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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

January-April  •  October - December

Received in September
4335. Multi-Nationl Oil Company / Very obviously bogus draw prize win [Thanks R.W.]
4334. Mrs Stella Ellis / Bogus UK National Lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4333. Dangote Lender / An internet loan shark's terms [Thanks T.N.]
4332. Euro Million / Spanish/Lithuanian bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4331. Mrs. Christie Cisse / Very snappy Fondation De France scam [Thanks B.H.]
4330. F.B.I. / Mr Mueller's assistant gets in on the racket [Thanks B.H.]
4329. Morgan James / FedEx scam involving "India cloths" [Thanks B.H.]
4328. David Samuels / Russian bogus job from "The Business Development Group" [Thanks C.W.]
4327. Rev David Page / UN payment to scam victims scam [Thanks B.H.]
4326. UK-Thailand Lotto / $4.1M bogus win from an unlikely source! [Thanks B.H.]
4325. Tony Clive / Dormant Swiss bank account scam [Thanks R.W.]
4324. EURO-PW Lottery v7.0 / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4323. Yessenia Enriqueta / Very persistent bogus degree spam [Thanks A.B.]
4322. Lt. Col Kenneth Sagahon / Another Iraq war hero (with $20M) [Thanks D.J.]
4321. Sgt Joey Jones / Iraq war hero with $25M [Thanks B.H.]
4320. MTN Telecommunication Network / $1M bogus donation [Thanks R.W.]
4319. UK FUN LOTTO / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4318. Stephen Scott / £15.6M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4317. Henry Goodluck / Good luck to you if you fall for this delivery scam! [Thanks D.J.]
4316. Mr. Erika Ballack / Not very good scam victim scam [Thanks D.J.]
4315. / Get Free Money! spam [Thanks D.J.]
4314. Abogado Pablo Lapiquerie / Bilingual next-of-kin scam [Thanks E.N.]
4313. Andy J. / Payment rates for delivering a bogus prize [Thanks D.M.]
4312. Lt General Idris Baba / Nigerian contract payment scamo [Thanks D.J.]
4311. Sir. Allen Smith / The British Prime Minister handing out our cash [Thanks D.J.]
4310. Marvin K.T Cheung / Chinese banker with Iraq war scam [Thanks D.J.]
4309. Clementius Dina / Bogus job offer / Roman Abramovich scam [Thanks P.T.]
4308. Department of Treasury, London / They're giving away OUR money! [Thanks D.J.]
4307. Garry Johnson Solicitors / $7.1M inheritance scam [Thanks R.W.]
4306. Paypal Award Promo / £850K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4305. UK National Promotion Inc. / £650K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4304. Online Stakers / €2.3M bogus South African lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
4303. Hank Paulson, Jr. / Political lampoon on US Treasury Secretary [Thanks B.H.]
4302. Global Award Promotion / $500K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4301. Barr. Paul Smith / $16.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
4300. Capt. Brian.Morgan / Very short message from a hero in Iraq (or Canada) [Thanks R.W.]
4299. Polytex International (UK) Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4298. Mrs Kristie Uggerri / Banker with an exciting proposal [Thanks R.W.]
4297. HM Revenue & Customs / More phishing via a bogus tax refund [Thanks R.H.]
4296. Abbey National Bank / Brand new format phisch [Thanks R.H.]
4295. Sandy F Newar / Bogus job offer from PES LLC [Thanks R.H.]
4294. Sir Frank Peterson / $8.3M "contract/inheritance/Award Winning claim" [Thanks B.H.]
4293. Mr Blessed Samuel / Pay $255, get $900K FedEx scam [Thanks B.H.]
4292. Mr Houng Liu / Dodgy Chinese banker with small scam [Thanks B.H.]
4291. Dr. Paul Moyo / $14.5M South African bill payment scam [Thanks R.W.]
4290. Mrs Amanda Bright / Pay $230, get $200K FedEx scam [Thanks R.W.]
4289. J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building / Another "Robert S. Mueller" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4288. British High Commission / Scam victim ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
4287. Mark Robert(Esq) / $1.2M FedEx delivery scam [Thanks R.C.]
4286. Mike Jenson / Gefest Inc. bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
4285. Micrsoft Award Department / Pay £878.68 for a £850K 'win' [Thanks M.V.]
4284. Rosalie Reeder / Lincoln Richardson / Virus-laden spams [Thanks G.R.]
4283. Shell Company / £650K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4282. Martin William / $7.5M "deposited in your name" [Thanks R.W.]
4281. Mastercard UEFA Promotions / €3M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4280. Dr. Samantha Harpole / £852K bogus UK National Lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4279. United Nations Trust Fund / $650K grant from the US! [Thanks B.H.]
4278. Mrs. Mzamber Waziri / Nigerian scam victim scam [Thanks D.J.]
4277. Crown Office Chambers / $20.1M inheritance scam [Thanks R.W.]
4276. Claudia McVeigh / $9.5M Nigerian contract cash scam [Thanks B.H.]
4275. Alhaji Bunu Farouk / Nigerian unpaid foreign payment scam [Thanks D.J.]
4274. Roy tom / Mystery shopper bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4273. Phillip Allen / Very dense $13M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4272. Rita Gantel / Pay $100 to collect $1M [Thanks B.H.]
4271. Freelance Job Opportunity / Load of spam from sunny Miami [Thanks P.T.]
4270. Abbey National / A pair of phishes [Thanks R.H.]
4269. HSBC Bank / A couple of phishes [Thanks C.W.]
4268. George Freeman / Abba Queens Gate Concorde Hotel bogus jobs [Thanks R.W.]
4267. Senate House / 48th Anniversary of Nigerian Independence ATM scam [Thanks D.J.]
4266. 2008 Honda Promotion / £1,750,000 win. Wow! [Thanks R.W.]
4265. World Bank / A couple of scams, one rather confused [Thanks B.H.]
4264. Dr Hamilton Shaw / Follow-up to Ningbo Aole bogus draw email [Thanks A.G.]
4263. Central Bank Of Nigeria / All-purpose ATM card scam [Thanks D.K.]
4262. Ecosystems Global / Bogus job offer [Thanks P.T. & R.H.]
4261. Barrister Robert Kenolly / $11.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
4260. Hon-Hing Wong / $35M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4259. Senator Jibril Aminu / Prof. Charles Soludo rides again [Thanks R.W.]
4258. Yahoo/Msn Lottery / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4257. Toyota Fortune Lotto / Bogus lottery win & a new car [Thanks D.J.]
4256. Adu Colins / Bank manager with $26M in Ghana [Thanks B.H.]
4255. Bank of America / More phishing [Thanks B.H.]
4254. Australia Online / Australian lottery win in Russian!! [Thanks B.H.]
4253. Laptops Online Customer Services / Bogus order invoice [Thanks P.T.]
4252. Samuel McMullen / Bogus job offer from SoftLine Company [Thanks R.H.]
4251. Lloyds TSB Bank Plc / New format phish [Thanks R.H.]
4250. Google AdWords / New phishing format [Thanks R.H.]
4249. Heiko Thomsen / Colourful bogus degree scam (great email address!) [Thanks C.W.]
4248. Sharon Scott / Bogus job with unnamed company [Thanks P.T.]
4247. United Nations / A UN scam plus its update with the right Sec. Gen. [Thanks B.H.]
4246. U.K National Lottery / £1M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4245. GM Chambers / $8.2M to donate to a charity [Thanks B.H.]
4244. Sandra Osji / $5M needs moving out of Africa [Thanks B.H.]
4243. Mrs. Karen Olanna / $500K bogus Dutch lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4242. Peter T S Wong / $125,750,000 business proposal!!! [Thanks B.H.]
