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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

May-September  •  October - December

Received in April
3531. Nancy Oldfield Trust / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3530. VanDen Macalister / A pair of Pepsi bogus lottery wins [Thanks N.S., F.G.]
3529. TNT Courier Service / "TNT" Courier charges for bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
3528. Mr. Harold Newton / Courier charges for bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
3527. Euro Millions Online Lottery Office UK / Claim form for bogus win [Thanks N.S.]
3526. Patrick Ali / $850K ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
3525. Maggie Bent / "Collect $450K from my lawyer" scam [Thanks D.J.]
3524. UK National Lottery Board Inc / £1,173,072 bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3523. Viktor Purishkevich / €50M Russian development funds scam [Thanks F.G.]
3522. Barrister Sergio Andrews / Unspecified Italian next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.K.]
3521. Kathryn Crisafi / $12.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3520. Euromillion Loteria Espaca / €950K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3519. MasterCard 2008 Gift / 'Unsecured' credit card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3518. Prof. Chukwuma Soludo / Nigerian spammer sending messages from Sweden [Thanks D.J.]
3517. MD.Royal Bank UK / £25.5 plane crash scam[Thanks F.G.]
3516. Abbey National plc / [Thanks H.T.]
3515. Oleg Rebrov / $450M Yukos Oil scam [Thanks R.W.]
3514. Rose Parker / It's the Lord's will that you be ripped off! [Thanks S.S.]
3513. Neil Hooper / $9.8M Madrid train bomb next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
3512. Economic & Financial Crime Commission / Delayed funds scam [Thanks F.G.]
3511. Google Inc. Award Program / $12.5M bogus promotion win [Thanks F.G.]
3510. Dr.Tim Smith / $12.5M in a treasure box scam [Thanks F.G.]
3509. Aimurie Ifeanyi Jude / Cheap crude oil sales spam [Thanks D.J.]
3508. Fundacion German Sanchez Ruiperez / $500K bogus donation [Thanks D.J.]
3507. Mr Xiao Jun / 2 Bogus jobs from Solenoids Industrial Co.Ltd Taiwan [Thanks F.G.]
3506. Bmw Automobile Company / Bogus lottery win; £250 and a new car [Thanks R.W.]
3505. Dr Cheng Chang / Bogus job from Cheng Jewelry Export in Hong Kong [Thanks F.G.]
3504. Locozi Thomas / £30Million partnership investment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3503. Mr.Green Gare / More from the Hit-man (see also #3204 & 3126) [Thanks C.C.]
3502. Lloyds TSB Bank / Oh, no! Another phish! [Thanks R.H.]
3501. NatWest Online Banking / The phishing continues with a double [Thanks H.T. & R.H.]
3500. HSBC Internet Banking / Guess what? Phishing [Thanks H.T.]
3499. BB&T Bank OnlineŽ / Even still more phishing [Thanks F.G.]
3498. Citibank / Still more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
3497. Digicert Update Team / Even more phising [Thanks C.W.]
3496. Bank of America / More Phishing [Thanks C.W.]
3495. Government Grant Administrator / Free CD spam [Thanks H.T.]
3494. TrustKey\'2008 refnum-90 / Bogus job offer [Thanks H.T.]
3493. JP Morgan Chase Bank / A scam by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown [Thanks F.G.]
3492. United Kingdom Oil And Gas Company / £4M funds transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
3491. divinearthouse / Bogus job offer [Thanks K.C.]
3490. Dr. Bob Ferguson / Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3489. Solar Ocean Group / Latvian bogus job offer set in Doncaster [Thanks R.W.]
3488. Steve Berth / Alleged banker with dodgy business proposal [Thanks S.S.]
3487. Dr Frank Williams / $2.5M in a diplomatic bag! [Thanks D.J.]
3486. Mr. Choy Choong Yip / Chinese/Nigerian inheritance swindle [Thanks F.G.]
3485. The United Nation Organization / All-purpose Chinese payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3484. / Italian lottery scam [Thanks M.S.]
3483. Dr John Tabasi / $12M bank draft swindle [Thanks F.G.]
3482. Edith Wodie / $8.5M needing moving out of Ivory Coast [Thanks S.C.]
3481. Rodrigo De Rato / 25M International Monetary Fund scam [Thanks F.G.]
3480. China metallurgical import and export company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3479. Barrister Matthew Baker / 2004 tsunami next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3478. Mr Victor Tony / Fraudster posting as chairman of Nigeria's Anti-Fraud Unit! [Thanks F.G.]
3477. halifer kabal, Nash Mahar / Both with lots of dosh & esophageal cancer [Thanks D.J., F.G.]
3476. UK National Lottery/West Cliff Casino / £850K bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
3475. Secretary Emma Agu / 1.2M US DOLLER FedEx scam [Thanks D.J.]
3474. Loteria Apuestas / Australian/Spanish lottery scam [Thanks F.G.]
3473. Barrister Mrs Tom Lennox / $3M Cheveron Texaco lottery scam[Thanks N.M.]
3472. MR. HAHN YAO / Dormant account "with a huge sum" scam [Thanks R.W.]
3471. David Hansen / General purpose UN payment scam [Thanks R.W.]
3470. Kent Cooper / $125M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
3469. Mrs. Lisa Brown / £1M British Web Promotions bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3468. Internal Revenue/funds Department / $5M ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3467. Dr.William Hagler / $48.3M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3466. FBI CONSULTANT / International ATM card scam [Thanks S.S.]
3465. Mrs Glroy Attah / $10.5M stashed in Ghana [Thanks S.S.]
3464. Skynet Courier Service / Pay £270 to get £2.7M!!! [Thanks F.G.]
3463. Center For Commercial Art / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3462. Sadiq Alman / $8.2M ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3461. Benjamin Addo / $3.5M dormant account scam [Thanks F.G.]
3460. Mr Carlo Palligiani / Carlo Palligiani/James Edwards Fabrics bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3459. Central Bank Of Nigeria / Prof. Soludo at it again! [Thanks D.J. & F.G.]
3458. Pastor Christ Oyakhilome / God spam from Maryland, USA [Thanks F.G.]
3457. The United Nations Foundation / Another scam-victim scam [Thanks F.G.]
3456. Goldentake Enterprise Co Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3455. Christian Aid\\f1\\'ae / £850K bogus award scam [Thanks F.G.]
3454. Helen Escobar / ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3453. Mr. Song Li Le / He's back with a longer Iraq war scam [Thanks N.H.]
3452. Rev. Fr. Yau Edward / UN/World Bank payment scam [Thanks D.J.]
3451. LARRY HANS / Polish FBI payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3450. BNP Paribas Bank / Lottery winnings interest scam [Thanks F.G.]
