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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them. For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE

Received in August
1847. Lloyds TSB Online® / Latest phish format [Thanks H.S.]
1846. Mr. Scott Williams / Who has $3M to give away [Thanks D.J.]
1845. Frank Wilson / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1844. Xanga Lottery / £5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1843. Paul Franklyn / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1842. Eng Ijem Chukwuma / $11.5M of stolen cash in Benin
1841. Halifax Bank PLC / Latest format phish [Thanks B.V.]
1840. Superena Lotto 2007 / €1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1839. Henchoz Sanitaryware / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1838. Wintech Industrial (HK) Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1837. Online Mega Lottery / $500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1836. ACR FOODS / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1835. Part Time job Recruiter / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1834. Eco Bank plc / US Auditors, NY / Cash for Nigerian scam victim! [Thanks F.G.]
1833. Johnson Omoha / $23.5M in Ghana [Thanks F.G.]
1832. Mrs Ruth Marshall / Claim release for £552K bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
1831. NLF ONLINE / $500K bogus Japanese lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
1830. Fondazion Di Vittorio / What the hell is a "Donation Excise Result"??? [Thanks J.R.]
1829. Chinese Meturological Company / Job Offer Definitely not a scam! [Thanks F.G.]
1828. Mrs. Mary Parker / Another woman with cancer & loads of dosh [Thanks F.G.]
1827. INFODEPT / £2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
1826. Powerball-Wheel E-Game 2007 / $500K Bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
1825. Accu Lotto / £500 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1824. Williams Sherrill / Job scammer impersonating the RAC!!! [Thanks F.G.]
1823. Loteria Nacional / €1M bogus Spanish lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
1822. UK-LOTTO / £850K bogus win from Hawaii (!!??) [Thanks F.G.]
1821. Thuerigen Lotto / €1M bogus German lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
1820. Mrs Alicia Oboh / A money lender after business [Thanks F.G.]
1819. Liu Yan Mail Post / $19.5M Iraq war next-of-kin scam [Thanks H.T.]
1818. Julia Chen of Shenhua Group / Bogus job offer [Thanks H.T.]
1817. Accountant Peter Fischer / £5.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
1816. Alhaji Musa Al Amino / the new Comptroller wants to put things right [Thanks F.G.]
1815. Freelotto U.K / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1814. UNIMF / Another United Nations pay-out scam [Thanks F.G.]
1813. Toyota Online Lottery Promotion / £600K & a Toyota Prius [Thanks F.G.]
1812. G.Smiths / Bogus job offer from Enfosoft [Thanks F.G.]
1811. Carter Group plc / Bogus job offer to Americans/Canadians [Thanks F.G.]
1810. Payment Office / A $8.3M pay-out from the United Nations!!! [Thanks F.G.]
1809. Compensation Head Office / Please accept £250K [Thanks F.G.]
1808. Mr William Stein / Investment scammer [Thanks F.G.]
1807. British Online Grant / $5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
1806. Palmhive Technical Textiles Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1805. Mr. James Obi / James Williams / 2 Brief cash moving scams [Thanks F.G.]
1804. NatWest Bank / Latest phishing format
1803. Tiscali Billing / Latest phishing format
1802. Royal Bank of Scotland UK'2007 / Latest phishing format
1801. UK National Lottery / £100,983 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1800. Catherine Jones. / $45M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
1799. Mr Michael Kan Yuet Yun / Unza Group of Companies bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1798. Delixi Consults & Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1797. Netherland Lottery / €2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
1796. Euromillions FreeDraws / €1.8M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1795. Morris D. Vincent / Japanese/Polish $10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
1794. Terry Dickson / Terry Art World / James Art Inc bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1793. Italian Superenalotto / €500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1792. Interbritish Lottery / £3.7M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1791. Info Desk / Very brief bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1790. Ugo Chris / My secretary has $500K for you scam [Thanks F.G.]
1789. Don Newport / $26.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
1788. Fritz Colbert / Danish loans to 'offshor' clients spam [Thanks F.G.]
1787. Trend Exporters / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1786. Mr. Fong Edwin / 2004 tsunami next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
1785. Microsoft and AOL / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks J.R.]
1784. Warwick Fabrics / Bogus job offer from Sir Dong Wang [Thanks F.G.]
1783. Mrs. Marcia Oliveira / $500K win in random email lottery scam [Thanks F.G.]
1782. Greg Allen / "My agent has a million bucks for you!" [Thanks F.G.]
1781. Wenzhou textiles and fabrics / Irish/Chinese bloke with bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1780. Cheap Fabrics / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1779. Mr. Sonam Khandu / Banker wanting to move $19M [Thanks F.G.]
1778. Barr. Steve Nwa / Very brief $26.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
1777. Wujiang Wanlinda Textile Co. Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1776. Assorted Food Conglomerate / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1775. Mrs. H. Williams et al / Women with cancer & dosh to give away [Thanks F.G. & B.B.]
1774. Mr Song Lile / Chinese banker with $19.5M scam [Thanks F.G.]
1773. Richard Moore / Very quick French scam! [Thanks F.G.]
1772. Orchard Vale Trust / Lengthy bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1771. Asian Sportstoto Lottery 2007 / RM 1.393M Malaysia money bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1770. Mr Wong Shiuki / Chinese 'management fees' scam [Thanks F.G.]
1769. Hanson Textile Ltd. / Quick bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1768. Alen Distler / JS Integrations Ltd bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1767. Ricardo Kahle / £18.5M in Ivory Coast for next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
1766. Wesley Logan / "My assistant has $250K for you" scam [Thanks D.L.]
1765. / Another bogus job offer from Spain [Thanks D.L.]
1764. Dr. Barry / Spanish source, British bogus job, Chinese crook [Thanks D.L.]
1763. British Lottery Promo / £2.5M bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1762. Tiawan Taffeta Fabric / Another bogus job [Thanks D.L.]
1761. TNT Fabrics and Textiles / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1760. The National Lottery / £450 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1759. Dr Emma Ike / Modest Swift card payment scam [Thanks D.L.]
1758. Downloader Heaven / Unsolicited membership spam [Thanks C.W.]
1757. Global Trust Management / Bogus job offer
1756. PayPal / New format phish [Thanks P.T.]
1755. M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank / New phisching source [Thanks H.T.]
1754. Citizens Bank and Charter One Bank / New format phish
1753. Scotland Bank / New format HBOS phish [Thanks J.R.]
1752. / 2 diverse scams from the same source [Thanks J.R.]