4241. Shell Company / £650K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4240. Williams White / Commodities Trading Company bogus job [Thanks D.J.]
4239. Miccon Award Promotion / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4238. Nana Addo / $11M dormant account scam [Thanks M.S.]
4237. Capt. Cole Morgan / Another Iraq war hero with $13M [Thanks R.W.]
4236. James Eneh / $25M Madrid train bombing scam [Thanks R.W.]
4235. A. Correspondent / An apt cartoon! [Thanks B.H.]
4234. Microsoft Email Promo / £150K bogus draw 'win' [Thanks B.H.]
4233. BMW Claims Department / eBay / Cash & a car scam [Thanks R.W.]
4232. Carlos Gomez / Very bad scam attempt involving Heathrow airport [Thanks D.J.]
4231. Webmail Administrator / Rather crude phishing attempt [Thanks B.H.]
4230. United Parcel Service / $85 ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
4229. Insigma Technology Co.,Ltd / $580K bogus draw 'win' [Thanks B.H.]
4228. Honeywell Company / Bogus job using a real company [Thanks B.H.]
4227. Nidec Copal Electronics Corp. / Bogus draw win [Thanks I.J.]
4226. Peter Scott / Unpaid-debt investigator with a scam [Thanks D.J.]
4225. Barr.Juan Rincon Madrid train bombing scam [Thanks R.W.]
4224. Ben Francis / Ben Fabrics Enterprises bogus job [Thanks R.W.]
4223. Queen Elizabeth's Foundation / £250K bogus donation [Thanks M.S.]
4222. Shell Petroleum Development Company / Bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4221. UK Gambling Commission / £2M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4220. Mrs.Tammy Stone / Gainsborough Furniture bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4219. Mrs.Rose Moore / Very dense $7.5M Nigerian scam [Thanks C.W.]
4218. UK National Lottery / $2.5M win with flags! [Thanks R.W.]
4217. John Gordon / $7.5M 2004 tsunami next-of-kin scam [Thanks L.W.]
4216. Stefan Wool / Banker with a next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
4215. Frank Konet / $6.7M in search of a foreign account [Thanks R.W.]
4214. Barrister Siew Kiong / $18M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4213. Willaim Punshon / Next-of-kin scam for "a notably high amount of money" [Thanks B.H.]
4212. Grace Sarah Smith / The lady wants to get her hads on $50.7M [Thanks R.W.]
4211. Jpayne Quality Painting & Decorating / Mystery shopper spam [Thanks D.J.]
4210. Susanna Le et al / More spams with virus-laden attachments [Thanks everyone]
4209. Bremer Lotto / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4208. Mr. Raymond Sisulu / $15.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.W.]
4207. Senate House / Nigerian overdue payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4206. BR.MIKE Long John / $1M bogus MicroSoft lottery win [Thanks L.W.]
4205. Walter Smith / Xenex Navigation Inc. bogus job [Thanks L.W.]
4204. Award Lottery Program / $250K bogus win [Thanks L.W.]
4203. International Monetary Fund / Delayed payment ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
4202. Qin Li Wang / Mong Hoi / A pair of Chinese scammers [Thanks D.J.]
4201. Euro Millions Spanish Lottery International / Bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
4200. Webmail Direct / Very cheeky phishing attempt [Thanks R.W.]
4199. Patrick Berger / No amount next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
4198. Donald Kaberuka / $5M contract payment scam [Thanks D.K.]
4197. Queen Elizabeth's Foundation / £500K bogus donation [Thanks R.W.]
4196. Central Bank / Very fancy Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks R.W.]
4195. Australian Lottery / A pair of bogus wins [Thanks B.H. & R.W.]
4194. Sharon Scott / Bogus job from anonymous company [Thanks R.H.]
4193. Stakes Lottery Promotions / €3.4M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H. & D.J.]
4192. Lloyds TSB / New phishing format [Thanks R.H.]
4191. Halifax Bank / 3 New phishing formats [Thanks C.W. & R.W.]
4190. Abbey National plc / New phishing format [Thanks R.H.]
4189. Stakes Lottery Promotions / €3.4M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4188. ?Wachovia Bank Customer Support / New format phisch [Thanks B.H.]
4187. Joseph Poon / $22.4M bogus business deal [Thanks B.H.]
4186. Ningbo Aole Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd / Bogus prize draw [Thanks S.R.]
4185. Amalia Warren et al / Spams with virus-laden attachments [Thanks C.W., P.T., A.M.]
4184. William Robert / $18M 2004 tsunami scam [Thanks R.W.]
4183. FLC Lottery Program / £925K bogus win [Thanks P.R.]
4182. Halifax plc / Latest phishing format [Thanks R.H.]
4181. Cheap Fabrics / Bogus job offer (see also #3307) [Thanks S.G.]

Received in August
4180. Official Payment / World Bank payout of $8.2M [Thanks B.H.]
4179. PayPal / More Phishing [Thanks R.W.]
4178. Mrs Razak Philips / Bogus scambuster $4.2M scam! [Thanks R.W.]
4177. Victor Mendoza / $27.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
4176. Wilson Ejike / "My secretary has $1M for you" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4175. Dr. Gregory David / World Bank overdue transfer scam [Thanks R.W.]
4174. State Inheritance Committee / $3M ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
4173. United Kingdom Sweepstakes / £516,778 bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4172. Janka Hru?kov? / $40M Yukos Oil scam [Thanks B.H.]
4171. MTN® Award Promotion / $500K bogus donation [Thanks R.W.]
4170. Novell Frances / Train-driver's wife, croaking, has 2 million quid to give away [Thanks B.H.]
4169. Barrister Chin Heong / $18M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
4168. Free Lotto Promoton / £500K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4167. Robert S. Mueller, III / 2 more scams from the FBI boss [Thanks B.H., R.W.]
4166. Felix Williams / "My secretary has $850K for you" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4165. Assorted Foods Conglomerate / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4164. Irish Lottery Programme / £3.5M bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
4163. Lt General Idris Baba / Chinese/Nigerian diplomatic payment scam [Thanks D.J.]
4162. Barr. Zdenko M. Tomanovic / ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
4161. Board Of Directors Of The Big Lottery Fund / £800K 'win' [Thanks B.H.]
4160. Chiesa Cattolica Italiana / £650K lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4159. Barrister Michael Beethe / $18M 2004 tsunami next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
4158. Willie Obiano / $5.6M Nigerian banking pay-out scam [Thanks D.J.]
4157. Violet Timmons / Kris Keith / More virus-laden attachments [Thanks P.T.]
4156. Albert Osu / $26.6M in a security company scam [Thanks D.J.]
4155. David George / Nigerian funds transfer scam [Thanks D.J.]
4154. Johnson Ward / $7M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
4153. Steven Morgan / $6.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
4152. Bangkok Bank Malaysia / "Affordable Loan" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4151. Netherlands Lottery Notification / €1.5M bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
4150. Michael Kwame / $4.5M next-of-kin/inheritance scam [Thanks R.W.]
4149. Wells Fargo Online / Phishing attempt [Thanks G.H.]
4148. Mr,Felixe Wong / Freeterk Manufacturing Co. Ltd. bogus job [Thanks R.W.]
4147. Dr Richard Stone / UN compensation for Nigerian scams [Thanks D.K.]
4146. Barrister Dean Harry / $30.1M inheritance scam [Thanks B.H.]
4145. $25 Cash Gifting / Pyramid scam [Thanks B.H.]
4144. Australian Lottery / $500K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4143. Internal Revenue Service / $620.50 Refund phish [Thanks D.J.]
