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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
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British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

January-April  •  September - December 

Received in August
9502. Amb. James F Entwistle / US ambassador to Nigeria with scam [Thanks R.H.]
9501. ROBERT GOLO / Very shouty "thanks for your efforts" [Thanks R.H.]
9500. ATM Swift Card / Very interesting email address! [Thanks R.H.]
9499. Bank Of America / More phishing via account update email [Thanks R.H.]
9498. MRS SARAH LOIUS / Chevron-Texaco being generous again [Thanks R.H.]
9497. ADAMS BUCH / $12M next-of-kin scam involving a German (!!) Concorde [Thanks R.H.]
9496. Fondazione Vittorio / An old pal returns with more free cash [Thanks R.H.]
9495. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu / Nigerian scammer knows German [Thanks R.H.]
9494. FEDEXPOST / Parcel full of loot scam [Thanks R.H.]
9493. Godswill Okido / Bogus Nigerian banker with scam [Thanks R.H.]
9492. Gordon Pell / Couts banker (he says) with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
9491. Barclays Bank Plc London / Nigerian inheritance scam [Thanks R.H.]
9490. Michael J. Fisher (Chief of the Border Patrol / Busted scam! [Thanks R.H.]
9489. Mrs. Ishtar Kalif / Syrian poisoned gas attack victim being generous [Thanks R.H.]
9488. Pedro Quezada / More lottery winners being generous to strangers [Thanks R.H.]
9487. Michael J. Fisher / US Customs & Border Patrol scam! [Thanks R.H.]
9486. James Dimon CEO / JP Morgan Chase Bank scam [Thanks R.H.]
9485. Mr Mark Tumelo / Same surname inheritance scam [Thanks R.H.]
9484. Ms. Tracy Gregor / NSA rather than FBI, but the same deal [Thanks R.H.]
9483. Google Corporation / Wonderful prize from imaginary draw [Thanks R.H.]
9482. Compensation Department / Interpol on FBI territory [Thanks R.H.]
9481. oo / Woo! Similar scam to 9480 from Saft Efrica [Thanks R.H.]
