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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

January-April  •  September - December 

Received in August
8947. Jorge Alcantara / Bogus banker in Equador with $3.75M scan [Thanks R.H.]
8946. Mr.Williams White / $1.5M, could be a contract, or an inheritance . . . [Thanks R.H.]
8945. Cunard Cruises Lines / No, scammers taking you for a ride [Thanks R.H.]
8944. Cale Victoria / Secret survey agents required (for scamming) [Thanks R.H.]
8943. Angelina Keith / Gimme three hundred quid! [Thanks R.H.]
8942. EFCC / The Nigerians want you to have your money back! [Thanks R.H.]
8941. Philip Badmus / Bad Nigerian with banking scam [Thanks R.H.]
8940. bioquinut / Not exactly the world's best lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
8939. tamar kegan / The message is getting a bit more coherent [Thanks J.F.]
8938. Manager Ishaan Puckett / "Print a label" and make something nasty happen [Thanks R.H.]
8937. United Nations / Passing-off scam also involving Zenith Bank [Thanks R.H.]
8936. Dr. Douglas H. King / Scam from New York section of International Police [Thanks R.H.]
8935. Abdullah Alikaya / Not Iraq, not Afghanistan, it's Libya this time [Thanks R.H.]
8934. FACEBOOK & FBI / Lottery win: a lousy $950K rather than millions [Thanks R.H.]
8933. FBI Director / Yes, we all know who he is by now [Thanks R.H.]
8932. Clientscape Management / Employment offer scam [Thanks R.H.]
8931. Dr Kingsley Moghalu / He is, most definitely, not a Fraudstar!! [Thanks C.W.]
8930. Claudius O Akindipe / Nigerian banker, dead engineer, fill in the blanks . . . [Thanks C.W.]
8929. Zenith Bank / Give us your bank details and get $2.8M [Thanks C.W.]
8928. MR Charles Williams / Yet another abandoned diplomatic shipment [Thanks R.H.]
8927. FBI Director / You know, old what's-his-name [Thanks R.H.]
8926. Web Office / Actually, they are pretending to be African bankers [Thanks R.H.]
8925. Dave and Angela Dawes Charity Funds / Or a bunch of scammer? [Thanks R.H.]
8924. James Coker / Chinese scammer pretending to be a French banker [Thanks R.H.]
8923. USAA / Competent spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8922. Donation Alert / £1.5M from the Bayfords' monster lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
8921. The National Lottery / The UK lottery this time [Thanks R.H.]
8920. National Lottery Promo / Chevron Gas & Oil-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
8919. Powerball Lotto / Only £500K won this time [Thanks R.H.]
8918. Graham Dwell & Co Solicitors / Next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8917. Betty Brigs / Multiple source South African lottery win scam [Thanks R.H.]
8916. Wesley Jones / Has "A WHOOPING SUM", he sez [Thanks R.H.]
8915. Angie Butler / Lousy $225,000 charity scam [Thanks R.H.]
8914. Bank of America Alert / Very plain phishing attempt [Thanks R.H.]
8913. ApprovalDepartment / $7,500 immediate approval loan spam [Thanks R.H.]
8912. Sterling Auditors Guild / Unashamed next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8911. Bank of America / The BoA with an FBI scam [Thanks R.H.]
8910. Molly Cooney / A spot of email account phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8909. Ms.Jenny Rossi / Claims to have $15.5M of Gaddaffy loot [Thanks R.H.]
8908. Camilo Alberto Madariaga Orozco / £20M charity scam [Thanks R.H.]
8907. Mr. Michael Dennison / $10 millions from a whole lot of organizations [Thanks R.H.]
8906. Toyota Company Ltd / £10M and a new car from fake lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8905. Facebook Lottery / $4.6 MILLION win!! {not} [Thanks R.H.]
8904. Loot you need / Get some dosh!! [Thanks C.A.]
8903. USAA / A spot more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8902. Eclat Enterprises LLC / Are you a jobseeker? Stand by to be scammed [Thanks R.H.]
8901. Mrs. Fatu Jallow / $5.5M Central Bank of Benin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8900. Navy Federal Credit Union / A spot of naval phishing? [Thanks R.H.]