3449. Clients support team Comerica Bank / [Thanks C.W.]
3448. Royal Bank Of Scotland / Even more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
3447. Google AdWords / New phishing source [Thanks C.W.]
3446. Top Jobs How / Russian bogus job offer [Thanks C.W.]
3445. Lloyds Tsb Internet Banking / Another phishing attempt [Thanks F.G.]
3444. Mr. luke williams / Boxes containing $11M scam [Thanks F.G.]
3443. / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
3442. Barrister Sandy Carrington / £9.2M inheritance scam [Thanks J.F.]
3441. Cyprus Payment Department / $100 funds release scam [Thanks J.F.]
3440. External Auditor / $42.9M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3439. BMW Award / £150K bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
3438. Cooper, Rebecca S. / Bogus Irish National Lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
3437. smith tom / Ghana 2008 Africa Nations Cup Lottery scam [Thanks N.S.]
3436. Ahmed Hassan / $22.5M in need of shifting out of Burkina Faso [Thanks N.S.]
3435. British Web Promo / $420,000.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
3434. daniel blat / Bogus UK National Lottery wins [Thanks N.S., F.G.]
3433. Harris Wiiliams / IMF Debt Reconciliation scam [Thanks R.W.]
3432. Oxford Online Lottery / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks N.H.]
3431. European Access Bank London UK / Fiendish next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3430. Nigerian Investigation Department / Scam naming scammers!! [Thanks F.G.]
3429. IBB IBB / €1M African bank draft scam [Thanks F.G.]
3428. Richard Butlers / Inheritance letter scam [Thanks F.G.]
3427. PayPal / Bogus payment received message [Thanks R.H.]
3426. Abbey Bank / A pair of phishes [Thanks R.H.]
3425. Barrister Wright Phillips / $8.75M next of kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3424. Camelot Group / £891,934.00 bogus UK National Lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
3423. Euro Millions International Lottery / £1,228, 704.80 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3422. Actexo Textile Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3421. Gold Merchandise / Half price gold scam [Thanks F.G.]
3420. Chevron Texaco Oil and Gas Company / "Life Transforming Offer" [Thanks S.S.]
3419. John Bonyi / Dr. Adrian Hamza / Pay $105/$99 to get $1.6M/$1.5M [Thanks D.J., F.G.]
3418. C.B.N PAYING BANK / Professor Chuck Soludo rides again! [Thanks D.J.]
3417. Mary Miller / £700K email lottery scam [Thanks R.W.]
3416. Stock Trading World / Another version of #3350 [Thanks J.C.]
3415. Overseas Credit Commission / Diplomatic luggage scam [Thanks F.G.]
3414. Samuel Berger / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.S.]
3413. Yingshi Global Exports / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3412. Segun Akintemi / Fairly outrageous $370-fee ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3411. John Walter Loan Investment / Up to $10M unsecured loans!!! [Thanks J.F.]
3410. SHIELA FERN / $5.l85M bogus French Catholic church donation [Thanks M.W.]
3409. Mr. Isaac Gozie / £10M dormant account scam [Thanks R.W.]
3408. Roger Bernaldez / Nigerian/Italian ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
3407. Benjamin Daloa / $13,515,000 dormant account scam [Thanks D.J.]
3406. DFS SALES LTD UK / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3405. Kristen Fraley / Outrageous $765 FedEx fee scam [Thanks F.G.]
3404. Lieutenant Colonel William Adams / $25M to be moved from Iraq [Thanks F.G.]
3403. Esm\\'e9e Fairbairn Foundation / £10M bogus grant [Thanks F.G.]
3402. Halen Foundation / Winning cheque scam [Thanks D.J.]
3401. Barrister Patrick Henry / Unspecified investment scam [Thanks J.F.]
3400. Halifax Banking Plc / 2 New format phishes [Thanks F.G.]
3399. Shandong Shifeng (Group) / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3398. Kelvin cole / $15.5M diplomatic consignment scam [Thanks M.S.]
3397. State Farm Online Banking / Still even more phishing [Thanks F.G.]
3396. Central Bank / A spot more phishing [Thanks F.G.]
3395. Microsoft Promotion / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3394. Free Award Dept. / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
3393. Euro-Millions / £156K bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
3392. Delottobv Uk Jackpot / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3391. Yahoo&MSN Web Domains Promotion / £250K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3390. CHANG PETER / $500K Peking Olympics prize draw scam [Thanks F.G.]
3389. Western Union Customers Relation Department / £250K bogus prize [Thanks J.F.]
3388. FRANK BENSON / Bogus job offer from 'independent consultant' [Thanks F.G.]
3387. Gonzales / Pay $99 for $1.5M Global Express courier scam [Thanks F.G.]
3386. Chang Kee / $12.5M Chinese next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
3385. Church Of Christ In England / German loan-shark spam! [Thanks F.G.]
3384. Alhaji Dr.Shamsudeen Usman / Nigerian contract payment scam [Thanks D.K.]
3383. Camelot Group / A pair of bogus lottery wins [Thanks S.S., F.G.]
3382. Federal Bureau Of Investigation USA / Another version of #3323, the FBI scam [Thanks J.F.]
3381. MR YEO PENG LEO / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3380. Internet Users Award / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
3379. Il Lottery Nazionale Italiano / A pair of €1M bogus wins [Thanks G.C., F.G.]
3378. john mark / $1.3M 'inheritance file' scam [Thanks F.G.]
3377. Mr. John Irvin / Bogus American Golf Lottery Programme win[Thanks F.G.]
3376. Norton Finance / Genuine British company but mobile phone number given [Thanks F.G.]
3375. WINS / £1M from bogus Samsung promo [Thanks F.G.]
3374. Delixi Consults & Co / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3373. Protective Textile / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3372. Chevron Texaco / $90.350.00 bogus promo win [Thanks S.S.]
3371. OJO MADUEKWE / Canadian/Nigerian scam victim scam [Thanks K.T.]
3370. Bazzini cosmetics Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
3369. NESTLE FOUNDATION UK / $2M bogus grant [Thanks F.G.]
3368. Mark Andersson / Bogus job offer from the RAC [Thanks F.G.]
3367. Yahoo Thailand Internet Lottery Organization / $1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3366. Irerland International Award / €850K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3365. Kelley Ko Fabrics / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3364. Global Cash Authority / Bogus payment of $2,643,221.24 [Thanks M.S.]
3363. Flash Budget Finance Lottery / £550K bogus win [Thanks D.K.]
3362. UNITED NATION / $5.5M payment scam [Thanks B.J.]
3361. british lottery international / £500K bogus win [Thanks C.W.]
3360. BancorpSouth Inview support / Still more phishing [Thanks H.T.]
3359. Royal Bank Of Scotland / More phishing [Thanks H.T.]

Received in March
3358. Sgt. Joey Jones / Wants to get $25M out of Iraq [Thanks R.W.]
3357. Ben Seal cole / World Debt Reconciliation Committee scam [Thanks F.G.]
3356. World Health Organization\\'ae / [Thanks F.G.]
3355. Jurgen Hamburg / Discreet $14.8M scam [Thanks F.G.]
3354. Mrs Mary Jones / €2.5M Portuguese/Dutch lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
3353. Paul Coleman / Unspecified funds transfer scam [Thanks D.M.]
3352. Senator Aniete Okon / $120M Nigerian contract scam [Thanks F.G.]
3351. Curtis Anthony / £9.5M bogus business proposal [Thanks F.G.]
3350. Stocktrading World / Norwegian bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3349. IMF CUSTOMERCARE / $500K International Monetary Fund scam [Thanks F.G.]
