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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

May - August  •  September - December 

Received in April
9321. Mrs Jany / Bogus Christian claiming she has $11M to give away [Thanks R.H.]
9320. Sir George Graham / Bogus knight with all-purpose scam [Thanks R.H.]
9319. Scotiabank / A whole lotta phishing goin' on [Thanks R.H.]
9318. Mr. E.F Michael / Bloke with crumbling business and $12M [Thanks R.H.]
9317. Davis Textiles Ltd. / Bogus part-time job offer [Thanks R.H.]
9316. Mrs Helen Clark / UN-based scam victim scam [Thanks R.H.]
9315. NETWORK SECURITY / Phishing, identity theft, whatever . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9314. Mr. Noel Dickosn / Another Euromillions-related lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
9313. BMW Lottery Department / Loads of cash and another free car [Thanks R.H.]
9312. MR TONY / Bogus South African banker with TOP SECRET deal [Thanks R.H.]
9311. United Pay Desk / $1.5M ATM card scam [Thanks R.H.]
9310. Neil Trotter / £980K Euromillions winner swindle [Thanks R.H.]
9309. Lee Ju Yeol / Bogus Korean banker with $11.5M scam [Thanks C.W.]
9308. Americas And European Union Office International / Like as if! [Thanks C.W.]
9307. Mrs. Susan Shabangu / Widow of "penny pinched" Congolese boss [Thanks C.W.]
9306. Tax Relief Notice / These guys don't give up!! [Thanks R.H.]
9305. Tax comfort / Tax relief phish fraud [Thanks R.H.]
9304. BMW Lottery Department / $500,000 and a new car! Nice! [Thanks R.H.]
9303. Mr.John Lee / Claims to be from IMF; wants to give a sucker some cash [Thanks R.H.]
9302. James B. comey / Mr. Mueller III's replacement at it again [Thanks R.H.]
9301. Ms.W.Teo Gim Choo / Partner sought for $187.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
9300. Howard Wilson / Another abandoned diplomatic shipment [Thanks R.H.]
9299. Mr. John Hammer / Requires sucker to be a partner/representative [Thanks R.H.]
9298. Mrs.Happiness Andrew / Nice name for a scammer wanting $155! [Thanks R.H.]
9297. TalkTalk / A spot of communications provider phishing [Thanks P.T.]
9296. Mrs. Sandra Smith / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
9295. Facebook Lottery Board / $5M bogus online award promo win [Thanks C.W.]
9294. Mrs. Hendrietta I.B Zulu / Contract scammer with lots of loot [Thanks C.W.]
9293. Alh. Ahmed Sanni / Another next-of-kin scammer [Thanks R.H.]
9292. Mrs Beate Biehn-Blank / Claims she has cancer and lots of dosh to give away [Thanks R.H.]
9291. Steven R / Bogus job offer sent a month after closing date! [Thanks R.H.]
9290. Overseas International Lottery / €750,000 bogus win/donation/grant [Thanks R.H.]
9289. Dir Chien / Bogus Taiwanese banker with $29M deal [Thanks R.H.]
9288. James Williams / Bogus business assistant job [Thanks R.H.]
9287. Mr.Jun Cheong / Irish banker(?) with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
9286. Alexander Attorneys / South Efrican next-of-kin scam for $19M [Thanks R.H.]
9285. BANK OF AMERICA / Bogus banker offering $1.5M [Thanks R.H.]
9284. Mark & Cindy Hill / Wow! A million bucks out of the blue! [Thanks R.H.]

