Crooks In Action 2009 B
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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

January-April  •  September - December

Received in August
5456. Helyn Tana / $500K UPS parcel delivery scam[Thanks B.H.]
5455. Mrs Faith / Widow of poisoned businessman with $5M [Thanks B.H.]
5454. National Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
5453. United Nations Organization / £650,500.00 bogus prize [Thanks B.H.]
5452. Cadbury Foundation / £1,671,000.00 bogus donation [Thanks J.C.]
5451. Mr Edes Abebe / Nigerian scammer with £30M to invest [Thanks R.H.]
5450. Richard Vale / Ray Art World bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
5449. Dr. Lo Hong Sui Vincent / Russian posing as Chinese banker [Thanks B.H.]
5448. Frannk Eze / $1.5M FedEx delivery scam [Thanks M.L.]
5447. lesa hopson / Western Union bonus scam [Thanks B.H.]
5446. UK Lottery Sweapstakes Intl / Not very good lottery6 scam [Thanks B.H.]
5445. Greatex International Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5444. Robert S. Mueller 111 / FBI scams, one high security? [Thanks D.K. & B.H.]
5443. Obama Funds Foundation / US President giving away $99K!! [Thanks B.H.]
5442. Anping Wire Mesh Co., Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
5441. ATM Office / "Your ATM card will be cancelled" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5440. Mr. Kojo Appiah / Gold mining scam from Ghana (a.k.a. Gold Coast) [Thanks B.H.]
5439. U.S. Department of State / $185 UPS delivery scam [Thanks A.F.]
5438. Daniel Kirkendall / Promotional website "grant prize" scam[Thanks B.H.]
5437. Johnson Ugochukwu / Charles Lamma / "My secretary has dosh for you" scams [Thanks J.C.]
5436. Esq Smith Micheals / Pay $55, get $1.5M. Great deal! [Thanks J.C.]
5435. Barrister Goxyx Esq. / Bogus banker with cash to give away [Thanks J.C.]
5434. Ma Asuncion Gil Guerrero / Scam which starts Spanish & becomes Chinese [Thanks R.H.]
5433. Dr. Harris Conklin / Another UPS / ATM card delivery scam[Thanks B.H.]
5432. Mr. Bright N. Addo / Bogus banker with $5.2M, he ways [Thanks B.H.]
5431. / £995K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5430. Michael Newman / $1.25M scam via Spain, Ghana and China [Thanks B.H.]
5429. Mr. Michael Owen / "Bank of Swiz" with a next-of-kin swindle [Thanks R.H.]
5428. Barclays Bank London / Alleged banker with fund transfer scam [Thanks T.L.]
5427. Arif Hussain Anjam / Alleged Sri Lankan lawyer with lengthy scam [Thanks B.H.]
5426. Dr. Martin Uboh / "The Nigerian govt. had decided to pay you $10M" scam [Thanks C.L.]
5425. Robinson, Cordelia / £1.25M E-Lottery Company bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5424. United Nations Compensation / Nigerian compensation via UPS scam [Thanks B.H.]
5423. Agent John Simmons / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5422. British Sweepstakes Lottery / £1.45M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5421. Mr. Alexander A Flockhart / Abandoned $30M Iraq war loot scam [Thanks B.H.]
5420. Mr. Mikhail Dzyuban / Russian scammer with $26M to reprofile [Thanks B.H.]
5419. Jane McAloon / BHP Billiton Plc bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5418. John Mako / Lengthy UPS parcel delivery scam [Thanks J.C.]
5417. microsolft lottery 2009 / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks M.L.]
5416. Jos? / Gold mining scam from bloke unsure about his own name [Thanks B.H.]
5415. John Kamara / John Green / A pair of 'Pay a bit, Get a Lot' scams [Thanks J.C.]
5414. Citigroup International Grant Aid / $2M bogus grant [Thanks R.H.]
5413. Valerie Lucas / Bogus Asia Power Ball Online Lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5412. PNC / New phishing source [Thanks R.H.]