4142. Jenkin Hui / Another Hong Kong scammer from the Hang Seng Bank [Thanks B.H.]
4141. Dr.Melo Ibrahim / $8.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4140. Online security / Abbey Phish [Thanks C.W.]
4139. Dr. Paul Acquah / $200K scammed from contracts in Ghana [Thanks R.W.]
4138. Moore Mark / More bogus jobs with Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc [Thanks D.J.]
4137. Ken Mark / My mate Gally has $1.5M for you! [Thanks D.J.]
4136. Isabella Mane / Cancer, croaking, $6,865,000 to unload [Thanks B.H.]
4135. FELICIA PAUL / Long-winded FedEx delivery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4134. Rufus Campbell / "Western Union" Spams with virus-laden attachments [Thanks P.T.]
4133. Peter T S Wong / $125,750,000.00 business proposal [Thanks B.H.]
4132. Euro Million Promotion / ATM card scam not a lottery win! [Thanks R.W.]
4131. Dayzers NL loterij / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4130. Wang Qin / $75.750,000 Chinese next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4129. TN FABRICS AND TEXTILES / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.Z.]
4128. Andrea Mitchell / £5.5M Microsoft bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4127. Mrs Mary Jones / $8.6M for charitable works [Thanks F.G.]
4126. Shing Li / $30M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4125. Christpher Moran / $15M to invest from bloke who can't spell his own name [Thanks D.J.]
4124. Gerald Hendricks / American Iraq hero with $8M [Thanks R.W.]
4123. Wang Yan / Extremely long-winded next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4122. Free Lottery Sweepstakes / £500K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4121. Barrister Gary Adams / £4.6M inheritance scam [Thanks B.H.]
4120. Michelle Adiele / $9.5M scammed from diamond sales [Thanks R.W.]
4119. Morgan James / Pay $105, get $950,000!!! [Thanks R.W.]
4118. Francois Edouard / $850K award from French(-Canadian) Catholic Church [Thanks B.H.]
4117. Mr Song Lile / 2 bursts on the well-known scammer's banjo! [Thanks B.H.]
4116. United Nations Trust Fund / $1M bogus donation [Thanks B.H.]
4115. Dave Miller / RM Fabrics & Textiles job spam [Thanks B.H.]
4114. Mrs Vicky Young / $164M (!!!) business transaction [Thanks B.H.]
4113. UNZA Group / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4112. Guo Su Meng / Retired Asian banker with dodgy proposition [Thanks R.W.]
4111. Various / Emails with links to suspect .exe files [Thanks R.H., C.W.]
4110. Abbey National plc. / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
4109. Andrew Lambert / Qingdao Yida Rubber Co. job spam [Thanks R.H.]
4108. Mike Johanson / Kirox Solutions Inc. job spam [Thanks R.H.]
4107. Southwest Airlines / Airline ticket spam + virus in attachment (as 4082) [Thanks C.W.]
4106. Dorothea Garner et al / 4 Bogus FedEx deliveries + virus in attachment [Thanks C.W.]
4105. Anthony Kumalo / South African banker with $26.5M seeks partner [Thanks M.S.]
4104. Malaysian National Lottery / $2.5M bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
4103. Guo Su Meng / Retired Chinese banker seeks mugs to exploit [Thanks R.W.]
4102. Mrs.Kate Hood / "Pay $100" FedEx delivery scam [Thanks R.W.]
4101. Sister Barbara Daivd / Dying scammer who can't spell her own name [Thanks D.J.]
4100. Cartas Cartas / "British finance monitoring unit" scam [Thanks F.G.]
4099. Pericles Camelo de Melo / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4098. Wayne Williams / W.WILLIAMS & Son Ltd bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
4097. Philips Weah / $12.8M foreign payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
4096. Tony Mitchell / £5.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
4095. Barrister Jerry Nunu / $2M bogus donation to a "Philanthropist" [Thanks R.W.]
4094. Nestlé Foundation / $2M bogus donation [Thanks M.T.]
4093. Vincent Cheng / Chinese banker with Iraq war scam [Thanks R.W.]
4092. James Walter / Another ATM card scam with a $230 fee [Thanks R.W.]
4091. House Of Senate / $5.5M ATM card scam [Thanks R.W.]
4090. / $3.5M excess profits scam [Thanks D.J.]
4089. FBI Seattle Division / $7.5M "FBI-screened" scam [Thanks B. & S.]
4088. / Phishing scam [Thanks H.S.]
4087. Sandy Holbrook / Dumped Russian seeks other British boyfriend [Thanks H.S.]
4086. LloydsTSB / A Pair of Phishes [Thanks P.T., C.W.]
4085. MSNBC Breaking News / Bogus alerts with links to other websites [Thanks P.T. et al]
4084. LSM Company / Spam with virus-laden attachment [Thanks P.T.]
4083. US Customs Service / Spam with virus-laden attachment [Thanks P.T.]
4082. United Airlines / Spam with virus-laden attachment [Thanks J.C.]
4081. The Royal Bank Of Scotland / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
4080. Bank of America US / A delayed phish [Thanks P.T.]
4079. / Internet Explorer 7 download scam [Thanks P.T.]
4078. Mr. Henry Cooks / $15M Nigerian next of kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
4077. Mrs.Silifat Ali Fayadh / Iraq MP's widow scam [Thanks R.W.]
4076. Ming Yang / Chinese banker with "obscured business suggestion" [Thanks R.W.]
4075. Robert Mueller - F.B.I / The latest version of this scammer's pitch [Thanks R.W.]
4074. Richard Cooper / BellHouse Fabrics & Interiors bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
4073. uouo_2008 / Very basic $2M lottery swindle [Thanks M.S.]
4072. Fondation De France / Another bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
4071. Mrs.Hope Talcot / "My secretary has $700K for you" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4070. Loterie Romande / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4069. Senate House / Nigerian contract payment scam [Thanks R.W.]
4068. J.K Thomas / Nigerian contract/inheritance payment scam [Thanks B.M.]
4067. Superena Lotto Italia 2008 / €1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.M.]
4066. Dr. Rainer Williams / 2 ActionAid International bogus job scams [Thanks F.G.]
4065. Fairland Industry Ltd / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
4064. Didou Haritah Jr / €812K African cash transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
4063. John Newman / North American Finance bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
4062. Yingshi Global Exports / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4061. Award Promotion / MICCON Online Promotional Draws scam [Thanks B.M.]