Received in March
9283. Bank of the West / A spot more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
9282. Ms. Yael Ronen / Bogus Israeli banker being coy about a scam [Thanks R.H.]
9281. Mr. Steve James / More scam victim compensation scamming [Thanks R.H.]
9280. Ecowas Fondation / Some bogus Fraud Runds Refunding [Thanks R.H.]
9278. Guang Sun Lee / Bogus Korean banker with $11.5M to hide [Thanks R.H.]
9278. Mary Parker / Croaking, she sez, and wants to give away £7.2M [Thanks R.H.]
9277. Mr.Sung Lee / Alleged Chinese banker with cash to hide [Thanks R.H.]
9276. Anne Sedes / $5.5M cocoa farm cash from Ivory Coast [Thanks R.H.]
9275. DHL Courier Company / A package for you from World Bank Group [Thanks C.W.]
9274. Ms.Corinne Momal Vanian / Solving the global financial crisis! [Thanks C.W.]
9273. Barrister Ahmed Hassan / $16.4M next-of-kin scam on offer [Thanks C.W.]
9272. CKH Investment / We want to give your company $5M-500M!! [Thanks C.W.]
9271. Mr. Noel Dickosn / We try to give you $1.5M; why you no respond? [Thanks R.H.]
9270. Paul Hernandez / Bogus personal assistant job offer [Thanks R.H.]
9269. Mrs Tina Anderson / Instant action on your $4.5M inheritance! [Thanks R.H.]
9268. Yahoo/Microsoft! Asia / $5M prize from bogus lottery [Thanks R.H.]
9267. Alexander Gage / Bogus businessman looking for suckers [Thanks R.H.]
9266. BMW® Registered Office / $850K and a brand new car! [Thanks R.H.]
9265. Gordon Pell / £18M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
9264. Mr. Jacob Zayko / $10M but he's not sure what it's for [Thanks R.H.]
9263. Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division / The FBI at it again [Thanks R.H.]
9262. Phillip Ervin Walter / $10.5M scam victim payment from . . . Nigeria [Thanks R.H.]
9261. Tax Debt Discharge / How to get out of paying taxes!! [Thanks R.H.]
9260. Shah / Mr. 9257 back with a Scam of Stones [Thanks R.H.]
9259. Bank of America / $7.3M for . . . something or other [Thanks R.H.]
9258. Rev Tony Johnson Shedrack / African banker redressing fraud [Thanks R.H.]
9257. Shah / You can have only 5 million bucks. Sorry! [Thanks R.H.]
9256. Federal Bureau of Investigations / Agent Fred Jones at it again [Thanks R.H.]
9255. Capt Graham McDonald / Keeping a peace of the action in Iraq [Thanks R.H.]
9254. Relief Of Taxes #3391 / Get out of paying tax!! [Thanks R.H.]
9253. Barrister Sumit Ghosh / Indian next-of-kin scam worth $75M [Thanks R.H.]
9252. Oscar Williams / From Nigeria -- could it be a scam? [Thanks R.H.]
9251. Mr.Richards Peterson / $21M of Gaddaffy loot on offer [Thanks R.H.]
9250. Ms. Roseline Anthony / UK National Lottery-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
9249. Nigeria Investigation Bureau / NIB, not FBI, scam victim compensation [Thanks R.H.]
9248. Capt. Patrick Williams / Another bogus Afghan war hero with loot [Thanks R.H.]
9247. Mr. Noel Dickosn / Euromillions Dyslexia Rules! KO! [Thanks R.H.]
9246. Mrs Carman L. Lapointe / UN invoking every continental security agency! [Thanks R.H.]
9245. ALART FROM ZENITH BANK PLc / ATM card scam [Thanks C.W.]
9244. Federal Ministry OF Finance / More Feds, but in Nigeria [Thanks C.W.]
9243. F B I / Yet another rogue FBI agent at it [Thanks R.H.]
9242. Mrs Sandra Jones / who is absolutely overflowing with sincerity! [Thanks R.H.]
9241. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon / More UN B.M. BS for $2.5M from the Logistics Vaults [Thanks R.H.]
9240. DR DORIS UDOZIE / Another actual Nigerian scam [Thanks R.H.]
9239. Wells Fargo Bank / Phishers at it again [Thanks R.H.]
9238. UN Humanitarian Development Grant / Generosity with other people's cash [Thanks R.H.]

Received in February
9237. Products 2 Profit Academy / Bogus job offers for Google, Amazon, etc. [Thanks R.H.]
9236. Mr Benneth Johnson / Bogus Yahoo! lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
9235. Barrister Sumit Ghosh / Gosh! Next-of-kin scam from 2004 Xmas tsunami [Thanks R.H.]
9234. UN / Actually it's from the US, so a typographical error scam? [Thanks R.H.]
9233. International Monetary Fund / $6.5M on offer! Great!! [Thanks R.H.]
9232. Union Bank Of Nigeria / From Nigeria, eh? Well, that must be okay. [Thanks R.H.]
9231. Ana Carolina Ribeiro Rolla / Here's €500,000 for your! [Thanks R.H.]
9230. National Economic Unit / That's the one in Garki-Abuja (Where?) [Thanks R.H.]
9229. ACCESS BANK PLC / $10.5M -- but it's in Nigeria [Thanks R.H.]
9228. Sir Richard Gilbert / Scam involving the British PM! [Thanks R.H.]
9227. Chen Ho / Chinese, brief, mysterious, uninformative [Thanks R.H.]
9226. FedEx / $3M ready for delivery to your doorstep . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9225. Steve Jones / Bogus Facebook job offer [Thanks R.H.]