1751. Jerry Williams Financial Investment / Dodgy loans spam [Thanks F.G.]
1750. Jim Mayer / £18.5M bogus investment offer [Thanks F.G.]
1749. Bogus job offer & next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
1748. Alliance & Leicester plc / Latest phormat phisch
1747. Bank Security Team / Mellon 1st Business Bank phish [Thanks D.L.]
1746. Vera from Russia / A sad tale from a spammer-scammer
1745. Merrill Lynch Business Center / New source of phishing emails
1744. Odis Connelly / BelsysGroup PayPal scam
1743. Bin Muda / $11.5M in Burkina Faso [Thanks S.C.]
1742. John Kevin / $15.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.C.]
1741. Issa Muha / Who has an abandoned $20.5M [Thanks S.C.]
1740. Jubril Ali / $10.5M in the Bank of Africa [Thanks S.C.]
1739. UK Lottery Board / £2.6M bogus win [Thanks S.C.]
1738. Lottery Notified Board / Irish Online Notification / A pair of bogus wins [Thanks S.C.]
1737. Yahoo Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks S.C.]
1736. Supersorteo Lottery / €1.5M bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
1735. Volkswagen Lottery Department / £150K bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
1734. Survey Avalanche / Bogus job opportunity [Thanks D.J.]
1733. Foundation Di Vittorio / $500K new format of old favourite [Thanks J.R.]
1732. Quadro Lottery / $1.5M bogus win [Thanks J.R.]
1731. Microsoft Mega Jackpot Lottery / £5.5M payable from Hong Kong [Thanks D.L.]
1730. Toyota Car Promotions / £600K & a Toyota car!!! [Thanks D.L.]
1729. Lottery Winners International / €1.5M bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1728. Mr Mou Xinsheng / He wants people to receive money for him [Thanks D.L.]
1727. Dave Smith / Assorted Foods Conglomerate Limited bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1726. Richard Brokes / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1725. NatWest Bank / 2 new format phishes [Thanks H.T. / ]
1724. Joseph Gnoleba / $16M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1723. John Cole / Vague next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1722. Louis Mbanefo / $15M Nigerian scam from Norway [Thanks D.J.]
1721. Microsoft Corp. World Lottery / Sir Terry Wogan will pay the $1M! [Thanks D.J.]
1720. Mrs.Mabel Wells / Cancerous woman with $4.3M to give away [Thanks D.L.]
1719. Martin Robbin / "100% Legit" bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1718. Microsoft Word Management / £2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.L.]
1717. Juan Wong / Mexican Chinaman with bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1716. Charles Isufu / Nigerian crook who doesn't know his own first name [Thanks D.L.]
1715. Rose Brown / Bogus job offer (see also 1711) [Thanks D.L.]
1714. Central Bank Of Nigeria / Professor Charles Soludo again from Italy [Thanks D.L.]
1713. David Cole / A job offer as bogus as the company address! [Thanks D.L.]
1712. William Moris / A name as bogus as the £12.5M [Thanks D.L.]
1711. Madam Susan Cole / Cancerous woman with $10M [Thanks D.L.]
1710. The National Lottery / 4 more bogus wins of UK lottery [Thanks J.R./S.C..]
1709. The National Lottery / The UK National e-Lottery / 2 bogus wins [Thanks D.L.]
1708. Mr Smith Johnson / J & S International Limited bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1707. UK/National Lottery Promo! / Short & sweet £552,000.00 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1706. Ricardo Kahle / $18.5M Ivory Coast next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
1705. Mark & Spencer / Bogus gift certificate [Thanks R.H.]
1704. James R. Olson / Bogus job offer from Italian spammer [Thanks P.T.]
1703. Olya / Brazilian spammer up to no good [Thanks H.T.]
1702. Patrick Woolsey / who's trying to steal $15.5M [Thanks H.T.]
1701. UK National Online Lottery 2007 / £759,100.00 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1700. MM Group Handling / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1699. Fondation De France / Only $1M this time (bloody cheapskates!) [Thanks D.L.]
1698. Yahoo/Microsoft Lottery Inc / £500K bogus win [Thanks J.R.]
1697. Patrick Chan / An Iraqi general this time, only $24.5M though [Thanks J.R.]
1696. Kinsella Management Services / Bogus job offer
1695. UK National Online Lottery / £715K bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1694. Loan-Place / Personal loan spam [Thanks F.G.]
1693. David Scott / Cheap Fabrics Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1692. RESOLUTION PANEL ON CONTRACT PAYMENT / Bare bones scam [Thanks F.G.]
1691. Mr Tom Bruce / GGS Textile Coporation bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1690. Sweepstakes International Program / Irish Lottery €2M 'win' [Thanks D.L.]
1688. Canadian Charity \'2007 num-162 / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
1687. The National Lottery / £836,243 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1686. UK National e-Lottery / £715K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.L.]
1685. Greg Robert / Cancerous bloke with $5.75M to give away [Thanks D.L.]
1684. Micheal David / Yet another bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1683. Sagittarius Professional Finance / More German loan spammers [Thanks F.G.]
1682. Fritz Financiers / German loan spammers pretending to be Brits [Thanks F.G.]
1681. BMW Automobile Company / £250K bogus draw win [Thanks D.L.]
1680. Micheal Ansah / who has $9.8M in a bank in Ghana [Thanks D.L.]
1679. Mr Michael Cole / Another bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1678. Arini Fabrics / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1677. Mikhailovich Andreev / $100.5M Yukos scam [Thanks D.L.]
1676. Michael J White / £20.4M bogus beneficiary scam [Thanks D.L.]
1675. Seidnaly Sidhamed / Another bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1674. Dr. Barry / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1673. / More Panamanian spam [Thanks P.T.]
1672. BancorpSouth Management / New phishing source [Thanks P.T.]
1671. Sachsem Gmbh Lottery / Brief but still bogus £100K win [Thanks D.L.]
1670. MM Group And Industries / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1669. David Anderson International / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1668. The Pepsi Company / €1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1667. Mary Collins / Dying woman with $3.5M to give away [Thanks D.J.]
1666. Chen Guangyuan / $17.3M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.L.]
1665. UK National Lottery / £516,778.00 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1664. Accu Lotto International / Unspecified bogus lottery win [Thanks D.L.]
1663. Allied Textiles and Fabrics / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1662. Reuel Khoza / $20.5M South African next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.L.]
1661. Dr. Mike Johnson / Bogus job offer not from user [Thanks D.L.]
1660. Micheal Morrison / Bogus job offer not from user [Thanks D.L.]
1659. Almac Arts & Crafts / Bogus job offer from user [Thanks D.L.]
1658. Dr. Barry Kelly / Bogus job offer from user [Thanks D.L.]
1657. Bryan Batey / Bogus job offer from user [Thanks D.L.]
1656. David Stuart / Bogus job offer from user [Thanks D.L.]
1655. Alexander Shannin / Alleged Russian with $86M to invest [Thanks D.J.]
1654. Joshua Edwin / Cash our cheques bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1653. Lottery Nazionale Italiano / €1M bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1652. Unza Group of Companies / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1651. Wahum Fabrics / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1650. British Petroleum Online Lottery / £1M bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1649. Antonio Fenandez / $14.7M South African next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.L.]