3348. Cheng Pui Ling, Cathy / Bogus investment offer [Thanks F.G.]
3347. ActionAid International / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
3346. Dr Peter Sheprow / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3345. Barrister Stephen Ashley / £12M bogus beneficiary scam [Thanks D.M.]
3344. Casino Royals Promo / £800K bogus promo payment [Thanks F.G., C.A.]
3343. Gristmill Investment Company / $25M investment project scam [Thanks F.G.]
3342. FBI USA / Very international funds transfer scam! [Thanks F.G.]
3341. Child Africa Charity Organization / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3340. Chiesa Cattolica Italiana / £650K bogus donation [Thanks D.J.]
3339. ROBERT F SCHROEDER / Fondazione Zegna bogus grant [Thanks S.S.]
3338. Edes Abebe / £30M bogus beneficiary scam [Thanks F.G.]
3337. National Cash-Out Lotto / £915,810.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3336. One World One Dream Beijing Olympics 2008 / $500K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3335. Capt. Alvin McAlister / $10,570,000 to move out of Iraq [Thanks F.G.]
3334. Sheldon Reynold / Bogus job offer [Thanks S.S.]
3333. Lt Col Paul Kruger / $7.2M funds transfer scam [Thanks R.W.]
3332. Gainsborough Silk Weaving / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3331. Itochu Corporation / Bogus job offer [Thanks S.S.]
3330. Sgt. Timothy Jefferson / Wants to smuggle a load of dosh out of Iraq [Thanks D.M.]
3329. Fomichev Valeriy / Russian investment scam [Thanks A.B.]
3328. Cannesbury Textiles / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.K.]
3327. / $1.2M payment scam [Thanks M1.]
3326. Scott Williams / 'Chinese' bogus job offer from the Philippines [Thanks M1]
3325. Russian Foundation for Basic Research / $1.350M bogus grant [Thanks G.C.]
3324. Madam Susan Cole / Old customer (see #2765), new version [Thanks L.W.]
3323. Robert S. Mueller III / $10M FBI contract scam from Thailand! [Thanks J.F.]
3322. Halifax Online / New format phish, 2 versions
3321. GRAY ROGERS / $15M HSBC Bank funds transfer scam [Thanks S.S.]
3320. Sir.Graham Mackay / 2 versions of a Chinese Oxfam scam [Thanks R.W.]
3319. Uk National Lottery / Some more bogus wins [Thanks S.S., F.G.]
3318. LloydsTSB / Guess what? Phishing
3317. Wachovia Connection banking Consumer support / Yet still more phishing
3316. Halifax / Even more unoriginal phishing
3315. NatWest Bank / A pair of phishes
3314. Nationwide Alerts / Yet more (not very good) phishing
3313. GPS manager support / More phishing (Citizens Bank)
3312. Corporate One CU support team / More phishing but with a warning!
3311. Orange Votre Service Clients Internet / Phish in French [Thanks F.G.]
3310. EURO MILLIONS / A trio of bogus lottery wins [Thanks F.G., S.S.,R.W.]
3309. Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria / Payment scam [Thanks R.W.]
3308. De Nederlandse Staatsloterij / €925K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3307. CHEAP FABRICS / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3306. saadia rhourbal / EDShoes Global Trade HK Co. bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3305. Daniela Gerald / Euro-Million Promo 2008 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3304. Coca Cola London2012 Olympic Games / Bogus lottery [Thanks F.G.]
3303. Mr Mou Xinsheng / Bent Chinese official seeks help with kickbacks [Thanks R.W.]
3302. Natasha Sears / Vincent Reality - Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3301. AMCO CORPORATION PLC UK / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3300. TEXACO / $90.350.00 bogus promo 'win' [Thanks F.G.]
3299. MARK JAMES / Pay Western Union $300, collect $100,000!!! [Thanks F.G.]
3298. Mrs Manuela Di Loris / Action Aid International bogus donation [Thanks R.W.]
3297. Google 2008 Annivesary Promo / £500K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3296. Fondazione Di Vittorio / Plain & fancy versions of the scam [Thanks N.R.]
3295. / [Thanks M.S.]
3294. Ben Moman / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
3293. Chen Guangyuan / $17.3M Iraq oil scam [Thanks G.C.]
3292. Yahoo Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks G.C.]
3291. David Maldini / Italian crook with huge amouts of cash to move [Thanks R.W.]
3290. Microsoft Promotion / Windows Vista bogus Promotion [Thanks R.W.]
3289. Fondation De France / $1.35M bogus donation [Thanks S.S.]
3288. Shanghai Morgan Matroc Technical Ceramics Company Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks S.S.]
3287. Euro-Afro-American-Sweepstake Lottery / £10M bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
3286. Dr. Ibrahim Tunde / $10.5M in cash in 2 security proof boxes![Thanks F.G.]
3285. Cmec Hubei Company / Confused bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3284. Staff Sgt. Chris Sherlock / $20M in Iraq scam [Thanks F.G.]
3283. Mr. Luo Kai Fu / China National Machinery Company bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3282. Micheal Morrison / Morrison PLC bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3281. Kwak Tae-Hwi / $66M Daewoo scam [Thanks F.G.]
3280. Heineken Amsterdam\\'ae / $950K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3279. Michaela Bailey / British International Lottery bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3278. Angela Norwood / United Child Care Center bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
3277. Halifax / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
3276. Abbey National plc / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
3275. Daniel Breton / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
3274. UK National Lottery / A quartet of bogus wins [Thanks D.M., F.G., M.S.]
3273. Alex Cheng / A guy with a million bucks to give away!!! [Thanks D.M.]
3272. Timms David / Unclaimed cash transfer scam [Thanks D.M.]
3271. Barr.Peter .E.Larry / Lithuanian/Nigerian/Italian FedEx scam [Thanks D.J.]
3270. Thomas Smyth / $18.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
3269. Alfonzo Daniel / 3-part next-of-kin scam (see also #1724) [Thanks D.S.]
3268. Dr Edwin Williams / French/Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks D.K.]
3267. Maureen Grant Hayes / £750K bogus lottery win [Thanks J.B.]
3266. Global Markets & Investment Banking Group / Merrill Lynch phish
3265. Prize Claim Coordinator / A lousy 4 grand bogus jackpot win [Thanks R.W.]
3264. Halifax Internet Banking / More phishing [Thanks F.G.]
3263. Walter Smith / Shell Petroleum Foundation UK bogus donation [Thanks S.S.]
3262. Queen Elizabeth's The Sec II Donation / The Vittorio Foundation in disguise [Thanks F.G.]
3261. Internal Revenue Service / Tax refund phishing attempt [Thanks F.G.]
3260. Dongying Shengli / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3259. Holly Payne / Needs to get $20M out of Holland [Thanks M.K.]
3258. CMEC GROUPS / China Metrological Export Company bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
3257. Mike Adebayo / Pay $270 to get $1.5M! [Thanks S.S.]
3256. NatWest Bank OnLine Banking / More phishing
3255. Mrs. Grace Mark / ATM Card scan [Thanks F.G.]
3254. Brian Rogers / Merryland Chemicals bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3253. Joseph Yohanna Hoponu / Investment scam, no amount given [Thanks R.W.]