4060. Hammett, Haley / $7.3M cancerous bloke scam[Thanks B.M.]
4059. Mr. Lena Spencer / Romanian lottery scam [Thanks B.M.]
4058. Shlomo Tsalel / $28M Yukos Oil scam [Thanks B.M.]
4057. Microsoft Award Team / £2M bogus win [Thanks D.K.]
4056. Arthur Savage / $48.5M dormant account scam [Thanks F.G.]
4055. BeWaterWise / Environmental spam [Thanks P.T.]
4054. Firewall Update Notification / Firewall spam [Thanks J.C.]
4053. Aschsoft Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
4052. CNN Alerts / Bogus alerts with links to all sorts of other websites [Thanks R.H. et al]
4051. LloydsTSB Electronic Banking / A double phish [Thanks C.W.]
4050. Marshal's Corp. / Bogus job offer [Thanks H.T.]
4049. Kangda Chemical Co., Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
4048. Fenghe Stone Co.Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
4047. Director Mastercard/Microsoft Promotion House / £6.6M bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
4046. Margaret Johnson / $15.5M from the British Parliament [Thanks F.G.]
4045. Mrs Felica Albert / $1.5M bank draft scam [Thanks F.G.]
4044. Petroleum Award Of The Year / Nigeria National Petroleum bogus award [Thanks S.S.]
4043. Chase Manhattan online banking / More phishing [Thanks S.S.]
4042. Halifax Bank Plc / New phormat phisch [Thanks R.H.]

Received in July
4041. Christine Kue / colourful Foundazion De france bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
4040. Green Cash Money / "confirm your subscription" spam [Thanks J.X.]
4039. Barrister Felox / $227 ATM card scam [Thanks R.W.]
4038. Morris Kenny / Rose Textiles Limited bogus job [Thanks R.W.]
4037. Toyota / Bogus car promotion [Thanks S.S.]
4036. Mr Gove Gokomatsu / Kin Hing Hong Textile Ltd bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
4035. Kofi Kokou / Alluvial Gold Dust scam [Thanks F.G.]
4034. Mr Song Lile / He's still trying to unload his $19.5M [Thanks F.G. & B.M.]
4033. BestGoldCashOffer / Sell your old gold spam [Thanks F.G.]
4032. Lloyds TSB Online Banking / More phishing [Thanks F.G.]
4031. Alice Hood / [Thanks R.W.]
4030. Coventry Promotions / £2 bogus lottery win [Thanks E.S., S.W.]
4029. Harrisons Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
4028. Satellite software email lottery / €2M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
4027. Mrs. Vicky Allen / Shell Foundation UK bogus grant [Thanks F.G.]
4026. The Camelot Group / £891,934 bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4025. Mr.Francis Osie / He has $75M of a dead man's cash [Thanks C.W.]
4024. Microsoft Corporation / £450 bogus lottery win [Thanks J.H.]
4023. Sgt Henshaw Wear / Another American hero, who has $15M to move [Thanks F.H.]
4022. United Nations / ATM payment scam [Thanks G.W.]
4021. Bian Variani / Pyramid selling scheme spam [Thanks F.G.]
4020. Chevron Oil / $7.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4019. Wells Fargo Online / Phishing attempt [Thanks S.S.]
4018. European Champions League / €3M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
4017. Tebogo Dickson / South African $26.5M transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
4016. Kenny Atkins / Job offer spam from Finland [Thanks H.T.]
4015. Lloyds Bank Plc / More phishing [Thanks S.S.]
4014. TD Banknorth Treasury Management / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
4013. Nathaniel M. Zulu / $26.5M inflated contract scam [Thanks S.S.]
4012. Abbey Private and Corporate '2008 / A double phish [Thanks R.H.]
4011. Webmail Upgrade Team / Email / identity hi-jacker [Thanks F.G.]
4010. Dr. Micheal Amechi / Compensation for the scammed scam [Thanks F.G.]
4009. Allied Textiles and Apparels / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
4008. Godwin Emmanuel / $13.7M dead Liberian scam [Thanks S.S.]
4007. Robert Penman / "personal attorney" with $9.5M scam [Thanks F.G.]
4006. Info Center / Internet scammer who says he isn't one! [Thanks F.G.]
4005. Johnson Ward / African $7M next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
4004. Mrs. Joy Charlotte / South Africa World Cup Lottery 2010 scam [Thanks F.G.]
4003. Takao Nakagawa / $21.5M business proposal [Thanks R.W.]
4002. David Abbey / $35M Nigerian overpayment scam [Thanks R.W.]
4001. Miccon Award Promotion / $500K bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
4000. Lemmens Crane System / Bogus job scammer using real company name [Thanks S.J.]
3999. Jawad Mandeel Hamza / $27.7M cash from Iraq scam[Thanks G.W.]
3998. I.M.F.Monitoring Team / Funds transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
3997. Robert Williams / Ferdinands Childrenswear bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3996. Iwon Promo Board / $450K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3995. Irish National Online Promo / £450K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3994. Prof. Charles C. Soludo / Nigeria's most notorious scammer is in Portugal [Thanks F.G.]
3993. Acai Super Food / "Lose Weight & Flush Up To 50 lbs" [Thanks F.G.]
3992. Dr. Henry Uche / $4.6M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3991. Chevron/Texaco Oil Company / $500K bogus promotion win [Thanks M.S.]
3990. Bas Hans / $12.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3989. Mrs. Angelika Keymel / Dying & has lots of cash to give away [Thanks S.S.]
3988. Michael Fan Chang / Alleged banker with Chinese loot [Thanks S.S.]
3987. Itre Furniture / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3986. Greg Smith / Commission for Unclaimed Assets scam [Thanks R.W.]
3985. Mr Alexander Cox / Unclaimed funds transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
3984. Mrs. Susan Walter / Nigerial contract scam helper (not!) [Thanks S.S.]
3983. Ken Wells / HSBC BANK payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3982. Honeywell International Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3981. First Bank / Nigerian scam victim scam from Italy [Thanks F.G.]
3980. Kingsley Henry / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3979. Mrs Karen mouston / Croaking and has £6M to give away [Thanks S.S.]
3978. Allen York / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3977. NatWest Bank Electronic Banking / New format phish [Thanks P.T.]
3976. United Parcel Service / Failed delivery notice, virus in attachment [Thanks C.W.]
3975. The Camelot Group PLC / TWO bogus wins of £891,934.00 [Thanks H.T., S.S.]
3974. Maxine helbing / OIL Special Money Group Russian bogus job [Thanks C.W.]
3973. Abbey National plc / New phishing format [Thanks H.T.]
3972. Bank of America Inc. / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
3971. Abel Nance / "International company" bogus job [Thanks P.T.]
3970. Ekaterina Lonn / AlfaCor Inc bogus job offer [Thanks P.T.]
3969. Service Paypal / A trio of phishes, English & French [Thanks F.G., R.H.]
3968. Foundazione Di Uni-dea Credita / €1M lottery scam [Thanks F.G.]
3967. Tina Wang / Chinese Olympics lottery scam [Thanks F.G.]
3966. David Tonkin / Refugee in Abidjan scam [Thanks S.S.]
3965. Italian Superenalotto 2008 / €1.5M bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
3964. British Online Gaming Lottery Award 2008 / £500K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3963. Shell Oil Company / £900K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3962. Brendan Payman / BNT Express International job spam [Thanks R.H.]
3961. UPS Packet Service / Fake 'undeliverable package' email with dodgy attachment [Thanks C.W.]
3960. Capital One bank / Even still more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3959. The Royal Bank of Scotland / Still more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3958. Barrister Thomas Cole / $28.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3957. Mr Thomas Williams / Banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3956. Xenex Navigation Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3955. Cyril Lurbani / $36.4M beneficiary scam [Thanks A.B.]
3954. Richard Louis / Dayzers Lottery UK bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3953. Halifax Bank Plc / Even more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3952. Abbey National plc / A quadruple phish [Thanks P.T.]
3951. Leroy, Paige A / Jennifer R. Fennell / Visa Credit Card bogus draw wins [Thanks F.G., S.S.]
3950. Robert S. Mueller / Yet more from the arch FBI scammer [Thanks F.G. J.A., P.T.]
3949. David Dover / Another dying bloke scam [Thanks F.G.]
3948. Western Union / Pay $135 to get $1.5M [Thanks D.J.]
3947. QinHuangDao HongYue Plastic Limited / bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3946. City Lotto / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3945. CBH Qingdao Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3944. Mr.Vincent / $24.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3943. Mr Tom Aliabe / Boskel Deep Oil Drill bogus job [Thanks R.W.]
