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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

May-August  •  September - December

Received in April
5125. Bank Of New York Mellon / $18.5 Nigerian ICC scam [Thanks T.F.]
5124. james mark / Fancy $5.5M scam from "FREDERAL BENIN" [Thanks B.H.]
5123. andrew-wood Co., Inc / Mystery Shopper bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
5122. Mr. Philip Morgan / Bogus banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.W.]
5121. Peter John Esq / Alaska plane crash next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5120. E-Lottery Company / £546,480 boguw win [Thanks B.H.]
5119. Mr.Joseph F Mcneirney Jr / Nigerian Debt Reconciliation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5118. British Sweepstakes / Bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5117. HM Revenue and Customs On-line / Taxman phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5116. Halifax plc / The phishing goes on . . . [Thanks C.W.]
5115. PayPal / Still more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5114. Barr. Suong Lim / Bogus barrister with next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5113. Captain Mark Girland / Sgt David Rice / More US heroes in Iraq [Thanks B.H.]
5112. Robert S. Mueller / The FBI continues to scam [Thanks B.H. & J.C.]
5111. FIFA_2010_ WORLD_CUP / Fancy but totally bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5110. Sunshine Slot Online Promotions / Bogus UK National Lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5109. Mrs. Ing Chuny Liu / $500K bogus Toyota lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5108. Mrs. Tonia Musekiwa / $11.4M Morgan Tsvangirai bodyguard scam [Thanks B.H.]
5107. Microsoft & Aol Lottery Inc / £450K bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
5106. Solid Rock / South African World Cup 2010 scam [Thanks B.H.]
5105. Coscharis Automobile Awards / $1M plus a BMW car scam [Thanks B.H.]
5104. Jose Perez Otero / Madrid train bomb scam [Thanks B.H.]
5103. Gloria Steve / Bogus South African lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5102. Mr.Tayo Aderinokun Rogers / Nigerian compensation payment scam [Thanks D.K.]
5101. Volkswagen Group Promotions / £500K and a new car [Thanks B.H.]
5100. Canadian Lottery / $820K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5099. Coca-Cola South Africa / $2M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5098. Portsmouth Lottery / $5.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5097. Protea Online Lottery / South African bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5096. Orange Lottery / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5095. Collins Rose / Nigerian Western Union payment scam [Thanks C.K.]
5094. Abum Issa / Bogus Nigerian banker with $10.5M [Thanks C.K.]
5093. Donald Mark / Beauchamp Interiors bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5092. David Morgan / Bogus lawyer with $7M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5091. Mr. Mansur Muhtar / $3M Nigerian payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5090. Abbey / Even yet more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5089. HSBC / Still more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5088. Alliance & Leicester / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5087. United Nations / A pair of compensation scheme scams [Thanks B.H.]
5086. Erick Westwood / Bogus banker with £10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5085. David Thorburn / Bogus banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5084. La Francaise des Jeux / €2M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5083. Fred Adams / Bogus Part Time Job Offer [Thanks B.H.]
5082. Portsmouth Lottery / $5.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5081. World Gallery / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5080. John Newman / North American Finance bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5079. Molly Kam Lan / Bogus job offer by Kim Woo Choong [Thanks B.H.]
5078. SuperEnalotto Italia / Big bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5077. Patrick Blair / Another Blair family scam [Thanks B.H.]
5076. Vodafone Lottery Promotion / £950K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5075. Dr. Moses Afrad / South African government funds scam [Thanks M.S.]
5074. Kanga Tape / Daughter of poisoned man seeks business relationship [Thanks B.H.]
5073. The Fidelity/Russian Foundation / A pair of bogus grants [Thanks B.H.]
5072. BHP BILLITON (UK) LTD / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5071. VWD International / Brief bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5070. James Hardie Industries Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5069. Viet Thy Production / Bogus Vietnamese job from Hong Kong [Thanks B.H.]