8899. James O. Healey (Esq) / Transparently bogus lawyer, another dead engineer [Thanks R.H.]
8898. Mr.Emeka Willaims / Another ATM card scam, DHL-based this time [Thanks R.H.]
8897. Interpol / We know you sent money to Nigeria! [Thanks R.H.]
8896. Elizabeth Selzer / Did you get the $950K we sent you? scam [Thanks R.H.]
8895. Mr. Sanchez Bruce / $9.2M next-of-kin scam on offer [Thanks R.H.]
8894. Email Admin / Email account phish with virus warning [Thanks R.H.]
8893. Dr.Ayanda Ntsaluba / Bent South African official with $87.5M [Thanks R.H.]
8892. M. Scott Moore / $20 million Gaddaffy loot transfer scam [Thanks R.H.]
8891. Western Union Money Transfer / $950,000 on offer [Thanks R.H.]
8890. Mr. Joshua Andrew / How big is $46M in $100 bills? More than a truckful? [Thanks R.H.]
8889. Rooly Security Agency / Half-way betwen unruly and really? [Thanks R.H.]
8888. tamar kegan / The message is obscure but he keeps on going [Thanks J.F.]
8887. Mr Judy / You have 3.8M somethings spam [Thanks R.H.]
8886. PineCone Research / Customer care evaluation survey spam [Thanks R.H.]
8885. Mr Donald Brady / Somewhat illiterate Mueller intern? [Thanks R.H.]
8884. Mr. Jesse Lang / Has $5-7M dumped at Kennedy airport [Thanks R.H.]
8883. Mr. Cham Tao Soon / Has project "in the tons of" 105M EUR [Thanks R.H.]
8882. Rooly Security Agency / Yes, I'm still alive and ready to be swindled! [Thanks R.H.]
8881. Mohammed Fawaz / Iraq oil ministry spammer with scam [Thanks R.H.]
8880. United Nations Empowerment Program / No-content spam! [Thanks R.H.]
8879. James Coker / Bank manager in France with 28.8 million [somethings] [Thanks R.H.]
8878. / That's fake career builder, by the way [Thanks R.H.]
8877. Ahmed Sheikh / Scammer in Syria with large sum, he sez [Thanks R.H.]

Received in July
8876. My Credit Union / A spot of plain phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8875. James Inana / FBI scam sent via Mueller underling? [Thanks R.H.]
8874. Mr Jacob Jck Lew / US Sec. of Treasury with a scam? Surely not [Thanks R.H.]
8873. Ibrahim Bu Hassan / $75L fake Blackberry promo [Thanks R.H.]
8872. Miss Felicia Luna / Not quite dead murder victim with sad tale [Thanks R.H.]
8871. Facebook / $950K fake lottery swindle [Thanks R.H.]
8870. Johnson.A.Mark / A bit of a story from a scammer [Thanks M.T.]
8869. BMO Bank of Montreal / Phish, phish, phish, phish [Thanks R.H.]
8868. / Work at your computer spam from Mexico [Thanks R.H.]
8867. JP Morgan Chase Bank / $10.5M unclaimed assets scam [Thanks R.H.]
8866. Paypal / The phishers will not be ignored [Thanks G.R.]
8865. Sgt. Michael Bowman / US hero in Afghanistan with loot from Iraq oil deal [Thanks R.H.]
8864. Wells Fargo Online Update / The new phishing season continues [Thanks R.H.]
8863. Ulrich Research Services Inc / "Customer insight evaluator" bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
8862. Dr. Chin Chong / Thai branch of Bank of China with scam [Thanks R.H.]
8861. USAA / Somewhat fancier phish [Thanks R.H.]
8860. PayPal Service / Quite convincing spot of phishing (but not good enuf!) [Thanks P.T.]
8859. Mr. Jacob Jackler / U.S.Department Of Treasury!!! with scam!!!! [Thanks R.H.]
8858. Ju Chan / Chinese next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8857. Eric Holder / US Attorney General competing with FBI? [Thanks R.H.]