3942. US Department of the Treasury / $5M bogus payment [Thanks F.G.]
3941. Barrister Jecob Philip / $5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
3940. Charles Soludo / The No.1 Criminal Spammer is still around [Thanks D.J.]
3939. Acculotto.Com Promotions / No win amount given [Thanks S.S.]
3938. Eric Coker / Ashley Furniture Company bogus job offer Thanks R.W.]
3937. Mr wilson / Has $10.3M to 'relocate' [Thanks S.S.]
3936. chriss owen / Mongolian/South African next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3935. BLOOD BLODD / Double HIT MAN spam [Thanks F.G.]
3934. Williams Chester / £3M bogus UK National Lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3933. United Nation / $8.3M & 11.5M bogus payouts [Thanks F.G.]
3932. Anne Baker / BAKER ARTS CREATIONS bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3931. Mrs. Joan Adams / Pay $150 to get $1.5M scam [Thanks R.W.]
3930. Microsoft Award Winners / £1M bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3929. MS Word Email lottery 2008 / Bogus win & 2 follow-ups [Thanks J.M.]
3928. Rita Peterson / Smith plc bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3927. AMEC Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3926. Paul Essien / $19.5M political funds scam [Thanks J.C.]
3925. Barrister Martins Hector / £25M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.H.]
3924. Kia 2008 Sweepstakes / Very brief £470K 'win' [Thanks J.C.]
3923. Wuhan Iron and Steel Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.C.]
3922. Alfred Williams / [Thanks S.R.]
3921. Rose Adams / $8.5M in a sealed in a trunk box [Thanks S.R.]
3920. Oceanic Bank / $6M ATM card scam [Thanks J.H.]
3919. Paul George / Bank manager with £20M scam [Thanks J.H.]
3918. Chase Business / More phishing [Thanks F.G.]
3917. BHP Billiton Plc / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3916. Chevron Oil/Petroleum / $3.5M bogus draw win [Thanks J.R.]
3915. Barrister Ta Manuel / $9.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3914. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / Director Robert Mueller in a pair of scams [Thanks F.G.]
3913. U.S.Bank / Even more phishing [Thanks F.G.]
3912. PayPal / More phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3911. Abbey/Barclays Bank/Yorkshire Bank / 3 remarkably similar phishes [Thanks P.T.]
3910. CashWorldNow / Californian 'Work at Home' spam [Thanks P.T.]
3909. Kia Sweepstakes Promotions / £470K Kia Motors bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3908. Dejan Jevanovic / Polish $10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3907. Online Notification / Israeli "World Courier" scam [Thanks F.G.]
3906. Mrs. Liyana KYO / Albukhary Foundation €1M bogus award [Thanks M.J.]
3905. Koffi Asare / $9.8M foreign partner scam [Thanks S.S.]
3904. Mariam Smith / $45.8M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
3903. Richard Billingham / "Access to millions of Tax-Free US Dollars" [Thanks J.C.]
3902. Prince Fayad H. Bolkiah / Crook with one billion bucks stashed! [Thanks J.C.]
3901. Multi-National Oil Company / Pay $200 for a $900K bogus draw win [Thanks J.C.]
3900. Fondazione Di Vittorio / $500 bogus grant [Thanks J.C.]
3899. Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky / $65M Russian oligarch scam [Thanks J.C.]
3898. Thomas Freder / Italian/Nigerian anti-fraud scam [Thanks F.G.]
3897. Amos Frank / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
3896. Stephanie Whitson / Morgain Medical Limited bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3895. Barclays Bank / Some more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
3894. Power Ball Lottery Promo / £800K Israeli scam [Thanks S.S.]
3893. Oxford Online Lottery / £600k bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3892. Dr. Smith Mbani / $28.5M South African contract scam [Thanks L.A.]
3891. Mr. Michael Morgan / Novik Textiles Ltd bogus job [Thanks M.V.]
3890. Tez Tour inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3888. Monster Career Network / Phishing attempt [Thanks R.H.]
3887. Mrs R.Hirschi Xemover / $293 DHL delivery scam [Thanks J.C.]
3886. UK Email Lottery / £750K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3886. Pius Dalette / $12.5M stuck in America scam [Thanks R.W.]
3885. Jason Williams / Costa Coffee Uk bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3884. Sgt Haberman Jason / UN hero in Iraq with $25M [Thanks F.G.]
3883. Anthony L. Lloyds / T-Lloyds Invest. Co. bogus job [Thanks D.J.]
3882. Charles Ndube (Esq) / Collins Moore / 4 Fedex scams [Thanks F.G. & R.W.]
3881. Catholic Foundation / $2.5M bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
3880. Mrs. Silifat Ali - Fayadh / Iraqi suicide bomb victim scam [Thanks F.G.]
3879. Online Notification / Range Rover Annual Promotion scam [Thanks F.G.]
3878. Western Union / $800K funds transfer scam [Thanks D.J.]
3877. Karim Malik / Dying bloke with dosh to distribute [Thanks J.C.]
3876. Mr.Brian Rogers / Merryland Chemicals bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3875. Nicholas White / Brisko Textiles & Fabrics bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3874. SIP Ltd - International / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3873. U.S.Bank / Latest format of phish [Thanks F.G.]
3872. Mr. Jerry Manwe / $20M Nigerian inheritance scam [Thanks R.W.]
3871. Mrs. KATHY VERO / Ingka Foundation grant scam [Thanks S.S.]
3870. James Osei / $19.5M 'election funds' scam [Thanks F.G.]
3869. Jones Smith / 'Survey company' job spam [Thanks F.G.]
3868. Carl Marx / $12.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks K.L.]
3867. Thomas Baker / Robert C. Smith / MercadoLibre Limited bogus job [Thanks F.G. & S.S.]
3866. Dr. Bob Ferguson / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3865. Mrs. Suha Arafat / $22.5M Arafat's widow scam [Thanks F.G.]
3864. PETROCI Holding / Pipeline servicing product scam [Thanks F.G.]
3863. FBI / More from Robert Mueller "Fbi Director" [Thanks F.G.]
3862. Harris, Bayard / £4.5 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3861. Francis Omar Ncube / $15M Zimbabwe election scam [Thanks R.W.]
3860. NIGERIA / Outstanding debts scam [Thanks F.G.]
3859. Dominic Jack / $30M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3858. Mr. Sar Snijder / Bogus Heineken lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3857. Dr Henry Clark / $7.5M outstanding payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3856. United Nations Office / £800K bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
3855. Allen York / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3854. United Nations / $150K compensation for the scammed [Thanks B.M.]
3853. NatWest bank plc / Even more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3852. ςΟΣΤΙΣΜΑΧΑ / Spam from Brazil in Russian [Thanks P.T.]
3851. Ultimate Wealth Secrets / Turn your life around spam [Thanks P.T.]
3850. The Co-operative Bank Plc Business banking / More Phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3849. Sun Trust Update Service / Phishing attempt [Thanks P.T.]
3848. Certificate and e-Tools / Colonial Bank phishing attempt [Thanks P.T.]

Received in June
3847. Firewall Protection / Panamanian firewall spam [Thanks P.T.]
3846. Odyssey Oil and Gas / Share spam [Thanks P.T.]
3845. National Liverwood Lottery / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3844. Tina Peters / Derby Lottery Group £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3843. Western Union / Bogus $750K prize [Thanks F.G.]
3842. Usman Bello FGN / $800K scam victim scam [Thanks F.G.]
3841. Harris, Bayard / £4.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3840. National Loyalty CashOut Promo / £915,810 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3839. Irish National Lottery / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3838. Kenny Morn / Brisko Textiles & Fabrics bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3837. Mr Wasiu / Pay $270, get $1.5M scam [Thanks F.G.]