9224. Kofi Mensah / Wants to invest$140M, can you help? [Thanks R.H.]
9223. Rebert Koare / Burkina Faso banker, he sez . . .[Thanks R.H.]
9222. Airport Storage and Cargo Unit / $2.3M package!! [Thanks R.H.]
9221. Janet Obeid / She who must be Obeid? [Thanks R.H.]
9220. Mr. Steve Morgan / Says he got scam victim compensation . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9219. Mr. Matt Kennedy / A scam from the FBI -- the one in Benin [Thanks R.H.]
9218. Datti Williams / How would you like $2.5M? [Thanks R.H.]
9217. ROBERT S. MUELLER, III / Hasn't he retired?? [Thanks R.H.]
9216. Augustine Dinga / Another next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
9215. Dr Nwabuoyi Jonathan (Esq). / Yet another dead engineer . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9214. Mr.Cameron David / Not the British PM pretending to be with the FBI? [Thanks R.H.]
9213. Federal Government / Money in transit; but how much? [Thanks R.H.]
9212. Hon.Brown Morgan / The World Economic Forum paying out [Thanks R.H.]
9211. Mr.Wayne Power /$1.5M in $5K chunks via Western Union . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9210. Bouna Condoul / Mystery shopper bogus job on offer [Thanks R.H.]
9209. Significant-Changes / Spam about . . . what? [Thanks R.H.]
9208. Mr.Victor Ibe / Bogus African banker with $10.5M inheritance scam [Thanks C.W.]
9207. Mr.Sadiq Alman / $8.3M Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks C.W.]
9206. United Nations Office UK / $3.5M claim settlement scam [Thanks C.W.]
9205. Mr. John Hammer / Bogus company representative offer [Thanks R.H.]
9204. Mr Percy Jones / Wants to show his gratitude with $1M!! [Thanks R.H.]
9203. Mr. Chewn / Bloke from Taiwan with $29M deal for a stranger [Thanks R.H.]
9202. Mrs. Margaret Collins / The Humanitarian (Under)Ground in action [Thanks R.H.]
9201. CITIBANK DEPARTMENT / Foreign payments scam [Thanks R.H.]
9200. Alisha Brown / Ultra-brief scam [Thanks R.H.]
9199. Lloyds TSB / Rather confuses phishing attempt [Thanks P.T.]
9198. Jennifer Amina Saib / Syrian refugee scam [Thanks R.H.]
9197. INTERPOL / Getting in on the FBI's racket? [Thanks R.H.]

Received in January
9196. REV MARK BLESS / Scam victim compo -- convincing email address! [Thanks R.H.]
9195. FedEx Delivery Post / Parcel of loot on offer [Thanks R.H.]
9194. Economic & Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) / Big title, Nigerians [Thanks R.H.]
9193. Eric Howard / Very cryptic inheritance scam, not much effort [Thanks R.H.]
9192. Hon. Robert Kow / An email lottery for unpaid people !! [Thanks P.T.]
9191. Mr. Chris Kenny / Bogus investment project on offer [Thanks R.H.]
9190. Mr. Franklin White / Another Nigerian, so it's a scam [Thanks R.H.]
9189. Mr. John Hammer / Another bogus jog as a representative [Thanks R.H.]
9188. Linda Sanchez / A "huge sum of money" up for grabs! [Thanks R.H.]
9187. Echi Don /He's paid the "needed fee" for the ATM card scam. Nice of him! [Thanks R.H.]
9186. Barrister Johnson kuta / Fake lawyer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
9185. Google Drive / Invitation to be spammed or Trojan'd or worse [Thanks R.H.]
9184. James B. Comey FBI / More from the new FBI boss . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9183. Mr.Jonah Otunla / Another Nigerian scammer . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9182. Mr, John Bally / No, Mrs. Waziri, actually, with a scammer warning [Thanks R.H.]