1648. Yahoo National Lottery / 'win' of 250,000.00 (hope it's not $Zimbawe) [Thanks D.L.]
1647. Cheng Finance Loan Company / Las Vegas loan offer scam [Thanks D.L.]
1646. Williams Oje / $49.5M foreign contract invoice scam [Thanks D.L.]
1645. Fondazion Di Vittorio / 2 x $500K bogus grants (see also 1560 & 1481) [Thanks D.L.]
1644. Mr.Mensah Bouteng / $8M in 'presidential luggage' [Thanks D.L.]
1643. UK National Lottery / 4 amazing bogus wins [Thanks D.L.]
1642. Michael Wang / Cash my cheques scam [Thanks D.L.]
1641. Major Cole Rutherford / £11.7M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.L.]

Received in July
1640. tillvan / Quick & dirty $2M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1639. The Microsoft World Lottery / £1M bogus win [Thanks A.B.]
1638. BMW Lottery / £500K 'win' + a car! [Thanks D.L.]
1637. Patrick Chan / $30M Iraq scam (see also 1401) [Thanks D.L.]
1636. Micheal Davies / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1635. Satronfex (Invest) Co.Ltd / They've moved to London (see also 1373) [Thanks G.D.]
1634. Collin Oakely / Bogus 'orphan home' cheque-cashing job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1633. James R. Olson / Bogus job offer from nameless international company
1632. British National Lottery / £590,983.00 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1631. House Of Bliss / New management, job offer still bogus (see also 1616) [Thanks D.L.]
1630. Elodi Williams / who has $5.7M in Ivory Coast [Thanks D.L.]
1629. LG Electronics, Inc. / Bogus $2M cash grant [Thanks D.L.]
1628. Microsoft email Promotional Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1627. UK National Lottery / Not very good £1M win scam [Thanks R.H.]
1626. Mr. Charles Kriskovsky / who wants an investment partner [Thanks D.L.]
1625. British International Lottery Corporation / £850K bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1624. R.K Gold Jewellery / More boguses, jobwise [Thanks D.L.]
1623. Scott Young / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1622. Mr. Sadiq Alman / Nigerian Swift ATM card scam [Thanks D.L.]
1621. Coventry Promotions / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks H.T.]
1620. Work-From-Home Ephrata / Bogus job offer [Thanks I.M.S.]
1619. MSW Mega Lottery / £1.8M bogus win [Thanks N.S.]
1618. Frits Seegers / A scam as long as a Harry Potter book! [thanks H.S.]
1617. Mr. Cole Edwards / A reply from Mr. 1479 to an inquiry [thanks G.R.]
1616. Frankie White / House Of Bliss And Textiles Industry Ltd bogus job [thanks D.M.]
1615. F.C. Richards / $10M next of kin scam [Thanks D.M.]
1614. British Petroleum Online Lottery / £1M bogus win [thanks D.M.]
1613. Nicholas Elmer / £7.5M next of kin scam [Thanks D.M.]
1612. Lloyds TSB Online® / New format phish [Thanks H.S.]
1611. Mr. Yukio Kin / Another bogus job offer [thanks D.M.]
1610. David Benson / Bogus job offer [thanks D.M.]
1609. Yahoo National Lottery / £250K bogus win [thanks D.M.]
1608. British Lottery / £1.5M bogus win [thanks D.M.]
1607. Fondation de France / $1.35M personal development grant [thanks D.M.]
1606. Lt General Richard Opene Morgan (Rtd) / $28.6M contract scam [thanks R.H.]
1605. UK National Lottery / £1,293,634 bogus win [thanks D.M.]
1604. Powerball-Wheel E-Game 2007 / $1M bogus win [thanks D.M.]
1603. Microsoft Lottery / £5.5M bogus win [thanks D.M.]
1602. UK National Lottery / Mrs.Lucy Baines offers 3 versions of the scam [thanks D.M.]
1601. Mrs. Rabi Aliu / Brief widow with £7.5M [thanks D.M.]
1600. Citibank UK / New format phish [Thanks R.H.]
1599. Rhoan / "Girl of your dreams" spam
1598. Julie Roux / who's offering 15% of $6.2M [Thanks S.C.]
1597. Europw Plus / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1596. RAC Motoring Services /bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
1595. British Tobacco Online Promotion / $5M bogus win [Thanks D.M.]
1594. Église catholique en France / $850K 'grant' from French Catholic church [Thanks D.M.]
Mr. Victor Spiff / African bank manager with $12.5M [Thanks D.M.]
1592. Paradise Lotto / £2M bogus win [Thanks A.B.]
1591. World Welfare Organization / $2.5M "to put a smile on your face" [Thanks D.M.]
1590. Mrs Evelyn Torrey / Another woman with cancer & $5M [Thanks D.M.]
1589. European Economy Global Lottery / £600K bogus win [Thanks D.M.]
1588. British International Lottery / £1M bogus win [Thanks D.M.]
1587. Lottery Board / £3,987,470 bogus win [Thanks D.M.]
1586. Vincent Garcia / He's sitting on £8,528,000 [Thanks D.M.]
1585. Peter Claun / A scam's £500 sting [Thanks D.M.]
1584. Sani Suleman / Nigerian crooks with $25M [Thanks D.M.]
1583. Microsoft Promotions / £850K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.M.]
1582. Mr. Ed / Contact info for a bogus lottery [Thanks D.M.]
1581. Halifax Online / More phishing
1580. Omron Corporation / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
1579. Irish Lottery / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks S.A.]
1578. Ken Robert / $15M in Burkina Faso [Thanks N.S.]
1577. The National Lottery / TWO !!! £750K bogus lottery wins [Thanks N.S.]
1576. EUROMILLIONS / £420K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.M.]
1575. Online Sweeptakes Programme / £ 600K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.M.]
1574. Patricia Hall Hall / Nigerian with $4.8M, she says [Thanks D.M.]
1573. UK National Lottery / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.M.]
1572. WINGAS GmbH / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
1571. Camelot / £891,934.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks D.M.]
1570. Mike Scoth et al / A gang of bogus job offers [Thanks D.M.]
1569. Skype / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
1568. Alliance and Leicester UK Support / The new general phishing format again
1567. Nationwide Building Society / More phishing with a big filler
1566. The National Lottery / £750K bogus win [Thanks N.S.]
1565. Ken Robert / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1564. UK National Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks D.M.]