3252. Identity-stealing scammer / £6.55M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
3251. Bueno Technology Recruitment / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3250. Gerald R Noble / Barefaced, but brief, business proposal scam [Thanks S.S.]
3249. George Phillip / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3248. CITIC KA WAH BANK / $21.5M 'same last name' scam [Thanks S.S.]
3247. Nokia Grant Promo / £850K bogus grant [Thanks F.G.]
3246. Alfred Williams / FOREX bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3245. Frankco Iron & Steel Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3244. Mrs.Nazek H. Z. Hariri / Wants to move "some reasonable amount of money" [Thanks D.P.]
3243. PERRY COX / Has 3 weeks to live & wants a pen pal!!! [Thanks F.G.]
3242. Lewis Sheron Textile / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.K.]
3241. Sphere Energy / £36.5M bankruptcy scam [Thanks F.G.]
3240. Marina Litvinenko / $3.5M Russian scam [Thanks R.W.]
3239. Alexei Dmitriy / $100M Yukos Oil scam [Thanks F.G.]
3238. Dr Hamilton Shaw / Ningbo Aole global bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3237. Fidelity Foundation / $1M bogus donation [Thanks R.W.]
3236. Philip H. Essex / He has found $49.5M off-shore[Thanks R.W.]
3235. Overseas Credit Commission (OCC).London UK / Shipment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3234. West African Monitoring Institution / Pay $195 for a "hug sum of money" [Thanks F.G.]
3233. Dewey International / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3232. Crain Willis & son holding Ltd Group / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.W.]
3231. Barnett Hyke / Bogus job offer [Thanks S.S.]
3230. Association Of Charity Foundations / $2M bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
3229. Mr. Andrea Pontremoli / Fondazione Ibm Italy €500K bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
3228. Glass Tower Inc / LEATHERPLANET INC. bogus job offer[Thanks R.W.]
3227. Federal Ministry of Finance / $7.5M overdue payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
3226. Wachovia Connection banking Consumer support / Another new phishing source
3225. support team / A new source of phishing
3224. FedEX Express Service / Scammer's delivery rate [Thanks N.S.]
3223. WILLIAM MORIS / £2.5M 'legitimate' business proposition [Thanks R.W.]
3222. Williams Moore Law Firm / £1.2M bogus inheritance [Thanks F.G.]
3221. Xenex Technology Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3220. Saudi Aramco Oil And Gas / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3219. Ms Anna Wright / Next-of-kin scam, no amount given [Thanks F.G.]
3218. Broyhill Furniture, Industries, Inc / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3217. UKNL Foundation / £950K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3216. Martin Travels and Tours / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3215. ACCU INTERNATIONAL / £1.7M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3214. Keck Furniture Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3213. Guangdong Company / [Thanks F.G.]
3212. Qingzhou Foreign Trade Corporation / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3211. Ming Yang / $10.5M Chinese next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
3210. Online Promo / vodafone / £500K & £2M bogus lottery wins [Thanks M.S., G.C.]
3209. Federal Republic Of Nigeria / Contract payment scam [Thanks D.K.]
3208. United Bank Of Africa / [Thanks F.G.]
3207. Roland Davies / Roland Textile bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3206. Global Cargo Freight Services / Pay $189 to get $800K [Thanks F.G.]
3205. GNLD International Lottery / $650K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3204. Live Or Die Soonest / Excutor Don Jaja, the Hit-man, is back!!! [Thanks F.G.]
3203. Mr Frank Nweke Junior / ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
3202. Mrs.Hiromi Suka / Croaking, wants to get $13M out of a European bank [Thanks G.C.]
3201. UKNL Foundation\\'ae / £950K bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
3200. Luton Cosmetics / bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3199. Haier Groups / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3198. Groups Cosco / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3197. John C.Gerspach / $2.5M from Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese in Rome [Thanks S.S.]
3196. Steven Morgan /$6.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3195. James Freeman / Stock Trading World bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3194. Holly Payne / $7M foreign beneficiary scam[Thanks F.G.]
3193. Eurobote / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3192. Shrikant Khadilkar / Fondazione Zegna $650K bogus grant [Thanks R.W.]
3191. Star Energy Group / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3190. National Cash-Out Lotto / £915,810 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3189. Russian Foundation For Basic Research / $1,350K bogus grant [Thanks F.G.]
3188. DEAR FREIND / €2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
3187. Telmex Promotion / £500 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3186. World Internet Programs / $1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3185. Lawton Arts / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3184. Japan Arts And Crafts Inc / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3183. British National Lottery / 3 bogus wins [Thanks S.S., R.W., F.G.]
3182. Edith Robert / Needs helps with an $8.5M inheritance [Thanks T.G.]
3181. Smith Mark / TSL bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3180. Mathew Oldman / Has $15.8M and needs a foreigner [Thanks N.S.]
3179. Dr. Albert Kessen / $12.5M payment transfer scam [Thanks D.K.]
3178. Supreme Textile / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3177. AMR Textiles / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3176. Stella Sigcau / From Sierra Leone with $14M partnership scam [Thanks S.S.]
3175. Todd Williams / £12.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3174. Adams Childrenswear Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
3173. Scott Wajda / BMW Automobile Company bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
3172. European Prize Award Dept / £870K bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
3171. Citic Ka Wah Bank / $21.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3170. Nestl\\'e9 Foundation Uk / $2M bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
3169. Amira Mohammed / $15M security box scam [Thanks R.W.]
3168. British Gaming Board / £516,778 bogus win [Thanks T.A.]
3167. North Dakota Draw / Hotlotto Sweepstakes £500K bogus win[Thanks F.G.]
3166. Miss Mary Korolev / $13.5M Russian/Nigerian scam [Thanks S.S.]
3165. draw / Bogus UK National Lottery $270K win [Thanks S.S.]
3164. Anderlecti Mattioli / $650 bogus Fondazione Zegna donation [Thanks F.G.]
3163. BONL / £2M bogus British Online National Lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3162. FORD MOTORS PROMO / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks G.C.]
3161. VINNY ADAMS / Husband "killed in US raid against terrorism in Russia" [Thanks F.G.]
3160. ZENITH BANK PLC / Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
3159. BOARD / Portuguese/Hong Kong bogus British lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
3158. Bernice Taylor / Croaking and has cash to give away [Thanks F.G.]
3157. Advocaat A. Voerman / $12.5M partnership scam [Thanks J.C.]
3156. Mrs.Paklina Svetlana Ivanovna / $546M Russian 'tax invasion' scam [Thanks F.G.]
3155. Fundaci\\'f3n Germ\\'e1n S\\'e1nchez Ruip\\'e9rez Spain / $500K donation [Thanks F.G.]
3154. GNLD International Lottery / $650 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3153. Barrister David Singer Esq. / $31.1M bogus legacy [Thanks F.G.]