5068. Richard Doherty / Cheshire Orphanage bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5067. Clearance Department / A pair of bogus National Lottery wins [Thanks N.S. & B.H.]
5066. Robert S. Mueller, III / More FBI scams from German scammers [Thanks B.H.]
5065. Yahoo! Mail / $1m bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
5064. Mike Hills / UNCC refund payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5063. Microsoft Corporation / A quartet of bogus lottery wins [Thanks M.S. & B.H.]
5062. Matthew Jacob / Dalston Mills Fabric LTD bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
5061. Craig Morrison / Craig Morrison Designs bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
5060. Mrs. Rosemary Campbell / Fancy "Trunk Box worth $1.65M" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5059. Sarah Martin / Bogus job offer from Czech scammer [Thanks P.T.]
5058. Dr. Michael Neudeck / More short novels than a pair of CBN scams! [Thanks B.H.]
5057. Mr. John Wild / Scam related to 'disgraced money manager' Bernard Madoff [Thanks B.H.]
5056. Paul Douglas / Nigerian banker offering a scam [Thanks B.H.]
5055. Mrs.Farida Mzamber Waziri / Nigerian Transfer Fraud alert [Thanks B.H.]
5054. Spring Bank / Very fancy $7.5M FBI related scam [Thanks B.H.]
5053. Merille Coffee / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5052. Barrister Edwin Ubah / French Western Union delivery scam [Thanks J.C.]
5051. The co-operative bank / Still more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5050. Cahoot / Even more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5049. EGG / More Phishing [Thanks C.W.]

Received in March
5048. Abbey Bank Plc / Yet more phishing in duplicate [Thanks R.H., C.W.]
5047. Co-operative Bank / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
5046. M Nkosi / Banker with a dodgy proposition [Thanks B.H.]
5045. Barr. Yoyo Babayalian / Very fancy African banking scam [Thanks J.C.]
5044. DHL COURIER / $250 payment for a delivery scam [Thanks N.S.]
5043. James Benton / Bogus job offer from unnamed company [Thanks B.H.]
5042. Miss Juliet Conte / $6M in Ivory Coast for partnership scam [Thanks B.H.1]
5041. BMW Automobile Company / Bogus lottery scam [Thanks B.H.2]
5040. Finance Advisory Services Ltd / Diplomatic delivery scam [Thanks B.H.1]
5039. Terry Daniels / Another African parcel shipment scam [Thanks J.C.]
5038. Jahiz Basha / €12.6M next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
5037. Hu Jun / Nigerian 'parcel shipment' scam [Thanks C.K]
5036. Chu Lee / Bogus job offer from CEIEC BEIJING [Thanks N.S.]
5035. Sgts. Jones & Gary / US heroes in Iraq plus comments on the sting [Thanks B.H. & D.G.]
5034. Mr ROLAND PETER / Motorola email promotion scam [Thanks B.H.]
5033. Asia Paper Mfg. / Korean bogus market research job offer [Thanks N.S.]
5032. Sweepstakes International Program / £4M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5031. Mrs. Susan shabangu / South African investment scam [Thanks M.S.]
5030. DR.R. O. / Nigerian "payment by Western Union" scam [Thanks J.C.]
5029. Brith Nicho / Czech Diplomatic & classified delivery scam [Thanks C.K.]
5028. Eric Freeman / South African over-invoiced cash scam [Thanks B.H.]
5027. Richard Coleman / Global Disaster Relief Agency scam [Thanks B.H.]
5026. Dr. David Coleman / Very fancy Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
5025. Medical Equipment Manufacturers LTD / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5024. FRANK DUKE / $5.9M Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks N.S.]