1563. Camelot Lottery / Short & sweet £300K 'win'
1562. Customer Support Center / Attempted invasion by malware [Thanks C.W.]
1561. Mr Musa Guru / $6.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks A.B.]
1560. Fondazione di Vittorio / Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez / grants [Thanks D.M.]
1559. Mercy Benson / Has $12.5M but needs a mug to get it out of a bank
1558. Cheung Pui / $3.1M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.M.]
1557. Barrister April Campbell / £15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.M.]
1556. Irish National Lottery / Honda Award Office / £1.7M + £500K [Thanks D.M.]
1555. Elvin Gibson / Total waste of time spam [Thanks R.H.]
1554. Lloyds TSB / More phishing
1553. Interactive Lottery Game Consulting / $650K bogus win [Thanks A.B.]
1552. National Lottery Commission / £1,628,360.00 bogus win [Thanks D.M.]
1551. Australian Lottery Promo / US$270K bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
1550. Ningbo Aole Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd / $480K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1549. Antonio Lucas / who reckons he has a lottery ticket worth $815,950
1548. Mr.Michael Jones / Who's very coy about what his scam is [Thanks D.M.]
1547. Ekene Lawrence / Get $1.3M for a lousy 95 bucks!!! [Thanks D.M.]
1546. Mrs Rebecca Thatcher / who has cancer & 20 million quid! [Thanks D.M.]
1545. My Way / Excite Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks D.W.]
1544. Mrs Sarah Welsh / who has cancer & ten million quid (she says!) [Thanks D.M.]
1543. UK National Lottery / £250K bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
1542. Ray Pet / $11M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1541. Nationwide Building Society / A pair of phishes [Thanks R.H. & N.S.]
1540. John Herbert / $19,850,000.00 next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
1539. Sarah Maria Johnson / who has $10.7M in a trunk box [Thanks R.H.]
1538. Office Of Enrollment / Get a degree without doing any work
1537. Bank of the West / More phishing with a big filler
1536. Yahoo Internet Award / $520K bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1535. Sydney Car Centre / Bogus job opportunity from all over the world! [Thanks F.S.]
1534. Steve Sarsby / Business email harvester spam
1533. Halifax Online / Another phisch
1532. Toyota Cars Prommotions / $500K and a free car!!! [Thanks A.B.]
1531. Rob Edmunds / Bogus job offer from much-travelled bloke [Thanks D.J.]
1530. Chris Heggie / The weight-loss spammer has moved to Brazil [Thanks H.J.]
1529. Ali Mabrouk / $10.6M next-of-kin scam
1528. Mr. Jun Xinsheng / $16.5M 2004 tsunami scam [Thanks N.S.]
1527. Mr Mark Nikiema / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1526. Remi Remi / $16.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1525. HM Revenue & Customs / Income tax phish [Thanks N.S.]
1524. eBay / Disputed payment phisch [Thanks N.S.]
1523. Professor Charles Soludo / He's back but not saying how much is on offer [Thanks D.J.]
1522. Lloyds TSB Bank / A different TSB phish [Thanks N.S.]
1521. Lloyds TSB Group plc. / Even more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
1520. Tiscali Team / ISP phishing
1519. Regions Bank / Yet more phishing
1518. Royal Bank of Scotland / More phishing in 2 versions

Received in June
1517. ShotPak Vodka Energy drink / Investor Alert for a new drink product
1516. Baker's Foods Limited / Another bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1515. Sheepon Textile Ltd. / Mr Pyo Hong with a bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1514. Miss Kima Lioud / Mercifully bries $11.2M scam [Thanks D.L.]
1513. The Royal Bank of Scotland / Yet another phishing attempt
1512. Intelligent Finance / Another new format phish
1511. Uk Online Lotto / £250K bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1510. UK National Lottery Board / £750K bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1509. Free Lotto Sweepstakes / £500K bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1508. US NMA / 'Check for fraudulent meds' spam
1507. Regions Bank / New phormat phisch
1506. Lottery Board / £1M bogus win [Thanks H.T.]
1505. Global E-Lottery / £630K bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1504. UK Iveco Online Lottery / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1503. UK National Lottery / £2,462,462 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1502. PayPal Support / Yet another phish
1501. Euro Millions International / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1500. Michael Solomon / Very vague next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.W.]
1499. Suddeutsche Klassenlotterie / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.L.]
1498. The Irish Lottery Online / £2.25M & €700K bogus wins [Thanks D.L.]
1497. Bonolotto International / $1.1M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.L.]
1496. Microsoft Award Team / £500K bogus win [Thanks R.L.]
1495. Euro Millions / £420 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1494. Online Lottery Games / £200,172 bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
1493. Free Lotto Award Dept / £250K bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1492. BHP Billiton Plc / Mercifully brief bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
1491. Yukostu Chemicals Company Limited / Bogus job opportunity [Thanks D.L.]
1490. Telvin Williams / The sting from a lottery 'win' [Thanks D.L.]
1489. UK National Lottery / Triple £516,778 win [Thanks D.L.]
1488. Mr.Shing Li / Next of kin scam, no amount specified [Thanks D.L.]
1487. Collins Edward & Co Solicitors / $50.1M bequest scam [Thanks D.L.]
1486. British International Lottery / £850K bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1485. eBay Security / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
1484. Commonwealth Bank / A phishing attempt from the other side of the world
1483. UK National Lottery / DOUBLE £516,778.00 bogus win! [Thanks D.L.]
1482. EUROPW LOTTO PLUS / €1M bogus win
1481. Foundazion Di Vittorio / $250K for D.J. but $500K for D.L.
1480. UK National Lottery / £2,482,376 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1479. Cole Edwards & Assoc. / The Lord Cole Edwards QC's $7.1M scam [Thanks D.L.]
1478. CBH Qingdao Co.,Ltd / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1477. UK International Online Lottery / [Thanks D.L.]
1476. Microsoft Word Lottery,UK / £5.5M (!!!) bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1475. The UK. National Lottery Promo / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1474. PayPal Online / Another phishing try
1473. Lucky Day Award / $2M no frills lottery scam [Thanks S.G.]
1472. Engr. Elias Nwalem Mbam / $2.5M Swift ATM card scam [Thanks P.Z.]
1471. Mr. Michael Kelly / "Kerry Packer" next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.L.]
1470. National Lottery Commission / £1,628,360.00 bogus win [Thanks D.L.]
1469. Fred Gabby / Alleged banker with $15M for next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1468. Mrs Allison Robinson / Dying Christian lady with $5M to give away [Thanks N.C.]
1467. Afred Ismaila / African crook with $15M in stolen cash [Thanks D.L.]
1466. UK National Lottery / £1.2M bogus lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
1465. Barrister Philip Eze / $9.2M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1464. Mr.Tsai Cheng / Cheng Chemical Company bogus job offer [Thanks R.M.]
1463. Yahoo/Msn & Microsoft Promotions / £500K 'win' + sting [Thanks R.M.]
1462. Microsoft Windows Live / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.M.]
1461. Loteria Shop Nacional Award Español 2007 / €870,812.79 'win' [Thanks D.L.]
1460. John Edward / Self-confessed crook with $12.6M in Spain [Thanks D.L.]
1459. Euro Million Lottery Sweepstakes / £500K bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
1458. The Camelot Group / £891,934.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1457. Yahoo Info Mail / Colourful $820K bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1456. UK Oversea 2007 Lottery Program / £850,950 bogus win [Thanks P.Z.]