3152. Mr Chan Lee / China Unicom Electrical Company bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3151. NatWest Online Banking / More phishing, new format
3150. George Weston Foods / Bogus job offer [Thansk G.C.]
3149. Virgin Money Alert / A new phishing source [Thanks B.S.]

Received in February
3148. NatWest Bank / Even more phishing
3147. CitiBusiness / Yet more phishing
3146. Halifax Bank / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
3145. Ahmed Nasata / $5.7M African next-of-kin scam
3144. Mr. Paolo Best / Fadella International bogus job offer
3143. abelard mungo / O&V Brokerage Sp. bogus job offer
3142. Honda Company UK\\'ae / £1.75M and a free car [Thanks F.G.]
3141. British Web Promo / $420K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3140. Bremer Lotto GmbH / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks G.G.]
3139. Barrister Daniel Kelly / $10M next-0f-kin scam [Thanks D.M.]
3138. Jerald Turnes / British Heart Foundation bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
3137. Florence Benson / Hungarian with $12.5M scam [Thanks J.C.]
3136. Collin Oakley / Dog-flogging to random strangers (see also #1634) [Thanks M.K.]
3135. Richard Brown / Loan offer from lottery scam address in Liverpool [Thanks F.G.]
3134. John Hobson / Dalston Mill Fabric bogus job offer [Thanks N.S. & D.M.]
3133. Jeffrey Orogun / "Gimme cash or I'll kill myself" scam [Thanks F.G.]
3132. Peter Mbeki / Exceedingly brief business proposal & .jpg document [Thanks S.S.]
3131. NESE, ROBERT / Lewis Sheron Textile bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3130. Mrs. Flora Anderson / Charriot Award Department, £1M bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
3129. APPLE\\'ae LOTTERY / £ 700 bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
3128. Ronnie Littlejohn / Bogus Volkswagen lottery, £150 and a free car [Thanks G.G.]
3127. Westdeutsche Lotterie-GmbH / €1M bogus win & Claim form [Thanks D.D. & I.]
3126. Freeman Freeman / Hit-man spam!!! [Thanks F.G.]
3125. Mac-Santos Agency / Esther Young / Mr Emmy Wlison / Loan Sharks [Thanks V.K. & F.G.]
3124. Ashley Furniture Company / [Thanks F.G.]
3123. James Freeman / Stock Trading World bogus job [Thanks R.W.]
3122. YAHOO/MSN LOTTERY INC / OXFAM GB - UK Bogus grant [Thanks R.W.]
3121. Thelma Campos Kostadinovic / Investment management scam [Thanks J.C.]
3120. Notification Center / EC agent scam & Bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
3119. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Products / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3118. Heineken Light Promotion / £1M bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
3117. Google Lottery International / €1M bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3116. United Nations / Portuguese $100K bogus donation scam [Thanks G.C.]
3115. Lapo Investment Agency / Reverend loan arranger [Thanks R.W.]
3114. Paul Smith / Mystery shopper scam0 [Thanks D.M.]
3113. Barrister Richard Ahonaruogho / $36M Nigerian scam [Thanks D.M.]
3112. Tony Adams / Bogus job offer See also #2189 [Thanks A.S.]
3111. National Lottery / Chevron-Texaco Promo bogus win [Thanks K.H.]
3110. Manuel Alonzo / Fondation de France bogus donation [Thanks S.S.]
3109. Marygrace Genovie / How to Make $160K Every Month [Thanks D.J.]
3108. Canada Lottery Online /$500K bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
3107. Yingshi Global Exports Company Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3106. Multi-State Lottery Association / $2.49M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3105. National Cashout Lotto / £915,810.00 bogus win [Thanks N.S.]
3104. Bartolini Courier Service / More courier charges for 'prize' delivery [Thanks N.S.]
3103. Sgt.Jarvis Reeves Jr. / $9.5M to move out of Iraq [Thanks F.G.]
3102. Bob Freebury / A twist to the Orchard Vale scam (see #1772, #2552, #2841) [Thanks J.P.]
3101. Mr Gray Armstrong / Sachsen Lotto payment verification form [Thanks N.S.]
3100. Ahmed Oseni / "Reward for past efforts" scam [Thanks D.L.]
3099. Dr Donald Duke / Pay the delivery fee for $1.2M [Thanks R.W.]
3098. Mr Hiroko Jiro / Vague partnership approach [Thanks R.W.]
3097. James Dewhurst Fabrics / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3096. Italian Superenalotto Online 2008 / €1.5M & £4,146,742 bogus wins [Thanks F.G., R.W.]
3095. Engr.Sam Duru / $55.5M funds transfer scam [Thanks S.S.]
3094. United Nations / Payments to foreigners [Thanks W.E.]
3093. Nokia N'Series Promotion / £546,480.00 bogus win[Thanks F.G.]
3092. European Sweepstakes / €2M Bogus lottery win[Thanks F.G.]
3091. Wanlida Textile Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks G.C.]
3090. ShunDe Chinarich Electronic Co / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3089. Coca Cola Bottling Company / Misguided donation scam [Thanks F.G.]
3088. Online Email Promotion / £500K & £1M bogus Free Lotto wins [Thanks F.G.]
3087. Jesicca Harrison / Vaccine reselling scam [Thanks F.G.]
3086. Peugeot Automobiles Lottery / Confused bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3085. Huajin Steel Co.,Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3084. Mitsubishi Corporation (JP) Plc / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3083. British Lottery Board / [Thanks S.S.]
3082. Rubedan Ventures Ghana Ltd / Government of Ghana tender scam [Thanks T.G.]
3081. LINDA LAY / $30M Enron scam [Thanks T.G.]
3080. Desmond Williams / Has $9.5M in Sierra Leone to invest [Thanks J.C.]
3079. Jorgeb Diallo / Has $15M to move out of Benin [Thanks F.G.]
3078. Sgt Dave Godwin / He's stuck in Iraq with $12M, the poor sod! [Thanks F.G.]
3077. Vadim A. Petrov / Chinese Russian with $40M of Yukos dosh [Thanks B.H.]
3076. Lady Gloria Faducci / Dying & wants to scam someone before she goes! [Thanks W.E.]
3075. Anna Camara / Has "thurberclosises" and $18.4M [Thanks D.K.]
3074. Bench Group Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3073. UK National Lottery / More bogus wins [Thanks R.W., S.S., R.W.]
3072. Barrister. Williams Moore / £1.2M inheritance scam [Thanks F.G.]
3071. EuroMillions / Some brilliant but bogus wins [Thanks F.G., G.G., K.R.]
3070. Powerball Lottery / Lots of lovely wins!!! [Thanks F.G. & J.F.]
3069. Fomichev Valeriy / Russian scammer with very long tale! [Thanks D.M.]
3068. Euro million Award Office / €987,248,00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3067. Olu Benson / $300K Nigerian bank scam [Thanks F.G.]
3066. Global Lottery Award 2008 / $850K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
3065. HONDA National Lottery / £850,489 and a new car s [Thanks F.G.]
3064. Bunzl Textile Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3063. Abdullah Al-Gassab / Bomb-blasted Iraqi with $52M [Thanks F.G.]
3062. Heineken\\'ae Lottery / $500,000.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3061. Wells Fargo Online / Phishing attempt [Thanks F.G.]