5023. Nokia Weekly Raffle (UK) / £650K bogus win [Thanks N.S.]
5022. Powerball Incorporated / Bogus lottery bogus consolation prize [Thanks N.S.]
5021. adamu hassan / $15M plane crash next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
5020. jubril hassan / "gassy car accident" next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
5019. Cyril Ziman / Dormant account/next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
5018. Mark Ford / Mugabe victim's son with $16M to spend [Thanks J.C.]
5017. SuperEna Lottery / €2,058,827.37 bogus win [Thanks C.W.]
5016. The United Kingdom Lottery / A bunch of totally bogus wins [Thanks B.H., N.S.]
5015. Mrs.Monica Lin Tan / $2M "World Asia Freelotto" bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5014. Hammond Kleen / "NatWest Bank" next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5013. Rex Bode / "Atlantic Oil & Gas" next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5012. Gala Bingo Lottery / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5011. Mrs. Kim Jaewon / £500K bogus Pepsi Cola lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5010. Wellsfargo Bank Plc? / Possibly another dodgy phish? [Thanks B.H.]
5009. Swiss Lotto International / £1.5M bogus lottery win from England [Thanks B.H.]
5008. Microsoft Award Team / Several bogus lottery wins [Thanks M.S., N.S.]
5007. Mr. James Green / Nigerian funds transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
5006. Dr Lucky Wellington / Scammer with a great name! [Thanks N.S.]
5005. Bank Of America? / Slightly honest phish! [Thanks B.H.]
5004. PayPal / Account limited phish [Thanks R.H.]
5003. Abbey Bank Plc / Even more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
5002. HSBCOnline Banking / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5001. Procter & Gamble / £2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5000. Halifax Bank Plc / A trio of phishes [Thanks R.H., C.W., P.T.]
4999. Adams John / Pay $185, get $2.5M FedEx delivery scam [Thanks J.C.]
4998. Dorian Gardner / who has to evacuate $900K after being suicide bombed [Thanks B.H.]
4997. Johnny Freeman / Long-winded next-of-kin scammer with v. posh address [Thanks B.H.]
4996. Glo TeleCommunication Company / Bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4995. Peter Olu / $4.5M Nigerican contract scam [Thanks B.H.]
4994. Femi Martins / Nigerian diplomatic consignment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4993. Evergreen Company International / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4992. Mandla Gantsho / Bogus African banker with $14M [Thanks N.S.]
4991. Sgt Dave Godwin / Another US hero in Iraq with loot [Thanks B.H.]
4990. Robert S.Mueller / The FBI boss is still scamming [Thanks B.H.]
4989. Sir Moore Luis / Bogus Nigerian lawyer with loads of dosh [Thanks B.H.]
4988. Powerball Lottery / $1M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4987. Zel Ret / Guy with $20M seeks partner [Thanks N.S.]
4986. Peter Wong / $44.5M Chinese New Year concealed business [Thanks N.S.]
4985. Hassa Dasuki / $10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
4984. CBN Nigeria / $100M Nigerian payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4983. Dr. Michael Douglas / Nigerian contract payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4982. World Bank Support Projects / United Nation Poverty Alleviation spam [Thanks B.H.]
4981. Daisy Abraham / $25M 'profiling' scam [Thanks B.H.]
4980. Charls Soludo / Nigerian $13.5M Inheritance scam [Thanks B.H.]
4979. Ben Allchu / $1.240,000 Western Union payment scam [Thanks C.K.]
4978. Richard Cavanagh Esq. / Next-of-kin scam, no amount given [Thanks C.K.]
4977. Parcel Express Company / Payment scam, no amount given [Thanks C.K.]
4976. Free Lotto Winner / $2M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4975. Mr Toni Delega / $95 Western Union delivery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4974. United Nation / A pair of general purpose scams [Thanks B.H.]
4973. Madam Mary Amy / $15.5M investment scam [Thanks M.S.]
4972. Dr. Ben Lala / $11.5M "same surname" scam [Thanks C.W.]
4971. amos john / $1.5M compensation draft cheque scam [Thanks C.K.]