9480. LAFCU / Credit Union with inheritance/contract scam [Thanks R.H.]
9479. Deacon Brian & Barbara Robert / Answer the questions and get rich! [Thanks C.W.]
9478. Majid Al Futtaim / Islamist investment business opportunity [Thanks C.W.]
9477. Dr.Evans Egobia / Dr. Ebola wants somewhere to stash $35M [Thanks R.H.]
9476. Mr. Sung LEE / Shouty Chinese banker with investment scam [Thanks R.H.]
9475. Mr. Philip Palmer / Bent employee of storage firm with scam [Thanks R.H.]
9474. Raymond Buxton Foundation / More cash being given away: $1M [Thanks R.H.]
9473. Sweep Stake Promo / $5M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
9472. Mr. Dennis Mark / Questions, questions, for $7M [Thanks R.H.]
9471. W.U.M.T. / The UN handing out cash to relieve poverty again [Thanks R.H.]
9470. Ambassador David Jackson / Excited & incoherent with caps lock on [Thanks R.H.]
9469. James West / £9.8M inheritance! Woo-hoo! [Thanks R.H.]
9468. TNT / Explosive reminder about ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
9467. Navy Federal Credit Union / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
9466. Davis Textiles Ltd / Job offer to random stranger on internet? [Thanks R.H.]
9465. Discover Card / The old phish leaping again [Thanks R.H.]
9464. Liliane Bettencourt / Giving away money! Thanks v. much! [Thanks R.H.]
9463. Microsoft National Lotto / Thank you for your generosity, Bill. [Thanks R.H.]
9462. Ms. Carman L. Lapointe / IMF boss doing a Mueller III [Thanks R.H.]
9461. Bernard Bill / A load of "thanks for your efforts on my behalf" spam [Thanks R.H.]
9460. Sene Catherine / Catherine has a rather scrambled scam on offer [Thanks R.H.]
9459. Matt Skill / "Get very rich" spam [Thanks R.H.]
9458. Shell and Repsol / "Best Consumer" award from Spain (or Brazil) [Thanks R.H.]
9457. David C. Lee / Descendant of Robert E. with $3-4M airport scam [Thanks R.H.]

Received in July
9456. Dr.Shamsudeen C.Usman / "Sham" being the operative word! [Thanks R.H.]
9455. Lt Gen R Caslen Jr / Highest military rank yet used by a scammer! says R.H.
9454. Washington Federal Bank / More of the dreaded "banksters" in action [Thanks R.H.]
9453. Mrs Tanner Williams / Overdue payment, anti-fraud fraud [Thanks R.H.]
9452. Daniel Jones / "Did you authorize" scam [Thanks R.H.]
9451. Lawson & Counselors At Law / Bogus lawyer with $950K scam [Thanks R.H.]
9450. Mrs Wendy Charty Work/Home / Scam Work/Home more like [Thanks R.H.]
9449. Tax Defense Now / Yeah, don't pay any tax [Thanks R.H.]
9448. Darren Deems / A spot of email account phishing [Thanks R.H.]
9447. TalkTalk / Help! I'm being phished! [Thanks J.F.]
9446. Toyota Lottery Promotion / $2.5M and a brand new car [Thanks R.H.]
9445. The Presidency / Of Nigeria, so it's a scam [Thanks R.H.]
9444. Powerball Lottery Announcement / $275 MILLION win !!!! [Thanks R.H.]
9443. Deutsche Bank / Some phishing in German [Thanks R.H.]
9442. ake hinner / Want to win the lottery? Help is at hand! [Thanks C.W.]
9441. Ali Ibrahim / $18.5M in Iraq needs shifting [Thanks C.W.]
9440. Facebook Online Lottery Programme 2014 / Big name, all bogus [Thanks R.H.]
9439. David Coleman / US Treasury Dept. benefit scammer [Thanks R.H.]
9438. CapitalOne / The old Phishing Gear deployed again [Thanks R.H.]
9437. ROBERT S. MUELLER, III / Rotten head Fed imposter! [Thanks R.H.]
9436. Dr.Hans Dominic / Giving away a MasterCard worth $950K [Thanks R.H.]
9435. Barclays Bank of England / Everyone at the bank with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
9434. Dr.Thanaporn Deng / Asia Pacific Lottery win!! [Thanks R.H.]
9433. Mrs Linda Shirley / The Lord Chosen One sent to 100 email addresses!! [Thanks R.H.]
9432. Western union Payout Center / $1.5M from Malaysia [Thanks R.H.]
9431. Compensation Committee / For what, "Elvis" doesn't say [Thanks R.H.]
9430. Godwin Emefiele / New CB of Nigeria boss with scam [Thanks R.H.]
9429. Dr.Ghazwan Murhaf / Syria is a conflict zone, so here's a scammer with loot [Thanks R.H.]
9428. Dr. Vincent Ubah / "intense polity" and ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
9427. Brian Edward / Bogus banker with dodgy deal [Thanks R.H.]
9426. S T CHANG / Chinese Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
9425. Stephen Ali / Thanks for past help, now I plan to swindle you! [Thanks R.H.]
9424. Microsoft National Lotto / Uncle Bill & Co. being generous again [Thanks R.H.]
9423. Apple Support / Phishers at it again [Thanks R.H.]
9422. Daniel Wilk / Very quick $2M donation [Thanks R.H.]
9421. Illuminati / The World's Greatest Offer!! [Thanks R.H.]
9420. Dr Liu Tang / Another "obscured" business suggestion [Thanks R.H.]
9419. Ghazwan Murhaf / Former Syrian financial consultant with scam [Thanks R.H.]