1455. Sunlight Fabrics and Linens Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
1454. Mrs. Abelinda Dedrick / Very clumsy Canadian lottery scam [Thanks D.J.]
1453. Fred Matt / The bill for a certified cheque [Thanks D.L.]
1452. Dobby Textiles / Bogus job offer [Thanks L.E.]
1451. Halifax plc / Even more phishing
1450. Nationwide Building Society / Yet more phishing
1449. Mrs, Joan Hendris / Extended conversation with a spammer [Thanks N.S.]
1448. Afred Ismaila / Crooked World Bank official with $15 to shift
1447. The Russian Foundation For Basic Research / Bogus grant spam [Thanks D.L.]
1446. UK National Lottery Award Depatment / £300,983.00 'win' [Thanks D.L.]
1445. Helon Masampu / Liberian lady with an inheritance to invest [Thanks D.L.]
1444. Europw Lotto Plus / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks H.T.]
1443. Asia Pacific Int'l Lottery / The win & the sting (see also Case #919) [Thanks N.C.] 1442. UK Online Lottery / £2,462,462 bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
1441. Paul Iwu / Nigerian Swift ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
1440. Microtrust Email Lottery / [Thanks D.J.]
1439. Nationwide UK / Yet more phishing
1438. EbaySecrets / Make your fortune spam
1437. Halifax Bank Plc / Another phishing attempt
1436. Aegis Capital Group / Bogus job offer [Thanks P.T.]
1435. Mike Moran/Edward Santos / Make lots of dosh spam
1434. National City / New source of phishing emails
1433. British Lottery Commision / Very colourful £2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
1432. Irish National Lottery / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1431. Steve Holt / Self Employed Loans spam
1430. Surf Lottery Organisation / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1429. Perez Ami / Self-confessed crook with $100M [Thanks D.J.]
1428. Honda Company U. K / £350K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1427. Air Travel Savings / Southwest Airlines spam
1426. Assorted Foods Conglomerate / Bogus job offer [Thanks L.E.]
1425. Mr. Thompson Williams /$20.3M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks L.E.]

Received in May
1424. Mr. Mou Xinsheng / Who wants you to 'recieve money on my behalf' [Thanks D.L.]
1423. Tao And Wang Associates / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.L.]
1422. UK National Lottery Dept / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.L.]
1421. euro millions lottery / €870.812,79 bogus lottery win [Thanks D.L.]
1420. Euromillion Loteria Espanyol / €250K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.L.]
1419. Ministry Of Information / Bogus 419-scam compensation scheme! [Thanks S.G.]
1418. lotto lotto / $2,783,000.00 bogus World Cup lottery win [Thanks O.N.]
1417. Toyota Automobiles Lottery / £250K bogus win [Thanks A.R.]
1416. Mrs.Rita Gilbert / Widow with £7.5M in a European bank [Thanks D.J.]
1415. Lady Toreth / Another dying widow with untold riches to give away [Thanks D.J.]
1414. International Donation Association / Bogus job offer
1413. Josiane D / Wanna get to know ya spam
1412. Michael Caldwell / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.J.]
1411. Issa Kabore / $14.5M in Burkina Faso for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.P.]
1410. Lotteria Management / Undisclosed bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1409. Richard James / Domain name sale spam [Thanks C.W.]
1408. Marketing Mentor / Bogus business opportunity spam
1407. Dutch Staatsloterij / Consolation cash prize of €550,000.00 [Thanks S.G.]
1406. Bryan Stevens / who has a Euro Lottery scam on offer [Thanks D.J.]
1405. Barclays UK 2007 / The World's Worst Phishing Attempt!!! [Thanks R.H.]
1404. Peter Fischer / $5.5M in London for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1403. Paul Winfield / $7.6M in a London bank, available for a swindle [Thanks D.J.]
1402. Jaroslava L / Wanna get to know ya spam
1401. Patrick K.W Chan / $30M Hong Kong next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1400. Mr.Festus Eze / $650K 'contact my secretary' scam [Thanks D.J.]
1399. Sherrie Mcpherson / A Russian lonely heart called Elena, not Sherrie!
1398. National Bank Of Kansas City / Fraudulent Email Alert [Thanks D.J.]
1397. Gladwin Sweepstakes International Promo / [Thanks S.G.]
1396. Visa/Mastercard Lottery / $1M bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
1395. & others / Hacker warning email [Thanks A.B.]
1394. My Way / Excite Lottery / $5.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1393. The Co-operative Internet Banking '07 / New format phish [Thanks R.H.]
1392. Collins Chidi / $14.5M in Nigeria for an oil revenue swindle [Thanks D.J.]
1391. Kayu Furniture And Handicraft Company Ltd / Indonesian bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
1390. Victor Dabi / $26M in South Africa for next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.W.]
1389. Chelsea Football Club / £1M 100th Anniversary 'win' [Thanks D.J.]
1388. International Prize Award Dept / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1387. Vivian Nana / Dying widow in Ivory Coast with $8M [Thanks H.T.]
1386. Dell Laptops / You Won a new Laptop computer! spam
1385. Rod Floyd / More Get-Rich spam from Panama
1384. Philip Twydell / Anxiety spam [Thanks R.H.]
1383. UK National Lottery / £1M win notification from the Netherlands! [Thanks D.J.]
1382. Bank of America INC. / New phormat phisch [Thanks U.1.]
1381. Yahoo/Msn Lottery Incoperation / £500K bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
1380. UK Oversea Lotto Programs / £850,950.00 bogus double win [Thanks D.J.]
1379. Free Lotto / $1.4M bogus lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
1378. Global Result / $820K bogus lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
1377. Cheung Pui / A Hong Kong banker with $24.5M [Thanks D.J.]
1376. Vivian Smith / $22.5M in Ivory Coast [Thanks M.L.]
1375. Albert Glover / who has $18.5M of Angolan loot to invest [Thanks A.L.]
1374. UK Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
1373. Satronfex (Invest) Co. Ltd / Bogus job as agent on offer [Thanks D.J.]
1372. Mr.Wang Guangtao / Chinese contract kick-back scam [Thanks D.J.]
1371. Halifax Internet Banking / New format phish
1370. Citibank Bank / New format phish
1369. Barrister Michael Alexandria / Nigerian scammer with Danish email address
1368. Microsoft Promotion Team / £500K bogus win [Thanks C.G.]

Received in April

ANOTHER CHUNK has been added at the end of Case #1347 Dr.Frank Abbot