4970. Dr Smith Akintola / Nigerian surplus contract funds scam [Thanks C.K.]
4969. Mike Okoh / $12.8M "at your local international airport" [Thanks B.H.]
4968. Dr Monday Suleman / Nigerian money transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
4967. FBI Headquarters / $10.5M Robt. Mueller III scam [Thanks B.H.]
4966. Elizabeth Gate / $800K Confirmable Bank Draft scam [Thanks B.H.]
4965. GOOD NEWS / South Africa World Cup lottery scam [Thanks M.S.]
4964. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc / Nigerian with $450K to give away [Thanks B.H.]
4963. I.M.F.Monitoring Team / $2.5M transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
4962. Zinfy Lucas Mbeki / Spanish South African with investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4961. Michalis Pantazis / €4M next-of-kin scam from Cyprus [Thanks B.H.]
4960. / US government money grants scam [Thanks D.K.]
4959. john kennedy / Scottish investment fund scam [Thanks C.W.]
4958. Huangshi Dongbei Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd / Chinese bogus lottery [Thanks B.H.]
4957. Guinness Company / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4956. Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd / Bogus Japanese job offer from South Africa [Thanks B.H.]
4955. Barclays Bank London Plc / Nigerian inheritance payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4954. Hasane Kabbah / $11M contract scam from Gabon [Thanks B.H.]
4953. Alliance & Leicester / Even more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
4952. Cahoot / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4951. BMW AUTOMOBILE / Response from lottery scammer [Thanks N.S.]
4950. Leslie Bourgeois / Bogus job with brokerage company BBT [Thanks C.W.]
4949. Laura Baker / Bogus job offer, company unspecified [Thanks R.H.]
4948. European Central Bank / $20M IMF payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4947. UK National Lottery / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4946. Mr. Henry Chioma / Nigerian banker with half a ton of dosh in boxes [Thanks B.H.]
4945. Mr. Michael Cena / $10.5M U.S. Treasury Dept. scam [Thanks B.H.]
4944. Mr Andrew Lai Usman / $22M of stolen Nigerian contract funds [Thanks B.H.]
4943. African Development Bank / Very quick $10M scam [Thanks C.K.]
4942. Lt General Peter Olu / Aussie Nigerian with payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4941. Michael Kamara / Son of Elvis with a box of cash & gold [Thanks C.K.]
4940. La Francaise des Jeux / €2M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4939. Amara Humprhey / Nigerian FedEx ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
4938. Mr John Gray / "export du allied ltd" Nigerian bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4937. / £500K approved by Gordon Brown!!! [Thanks D.K.]
4936. Mrs Patrol Baker / $780K uncancelled bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4935. YAHOO LOTTERY,UK / Mongolian/French £2.5M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4934. Mr.Vargas Ramon / $10.2M divorce & next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4933. Dr Mark Ben / $75M diamond sales scam [Thanks B.H.]
4932. Edwin Blosom / $5.5M inheritance scam from Benin [Thanks B.H.]
4931. Mr. John Wild / $15M Bernard 'Mad Dog' Madoff scam [Thanks B.H.]
4930. Jimoh Garba / Romanian with $36.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4929. E-Lotto Promotions NL / $2.5 million bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]

Received in February
4928. Lloyds TSB / Phone banking phishing scam [Thanks R.H.]
4927. Telstra BigPond Billing / Still more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4926. Hamilton Wilkins / Partner needed for $28M scam [Thanks C.K.]
4925. Zinfy Lucas Mbeki / Bogus South African with Spanish scam [Thanks C.W.]
4924. Ecowas Awards Community Board / $750K bogus 'win' [Thanks B.H.]
4923. Euro Millions Lottery / £1M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4922. Thelma Adenike / Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.K.]
4921. Master Card International Mega Jackpot / £6M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4920. Hong Wu / Chinese banker with "obsured business suggestion" [Thanks B.H.]
4919. United Nations Trust Funds / Another bogus lottery [Thanks B.H.]
4918. Mr. Putin Chaw / A spammer assassinated in mid-spam? [Thanks B.H.]
4917. Emmanuel Osei / $3.5M in a dormant account in Ghana [Thanks B.H.]
4916. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China / $11M investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4915. Adekunle Elvis / CBN / FMF / 3 Nigerian compensation scams [Thanks B.H. & D.K.]