3836. Veronica Parker / Pay $450, get $500K scam [Thanks F.G.]
3835. CUNA / Bogus lottery phish [Thanks R.W.]
3834. Beijing China Olympic Game / $250K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3833. Fedex Courier Services / Pay $80, collect $1.6M!!! [Thanks R.W.]
3832. Bank Of China / $19.5 dead Iraqi general scam [Thanks S.S.]
3831. Mr Holebar Daniel / $41.5M Nigerian funds transfer scam [Thanks S.S.]
3830. Roger Bird / £20M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.H.]
3829. Oceanic Bank International / $6M ATM card scam [Thanks J.H.]
3828. DOCTOR PAUL BROWN / Cheque coming via DHL scam [Thanks D.B.]
3827. Dr. Christian Oyibo / $28.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.B.]
3826. Mrs. Virgil H. Storr / $1M bank draft with FedEx scam [Thanks J.C.]
3825. Mrs.Helen Glen (Microsoft Award Dept) / A pair of Microsoft lottery scams [Thanks F.G.]
3824. Mr.Chris Jeff / $15M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3823. Usa Lottery / $600K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3822. UKNL FOUNDATION / Some bogus UK lottery wins [Thanks F.G., S.S.]
3821. Mr. Horst Hieter Haensgen / $18M funds transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
3820. Barclays Bank / More Phishing [Thanks T.E.]
3819. Earth Day / Panamanian bogus Google spam [Thanks T.E.]
3818. Mc Donald's Promotions / Mongolian/Romanian $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.K.]
3817. Zenith Bank plc / Scam victim payment scam [Thanks D.J.]
3816. Mr. Kelvin Watson / Very rich, dying, cash to give away [Thanks J.C.]
3815. Tera Benson / Pine Wood Furniture bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3814. Big Mac Tank Truck / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3813. Halifax Bank of United Kingdom / Payment to contractors scam [Thanks F.G.]
3812. sandie / Morgain Medical Ltd bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3811. Chevron Oil Corporation / $750K bogus donation [Thanks D.K.]
3810. Royal Philips Electronics Foundation / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.K.]
3809. Robert Mueller / Another ATM card scam from our Fake Fed. [Thanks F.G.]
3808. London Furnishing Co / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3807. Mr. Thomas Hooper / BMW lottery scam [Thanks S.S.]
3806. Dr/Mr. Veron William Rice / $5.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
3805. Ruilan Group Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3804. Solomon Idiris / Nigerian payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3803. Mrs Angela Zhou / Asia Lottery Promotion scam [Thanks A.B.]
3802. Stephen Morgan / Sigmack Ltd U.K bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3801. Mrs Felicia Daniel / Euro-Afro-American-Sweepstake Lottery scam [Thanks F.G.]
3800. Diana Memorial Foundation / £550K bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
3799. James Kwadwo / $19.5M political funds scam [Thanks F.G.]
3798. Halifax / Even More Phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3797. Co-operative Bank / More phishing [Thanks F.G.]
3796. Margo Brennan / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
3795. Bank client center / BancorpSouth phish [Thanks C.W.]
3794. Lloydstsb Bank / Similar source to #3793 phish [Thanks R.H.]
3793. NatWest Bank / More Phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3792. Halifax Online Banking / Yet More Phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3791. Abbey bank Plc / More phishing [Thanks P.T.]
3790. Peter Uche / UK national lottery scam from Brazil [Thanks S.S.]
3789. Kenneth Johnson / Spanish Sweepstake Lottery / Sparta Loan spam [Thanks S.S.]
3788. KWise Cabinet / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3787. Mr.Liang Park / Hong Kong National Trading Company bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3786. Alan Organ / $30.5M bogus inheritance scam [Thanks F.G.]
3785. Mrs. Virgil H. Storr / Standard 'Confirmable Bank Draft' scam [Thanks R.W.]
3784. Festus Eze / 'My secretary has $650K for you' scam [Thanks S.H.]
3783. Philip Weah / Diamond Bank ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3782. Mr John Howard / Ashley Furniture Company bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3781. Sprague Oil & Gas Company Plc / Bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3780. Paul Lapiquerie / $14.6M inheritance scam [Thanks M.R.]
3779. LOTTO / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
3778. HSBC Group / Release of overdue funds scam [Thanks F.G.]
3777. Free Award Promo / £1 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3776. Tile Shack / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3775. Johnson Kuku / $1.2M ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3774. Ireland Online Lottery Games / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3773. Toyota / £600K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
3772. Fondation De France / $1.35M bogus grant [Thanks F.G.]
3771. Engr. Ivan Loho / $46M overdue payment scam [Thanks L.A.]
3770. Russian Foundation For Basic Research / $1.35M bogus grant [Thanks F.G.]
3769. Jack Parkinson / "I can make you a lottery winner!" scam [Thanks R.W.]
3768. FLC Email Promo / £925K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3767. African Reformers Orgnization / [Thanks F.G.]
3766. Mr Sar Snijder / $950K Heineken bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3765. Zurich Lotterien / €1 million bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3764. / Response from Sachsen Lotto's agent [Thanks A.H.]
3763. Kippie Chun / Bogus job offer from Buffy the Vampire's firm! [Thanks R.H.]
3762. Halifax Online / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
3761. Mrs. Liyana KYO / Thompson Foundation bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
3760. Online Notification Unit / Yahoo/MSN & MS/AOL bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S., J.H.]
3759. Anita Alaka / Funds transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
3758. Jeffrey Dean / $9.5M owed payment scam [Thanks A.H.]
3757. Eric Laurence / Dalston Mill Fabrics bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3756. Sky Express / €800K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3755. Pamela Adrino Cinstone / Publisher's Clearing House scam [Thanks F.G.]
3754. European Economic Community (E.E.C.) / Historically ignorant scam [Thanks F.G.]
3753. Rotimi Adams / Next-of-kin scam by head of British army!!! [Thanks F.G.]
3752. akamulla mulla / Pastor (alleged) with cash to give away [Thanks F.G.]
3751. Mr. Leu Cheng / US/Europe representative scam [Thanks S.S.]
3750. Chiesa Cattolica Italiana / £650K bogus draw win [Thanks S.S.]
3749. United Nations Home Equity Relief / Scam aimed at home owners [Thanks J.F.]
3748. Barr Steven Walker / £6.8M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3747. Oxford Online Lottery / £600K bogus lottery scam [Thanks S.S.]
3746. Peter Brown Esq. / Bogus beneficiary scam [Thanks S.S.]
3745. Dr. Bob Ferguson / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3744. Chris. o. Swagler / $15.5M investment scam [Thanks S.S.]
3743. / Bogus National Lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
3742. Codex Alimentarius Commission / £500K bogus grant [Thanks R.W.]
3741. Wan Thai Foods / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3740. Marshal's Corp. / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.W.]
3739. The Camelot Group / £891,934 bogus lottery win [Thanks A.H.]
3738. Marcco Mozzari / Confused Vittorio/France Foundation scam [Thanks F.G.]
3737. Mark James / Colourful ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3736. Ifeoma Onyego / Who has $5.7M to invest [Thanks J.H.]
3735. Microsoft Award Team / £1M bogus win [Thanks J.H.]
3734. Mr Bankin-Moon United Nation / $10.5M payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3733. The Irish Lottery / $2M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3732. Bishop Paul S Morton / Who has $9M to give to the poor [Thanks F.G.]