5411. Japan Lottery Program 2009 / $500K bogus win [Thanks C.W.]
5410. Dr. Mrs. Olga Symonenko / Sincere Compensation fund award [Thanks C.W.]
5409. United States Marine Corps / More 'Heroes In Action' [Thanks B.H.]
5408. Ljubco Panevski / Bogus Swiss banker with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
5407. Malaysia Gaming Housemaybank SDN / ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
5406. Anthony Owens / Scammer who wants to build an hotel [Thanks C.W.]
5405. Western Union, Benin / Pay $95 to get $5,000/day [Thanks C.L.]
5404. MasterCard International Mega Jackpot / Russian lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5403. Robert Dewar / African scam compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5402. Rev. Pt George / Nigerian scammer with $800K [Thanks B.H.]
5401. Margaret Jacobson / Bogus Ghana lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5400. Halifax / Another dose of phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5399. Lloyds TSB / Guess what? Phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5398. Alliance and Leicester PLC / Even more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5397. Abbey National plc. / Still more phishing [Thanks G.R.]
5396. PayPal / Phishing from a usual suspect [Thanks C.W.]
5395. BankOfAmerica / More phishing from an old friend [Thanks B.H.]
5394. Immet Industrial Co.,Ltd / Bogus lottery win; cash + a car [Thanks B.H.]
5393. Ukuon Bongo / African refugee in New York with a secret $20M [Thanks C.W.]
5392. Francaise Des Jeux Loterie / €500K bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5391. Mr John Mac / World Cup 2010 electrical contracting scam [Thanks B.H.]
5390. Michael Ogugua / Western Union payment scam [Thanks C.L.]
5389. MIcrosoft Outlook / "Please reconfigure Outlook again" scam[Thanks R.H.]
5388. Mr.Temba Xhosi / South African World Cup $2.1M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5387. Mbano Wanaga / Zimbabwean refugee with $20M in boxes [Thanks B.H.]
5386. Resolution Panel On Payment / Hillary Clinton with a scam! [Thanks B.H.]
5385. HSBC Bank plc / Even more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5384. Lloyds TSB / Still more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5383. Abbey National / More Phishing [Thanks C.W. & P.T.]
5382. Sgt. Stanley Stevens / In Iraq, cash from Saddam's palace, etc., etc. [Thanks B.H.]
5381. Barr. Fred Anderson Esq. / $31.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5380. Mr. Danny Blind / Romanian $2.5M bogus Dutch lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5379. WellsFargo N.A. / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]

Received in July
5378. Fred Jones / "Deutsche Bank auditor" with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
5377. United Nations Org / Catch-all payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5376. Sun East Federal Credit Union / New phishing source [Thanks R.H.]
5375. John Kaviva / $12M consignment in Dublin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5374. China Netcom Online E-mail Award / $750K fake lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5373. Sivis Electronic Co., Limited / Bogus lottery prize [Thanks B.H.]
5372. Portsmouth Lottery / Japanese $5.5M bogus lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5371. Credit Card Holders / Job scam for people with credit cartds [Thanks B.H.]
5370. FreeLotto Uk Promo / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5369. British American Tobacco Co. / £500K bogus grant scam [Thanks B.H.]
5368. Netherlands Postcode Loterij / Another bogus lottery [Thanks M.S.]
5367. Greaterheights Orpanagehome / Nigerian orphanage scam [Thanks C.K.]
5366. Bank Of America / More phishing [Thanks B.H.]
5365. Mr Johnson Bello / Nigerian "I've had your death certificate" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5364. Robert Mueller 111 Of The FBI / His latest scam [Thanks R.H.]
5363. Carolina Lennon / Bogus Microsoft lottery wins [Thanks B.H., M.S.]
5362. Barclays Bank PLC / Bogus banker with $800K scam [Thanks B.H.]
5361. Jilin Chemical Industrial Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5360. Fedex Nigeria / Pay £150 for a package of cash scam [Thanks M.S.]
5359. Ben Bernanke / $10.3M bogus Nigerian government credit [Thanks R.H.]
5358. Senator James Morrison / Nigerian senator with $30M deal [Thanks B.H.]
5357. China Silk Company / Bogus debt collection job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5356. Mr Scott Wood / Gio-Copper Industries bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5355. Exxon Mobil Malaysia / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5354. Mr John Mac / 2010 World Cup energy supply scam [Thanks B.H.]