4914. Squirrel Mail Development Team / A new phishing source [Thanks B.H.]
4913. First Direct / New phishing phormat [Thanks P.T.]
4912. Mr.Pouya Dao / $19.3M in an abandoned account [Thanks R.H.]
4911. peter mba / $150 Western Union delivery scam [Thanks C.K.]
4910. Cahoot Bank / A pair of phishes [Thanks R.H.]
4909. Guangzhou Dexin Shoes / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4908. Barrister Henry Mao Zedong / Chinese dictator's son with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
4907. Online Co-ordinator / A pair of UK National Lottery scams [Thanks C.K.]
4906. Peter Robert / Pay $250 to get $2.5M in cash!! [Thanks C.K.]
4905. EASYDRAW / €750K Bogus Spanish lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4904. Microsoft Lottery Inrternational / £5.5M bogus win [Thanks C.W.]
4903. Greg / Bogus Paypal Payback Raffle [Thanks B.H.]
4902. Patricia Elsworth / Bogus Skype Awards Promo [Thanks M.S.]
4901. Bank of Scotland Business Online Banking / Latest phish [Thanks C.W.]
4900. Lloyds TSB / Latest format phisch [Thanks R.H.]
4899. Natwest Plc / "Your account has expire" phish [Thanks R.H.]
4898. HSBC Business Online Services / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4897. Wells Fargo Online / The latest line in phishing [Thanks B.H.]
4896. PayPal / "Your account has expired" phish [Thanks B.H.]
4895. Barrister Dean Harry / Chinese scammer with $30.1M bogus inheritance [Thanks B.H.]
4894. Ma. Arlene .Trillanes / €20.2M scam by alleged polician's wife [Thanks A.B.]
4893. OFICEFILES OFICEFILES / Western Union transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
4892. Sir Frank Peterson / $8.3M World Bank & UN scam [Thanks D.K.]
4891. Desmond Toure / $15M dead cocoa merchant's cash scam [Thanks M.S.]
4890. Andrew Wolley / "Are you still alive?" scam [Thanks B.H.]
4889. PATA 2009 / Pacific Asia Travel Association bogus award [Thanks B.H.]
4888. Dr.Davies Kombo / $23.5M scam, allegedly from Shell, Togo [Thanks B.H.]
4887. Barclay's Bank, Bangkok, Thailand / $800K in bogus interest [Thanks B.H.]
4886. Rose Textiles / They're back with another bogus job [Thanks A.R.]
4885. Thomas A. Lane / Bogus banker with $1.2M cash transfer scam [Thanks D.K.]
4884. Bernice Taylor / The dying woman scam with an early version [Thanks K.H.]
4883. John McGowan Jr / "You have inherited £10.6M" scam [Thanks B.H.]
4882. Martin Mase / Bogus banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.K.]
4881. FBI Director Robert S.Mueller III / O'Bama hasn't fired him yet! [Thanks B.H.]
4880. Francaise des Jeux / French bogus lottery win from Chile [Thanks M.S.]
4879. Mrs.Suzan Rusland / |𔚹M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4878. United Nations / A pair of "UN" payment scams + a variation [Thanks D.K., B.H.]
4877. World Web Email Award / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4876. Patrick Gardner / $900K IMF delivery scam [Thanks C.W.]
4875. Michael Vincent / Get Rich Quick thanks to Jason!!! [Thanks B.H.]
4874. Mr. Yemi Faseun / Money transfer scam, no amount given [Thanks B.H.]
4873. Central Bank Of Nigeria / Office Of The Senate / A buncha scams [Thanks B.H.]
4872. / International bank draft scam [Thanks D.K.]