3060. Microsoft Word Lottery / £5.5M bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
3059. moris jones / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.I.]
3058. Oxfam GB Organization UK / £800K bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
3057. Maxwell Delivins / International Gloabl Awards "550,000" 'win' [Thanks F.G.]
3056. Sgt Maj. Rick Turner / Has $8M to move out of Iraq [Thanks F.G.]
3055. Johnson Carl (Esq.) / [Thanks D.M.]
3054. Euro Association Of Charity Foundations / $5M bogus donation [Thanks G.C.]
3053. MasterCard\\'ae / Microsoft\\'ae Mega Jackpot / £6.6 bogus win [Thanks G.C.]
3052. Daniel Howard / Bogus accountant with £10M scam [Thanks G.C.]
3051. Bono Lottery Espa\\'f1a / €1.1M bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
3050. Graceland International / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3049. Patton Keith / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3048. Royal Textile Trading Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3047. Uk National Lottery / £1,666,667 bogus win [Thanks T.G.]
3046. Barrister Paul Odili / Pay $98, get $1.5M [Thanks F.G.]
3045. Ballack Mellisa / Bogus job offer from LT manufacturing company [Thanks F.G.]
3044. Irish Lottery / A clown who doesn't know Ireland uses euros, and one who does [Thanks F.G.]
3043. Dr. Mrs Laura Green / £1.7M and a free Merc! [Thanks F.G.]
3042. ANNONYMOUS / $900K donation from UBA [Thanks F.G.]
3041. Evans Smith / diplomatic gift of US$22.5M [Thanks F.G.]
3040. KEVIN ROWE / £450K bogus EuroMillions lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
3039. Roukoz .F. Hobeika / $18.5M bankruptcy scam [Thanks S.S.]
3038. Marsel Langbaum / $650K and a new car from bogus BMW lottery [Thanks C.L.]
3037. Dr. Abraham Nwankwo / Generic $10M Nigerian scam [Thanks T.G.]
3036. British Furniture Manufacturers / Bogus job offer [Thanks T.G.]
3035. \\'c9glise Catholique en France / $850K bogus donation [Thanks S.S.]
3034. Global Medical Equipment Co. Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks S.S.]
3033. Family Contacts / $25.5M South African scam [Thanks D.J.]
3032. George Williams / Bogus job offer from Williams Textile [Thanks T.G.]
3031. Office Of The Deputy Governor CBN / $6M Nigerian contract payment scam [Thanks T.G.]
3030. Ms.Cheung Pui Ling / Needs investor for "Fourty Nine Million US Dollars" [Thanks T.G.]
3029. Heineken Postmaster\\'ae Fred Bruce / £385K bogus lottery win [Thanks T.G.]
3028. ashley / "English barrister" with £12.4M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
3027. Tottenham City Adoption & Fostering Agency / £950K & 2 free kids!!! [Thanks D.J.]
3026. Duke Nzembe / Dying of cancer, has $24M to give away [Thanks S.S.]
3025. Tiscali Billing / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
3024. WINNING NOTICE / $1M bogus Microsoft lottery win [Thanks C.W.]
3023. Abbey Client Service Team / Further phishing [Thanks A.M.]
3022. Dept. of Evidence Removal Services / Dodgy service spam [Thanks C.W.]
3021. HSBC Bank / Even more phishing [Thanks C.W.]
3020. CitiBusiness / Yet more phishing [Thanks H.T.]
3019. Peter Wong / $1,350,000.00 bogus grant (in Italian) [Thanks F.G.]
3018. Apple Lotto Promo / £700K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3017. Dr. Snow White / Dwarf loans available @ 399.3% [Thanks F.G.]
3016. Vodafone Online Promotions / £2M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3015. Mike Andrews / The Public Warehousing Company bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3014. george mclenne / Bank employee with $30.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3013. Yahoo MSN Microsoft Lottery Board / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3012. Graceland Int'l Exports / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
3011. Zara Cook / $12M German next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
3010. Harley Hightower / Bogus Toyota lottery win – £600K and a car [Thanks F.G.]
3009. Charities Lottery Promotions / £420K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3008. National Liverwood Lottery Inc. / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
3007. Halifax Plc / Yet more phishing [Thanks H.T.]
3006. PayPal\\'ae Account Review Department / More phishing [Thanks H.T.]
3005. NatWest Internet Banking Support / A trio of phishes [Thanks H.T.]
3004. Internal Revenue Service / A tax refund!!! [Thanks S.S.]
3003. Alex Frank / "TNT" delivery rates [Thanks J.F.]
3002. Mr. Kelly Cross / Response to "British National Lottery" claim [Thanks J.F.]
3001. Finance and Contracting Agency / Bogus job offer
3000. Mr. Ken Smith / Response to a "British National Lottery" query [Thanks L.A.]
2999. Mr Bravo Ken / Anderson Textiles Limited bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2998. UK Online Winner / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2997. The Halen Foundation / £980K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2996. World Health Organisation Promotions / $6.5,million BPounds bogus award [Thanks F.G.]

Received in January
2995. Thomas Green / Some weird terrorism/money laundering related scam [Thanks F.G.]
2994. Roberts Brown / Russian with $22.4M Shell Oil scam [Thanks F.G.]
2993. City Lotto / £500K bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2992. charles west / A bogus job from TC Fabrics in the Scoffford Area [Thanks B.J.]
2991. Steve Thomas / Marvic Textiles And Fabrics bogus job [Thanks D.M.]
2990. Federal Ministry Of Finance / [Thanks D.J.]
2989. United Nations / ATM card payment scam [Thanks D.J.]
2988. ROLEX AWARD 2008 / $800K bogus donation [Thanks N.S.]
2987. Johnson Tokwas / Hong Kong scammer wants investment partner [Thanks J.C.]
2986. Natasha Williams / Croaking of cancer, has cash to give away [Thanks J.C.]
2985. Mr. Victor Achums / £25.5M Swedish/Spanish investment scam [Thanks J.C.]
2984. christoffel prinsloo / £1M bogus Yahoo lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
2983. Online Lottery Office / £4M bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
2982. Tasaki-Shinju Manufacturing Co / Bogus job offer [Thanks S.S.]
2981. Mr Mark Allen / abuse of the genuine British firm Convertape Ltd. [Thanks S.S.]
2980. UK NATIONAL LOTTERY / £1,850 bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
2979. Multi-State Lottery Association / $2,49M bogus win [Thanks S.S. & D.M.]
2978. Aussie International Lottery Award / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2977. Robert Merry / RM FABRICS & TEXTILES bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2976. USA & Canada / Asian Market exchange Company bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
2975. Henderson Mallick / Australian bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2974. London Scottish Bank Plc / Romanian funds transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
2973. Chiesa Cattolica Italiana / A million euros on offer! [Thanks F.G.]
2972. LAPO NIGERIA LOAN AGENCY / Anyone want a loan from a Nigerian spiv? [Thanks F.G.]
2971. Dr.Maurice Green / He has $75M from diamond sales! [Thanks F.G.]
2970. Mr.Guan Dangen / Nanhai Haohong Ceramic Co. bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2969. WINS / £1M bogus Samsung lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2968. Mrs Carmen Hart / £2M fake U.K Nationale-lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2967. Engr.Benjamin Akondo / He's in hiding with $6.5M [Thanks F.G.]