5353. Queen Elizabeth / Her Majesty with a scam? Surely not!!! [Thanks B.H.]
5352. Mr. Robert Trung Yen / Vietnamese banker with bogus business proposal [Thanks B.H.]
5351. Heinz, Bettina / Chevron/Texaco bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5350. Takahashi, Toku / £700K bogus Dove Foundation award [Thanks B.H.]
5349. Mr. Ron Mills / FBI boss R. Mueller's personal secretary with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
5348. European Clearing House / Contract payment scam with royal connections [Thanks B.H.]
5347. Mary Alice / Citibank banker's $27M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5346. Webex Incorporations / $750K bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5345. Microsoft Windows XP / Another bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5344. Mr Arnold Hendrik / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5343. Sis Mabel Moore / Bogus win from Bogus British lottery [Thanks B.H.]
5342. Hon.Abubakar Saddique / Ex-minister from Ghana with investment cash [Thanks B.H.]
5341. Nidec Copal Electronics Corp. / Bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5340. Barrister Henry Ivan Loo / $10.6M next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.C.]
5339. Egg Bank / More phishing [Thanks M.S.]
5338. Csóka Levente Dr. / A pair of bogus UK National Lottery wins [Thanks M.S. & B.H.]
5337. NatWest / Yet another phisch [Thanks M.S.]
5336. Abbey National Bank / Another phish [Thanks C.W.]
5335. Dinther Helmut Udo / $7.5M Swiss next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5334. Mr .Robert S. Mueller / But Mr. Mueller hasn't gone away, he's in Honolulu! [Thanks B.H.]
5333. FBI Special Agent / NOT A SCAM BY Mr. Mueller the Third! [Thanks M.C.]
5332. Mr Paul Cole / Chinese-European banker sitting on an unclaimed $50M!! [Thanks B.H.]
5331. Mr. Steven Clark / $7M British next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5330. Halifax / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5329. Susan Shebang / Former South African Minister with $14.5M loot [Thanks B.H.]
5328. Dr. Ignatius Imala / Nigerian contract scammer [Thanks B.H.]
5327. Paul Yengisi / Next-of-kin to Mr. Sean Burke scam [Thanks B.H.]
5326. PROPOSAL / Crooked Spanish banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
5325. Mr John Hall / Bogus £500K from anonymous lottery [Thanks M.S.]
5324. Honeywell International Inc / Job offer from a scammer [Thanks B.H.]
5323. Miss Donna Story / $320 for a $10K/day ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
5322. Beatrice Hanks / €750K bogus win on Danish lottery [Thanks R.H.]
5321. Garry Loopy / £6 million "partnership request" scam [Thanks M.S.]
5320. Mr. Marvin K.T Cheung / Chinese banker with Iraqi loot [Thanks A.F.]
5319. Victor Kuan / Lawyer with Gulf Air crash next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5318. Solid Rock / $2.95M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5317. Clydesdale / New phishing source [Thanks P.T.]
5316. Central Bank / Prof. Soludo has been taken over from!!! [Thanks R.H.]
5315. Alberts, Luke / A pair of heroes in Iraq with $41M between them in loot [Thanks B.H.]
5314. South African 2010 / World cup lottery scam graphic [Thanks A.B.]
5313. Miss Judith Zan / $6.1M north Chinese refugee scam [Thanks A.B.]
5312. Ruilan Group Holdings Limited / Bogus job offer from Hong Kong [Thanks B.H.]
5311. Rothschild Foundation (Europe) / Another foundation giving away cash [Thanks F.W.]
5310. Mrs Serena Johnson / Nigerian Crimes Commission scam [Thanks M.S.]

Received in June
5309. Cheung Cheng Lee / $33.4M business proposition from Hong Kong [Thanks C.L.]
5308. Scotland National Lottery / £2.5M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5307. World Bank Group / Catch-all lottery, contract, etc. payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5306. City Lotto, UK / £500K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5305. Queenelizabeths payday / Interesting (Royal?) loan scam [Thanks B.H.]
5304. FBI THAILAND / Competition for Mr. Mueller III + bonus [Thanks B.H.]
5303. Economic And Financial Crimes Commision / Compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5302. Charles Arrand / Delegated job offer from Agro Seed Services [Thanks B.H.]