4871. Mr Williams Ibru / A "Digitalis Payment System" scam [Thanks B.H.]
4870. Google / 2 Bogus 10th Anniversary Online Lotto wins [Thanks M.P., D.K.]
4869. John Schubesky / Scam from the "collapsed London Scottish Bank" [Thanks B.H.]
4868. Mr. James Adem / Scam from the chief auditor of Lloyds TSB [Thanks B.H.]
4867. George Williams / Scam from the "UN Mission" in Madrid[Thanks B.H.]
4866. Mr John Edward / Bogus job offer from Merca doLibre Limited [Thanks B.H.]
4865. Guy-Patrice Lumumba / $120M scam by bogus Patrice Lumumba relative [Thanks B.H.]
4864. Adams Woolrych / Follow-up letter from bogus banker scam [Thanks N.S.]
4863. Smith Martins & Jarvis Reeves / More American heroes with Iraqi loot [Thanks B.H.]
4862. Mr William Mark / Another croaking bloke with $4.5M (he says) [Thanks C.W.]
4861. Ernest C. Ebi / $25M Nigerian foreign payments scam [Thanks R.H.]
4860. PayPal / Another phishing approach in duplicate [Thanks R.H.]
4859. HSBC Bank Plc / New phishing format [Thanks R.H.]
4858. Kate Miller / Bogus job offer, no details [Thanks R.H.]
4857. Internet Lotto Promotions NL / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4856. Irish Lottery 2009 / Very poorly researched scam [Thanks B.H.]
4855. Australian Cashout Lottery Inc. / $200K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4854. Samurai Press & PR Ltd / Bogus job with a cutting edge [Thanks B.H.]
4853. Miracle Church Of God London / "Holy loan shark scam, Batman!" [Thanks B.H.]
4852. Halifax Bank Plc / An illiterate phishing [Thanks R.H.]
4851. Mr. Stephen Tan / $15.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.W.]
4850. Williams Emeka / Very quick $1.2M cheque scam [Thanks B.H.]
4849. Mrs. Tina Akira / $1M Yahoo bogus lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4848. OFFICE DESK / The Spanish Mr. Desk has a next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
4847. Suen Michelle / $49M Chinese investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4846. Mrs Susan Lookman / Nigerian email fraud identity theft scam [Thanks B.H.]
4845. Online Coordinator / Spanish Hotball Lotto bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
4844. Idris Umar / Another croaking woman with cash to give away [Thanks N.S.]
4843. Mr. Sadiq Alman / Nigerian official payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4842. Miss Sharon Lomogan / $4.5M to be moved from Ghana scam [Thanks C.W.]
4841. Vittorio Fondazione / Confused Fondation de France donation scam [Thanks B.H.]
4840. Mervin King / Governor of Bank of England's 2nd job? [Thanks B.H.]
4839. Tina Jameson / Bogus job offer from "Manok Solutions Inc." [Thanks N.Q.]
4838. Ryzard Keppner LLP / Vape Foundation £1M bogus donation [Thanks F.S.]
4837. William Colgate II / Exxon executive with $12M to hide! [Thanks D.K.]
4836. The Fidelity Foundation / $750K bogus grant [Thanks B.H.]
4835. Herbert Smith / 2000 Alaska Airlines crash next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4834. Prize Supervisor / FreeLotto of Grand Central Station, NY, scam [Thanks D.M.]
4833. Lloyds TSB / New phishing format [Thanks P.T.]

Received in January
4832. Australian Lottery Promo Inc / $1M bogus Millennium win [Thanks C.W.]
4831. Camelot Group / A bunch of bogus UK National Lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4830. Grace Howard / £1.25M Global Trust (bogus) Lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4829. Rees Vivian Paul / Croaking, has $6 BILLION to give away! Worth knowing! [Thanks B.H.]
4828. Putin Chaw / Mikhail Khodorkovsky's assistant with a Yukos Oil scam [Thanks J.H.]
4827. Anna Dan / Bogus 2010 World Cup Canadian lottery [Thanks J.H.]
4826. Helen Georgeand / Ex-boss of "Con Oil International" with a scam [Thanks J.H.]
4825. Malaysia Email Game / Very brief bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4824. John Nielsen et al / American heroes in Iraq with lots of dosh [Thanks B.H.]