3731. Robert Page / Investment portfolio scam [Thanks F.G.]
3730. Federal Ministry Of Finance / Nigerian compensation fund scam [Thanks D.J.]
3729. Robert Mueller III / The posting to Hawaii didn't last long! [Thanks D.K. & S.S.
3728. Edward Solomon / $18.7M German/Liberian scam [Thanks A.I.]
3727. Abbey National plc / New phishing format [Thanks R.H.]
3726. The Royal Bank of Scotland / A double phish (cf #3655) [Thanks R.H.]
3725. Nationwide Internet Banking / New phishing variety [Thanks F.G.]
3724. NatWest bank plc / 2 phishing formats [Thanks H.T.]
3723. First Banks, Inc. / A new phishing source [Thanks C.W.]
3722. PayPal Abuse Department / Phishing in English & (bad) French (x 2) [Thanks R.H., F.G.]
3721. james walter / $35M Chinese next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3720. UK National Lottery / £850K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3719. Katarzyna Klisowska / Bogus Chevron Texaco lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
3718. Power Line E-Mail Lottery / [Thanks S.S.]
3717. Janson, Abram / £4,528,000 Euro Lottery scam [Thanks F.G.]
3716. mr van gogh / $2M bogus donation Thanks F.G.]
3715. Wang, Chao-Ying / £250K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3714. Abba Queens Gate Concorde Hotel / Bogus job offers [Thanks F.G.]
3713. The Halen Foundation / Two £950K bogus donations [Thanks F.G., V.L.]
3712. DR. Phillips Ragiono / Spanish European Union payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3711. Barrister Wale Ben / Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
3710. Robert S. Mueller, III / This FBI scammer has moved to Hawaii! [Thanks D.J.]
3709. ECOBANK PLC. / $12.5M funds transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
3708. Halifax Online Banking / Even more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
3707. Capt. Jerry Adams / Another hero in Iraq with loot [Thanks S.S.]
3706. Takao Nakagawa / $21.5M Portuguese next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3705. Leroy Chester / $20M Polish next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3704. UK National Lottery Board / A pair of bogus wins [Thanks S.S., F.G.]
3703. Naceur Khraief / FedEx delivery scam [Thanks R.W.]
3702. Diplomat David Okof / Byelorussian diamond sales scam [Thanks R.W.]
3701. m.buba marwa / $120M Chinese investment scam [Thanks J.A.]
3700. Mc Bolton / Continental Fabrics bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3699. Thomas Graham / £6.5M UK 7/7 terrorist attack scam [Thanks F.G.]
3698. Horst Hieter Haensgen / Lengthy diplomatic cash transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
3697. kendricks dougal / Venice Recruitment bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3696. Nelson Brown / £35M in a dormant account [Thanks F.G.]
3695. Tiscali Billing Department / More phishing [Thanks H.T.]
3694. British Council / Very fancy Polish bank draft scam [Thanks F.G.]
3693. Mrs. Judith Williams / Scam based on the UK's 7/7 terrorist bombings F.G.]
3692. Grand Piano & Furniture Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3691. Natwest Customer Service / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
3690. Ambassador Babagana Kingibe / Crude Swift card scam [Thanks J.A.]
3689. mumou agoeu / Byelorussian/African inheritance scam [Thanks J.A.]
3688. MATHEW ODILIKA / Polish/African next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.A.]
3687. koffi brown / Afro-Euro Stock Funds Commission scam [Thanks J.A.]
3686. Dr.Mike Emma / An abandoned $12.5M scam [Thanks J.A.]
3685. Mr Ellison John / $30.5M Nigerian cash transfer scam [Thanks J.A.]
3684. ECO BANK PLC NIG / Scam victim repayment scam [Thanks J.A.]
3683. Mark Williams / $15.5M overseas transfer scam [Thanks J.A.]
3682. Anthonio Benito / More Hit-man Spam!!!! [Thanks J.W.]
3681. John Walker / $5M and 200 kg of gold scam [Thanks F.G.]
3680. ICAIET CONFERENCE 2006 / Very brief scam [Thanks F.G.]
3679. Osaze Osaiti / $10.5M banking scam [Thanks F.G.]
3678. Mr Tony Philips / £10.6 bogus inheritance [Thanks F.G.]
3677. Malaysia National Lottery / $2.5M bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3676. Todd Williams / £12.5M 'floating' in a bank [Thanks F.G.]
3675. Azman Davidson & Co / $4.7M facing confiscation [Thanks F.G.]

Received in May
3674. Peter Reggiero / $19.8M dormant account scam [Thanks F.G.]
3673. Queen Elizabeth's Foundation / $500K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3672. Samsung Electronics Inc. Company / Bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
3671. Mr. Zakari Gandi / Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3670. Mrs. Sophia Dube / Response from another next-of-kin scammer [Thanks J.C.]
3669. Richard Choong / Response from a next-of-kin scammer [Thanks J.C.]
3668. Prof C Soludo / This notorious Nigerian scammer is still at it [Thanks J.C.]
3667. Richard Ofori Koffi / $7.5M investment scam from Ghana [Thanks J.C.]
3666. Ecobank / United Nations / Bogus scam victims compensation [Thanks J.C.]
3665. mperry@worcester.local / Chiesa Cattolica Italiana bogus donation [Thanks D.K.]
3664. Susan Harrison / SUS ART WORLD INC bogus job offer [Thanks J.H.]
3663. Connie Jose / Bogus Once Lotto win [Thanks F.G.]
3662. Chantal Jeannie Tehe / $17.4M Ivory Coast scam [Thanks F.G.]
3661. Don Calous / £20M next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
3660. La'Loterie-Romande / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
3659. Honda International Awareness Promotion / Bogus 'win' [Thanks F.G.]
3658. The National Lottery Inc / 4 bogus wins [Thanks D.H., A.J., J.H., F.G.]
3657. Dayzers Loterij / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
3656. Norton Finance Co. / Mercado Libre Limited bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3655. Bank Of America / Phish #3645 recycled [Thanks F.G.]
3654. Microsoft Promotion / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
3653. ALI MALIK / Used rails products spam from Brazil [Thanks F.G.]
3652. BHP BILLITON PLC / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3651. JOHN MAX / £10.6M inheritance scam [Thanks D.K.]
3650. Abbas Saidou / $11.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.I.]
3649. Capt. Brian Morgan / Another war hero in Iraq with loot [Thanks S.S.]
3648. Vladimir Petrov / More correspondence with another scammer [Thanks A.D.]
3647. Edward Hayes / Correspondence with an almost convincing scammer [Thanks E.R.]
3646. Mr. Horst Hieter Haensgen / Lengthy funds transfer scam [Thanks D.J.]
3645. Wachovia Alerts / A new phishing format [Thanks F.G.]
3644. Mr.Nicole Lampert / Transfer of $155,770,000.00 scam [Thanks J.F.]
3643. Russell Gell Esq. / $21M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
3642. Fondazione Di Vittorio / Latest version of the donation scam [Thanks M.S.]
3641. Prof. Robert Clark / £1,750K inheritance scam [Thanks S.S.]
3640. KOLLINS EZEKH / Euromillions bogus win, 650K pounds or euros [Thanks S.S.]
3639. Abaco Fish Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3638. The Ultimatebet Jackpot Promotion / £350K Bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
3637. Kelvin Brown / $15M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3636. Heimberg Theophlus / $20M Hungarian inheritance scam [Thanks S.S.]
3635. Natwest / More new format phishing [Thanks R.H.]
3634. HSBC Bank plc / A pair of phishes [Thanks H.T.]
3633. Abraham Daye / $9.5M in a trunk box (allegedly) [Thanks F.G.]
3632. PATRICK O. / Sponsorship sought for bogus Awareness Campaign [Thanks F.G.]
3631. Alhaji Mustapha Kamaradin / $20M investment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3630. Chief Azu Annan / 300 kg of alluvial gold dust scam [Thanks F.G.]