5301. Peter Wayne / ENEP Resarch Institute bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
5300. Dr Horst Schmidt / €40M FIFA cash transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
5299. British American Tobacco / A pair of bogus lottery wins [Thanks B.H.]
5298. Honeywell International / [Thanks B.H.]
5297. Mr Saudiq Ranks / Fraud victim compensation scam [Thanks P.K.]
5296. British Lottery / $2.5M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5295. Bradford Lottery / $5.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5294. Bank of America / Yet another (double) dose of phishing [Thanks B.H.]
5293. Abbey / Another dose of phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5292. Mrs. Pamela Yough / "Are You Still Alive?" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5291. Wachovia Bank, N.A / Another phish [Thanks B.H.]
5290. UK National Lotto Group / £782K bogus lottery win [Thanks J.C.]
5289. United States Marine Corps / More American heroes with Iraqi loot [Thanks R.H.]
5288. HSBC Payment Bond / "World Bank payment" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5287. British Revenue Department / Scam by Gerald Mole, Adrian's bro [Thanks B.H.]
5286. Chase Cardmember Services / More Phishing [Thanks B.H.]
5285. Platinum Lottery International / $2.9M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
5284. sara.morgan / $2M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5283. National Lottery Notifications Office / £500K swindle [Thanks M.S.]
5282. City Lotto Interational Promo / £500K swindle [Thanks B.H.]
5281. ATM INC. / €1.4M ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
5280. HSBC / Further phishing [Thanks D.B.]
5279. Cahoot Bank / Definitely more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5278. Egg Banking Plc / Even still more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5277. Halifax / Still more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
5276. Cahoot Message Centre / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
5275. La Loterie Romande / €2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks W.]
5274. Ella Woma / Scammer from Sierra Leone with $3M (allegedly) [Thanks M.S.]
5273. La Française des Jeux Loterie / €2M lottery scam [Thanks M.S.]
5272. Poste Italiane(BancoPosta) / Phishing scam in Italian [Thanks R.H.]
5271. O.C.A. de la provincia de Zaragoza. Sos del Rey Catolico / 2 Lottery scams [Thanks R.H.]
5270. FBI UPDATE / Robert S. Mueller, III at it again [Thanks R.H.]
5269. Barrister Uddin Jahangir / $9M next-of-kin scam [Thanks A.B.]
5268. Victory Lottery / $5.5M Chinese lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
5267. Red Dot Company / $300K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
5266. Mr.Austin Cole / Swiss South Africa 2010 World Cup lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
5265. Mrs. Inna Khodorkovskaya / Russian-Argentine investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5264. Toyota Car Promotion Lottery / £600K & a free car scam [Thanks B.H.]
5263. Sheu Danlandi / $100M Central Bank of Nigeria scam [Thanks B.H.]
5262. Mr. L Benson / Alliance Members of Inter.Net (bogus) Award [Thanks F.H.]
5261. De Nederlandse Staatsloterij / The associated sting [Thanks F.H.]
5260. Sgt. William Lathan / A Swiss/American hero with Iraqi loot [Thanks B.H.]
5259. Honda / £1.75M bogus promotion prize [Thanks R.H.]
5258. Williams Parker / Bogus banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
5257. Honeywell International Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
5256. Robert S. Mueller, III / Another set of FBI scams [Thanks G.F.]
5255. Robert Dewar / $250K British High Commission ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
5254. Omni Freight Courier Ltd / Alpha Lottery's sting [Thanks N.S.]
5253. Aziz Issa / Crook in Burkina, allegedly with $10.5M [Thanks N.S.]
5252. / £995K bogus website visit 'win' [Thanks M.S.]
5251. Ben John / Citybeds Company bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5250. SSG Pittman Dewayne / Another hero with Iraqi loot [Thanks B.H.]
5249. Michael Baungartner / $21M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5248. Mr. Cesar Kwame / Alleged banker with $16M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5247. Prof. Benjamin Edmund / $10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.C.]
5246. Tim McCarron / £28M investment funds scam [Thanks B.H.]
5245. Business Proposal / Madrid Train Bombing scam [Thanks M.S.]
5244. Microword Corporations / €488K bogus sweepstake win [Thanks M.S.]
5243. Mrs.Helen Mary / Trunk Box worth $1,650,000.00 scam [Thanks N.S.]
5242. Yago Lotto International? 2009 / $1.2M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5241. Prince Harry Tellewoyan / Liberian refugee with $45M [Thanks B.H.]