4823. Chimma John / $4.5M FedEx delivery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4822. Mr James Tolbert / Liberian refugee with lots of cash [Thanks B.H.]
4821. Alliance & Leicester Business Online Banking / More phishing [Thanks P.T.]
4820. Bank Of America / Latest phishing format [Thanks B.H.]
4819. Multi-Win Electrical Co. Ltd. / Bogus "accounts receivable" job [Thanks C.W.]
4818. Ralph Robertson / Another Jpayne Painting & Decorating bogus job [Thanks C.B.]
4817. Robert S. Mueller / More FBI scams (One from Mueller the 111th!) [Thanks B.H. & D.K.]
4816. Mike Kwame / "Anshanti Mining Company" gold dust scam [Thanks B.H.]
4815. STMicrolectronics UK LTD / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4814. Heyroth Smith / "I respectfully insist you read this mail carefully" [Thanks B.H.]
4813. Microsoft / A trio of bogus wins, one with a Personality Test! [Thanks B.H., J.H., S.S.]
4812. Mrs. Ronda Stanley / $550K Fidelity Bank of Pennsylvania scam [Thanks B.H.]
4811. Acc. Dankwambo H.I / Nigerian payment scams [Thanks B.H.]
4810. Gulf Oil And Gas / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4809. Roger Weston / Alleged banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4808. United Nations Organizations / A bunch of scams [Thanks B.H., C.T.]
4807. Lloyds TSB / Back to the phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4806. A.H.A INTERNATIONAL LIMITED / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.W.]
4805. Alert / PayPal phishing attempt in French [Thanks C.W.]
4804. eBay member: frederic233 / eBay member message phish [Thanks C.W.]
4803. HSBC Business On-line / Still more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4802. Abbey National PLC / Yet more phishing x 2 [Thanks N.S., P.T.]
4801. Dr.Smith Adams / International Football Associations Board lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4800. Barr Walker Steven / Allegedly British next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.H.]
4799. Mr Ahmed Sodiq / Airport Decongestion Committee of Kuala Lumpur scam [Thanks B.H.]
4798. David Olds/ David Zuma / Refugees from Zimbabwe with scams [Thanks B.H.]
4797. Ado John / Gold scame from South Africa & Ghana [Thanks B.H.]
4796. Senator David Mark / Very fancy $10.5M Nigerian scam [Thanks B.H.]
4795. Matt Inc / Another bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4794. Vend Fabrics Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4793. Swiss Lotto Netherlands / Locationally confused bogus lottery [Thanks B.H.]
4792. U.S. Customs and Border Protection / $3.7M inheritance scam [Thanks B.H.]
4791. Dr. Caroline Sergent / "Prudent" World Bank payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4790. James Manok / Manok Solutions - Swedish bogus job [Thanks P.T.]
4789. Bridgette Parks / Emerging Europe Monitor bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
4788. cahoot / Another phish [Thanks P.T.]
4787. LloydsTSB / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4786. Bank of Scotland / A pair of phish [Thanks C.W., R.H.]
4785. Mr. Ernest C. Ebi / Nigerian foreign payment scam [Thanks K.B.]
4784. Amanda Brooks / 'Win' on a totally bogus British lottery [Thanks B.H.]
4783. Anthoney Malophe / South African next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4782. NOKIA!2009 Lottery Program / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4781. Malaysian National Lottery / Tiny Italian/Chinese $2.5M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4780. Nicholas Bright / Mystery shopper scam [Thanks P.T.]
4779. Bank of Scotland / Latest phishing format [Thanks R.H.]
4778. Federal Reserve Bank / 2 phishing formats, fancy & plain [Thanks R.H.]
4777. Canada Email Lotto / 2010 World Cup association scam [Thanks B.H.]
4776. AFRI-BANK PLC / Scam victim payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4775. Jennifer Smith / £734K win from unnamed bogus lottery [Thanks M.S.]