2966. SECRETARY PETER / $800K on offer via UPS [Thanks F.G.]
2965. Mr Edward Randy / who reckons he has £52,954,000.00!!! to move [Thanks D.J.]
2964. IRS / $126,784.80 refund from US IRS/UK HMRC[Thanks F.G.]
2963. KEN MATTHEW / Bogus job offer from WINGAS Companies [Thanks F.G.]
2962. Mr.Paul Wang / Chinese banker with $14.2M [Thanks D.M.]
2961. Adam Phillips / Stock Fabrics And Textiles bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
2960. Mr.Liu Yan / $19.5M transaction [Thanks D.M.]
2959. LEKSON BAKS / $15.5M funds transfer scam [Thanks S.S.]
2958. ITV Solutions / Bogus job offer [Thanks H.T.]
2957. Euro-PW Lottery / Toyota / Foundazion Di Vittorio / Replies to win inquiries [Thanks N.S.]
2956. Senate House Nigeria / ATM card payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
2955. Woosley Advanced LLC / Another bogus job offer
2954. Microsoft Corporations / £350 bogus lottery win [Thanks J.C.]
2953. Banco De Espana / Wants to put $5.8M in your account! [Thanks T.G.]
2952. Anthony Laurice / Euro Anglo American Sweepstake Lottery bogus win [Thanks D.B.]
2951. Ecoaws Donation Lottery / $500K bogus win [Thanks T.N.]
2950. Range Rover Automobiles Lottery / £500K & a new car [Thanks C.T.]
2949. John Martin Guy / Mr. #455 (2005) is still at it at another bank! [Thanks B.H.]
2948. MTV Networks / $1M bogus sweepstake win [Thanks M.K.]
2947. Buongiorno.UK Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2946. Iveco Motors New Year Uk Promotion 2008 / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2945. Church Of Christ Loan Office / Bogus religious loan spammers! [Thanks F.G.]
2944. Better Life Promotion / Two £500K bogus lottery wins [Thanks F.G.]
2943. Visa Credit Card / You might have won something [Thanks F.G.]
2942. Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH & Co. OHG / €1M bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2941. Beijing World Cyber Olympics Games 2008 Lotto / $500K 'win' [Thanks A.B.]
2940. Karin Gerber / "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONIRE" scam [Thanks D.M.]
2939. Paul Essien / Bogus laywer wanting to hide $19.5M [Thanks D.M.]
2938. Mrs Victoria Page Orphanage Homes / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
2937. Canadian National Lottery Lottolore / £500K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
2936. Robert S. Mueller III / A veritable convoluted scam of scams!!! [Thanks D.K.]
2935. Queen Elizabeth's Foundation / $500K bogus donation [Thanks G.A.]
2934. Stella Marvin / "A late Eng. has left you $7.5M!" [Thanks J.F.]
2933. UK National Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
2932. Weiqiao Textile Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks S.S.]
2931. Joe Beck / "My secretary has $800K for you" [Thanks S.S.]
2930. British National Lottery / A trio of bogus wins [Thanks S.S.]
2929. Bank Of China (UK) / Not so much a next-of-kin scam as a short novel! [Thanks J.F.]
2928. Barrister Glen Adams / Fake British barrister with next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.F.]
2927. Mrs. Caroline Brook / Euro Association Of Charity Foundations 'donation' [Thanks F.G.]
2926. Lotto Unlimited / £531,259.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2925. Uk National Lottery / Very confused bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2924. William Peri / $10M Liberian investment scam [Thanks F.G.]
2923. Donald Baldwin / "Multi-State Lottery Association" bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2922. Alfa Oil and Gas Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2921. sa game / Free World Cup 2010 / Two bogus World Cup 2010 lottery wins [Thanks F.G.]
2920. Christian Aid Programme / £850K bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2919. Hino Motors Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2918. Bradbury Crafts Holdings / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2917. Western Union Promotion / £250K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2916. Royal Bank of Scotland Plc '2007 / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
2915. RegionsNet\\'ef\\'bf\\'bd Online Banking / More phishing [Thanks F.G.]
2914. Bank of America / More phishing [Thanks F.G.]
2913. David K Howell / Follow up to claiming a bogus UK Lottery win [Thanks J.F.]
2912. Sandra Morgan / $5.5M of Liberian loot in Europe [Thanks M.S.]
2911. W.K MOK / $20.5M from a dead Iraqi general [Thanks S.S.]
2910. Kola Devis / $12.5M Nigerian scam [Thanks F.G.]
2909. Mr. Jeffrey Xu (Director) / Ruilan Group Holdings (HK) bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2908. Nick Obiora / $31.3M Moldovan inheritance scam [Thanks F.G.]
2907. Global International Lottery / £250K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2906. Lucky Union Food Co, Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2905. Chevron Oil/petroluem 2008 / $700K bogus lottery win
2904. Nwakanma Okoro / $9.9M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2903. Microsoft Award Team / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2902. Barr Jackson Lee / $17.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks V.A.]
2901. The Manchester/New Hampshire Powerball Lottery / £1.5M 'win' [Thanks F.G.]
2900. Pepsi Company Official Prize Award / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks N.S. & S.S.]
2899. Mike Tony / $1.5M coming via FedEx as 'africa cloths' [Thanks D.J.]
2898. Uk National Online Lottery / £850K bogus win [Thanks A.A.]
2897. Andong Liu / Sinosteel Corporation (S.T.C) bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2896. Mrs. Finela Williams / £1M Star Mega Bucks Award [Thanks F.G.]
2895. Loopy 2008 Lottery Promotion / $300K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2894. Irish Lottery Award / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2893. Anne Nanda Bates / Woman with $28.725M, poisoned by wicked step-mother [Thanks F.G.]
2892. Heineken Bottling Beer Company / £550K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2891. Consortium Garr Inc. / 2 versions of this bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2890. Thomas Bradley / Bogus job offer from Brad & Sons
2889. Abdullah Gh Al-Qassab / He's stuck in Iraq with cash to invest [Thanks F.G.]
2888. Honda e-Lottery Bonanza / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2887. Visa Credit Card / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2886. Mrs.Williams Rose / Bogus job offer from J & D International [Thanks F.G.]
2885. PROTON-Asia Researchers Group / £3.5M bogus e-BAN LOTTERY win [Thanks S.S.]
2884. Michael Wang / Bogus job offer from Dalston Mill Fabrics [Thanks F.G.]
2883. Rolls-Royce Centenary / $800K from Mr. Rolls & Mr. Royce [Thanks F.G.]
2882. Farida Eldau / Nigerian Gold & diamonds scam [Thanks D.J.]
2881. Mary Rensburg / Chinese scammer pretending to be a dying German [Thanks F.G.]
2880. A & E Textile Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2879. Hamad Ocalan Charity / He's croaking & has lots of PKK loot to invest [Thanks J.F.]