5240. Lt General Mamman Phillips (Rtd). / $10.5M contract scam [Thanks B.H.]
5239. Foreign Contractors Allowance Payment Office / $3.5M scam [Thanks B.H.]

Received in May
5238. (Cahoot) / Anonymous phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5237. Alliance & Leicester / Even more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5236. Abbey Bank Plc / Massage phishing! [Thanks C.W.]
5235. First Direct / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5234. Mr.Ferdinand Habib / Office of Senate House bogus lottery [Thanks B.H.]
5233. Manchester National Lottery / $990K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5232. Volunteer Bureau of Montreal / UN scam victim scam [Thanks J.C.]
5231. British Petroleum Company PLC / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
5230. James Makumbe / Refugee from Zimbabwe with $9M (he says) [Thanks B.H.]
5229. Shell U.K. Limited / £1M bogus promotion win [Thanks R.H.]
5228. Obama's Foundation / $99M scam victim compensation!!! [Thanks B.H.]
5227. Benson Edward / $800,000 Nigerian/FBI lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
5226. Prof. Charles C. Soludo / The Sultan of Nigerian Scammers again [Thanks J.C.]
5225. Canadian Lottery Promo / £2.5M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5224. Mrs Rita Shawn / £1M 'win' from anonymous lottery [Thanks N.S.]
5223. barrister florence salami / Pay $98 to collect $1.5M sc am [Thanks N.S.]
5222. MR.Yu Yun / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.C.]
5221. Service PayPal / Phishing in French [Thanks B.H.]
5220. British Open Golf Championship / Bogus lottery prize [Thanks J.C.]
5219. Hotmail / New sort of phishing expedition [Thanks J.C.]
5218. Powerball Lotto / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5217. Emirates UK Ltd / £500K & a free holiday scam[Thanks B.H.]
5216. United Nations / $1.5M South African grant scam [Thanks J.C.]
5215. Bethany Miller / £1M Yahoo lottery scam [Thanks N.S.]
5214. Lt General Mamman Phillips / Nigerian unclaimed funds scam [Thanks N.S.]
5213. Magare Mashaba / $35M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5212. Carl Chang / Chinese scammer who hasn't mastered puntuation [Thanks B.H.]
5211. SPORTS TOTO-Sweepstake Lottery / $1M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5210. / €1M email lottery scam [Thanks M.S.]
5209. Central Bank of Nigeria / "White Elephant payment" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5208. Mr Paul Jacob / $2.7M in $5K chunks scam [Thanks J.C.]
5207. Alliance & Liecester Plc / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5206. Mrs.Monica Roy / T & H Kunststoffe International bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
5205. VWD International / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5204. Mr Ezi Mmiri / $10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
5203. Opec Award Team / £900 bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5202. Markt Lottery International Espanol / €500K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5201. mohamed abudu / Bogus banker with $25.2M deal [Thanks N.S.]
5200. System Adminstrator / Mailbox-based phishing [Thanks B.H.]
5199. Coca Cola Lottery / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5198. Microsoft Award Center / $100K bogus lottery win [Thanks C.R.W.]
5197. Mary Wales / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5196. John George / $26.5M business investment scam [Thanks W.T.]
5195. Loterie Romande / €2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5194. JPMorgan Chase & Co. / More American phishing [Thanks B.H.]
5193. Beatrice Hanks / €750K bogus Danish-Lotto win [Thanks B.H.]
5192. Chia Tai Group Inc. Hong Kong / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5191. ExxonMobil Promotions / $1M bogus random award [Thanks B.H.]
5190. Woodfords Solicitor / Cash from a philanthropist's will [Thanks B.H.]
5189. Mrs Waziri / Dr. Isa Mamudu / A pair of ATM card scams [Thanks B.H.]
5188. Office Of The Senate House / Nigerian contract payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5187. United Nations Trust Fund / $650M bogus donation [Thanks B.H.]
5186. Mega Jackpot Online Sweepstakes / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5185. Mrs Tracy Peterson / Queen Elizabeth's Foundation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5184. Lisa Fox / Bogus job offer from unnamed source [Thanks P.T.]