1367. âøàåø / The official, global lottery agent spam
1366. UK Lottery / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
1365. The Director / Dr Phillips has a $8.5M contract scam on offer [Thanks D.J.]
1364. Jeannitta Langer / Russian-source "renewable energy" penny stock scam [Thanks R.H.]
1363. Frank Jim / $850K in cash up for grabs! [Thanks D.J.]
1362. The U.K. National Lottery / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
1361. AnYang Iron & Steel Incorporated / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
1360. Mr. Wang Qin / $15M for next-of-kin scam in Hong Kong [Thanks A.L.]
1359. Barrdudu Musa / Send $85 for your Bank Draft [Thanks D.J.]
1358. Abdul Nasser Naji / £7.5M in "a Offshore Bank in Europe" [Thanks D.J.]
1357. Bashiru Usman / $30M in Burkina Faso for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.B.]
1356. Heritage Lottery Funds / £500K bogus draw win [Thanks J.C.]
1355. Susan Morrison / Encancered lady with a lousy $1.5M to give away [Thanks J.C.]
1354. Leonard Danbaba / $40.5M in Ghana waiting for investment ideas [Thanks M.L.]
1353. Mohammed Oseni / $18M Burkina Faso next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.B.]
1352. Collins Kelly / A guy with $1.2M to give away [Thanks D.J.]
1351. Rosemary King / Allegedly encancered lady with $5.5M to give away [Thanks D.J.]
1350. Global Mega Fortune Lottery / $1.96M bogus win [Thanks C.B.]
1349. Aegis Capital Group / New source of bogus job offers [Thanks F.S.]
1348. TransWest Credit Union / Different phishing plan
1347. Dr.Frank Abbot / £15.3M next-of-kin scam EXTENDED DETAILS [Thanks M.D.]
1346. Mr. Tripp / Another bogus job opportunity (Americans only)
1345. Sleep Tracks / Canadian brain-reprogramming spam
1344. Mr. Koutaba Jean / $5.5M next-of-kin scam in Burkina Faso [Thanks M.P.]
1343. Musa Camara / $8.2M next-of-kin scam in Burkina Faso [Thanks C.B.]
1342. Noticeable / Spanish HGH spam alledgely from 79-year-old Brit!
1341. Chase Online / New format phish
1340. Abuse Team / Worm warning with a Trojan hidden in the attachment
1339. Agent Holloman / A couple of messages from a bogus lottery agent [Thanks A.L.]
1338. Tao & Wang / A follow-up (see Case #912 for original message) [Thanks A.L.]
1337. UK National Lottery / £753,437.00 win [Thanks D.J.]
1336. Joy Anu / Dying female Bible-basher with $12M [Thanks C.K.]
1335. Microsoft Promotion Award National Lottery / £500K win [Thanks A.B.]
1334. Umthingo Umthingo / $1.5m South African World Cup lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
1333. Patrick Chan / $30M Chinese next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1332. Tmobile / Target & Best Buy Gift Card / Spam gift offers [Thanks H.S.]
1331. Lux Capital / Bogus Job Offer [Thanks J.F.]
1330. Branch Banking and Trust / New format phish
1329. Mohammad Hayetiz / Another bogus job offer
1328. Farmer / Viagra spam, nice typography!
1327. Lucas Young / Charles Martinez / Lottery agent spams [Thanks P.T.]
1326. Ranking Positions / Website ranking spam [Thanks R.H.]
1325. Halim Mohammed / Croaking Omani merchant with $18M (He says!) [Thanks D.J.]
1324. UK International Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks C.K.]
1323. Mr.Tom Bello / $5M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks C.K.]
1322. Ferdinand Luke / Loot in a 'suspense whare house' available for plunder [Thanks J.C.]
1321. Mr. Nava / Bogus work-from-home offer [Thanks J.F.]
1320. Yahoo Awards Center / £87K bogus prize draw win [Thanks C.K.]
1319. Lottery Board / £2,532,137 bogus lottery win [Thanks L.R.]
1318. European Economy Global Lottery / £600,000.00 European Euro win [Thanks C.K.]
1317. MAndre Judson / Russian penny stock scam / nice graphics
1316. Phiri Aboa / Mercifully brief bloke looking for investment mug [Thanks C.W.]
1315. Global E-Lottery / £960K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1314. American Airlines / Airline ticket scam spam [Thanks P.M.]
1313. Halifax Bank plc / new phormat phisch [Thanks V.F.]
1312. Nash Mahar / Croaking merchant from Oman with $18M [Thanks D.J.]
1311. Barrie Martin / More info on a funds transfer scam [Thanks V.M.]
1310. Derek Jr Odo / $950K Millennium Scientific Computer Game win [Thanks S.G.]
1309. UK National Lottery / £202,201 bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1308. Staatslotrij / $1M bogus Dutch lottery win notified from Italy [Thanks S.G.]
1307. Award Promotions / £3M bogus lottery win [Thanks L.J.]
1306. Rev. Mac Adolfo / A charity donation of $650K [Thanks D.J.]
Received in March
1305. Musa Ibih / He's "holed up in Dakar-Senegal with $19.5" [Thanks M.A.A.H.]
1304. Award Promotions / £3M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.H.]
1303. Abdullah Musa / 10.183$M in Burkina Faso for next-of-kin scam [Thanks G.G.]
1302. Spanish National Lottery / €615K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.M.]
1301. Yahoo / £500K bogus promo pay-out [Thanks D.M.]
1300. Micheal Zao Sung / 30% "funds re-profiling" deal [Thanks D.J.]
1299. National Lottery 2007 / £600K bogus lottery win [Thanks L.H.]
1298. Royal VIP Casino / Yet more casino spam
1297. United Cargo Solutions Career Center / Another bogus job opportunity
1296. MagikJackpot Casino / More casino spam
1295. Branch Banking and Trust / Slightly new phormat phisch
1294. Barclays Online / Slightly new phormat phisch
1293. UK National Lottery Office / £368,500:00 bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1292. Miss Vivian Nana / $25.7M in Ivory Coast [Thanks H.T.]
1291. Lux Capital / A new source of bogus job offers
1290. Kaitlin Pettit / Curious "United American Health Department" message
1289. Omar John / $10.7M in South Africa in need of moving [Thanks A.B.]
1288. NLF Online International Lottery / $500K bogus lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
1287. Royal Heritage Lottery International / £5.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1286. MAC'D Promo Lottery / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1285. Roman Frolov / Russian scammer looking for bank accounts in the West
1284. HSBC BANK / New format phish [Thanks R.H.]
1283. Markus Burger / Cheap download spam [Thanks R.H.]
1282. Martin Johnson / $68.559M in London for next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1281. PANEXP Engineering / Crook in Singapore trawling for bank accounts [Thanks D.J.]
1280. Imogene Valentin / Another chance to get a degree without working for it
1279. Personal Enhancers / Let chemicals do what Mother Nature didn't!
1278. Slimming Spams / Some old friends and some new ones
1277. Casino Spams / All languages, all sorts of disguises!
1276. Dr.Isa Dagogo / Nigerian scammer after bank account details [Thanks R.B.}
1275. Princess Marieam Mbaye / $2.25M in Senegal [Thanks E.K.]
1274. Mr.Dahlin Stoor / He wants to give away $150K [Thanks D.J]
1273. Senator Luisa Estrada / $18M loot from the Philippines [Thanks D.J.]
1272. news winn/The Staatslotrij International / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G]
1271. U.S. Bank / New format phish
1270. The UK National Lottery / £772,906 bogus lottery win [Thanks T.R.]
1269. Powerball Lottery Promotions / £450K bogus lottery win [Thanks W.R.]
1268. BB&T / New phormat phisch [Thanks R.H.]
1267. ShoesSave / Some sort of Mexican information gathering scam [Thanks C.W.]
1266. Fifth Third Bank / Slightly new format phisch
1265. Kristina Orlova / Lonely hearts scamstress, allegedly Russian, Polish email address
1264. Halifax Internet Banking / A new format phish
1263. Chris Heggie / Bodybuilder / fat loss spam
1262. Enetonbra Alamieyeseigha / Cash 'starched away' in Europe & elsewhere [Thanks W.]
1261. Mr Kan Yen Wong / Mboma Philips / $12.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1260. Western Canada Lottery Corporation / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1259. The British Tobacco Lottery / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1258. British National Lottery / £500K bogus lottery win [[Thanks D.J.]