Received in June
9418. FBI Director Mr Robert.S.Mueller / Like Dracula, risen from the grave? [Thanks R.H.]
9417. Promotions Manager / $1.5 Million bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
9416. Dr Liu Tang / His secret identity is a general in Ghana [Thanks R.H.]
9415. Capt John Anthony / There are still US troops looting Iraq, apparently [Thanks R.H.]
9414. HR / Bogus $250-a-time job offer [Thanks R.H.]
9413. Mr Saad Al Muhannadi / The Qatar Foundation being generous [Thanks R.H.]
9412. Steve Poellot / Bogus Chinese banker with $37M deal [Thanks R.H.]
9411. Geraint Evans / of "Health Education Yorkshire & The Humber" [Thanks R.H.]
9410. Mrs Sarah Loius / Chevron/Texaco related delivery fee scam [Thanks R.H.]
9409. First Bank Of Nigeria Plc / It's run by the Rev. Mike Donald Duck!! [Thanks R.H.]
9408. HM-TREASURY UK / Uncle George Osborne being generous! [Thanks R.H.]
9407. Sohn, Sung Woo / BBC news-related scam [Thanks R.H.]
9406. Darly & Locke Partners / Bogus barristers touting dead engineer [Thanks R.H.]
9405. Fatima Evangelio / Terrible tale but she has ℏ4.5M to keep her warm [Thanks R.H.]
9404. John Edward / He's a "stop at nothing" kind of guy! [Thanks R.H.]
9403. Dr. Mrs. Veronica Wilson / $1.5M compensation from Nigeria [Thanks R.H.]
9402. Martins Delikane / $16.7M next-of-kin scam on offer [Thanks C.W.]
9401. Western Union Money Transfer / $50K scam victim compenation on offer [Thanks C.W.]
9400. MRS. MA KIM Woo-JUNG /Korean lady with $150M in secret funds! [Thanks R.H.]
9399. Gen. Peter Olu / Nigerian general giving cash away! [Thanks R.H.]
9398. Mr. James B. Comey / The new FBI boss with a $350 scam [Thanks R.H.]
9397. Desk of Sang Kuang & Ng / Dead client with cash to loot [Thanks R.H.]
9396. Admin Staff / The Heir Hunters sounds like a new Discovery programme! [Thanks R.H.]
9395. Juan Carlos Restrepo / "Are you still alive?" asks the IMF x 2 [Thanks R.H.]
9394. Miss Donna Gwen / FBI in $380 delivery fee scam [Thanks R.H.]
9393. David Mckay / Canadian investment big-shot with deal [Thanks R.H.]
9392. U.N. Compensation / That mob being generous again (not) [Thanks R.H.]
9391. MRS. MA KIM Woo-JUNG / Rich Korean lady after a relationship [Thanks R.H.]
9390. YourSummerRewards / Scam based on [Thanks R.H.]
9389. Barclays Bank Plc / ATM card scam from the Saudia Arabia branch [Thanks R.H.]
9388. CitiBank / Very basis phish [Thanks R.H.]
9387. Linda Smith / Wow! $500 MILLION up for grabs! [and "Linda" is a bloke!] [Thanks R.H.]
9386. Grey Tracy (NHS ENGLAND) / Bogus business proposal [Thanks R.H.]
9385. Mr.Peter E.Diuff / Don't tell them there's money in the box! [Thanks R.H.]
9384. Mrs Justina Ivan Mark / Scam victim compensated scam [Thanks R.H.]
9383. Howard Maxim / Very brief, giving nothing away [Thanks R.H.]
9382. Sir. John Major / Ex-prime minister, gone to the UN but not forgotten! [Thanks C.W.]
9381. Eric Bold / Dodgy secret shopper job [Thanks C.W.]
9380. Oforkansi John / $1.5M inheritance from Benin [Thanks C.W.]
9379. Mrs. Kamal / Engineer's dying widow, $29M to unload [Thanks R.H.]

Received in May
9378. Judiciary of England and Wales / Judges? Can't be crooks! [Thanks R.H.]
9377. United Nations / $100K Hopeless Dreams repayment for just $185 [Thanks R.H.]
9376. Dr. John Paul / $12.5M Iraq contractor scam [Thanks R.H.]
9375. Mrs. Blessing Ngozi / Overdue payment with interest scam [Thanks R.H.]
9374. Ms Farah Rahman / Has lots of cash, wants someone honest to invest it [Thanks R.H.]
9373. Francis Dube / $9.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
9372. FBI OFFICE / The Feds are running a lottery!! Prize will cost you $99 [Thanks R.H.]
9371.; also IT@ and HELPDESK@ / Phish [Thanks R.H.]