5183. Cahoot Bank / Still more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5182. U.S. Treasury Dept. / Even more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5181. Bank Hsbc Online Alert / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
5180. General Mike Ilo / Nigerian payment to contractor scam [Thanks B.H.]
5179. Mr. John Brown / Scam with a MONSTER list of scammers [Thanks B.H.]
5178. Itochu Corporation / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5177. Reeter Khobe / $15.7M scam from Sierra Leone [Thanks B.H.]
5176. Mrs.Monica Roy / T & H Kunststoffe bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
5175. Sir Eric Ben / Fancy UN contract payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5174. Obama's Foundation / $11.3M scam victim compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5173. Mrs. Pamela Yough / "Are You Still Alive?" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5172. Exxon Mobil 2009 Promo / $386,500.00 bogus award [Thanks N.S.]
5171. Grameen Foundation / £1,020,000.00 bogus donation [Thanks B.H.]
5170. British And Google Economic Aid / [Thanks M.S.]
5169. OXFAM GB -UK / £850K bogus promo award [Thanks J.C.]
5168. FIFA 2010 Online Award Center / Bid Board / 2 SA World Cup scams [Thanks B.H. / M.S.]
5167. Mr. Robert S.Mueller III / Another scam from his personal secretary [Thanks B.H.]
5166. Lord Peter Goldsmith QC / Taiwanese imposter with a $15M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5165. Jawad James / Alleged banker with £122.5M [Thanks J.C.]
5164. Euro Milliones S.l / A pair of bogus lottery wins [Thanks M.S. & B.H.]
5163. Abdul Abdel / Group Bank of Africa $5.5M scam [Thanks N.S.]
5162. America Online / Another phishing expedition [Thanks B.H.]
5161. John White / DeepVision Waters Limited bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5160. Dr. Elea Powell (Mrs) / Nat. Council of Voluntary Organization fake lottery [Thanks B.H.]
5159. Nokia Head Office / $182K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5158. Lotto-Lore / $945K bogus lottery win [Thanks J.C.]
5157. Anhui Technology Import & Export Co. Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5156. Chun Wing / $19.5M Iraq war next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5155. Todd Williams / £18.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5154. Citizens Bank / Customer Satisfaction Survey phish [Thanks B.H.]
5153. David Santos / Crude oil licensing scam [Thanks B.H.]
5152. Mr John Chris / Pay $100 for a $6M ATM card scam [Thanks J.C.]
5151. Chen Guangyuan / Chinese scammer with $17.3M deal [Thanks B.H.]
5150. Mr Kabila / $45M investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5149. Unicef Commission / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5148. Natwest Bank Electronic Banking / More phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5147. Mr. Duncan Newton / £7M over-invoiced contract scam [Thanks B.H.]
5146. Jurist Chambers / £5M bogus inheritance [Thanks B.H.]
5145. Mr. Jose Perez Otero / $28M Madrid Train bomb scam [Thanks N.S.]
5144. fawzia williamson / $15M South Afrcan next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
5143. FBI Director Robert S.Mueller / More scams from a regular source [Thanks N.S. & B.H.]
5142. JIM CLARK / Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks N.S.]
5141. Mr David Mike Benson / Nigerian cash transfer scam [Thanks N.S.]
5140. Deluera Marilyn / British American Tobacco bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5139. Regions Bank / More phishing from the USA [Thanks B.H.]
5138. Larry Ray / Bogus job offer from Agro Seed Services, USA [Thanks B.H.]
5137. Howard, Janice T / Malaysian National Lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5136. Mr. Van Curtis / €6M Dutch next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
5135. British High Commission / Inheritance & Contract fund scam [Thanks D.K.]
5134. Mrs. Tonia Musekiwa / $10.5M South African investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5133. Paul Smith / $12M scam from Zimbabwe[Thanks M.S.]
5132. Mr Zinfy Lucas Mbeki / South African financial consultant with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
5131. Mrs. Sharon Conard / Fancy "Pay $165" FedEx scam [Thanks B.H.]
5130. Heritage Foundation / £750K bogus donation [Thanks B.H.]
5129. Mrs Marina Litvinenko / Bogus widow with $9.5M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5128. Mr Roh Dae-jung / Criminal president's brother with $30M [Thanks B.H.]
5127. Lord Peter Goldsmith / Very, very brief $7.1M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5126. Alis Konne / Refugee from Sierra Leone with $4.2M [Thanks M.S.]

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