2878. Titus King / Cyprus banker with £30M scam [Thanks J.F.]
2877. The National Lottery / £4,556,043.00 bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2876. PayPal /2 lots of phishing [Thanks F.G.]
2875. Anti-Virus Update Notification / Bogus update spam
2874. Itochu Corporation JP / [Thanks F.G.]
2873. Yahoo! Promotion 2008 / £350K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2872. Lieutenant Colonel William / Marine with $25M loot in Iraq [Thanks F.G.]
2871. Oxfam Sec General / £150K bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2870. Western Union / Bogus £250K transfer spam [Thanks F.G.]
2869. Gen .Joseph Kone Guei / Pay $145 to release your payment [Thanks F.G.]
2868. World Health Organization Awards / £6.5M bogus award [Thanks F.G.]
2867. Dr. Henry Martins Chung / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2866. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL / $500K bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2865. Emerson Electric Co / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2864. Wells Fargo Online Customer Service / New Year Phisch [Thanks F.G.]
2863. Barrister Barnab\\'e9 G Gbagbo / $9M next-of-kin scam from Benin [Thanks J.C.]
2862. Lisa Upwell / £750K win in anonymous lottery
2861. Firewall Update Notification / Firewall spam
2860. Shell Lottery Program / $1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2859. Julia Flo / Sachsen Lotto €1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2858. Chevron Texaco Oil and Gas Company / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2857. George Har Kar Wong / Chinese banker witn 'unclaimed funds' [Thanks F.G.]
2856. FedEx Delivery Company / Pay a lousy $270, get $1.1M!!! [Thanks J.F.]
2855. A.C.F. / Unspecified donation from Dutch outfit in Hong Kong [Thanks F.G.]
2854. Moritz Roth / Bogus Swiss banker with $18m (he says) [Thanks F.G.]
2853. Peugeot / £300 & a car from a bogus promotion [Thanks F.G.]
2852. Bhagwan Anand / "You're the beneficiary of a package containing $27.5M" [Thanks J.F.]
2851. Morgan Richards / £1M bogus Microsoft draw win [Thanks S.S.]
2850. Mr Makorov / Lengthy Yukos Oil Co. scam [Thanks S.S.]
2849. UK National Lottery / £3M & £4 bogus wins [Thanks S.S. & F.G.]
2848. Rangers Group Of Company Ltd. / Another bogus job offer
2847. Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2846. World Health Organisation Promotions / £6.5M bogus donation [Thanks T.G.]
2845. Key Bank / More New Year phishing [Thanks F.G.]
2844. Herman Carpenter / $3.5M bogus Texaco/Shell Grant [Thanks F.G.]
2843. Queen Elizabeth Foundation / £3.5M bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2842. Michael Curtis / Action Planning International bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2841. Orchard Vale Trust / Bogus job offer (see also cases #1772 & #2552) [Thanks G.T.]
2840. The National Lottery / £516,778:00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2839. Deacon Elija Dire / Bogus cleric with genuine 2004 tsunami scam! [Thanks F.G.]
2838. Mr Jeffrey Zulu / $14.7M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2837. David White / Willy Joe / Pay $150/$185, get $800K/$900K scams [Thanks J.F./C.M.]
2836. Ample Fabrics Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2835. Health Care Products Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2834. Morris Peterson Esq / "Greg Marvins has been murdered" [Thanks F.G.]
2833. Global Traders Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2832. Senator Udoma Udo Udoma / The Nigerian govt. handing out cash!
2831. Mrs Barbera De Graft / €700K bogus lottery win [Thanks J.C.]
2830. New Year UK Promotion / £4M Dutch/South African 'win' [Thanks D.M.]
2829. Mr.Tony Ego / $131.2M Nigerian funds transfer scam [Thanks D.M.]
2828. Paul Egho / Very coy next of kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2827. / New Year phish [Thanks F.G.]
2826. Microsoft Email Award Promo / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2825. Ecoaws (Ecowas) Donations / $750K & $850K bogus donations [Thanks F.G. & S.S.]
2824. Toyota / A trio of bogus lottery wins [Thanks F.G. & S.S.]
2823. Foundation De France / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2822. Power Ball New Year Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2821. Barlays Premiership Promo / £1.7M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2820. United Nation Foundation / £800K bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2819. Ssg,Arna Fisher / Has $8M in loot to move out of Iraq [Thanks F.G.]
2818. Patrick Kemp / Greek bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2817. Uk National Lottery Organization / $4.6M & £516,778:00 bogus wins [Thanks F.G.]
2816. Free Lottery Sweepstakes / £500K bogus win
2815. Microsoft / £5.5M bogus lottery win
2814. Euromillion International Promotions / $950K bogus Spanish win [Thanks S.S.]
2813. Vodafone Online International / [Thanks F.G.]
2812. Microsoft Corporation / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks C.C.]
2811. Andrew Payne / Range Rover Automobiles bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2810. Lady Rita Mosley / $550K bogus promo payment [Thanks F.G.]
2809. ricardojgsantos / UK E-Lottery £700K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2808. Dr. Donald Morrison / "Pillanthrophist" or Swindling Pillock? [Thanks D.M.]
2807. Mrs. Virgil H. Storr / Pay $165, get a bank draft for $800K [Thanks F.G.]
2806. Mr Ben Duke / $5M ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2805. Westdeutsche Lotterie / €1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2804. Pepsi Group Promotions / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2803. Intelligent Finance / New Year phishing
2802. Dr Ernest Ebi / $15M Nigerian inheritance scam [Thanks F.G.]
2801. Mr wong shiu ki / Chinese 're-profiling' scam [Thanks F.G.]
2800. Acc. Dankwambo H. I / Nigerian inheritance/contract payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
2799. D&H Chemicals And Fiber Company / Dutch bogus job offer from New Zealand [Thanks J.C.]
2798. UK National Lottery / Loads & Loads of wins!!! [Thanks F.G.]
2797. Lotto Sweepstakes Xmas Bonanza / Dutch "1,228,704.80 pounds" bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2796. Irish \\'ae Lottery International / £755K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2795. Grand Prime Lottery / UK lottery scam from Hong Kong [Thanks F.G.]
2794. Hajiah Amina Mohammed / Dying & has millions of bucks to give away [Thanks A.B.]
2793. Mr.Larry Smith / Pay $180 for a $800K bank draft [Thanks F.G.]
2792. Barr Edward A.Cole / $5M Alexandr Litvinyenko poisoning scam [Thanks J.F.]
2791. Mac-Santos Loan Agency / Loan shark [Thanks F.G.]
2790. Deacon Elija Dire / 2004 tsunami scam [Thanks F.G.]
2789. Dr Williams Oka / Swift credit card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2788. Barrister Calton Smith / £260K bogus inheritance [Thanks F.G.]
2787. The National Lottery / £552K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2786. Mr. Alessandra Ceasar / Fondazion Di Rome/Vittorio/France bogus awards [Thanks F.G.]
2785. Microsoft Lottery / £250K & £1M bogus lottery wins [Thanks F.G.]
2784. East Midlands Heritage Lottery Fund / £855K bogus win [Thanks M.S.]

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