1257. Lottery UK International / £3.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.H.]
1256. Barrister Gabriel Danko / His secretary has $800K to give away [Thanks W.]
1255. Bank of America / New format phishing try [Thanks M.H.]
1254. NIkki Penrod / Cheap download spam [Thanks E.H.]
1253. Anon / Some sort of credit cards phishing scam [Thanks H.T.]
1252. Lashaun / Some search engine spam
1251. Eugene Hurst / Get the degree you deserve painlessly [Thanks F.D.]
1250. Chris Heggie / Get the "Negative Calorie" diet
1249. Mr Daniel James Shaw / He's back with a minor rewrite of his scam [Thanks K.B.]
1248. BMW Car International Promotion / £950K & a new car! [Thanks S.G.]
1247. Australian Lottrey International Draws / A miserable $300K win [Thanks S.G.]
1246. PayPal / Another phish [Thanks A.M.]
1245. Lotteryagent / Global lottery ticket purchase agency [Thanks R.H.]
Received in February
1244. Nationwide Building Society / New format phish
1243. Alma Monroe / Another "send us some cash and we'll give you a degee" spam
1242. MLM Power Team / Another Panamanian business opportunity spam
1241. Barrister Ben Mark / Spiv in Brazil pretending to be Nigerian with $9.2M [Thanks L.B.]
1240. Zudingo Online Promotions / £1.35M bogus draw win [Thanks J.W.]
1239. Jose A. Martinez / Dying Cuban exile in Dubai with $8.5M to give away [Thanks T.R.]
1238. Euro Millions / A lousy £420K bogus lottery win [Thanks T.R.]
1237. UK National Lottery / £950K bogus lottery win [Thanks T.R.]
1236. MMA Solutions / Bogus job opportunity [Thanks T.R.]
1235. Dr James Irabo / Bogus job offer, very short & sweet! [Thanks J.C.]
1234. Global Mega Lottery / $1,950,000 bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1233. Winter Driving / Nothing crooked, just a good laugh! [Thanks S.G.]
1232. Western Union / Phishing attempt for billing information [Thanks D.J.]
1231. Dudley Rogers / $24.3M plane crash next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.G.]
1230. Russian FDT / $1.35M 'grant' (see also Case #1222) [Thanks L.H.]
1229. Radius Group / A new source of bogus job opportunities
1228. Shipping Notice / Some other bloody scam from Panamanian spammers.
1227. UK LOTTERY DEPT / £480,152 bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1226. Mr. Fredrick Longman / Very cryptic, and unconvincing, next-of-kin scam [Thanks W.]
1225. UK National Lottery / A bogus job with the lottery thrown in! [Thanks S.G.]
1224. Barclays Bank Online / £1.6M from the IMF & the World Bank!!! [Thanks S.G.]
1223. National Lottery / A mere £600K lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1222. Queen Elizabeth Foundation / £3.5M bogus grant [Thanks K.F.]
1221. Interactive Game Consulting / $2.5M bogus World Cup lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1220. Norden United, ltd / These bogus jobsters just won't give up!
1219. Douglas LaLonde / More moonshine from a moonhop spammer [Thanks F.R.]
1218. FIC Ltd / FIC Financial / Bogus job offer [Thanks H.T.]
1217. Alliance and Leicester UK '2007 / This year's version of the phish [Thanks P.T.]
1216. Lady Peggy Morrison / Cancerous toff with £20M to give away [Thanks W.]
1215. Frank Thomas / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
1214. Casino Royal / Casino Spam [Thanks R.H.]
1213. Jewelry Shop Co. / Bogus business opportunity [Thanks R.H.]
1212. Assorted Foods Conglomerate Limited / International cash transfer scam [Thanks D.J.]
1211. Frances Ragusa / More moonhop spam (about Viewbar software) [Thanks F.R.]
1210. Vegas International Casino / $750 FREE spam [Thanks J.F.]
1209. Radius Investments / Bogus job offer / real estate investment spam
1208. Shurwood Wilhelmine / Windows Vista Business edition spam
1207. The Sponsor Loterij Awards / $1M bogus email lottery win [Thanks J.M.]
1206. Mou Xinsheng / Bogus financial offer [Thanks W.]
1205. Yahoo! / £500K bogus email lottery win [Thanks S.O.]
1204. Frank Songo / $2.5M in Sierra Leone [Thanks C.W.]
1203. The National Lottery / £891,934.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1202. Donation Europe / Bogus job offer from alleged Polish charity
1201. BB&T Company / New type of phishing attempt
1200. Microsoft Corporation World Lottery / $1M lottery win [Thanks S.G./F.N.] EXTENDED
1199. Nationale Postcode Loterij / $1.5M Italian/Dutch lottery scam [Thanks S.G.]
1198. Postcode Lotto NL / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1197. Jimmy Gamba / Another plane crash, next-of-kin scam, $15M [Thanks N.S.]
1196. Mr Assan / Plane crash, next-of-kin scam, $22M [Thanks N.S.]
1195. George Tete / $30M for next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1194. Mr. Christopher Hall / Mrs. Arafat wants to invest $18M [Thanks N.S.]
1193. John Smith / $14.5M; Mr. 701 has been chucked out of Viet Nam [Thanks M.V.]
1192. Eric Tener / London banker with £87M to move [Thanks J.M.]
1191. Brown Walter / £25M needs moving 'into your country' [Thanks M.R.]
1190. HM Revenue & Customs / Phishing scam [Thanks B.M.]
1189. / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
Received in January
1188. Delixi Consults & Co / Tao & Wang Associates are back [Thanks M.R.]
1187. T&N Fabrics and Textiles / International cash transfer scam [Thanks T.G.]
1186. Hassan Ahmed / $11.5M in Burkina Faso for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1185. International Prize Award Dept / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
1184. Staatsloterij.NL / $1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
1183. Internet Exploration Lottery / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
1182. Shadak Sherif / $18M in Europe for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1181. Freelotto International / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