4774. Elizabeth Ashley Sauvageot / SuperEnalotto bogus win [Thanks G.C.]
4773. The Microsoft Internet Promotions / $1M Bogus win [Thanks G.C.]
4772. Gary / Ashley Furniture bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4771. Raymond Turner / Kirsticon Enterprises bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4770. Halifax Bank Plc / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4769. Dr Saleem Usman / Nigerian/Danish ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
4768. Roland Kelvin / "My secretary has $5M for you" scam [Thanks B.H.]
4767. James Lowe / James Lowe Inc. Ltd bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4766. Educational Webmaster / Email account phishing attempt [Thanks B.H.]
4765. Pucci, Tom / $1M bogus Ecowas Donation [Thanks N.S.]
4764. Microsoft Corporation / "Personality Test Program" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4763. Shell Petroleum Foundation / $1.35M bogus donation [Thanks D.K.]
4762. Edes Abebe / £30M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4761. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / That Mr. Meuller is at it again [Thanks B.H.]
4760. FedEx Courier Services ® / A pair of ATM card scams [Thanks B.H.]
4759. Eric Turner / SUPREME Research and Consulting Inc. bogus job [Thanks C.W.]
4758. ATM Office / $600K Nigerian/Chinese scam [Thanks B.H.]
4757. Julia Turner / Bogus job offer from "International company" [Thanks R.H.]
4756. Bromley Timothy / Arts and Crafts Inc. bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4755. Eric Laurence / Dalston Mill Fabrics Ltd bogus job [Thanks B.W.]
4754. Stephen Scott / Chinese £15.6M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4753. Mrs.Ethel Coy / Bogus croaking religious woman with $5.2M [Thanks K.B.]
4752. Barr. Jim Harry / $1M ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
4751. MBNA / New format phishing attempt [Thanks R.H.]
4750. Verify/Account Upgrade / Bogus unused Microsoft email account clean-up [Thanks P.T.]
4749. Bello Sadiq / Nigerian GT Bank UK inheritance scam [Thanks B.H.]
4748. Dr Gani Tofa / Nigerian Foreign Debt Allocation scam [Thanks B.H.]
4747. Pongees Limited / Another bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4746. Mrs. Rita Sandy et al / Several "Conformable Bank Draft" scams [Thanks B.H.]
4745. HSBC Bank Plc / Bogus banker with $32M scam [Thanks B.H.]
4744. UK NATIONAL LOTTERY / Fancy 'win' of £600K scam [Thanks N.S.]
4743. Mr. Kenneth Moore / "My secretary has $800K for you" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4742. John Eze / $1.5M UN cash transfer scam [Thanks R.W.]
4741. Barr. David Smith / "Unbelievable" 1990 Swissair crash scam [Thanks B.H.]
4740. Brother Vladimir Kalinin / $1.5M cashier's cheque scam [Thanks C.W.]
4739. RYZARD KEPPNER LLP / £1M bogus donation from the Vape Foundation [Thanks B.H.]
4738. Clyde Iyatunguk / $21.5M bogus business proposal [Thanks B.H.]
4737. Jackpotjoy Bingo / £250,000 bogus lottery scam [Thanks M.S.]
4736. Barrister Raul Cliffton / 2004 Madrid train bomb legacy scam [Thanks B.H.]
4735. / Blatant Czech UK national lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4734. PAUL DOUGLAS / African banker with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
4733. NLF ONLINE / Japanese lottery spam [Thanks A.B.]
4732. Adeosun Adeniyi / Minerva International Recruitments spam [Thanks B.H.]
4731. Online Sweepstakes® / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4730. Yorkshire Bank / A New Year phish [Thanks P.T.]
4729. Fedex Courier Service / Pay $250 for $800K bank draft scam [Thanks R.W.]

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