia Award Promotion 2010 / £650K bogus promo win [Thanks M.S.]
6027. Colton Woodruff / Bogus lawyer with $18M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
6026. Ted Reuter / $2.7M bogus UN compensation payment [Thanks B.H.]
6025. Diplomat Dymott Gibson / He says he's in charge of a security warehouse [Thanks B.H.]
6024. Mr John Buck / A proper military scammer in Iraq, he reckons [Thanks M.L.]
6023. Chevron Oil Petroleum / $700K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
6022. Captain Robert Kerr / Got loot, but in Angola, not Iraq [Thanks B.H.]
6021. Facebook Lottery / $800 bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
6020. Mrs. Rose Chapman / The "wife of the British navy" with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
6019. Halifax Bank Plc / Even more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
6018. Alliance & Leicester Plc / More phishing [Thanks P.T.]
6017. CRICKET COUNCIL / Bogus $1.5M ATM card promo [Thanks B.H.]
6016. Suzuki Motors / $5M bogus lottery prize [Thanks B.H.]
6015. Mr.Hong Wu / Sinister Chinese next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
6014. Parcel Express Courier Company / "Passing an Essential Massage" scam! [Thanks B.H.]
6013. Andrew Mac Thomas / Bogus banker with ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
6012. Mr Percy jones / Bogus philanthropist with $1M to give away, he ways [Thanks B.H.]
6011. Prof Mike McDavison / iKobo company money transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
6010. Mr. Oma Pela / Bogus lawyer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
6009. LOTTO NL / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
6008. OToole, Thomas P / Fake BMW lottery, car + cash scam [Thanks B.H.]

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