3629. Henry John / Mo&MoTextile Ltd bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3628. John Oaklay / English bulldog for sale scam [Thanks F.G.]
3627. Yousef Al Hussein / Croaking and wants to give his cash to Moslems [Thanks F.G.]
3626. Chuntao Hong / Yixing Bluwat Chemicals bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3625. Shing Li / $30M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3624. Mr. Hahn Yao / 'Huge sum' for next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3623. Mr Harry Gwin / $3.5M bogus withheld inheritance [Thanks F.G.]
3622. British Linen Bank / Bogus payment via Diplomatic Courier Service [Thanks F.G.]
3621. Oluwa John / Nigerian $7.5M bogus overdue payment [Thanks F.G.]
3620. Kris Hilton / Lengthy Chinese earthquake begging letter [Thanks F.G.]
3619. office file / Benin bogus inheritance of $950K [Thanks D.J.]
3618. TNT EXPRESS / Bogus winnings delivery scam [Thanks N.S.]
3617. Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc / Bogus job offer [Thanks H.T.]
3616. Oliver Randall / £9.8M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3615. Patricia Hewitt MP / British politician in charity scam? [Thanks F.G.]
3614. Free Lotto Online Promotion 2008 / £500K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3613. Barr Edward A. Cole / Alexandr Litvinenko inheritance scam [Thanks D.K.]
3612. Captain Andy Jones / $12.57M to be removed from Iraq [Thanks F.G.]
3611. British Heart Foundation / [Thanks F.G.]
3610. Milton Keynes Textiles / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3609. Malaysia Lottery International / [Thanks F.G.]
3608. UK Lottery Games Consulting Company / Bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3607. Halifax Bank Plc / Even more phishing x 2 [Thanks C.W.]
3606. The Barclays Personal and Business / More phishing [Thanks H.T.]
3605. Colonial Bank Administration / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
3604. Morgan David / Coffee Company bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3603. European Champions League / Well-times football-based scam [Thanks S.S.]
3602. Susan Harrison / Sus Art World Inc bogus job offer [Thanks J.F.]
3601. Yahoo Awards & Hotmail/windows Live / Plain & fancy bogus wins [Thanks J.F. & F.G.]
3600. Rose Guei / $18.5M Ivory Coast scam from japan [Thanks J.F.]
3599. Dylan Vanmol / Unreported Liverpool terrorist attack scam [Thanks F.G.]
3598. David Robert Miller / $28.2M investment scam [Thanks S.S.]
3597. Sgt. Mark Jack / Cambodian-American with Iraqi cash [Thanks F.G.]
3596. Agent Bishop Alexander / Security van delivery scam [Thanks L.S.]
3595. Roger A Lathrop Betty Law Firm / United Bank for Africa scam [Thanks G.F.]
3594. Queen Elzabeth's The Sec II Foundation / Clumsy Chinese royal scam [Thanks F.G.]
3593. George Owen / £800K bogus Yahoo lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3592. Morgain Medical Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3591. Global Opportunities Lottery Fund / £5.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3590. Richard Ofili / Nigerian inheritance scam [Thanks F.G.]
3589. Frank Chambers / Bogus "Diplomat from the Caribbeans" [Thanks F.G.]
3588. Andrew Collins / Nigerian inheritance scam [Thanks R.W.]
3587. United Nations / After a 7-month meeting, your cash is on the way [Thanks F.G.]
3586. The Presidency / "Mr. President is getting you your cash!" [Thanks D.J.]
3585. TN Fabrics And Textiles / Bogus job offer [Thanks M.T.]
3584. Peter Dickson / 6 Dice Lottery UK bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3583. Multi-National Oil Company / $800K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3582. Dayzers UK Office / Lottery payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3581. Federal Bureau of Investigation / A variation on Case #3323 [Thanks F.G.]
3580. Anti- Terrorist And Monetary Crime Division / FBI ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3579. Camelot Group / £891,934.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
3578. David Wesley / Alleged British banker with $18M [Thanks S.S.]
3577. Mrs. Agatha DeBoer / Lotto International Netherlands bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3576. Euro Millions International / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3575. Mr. Luis Miller / Aussie/Chinese FBI scam [Thanks N.S.]
3574. Elacnigeria / Nigerians selling crude oil [Thanks F.G.]
3573. yahmsnlottery208 / Polish fake Yahoo/MSN lottery [Thanks F.G.]
3572. Manchester City Council / A new bogus lottery [Thanks F.G.]
3571. U.B.A Group / $500K Chinese/Nigerian Money Gram Transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
3570. David Sheppard / Nigerial seized cheque scam [Thanks F.G.]
3569. Richard A. Saso / foreign payment / inheritance fund scam [Thanks D.K.]
3568. Peugeot Automobile Lottery / £300K and a new car [Thanks P.W.]
3567. Unclaimed Assets Scheme / Scam by Alistair Darling, British Chancellor [Thanks F.G.]
3566. Beesley and Fildes / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3565. James Huang Lin / $21.32M Chinese contract scam [Thanks M.S.]
3564. SPEEDLOTTO / Some correspondence with the scammers [Thanks R.C.]
3563. DELOTTOBV |UK| International / Japanese (posing as UK) bogus lottery win [Thanks R.C.]
3562. Royal Bank Of Scotland / More Phishing . . . [Thanks H.T.]
3561. PayPal / Still More Phishing in 2 formats [Thanks R.H. & F.G]
3560. NatWest / Even More Phishing[Thanks H.T.]
3559. Paul Smith / A tale of Zimbabwean persecution [Thanks S.S.]
3558. Warner-Blankenship, Jennifer / Irish Lottery bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3557. Micheal Woods / Hafren Furnishers bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3556. Addo Annan / Unclaimed $5.4M in Ghana scam [Thanks M.S.]
3555. Johnson Ibori / Nigerian money-laundering proceeds scam [Thanks F.G.]
3554. Miss Quien Jelo / Siera Leone "gold durst" scam [Thanks D.J.]
3553. business centre / More phishing [Thanks F.G.]
3552. Mary Queen / A right royal lottery scam! [Thanks S.S.]
3551. Mr. Greg Stevenson / Fidelity Investment International dead client [Thanks D.J.]
3550. / Free internet access scam [Thanks D.J.]
3549. The Case Company (UK) Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3548. Martins Baba, Victor Tony et al / Nigerian anti-swindler swindles [Thanks F.G.]
3547. Mr.Chris Jeff / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3546. Gregory Hatcher / SpeedLotto Online Awards delivery charges [Thanks R.C.]
3545. Mrs.Rita Jones / Uk National Lottery / A loada bogus wins [Thanks S.S., D.J., M.S.]
3544. South Africa World Cup Lottery 2010 / $2.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3543. WA Market Choice Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3542. Mrs. Fiona Jean Morgan / $3.5M New Zealand donation scam [Thanks K.A.]
3541. J?szber?ny V?ros ?llat- ?s N?v?nykert E / Hungarian lottery scam [Thanks K.A.]
3540. The Beijing 2008 Partners / $500k bogus Olympics lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3539. i-Business Banking / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
3538. Toyota Car Lotto Promo Award / £1.6M and a new car [Thanks F.G.]
3537. Mrs Vivian Udemeh / Bogus Guinness Promo win [Thanks F.G.]
3536. Mrs.Yoshiko Ishii / €13,014,856.40 bogus business proposition [Thanks F.G.]
3535. Online Award / Incredibly basic lottery scam [Thanks F.G.]
3534. Vos, M.J. / $2M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3533. / Bogus oil deal [Thanks F.G.]
3532. President Kobayashi-San / Itochu Export – Bogus job offer from Italy [Thanks R.W.]

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