1180. Helen Hillary / $10.5M in Ivory Coast [Thanks N.S.]
1179. Egg Bank / New phormat phish [Thanks R.H.]
1178. Nationwide Bank / Change of phish format [Thanks N.S.]
1177. Caprabocasa Lottery International / €310K bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
1176. Ferdinand Luke / Unclaimed valuables in a 'suspense whare house' scam [Thanks R.H.]
1175. Mosby Family et al / more 'money-maker' spam

A whole BUNCH of bankers from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso with tales of plane crashes and a chance to become part of a next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1174. Mr.Paul Soba / $10.5M, victim & entire family died in 1998 in a plane crash
1173. Dr. Sanou Bello / $10.5M, victim & entire family died in 2001 in a plane crash
1172. Dr Ibrahim Zongo / $15.2M, victim died in a plane crash in Cotonu, Benin republic
1171. Dr. Rabo Rabo / $25M, victim & entire family died in 1164's plane crash
1170. Mr. Ibrahim Wata / $14.5M, victim died in 2000 when Gulf Air Flight 72 'crashed off'
1169. Mr. Amos Zongo / $22.85M, victim died on 25th July 2001 in Concorde crash
1168. Mr. Hassan Farku / $30.5M, victim died in a plane crash in 2003 in Cote d'Ivoire
1167. Mr Ibrahim Mohammed / $14M, victim died in a plane crash in Kenya, East Africa

1166. Dr.Dan Abubaka / $20.5M from same German victim of 1164's plane crash
1165. Dr.Vincent Gift / $15M from same German victim of 1164's plane crash
1164. Mr Usman Kamal / $25M, victim & entire family died in July 2000 in a plane

1163. Mr Ahmed Bello / $14M, victim died in a plane crash Kenya
1162. Mr Abu Karom / Mr Usman Garba / $18.3M, plane crash on 25th July,2001 EXTENDED
1161. Mr, Abdullah Rahman / $16.5M, victim died in 2000 Concord crash

1160. Cma China investment / A load of Chinese investment spam [Thanks C.W.]
1159. Lloyds TSB Plc / New phormat phisch [Thanks N.S.]
1158. Award Notifications, Audi Company UK / £150K bogus promo 'win' [Thanks E.K.]
1157. Sister Fatimata Ahmed / Widow in Ivory Coast with $4M to give away [Thanks N.S.]
1156. Almed Bello / $25M in Burkina Faso for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1155. The Coca\'Cola Company / £1M 'win' in bogus promotion [Thanks N.S.]
1154. Info Centre, Euro Millions / TWO £1M bogus lottery wins! [Thanks S.G.]
1153. Gaston Miyakum / $22.2M in Burkina Faso for investment [Thanks N.S.]
1152. Zeb Titi / $25.6M in Burkina Faso for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1151. Harry Thomson / More spam, about lotteries this time
1150. Estelle Benson / A refugee in Senegal chasing $4.7M stashed by her dad [Thanks N.S.]
1149. Salif Mussa / $18.5M for Burkina Faso next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1148. Shadak Sherif / Dying Dubai merchant with $18M [Thanks N.S.]
1147. Zudingo Online Promotions / $1,350,000 bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
1146. Emanuel Bamba / $8.5M in Ivory Coast for a foreign partner scam [Thanks N.S.]
1145. Dickson Ben / $30M in Burkina Faso for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1144. Fidelity Investments International / Bogus 'mutual investment' [Thanks T.F.]
1143. The National Lottery / £2,696,385 'win' [Thanks N.S.] EXTENDED
1142. Nationwide Building Society / New format phish [Thanks R.H.]
1141. Halifax Bank Corporation / Another phisch [Thanks R.H.]
1140. Chase / A new format phisch [Thanks C.W.]
1139. Emanuel Bamba / $8.5M in Ivory Coast for a business partner scam [Thanks N.S.]
1138. Mrs. Suha Arafat / Mrs. 344 back with only $18M [Thanks N.S.] EXTENDED
1137. Issa Kabore / A lousy $18.3M in Burkina Faso for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1136. Hamid Aziz / $25.2M in Burkina Faso for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1135. Ramcco Oil And Gas plc / Bogus job offer [Thanks T.K.]
1134. Fifth Third Bank / Yet more phishing
1133. Miss Maria Denise / $18.5M in Ivory Coast (a similar tale to 1132!) [Thanks N.S.]
1132. Miss Titi Cherif / An orphan with $4.5M [Thanks D.J.]
1131. Adidas Sport World / £500K & a Golden Boot promo award!! [Thanks S.G.]
1130. Juliana Robison / €20.45M to give away in the UK [Thanks D.J.]
1129. Loteria Trust Agency S.L / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks J.J.]
1128. Mr, George Bongani / $10M in South Africa for next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1127. Heritage Lottery Fund / $650K bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1126. Bank of America / Even more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
1125. Nationwide Building Society / More phishing from Russia [Thanks R.H.]
1124. Professor Charles C. Soludo / A cash payment from the Nigerian govt. [Thanks C.L.]
1123. Jurgen Lehmann / Spam "Wealth Generation Secrets"
1122. UK National Lottery Board / £864,008 bogus lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
1121. Paypal / New format phish
1120. St.George Bank / New phishing source [Thanks B.M.]
1119. Woolwich UK 2007 / New phormat phisch
1118. British Olympic Games 2012 Prise Draw / £500K 'win' [Thanks J.F.]
1117. Mother Teresal Lottery / £600K from allegedly Scottish scam [Thanks D.J.]
1116. Mrs Ailene C. Base / $10.2M for Philippines next-of-kin scam [Thanks L.A.]
1115. UK International Lottery / £500K 'win' [Thanks S.G.]
1114. Claiming Director / The price of a €850K lottery 'win' [Thanks S.O.]
1113. Australian International Lottery Inc / A lousy $400K 'win' [Thanks S.G.]
1112. Dutch Mega Lottery Promotion / €1.5M 'win' [Thanks H.T.]
1111. Mrs Margaret Alamieyeseigha / $28M 'somewhere in Europe' [Thanks D.J.]
1110. Nokia Company Promo Info / 20.5 MILLION QUID!!! WOW!!! [Thanks S.G.]
1109. Maitre Solomon N'diaye / $35M Ivory Coast investment scam in French [Thanks D.J.]
1108. Barclays bank / A pair of phishes [Thanks R.H.]
1107. John Maxwel / $1M on offer in Swiss next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1106. UK LOTTERY INT'L / £891,934.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
1105. EuroMillions Awards International / €1.5M bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
1104. Barrister Henry Patrick / Mr. 955 back again, targetting Germany [Thanks G.M.]
1103. European Economy Global Lottery / 60 grand, £s or €s, it's a scam [Thanks D.J.]
1102. PayPal / Phish attempt via transaction confirmation [Thanks D.J.]
1101. Walter Ray / $10.5M South African next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
1100. Barclays bank / A detected phishing attempt!!! (by a Portuguese system) [Thanks A.M.]
1099. Graham / Some Penny Stock scams
1098. Kurt Carlson / Next year's Xmas presents?
1097. Paypal, Fifth Third Bank / Some Failed Phishes
1096. Harbinger Q. Antarctic / Loads of pills with pictures

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