9181. Mrs. Stephanie Kumar / Isn't there a TV show about the Kumars in the UK? [Thanks R.H.]
9180. Flavio Jose de Oliveira Silva / Another bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
9179. Mark Williams / Bogus job offer as his company rep. [Thanks R.H.]
9178. Melody J.Ray / Tuneful name, but just another scammer [Thanks R.H.]
9177. James B. Comey / The FBI in scam mode again . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9176. The Sweepstakes National Lottery "2014" / $720K prize [Thanks R.H.]
9175. Mr Robert Ake / $5.8M swindled contractor scam [Thanks R.H.]
9174. Apple Mobile Promo / Half a million bucks and a free phone! [Thanks R.H.]
9173. Mr David Alexander / Wow! ATM Gold Master Card for $4.5M!! [Thanks R.H.]
9172. H.R. Department / Job opportunity spam/scam [Thanks R.H.]
9171. Lewis Richards / Thanks for the help you didn't give . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9170. Mr. William Colgate / Fake Exxon Mobil executive with scam [Thanks R.H.]
9169. Barrister Andrew Hall / Has a request "of immense benefit to both of us" [Thanks R.H.]
9168. Jeff O' Brien / Bogus banker with $3.7M scam [Thanks R.H.]
9167. Eubank Funeral Home / Fancy but rather pointless spam [Thanks R.H.]
9166. Platerio, Jennie / Really quick, $2M scam [Thanks R.H.]
9165. HMRC / British taxman being generous [Thanks G.G.]
9164. Position-Available / Dodgy job offer PLUS a whole lot more! [Thanks R.H.]
9163. Mr.Belhassen Trabelsi / Mysterious deal on offer in next email [Thanks R.H.]
9162. Patrick Kumuna / So many names, it's difficult to keep track of them! [Thanks R.H.]
9161. Excellence Recognition / "Go like this and go wrong" [Thanks R.H.]
9160. Internet Crime Complaint Center / If only there was one! [Thanks R.H.]
9159. / Apply phishing time [Thanks R.H.]
9158. Info Center / Wow! $11.92 million on offer! [Thanks R.H.]
9157. FBI / Another phoney Fed with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
9156. U.S y Department's Office / More American generosity! [Thanks R.H.]
9155. American Express / Overlooked phish from last year [Thanks R.H.]
9154. PNC Bank / And another spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
9153. PayPal / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
9152. Mrs Connie Dutton / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
9151. Miss Calista Akuffo / The Red-Painted Disk returns . . . [Thanks R.H.]
9150. U.S Treasury Department's Office / $10.5M on offer!! [Thanks R.H.]
9149. Ms Monique Alimata Bossoka / $7.3M to invest, she sez [Thanks R.H.]
9148. Attorney James Charles / James Charles, next-of-kin scammer more like [Thanks R.H.]
9147. CAPT. J.M. HILL / Badly failed military scam [Thanks R.H.]
9146. Jeffrey Adam Thomas / Email phishing attempt [Thanks R.H.]
9145. JIM McCULLAR / Promises, promises, Jim! [Thanks R.H.]
9144. Dr.Thanaporn Deng / Asia Pacific lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
9143. UNITED NATIONS / More generosity from Ms Lapointe [Thanks R.H.]
9142. FOREIGN PAYMENT OFFICES / Another happy new year scam [Thanks R.H.]
9141. Standard Chartered Bank PLC,United Kingdom / Happy New Year scam [Thanks R.H.]
9140. Mrs Lillian Burton / Delayed fund scam [Thanks R.H.]
9139. Santander UK / New Year phish [Thanks C.W.]
9138. Fay / Is this person some sort of psychic? [Thanks C.W.]
9137. Mastela Construction Ltd / Oil jobs for random people on the www [Thanks C.W.]
9136. UN Hamunitarian Development Grant / Hamunitarian??!!?? [Thanks R.H.]
9135. Jerry West / "Fresh cut bank instrument" sale [Thanks R.H.]
9134. Nokia International Lottery Promotion / Another million bucks on offer [Thanks R.H.]

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