9370. Foreign Affairs Ministry / Share in an over-invoiced contract scam [Thanks R.H.]
9369. Miguel Martinez Moreno / Bogus Spanish lawyer with scam [Thanks R.H.]
9368. Niu Zhiming / Private Chinese bankster with scam [Thanks R.H.]
9367. Office Of The Governor / "Get out of gaol free" card? [Thanks R.H.]
9366. IRS Compromise / Tax breaks for Americans [Thanks R.H.]
9365. U.S ambassador to Nigeria / Really? Okay, we believe you [Thanks R.H.]
9364. Zenith Bank / We're diplomats, not crooks. Honest! [Thanks R.H.]
9363. Apple.Deals / Believe that and you'll believe anything [Thanks R.H.]
9362. Mr Ibrahim Lamorde / Another blatant & unashamed Nigerian [Thanks R.H.]
9361. Erin Wetzel / UN-related compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
9360. The Central Bank of Nigeria / Does anyone believe anything from Nigeria? [Thanks R.H.]
9359. James Cally / "Would you mind looking after 87 million quid?" [Thanks G.R.]
9358. Mr. Tarry Gabriel / Wow! A parcel stuffed with $2.5M!! [Thanks G.R.]
9357. Bob Hurd / Spurious job vacancy email [Thanks H.T.]
9356. Viviane Jackson / American "lady" studying at Oxford seeks friend [Thanks H.T.]
9355. Alan / A spot of sales spam [Thanks C.W.]
9354. Mr. Mike Zulu / I remember his film well . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9353. Mr Mark Watson / The old "Thanks for your assistance" trick [Thanks R.H.]
9352. Mr. James Aboniki / Bent bank manager in Ghana with dodgy deal [Thanks R.H.]
9351. Nguyen Duc Kien / Vietnamese football club owner with dodgy deal [Thanks R.H.]
9350. FBI OFFICE USA / There's only one in the whole of America?? [Thanks R.H.]
9349. Mr. Guopeng Li / Chinese-Brazilian with one-liner scam [Thanks R.H.]
9348. USAA / And yet more [Thanks R.H.]
9347. Discover Card / More of the shoal of Phish [Thanks R.H.]
9346. CitiBank Approval / More phish food [Thanks R.H.]
9345. Deans Court Chambers / Bogus lawyers with a generous late client [Thanks R.H.]
9344. America Online Co-Ordinators / A "massage" from another bunch of Americans [Thanks R.H.]
9343. Coca Cola Company / Another bunch of generous Americans [Thanks R.H.]
9342. Microsoft Award Notification / Uncle Bill's bunch being generous again [Thanks R.H.]
9341. Mrs. Sarah Alade / The entire Bank of Nigeria in apology mode [Thanks R.H.]
9340. BMWAUTOMOBILELOTTERY / A "Prestigoius Ward" ??? [Thanks R.H.]
9339. Gareth Bull / Lottery winner being generous [Thanks R.H.]
9338. Free Lotto / Yet another unexpected lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
9337. MR.AUSTIN EJI / He's Nigerian, so it must be a scam . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9336. National Polling Services / totally gorgeous email address!! [Thanks R.H.]
9335. Wells Fargo / A spot of the old phishing [Thanks R.H.]
9334. Deborah Herman / Has cancer and lots of cash to unload [Thanks R.H.]
9333. Gillian Adrian Bayford / Still giving despite splitting up [Thanks R.H.]
9332. Facebook Promo / Wow! They're giving away $500,000!! [Thanks R.H.]
9331. Mrs. Linda Rosex / Dying of cancer and her laywers keep croaking [Thanks R.H.]
9330. Pastor Gail Cherry / Pay $150 delivery for a $1M ATM card [Thanks R.H.]
9329. Fountain Law Chambers / Bogus lawyers with bogus charity gift [Thanks C.W.]
9328. Clifford Saravanan / Alleged Malaysian with an alleged $20M [Thanks C.W.]
9327. Tunde Philip / The old "are you dead or alive" routine [Thanks C.W.]
9326. Bank Of America / Here's an account with $10.5M for you! [Thanks R.H.]
9325. Federal Bureau of Investigation / The Feds just go on giving and giving [Thanks R.H.]
9324. Beth / Life insurance scam/span [Thanks R.H.]
9323. Clinton / Tax scam (not by Bill, surely?) [Thanks R.H.]
9322. TOTAL OIL AND GAS LTD / Proposition from a guy called "scoth"!! [Thanks R.H.]

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