8856. Sir. Terry Leahy / Claims he used to run Tesco supermarkets [Thanks R.H.]
8855. John Eric Such / Bogus banker, relative of Screaming Lord? [Thanks R.H.]
8854. Sky Bank Office File / Mr. Murdoch has a bank as well as TV? [Thanks R.H.]
8853. Allen & Violet Large / Lottery winners sharing the loot [Thanks R.H.]
8852. Federal Bureau of Investigation / The Mueller won't give up! [Thanks R.H.]
8851. Oprah-Show Newsletter / TV show passing off for slimming scam [Thanks C.W.]
8850. Lion Claimline / Legitimate company's email hi-jacked by spammers [Thanks P.T.]
8849. Shout Visa Card / Dodgy credit card spam [Thanks P.T.]
8848. UBA Group / $20M engineer's next-of-kin swindle [Thanks R.H.]
8847. Douglas Lopez / Questions the target's "legitimacy as a real person"! [Thanks R.H.]
8846. Tamar Kegan / The cryptic spammer explains some [Thanks H.T.]
8845. ILS LSC / Big Irish Sweepstake win [Thanks R.H.]
8844. Mrs. Caro Hu SeaFood Ltd / Croaking so giving away $10.5M [Thanks R.H.]
8843. Tamar Kegan / Gimme some money [Thanks H.T.]
8842. BMW Lottery Department / $500K + a car [Thanks C.W.]
8841. UK Canada Lottery / £1,000,000 win! [Thanks C.W.]
8840. Gloria Mackenzie's Cash Donation Project / If only! [Thanks C.W.]
8839. Tropical Luxury Real Estates and Properties / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8838. Milad Gaddafi / Son of the dead dictator he's and depressed [Thanks R.H.]
8837. Dave Dawes / Lottery win-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
8836. GOOD NEWS / £1M from Nokia UK? Great news! [Thanks R.H.]
8835. Shell Petroleum Nigeria Ltd / A job offer? From Nigeria?? [Thanks R.H.]
8834. FedEx / We still have your 3 million bucks, by the way [Thanks R.H.]
8833. Chase Online / The phishers are at it again [Thanks R.H.]
8832. Mr. Lewis W. Cutrer / Your package is still at the airport [Thanks R.H.]
8831. Damian Moderick / Calls himself a "renowned loan lender" [Thanks R.H.]
8830. Evaluation / Be a mystery shopper in Egypt (riots and all) [Thanks R.H.]
8829. Mr.Thomas Lucky / Very lucky if you fall for the scam!! [Thanks R.H.]
8828. Mr. Wang HongZhang / The guy who shoots badly behaved bankers? [Thanks R.H.]
8827. Mr. Roger Nathaniel /Scam based on UK National Lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8826. Gareth & Catherine Bull / More generous lottery winners [Thanks R.H.]
8825. Gloria Mackenzie's Cash Donations / Clumsy scam[Thanks R.H.]
8824. Mediateque Finance / Bill Gates lottery win in Spanish & French [Thanks R.H.]
8823. Abdul Luckman / Bit of a cheerful joker, is our Abdul [Thanks R.H.]
8822. Bank of America / The FBI wants you to have $10.5M! [Thanks R.H.]
8821. Mrs. Jenet Dibor / has a very fancy scam on offer [Thanks R.H.]
8820. Wells Fargo Online / Actual WF-based phish [Thanks R.H.]
8819. Mr. Alex Peter / Artistic Western Union-based scam [Thanks R.H.]
8818. Dr Charles Moore / is paying out on Iraq contracts [Thanks R.H.]
8817. Yahoo Thailand Lottery 2013 / Yipee!! $1M win!! [Thanks R.H.]
8816. Equity Capital Bank / Unpaid Payment Funds scam [Thanks R.H.]

Received in June
8815. HR / Windows customer reward services program? Right! [Thanks R.H.]
8814. Sgt James Thode / There's still cash coming out of Iraq!! [Thanks R.H.]
8813. James Lawrence / Trunk box at Atlanta airport scam [Thanks R.H.]
8812. Ames Akovi / "Same surname" scam [Thanks R.H.]
8811. Gulf View Research / Mystery shopper invitation [Thanks R.H.]
8810. Wells Fargo Alert / Online banking phish attempt [Thanks R.H.]
8809. Barrister Charles Nicholson / Bogus barrister with a next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8808. MONEY GRAM / Don't send the $89 and you'll regret it!! [Thanks R.H.]
8807. Cassey Carrington and Matt / Euromillions winners? Really? [Thanks R.H.]
8806. Chase / A spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8805. Mary King / She's just giving away $17M belonging to a dead client! [Thanks R.H.]
8804. Gloria Mackenzie's Donations / The lady who won $590M being generous [Thanks R.H.]
8803. Pamela Todorov / Wants to help street children . . . [Thanks R.H.]
8802. Larry Xhosa / Mutual benefit deal from! [Thanks R.H.]
8801. Marciano Reis / Salvation Army offering compensation! [Thanks R.H.]
8800. Mr. Cham / Singapore banker with tons of euros [Thanks R.H.]
8799. Morris Okoye / Another Nigerian, an oil scam this time [Thanks R.H.]
8798. Greg Williams / Nigerian Agriculture deputy director with scam [Thanks R.H.]
8797. Ban Ki-moon / Boss of UN, doesn't know what the money is for [Thanks R.H.]
8796. Tamar Kegan / Very cryptic message, Nigeria and $750 involved [Thanks J.F.]
8795. International Monetary Fund (IMF) / Yet more "passing off" [Thanks R.H.]
8794. Local Deals / "passing off" spam using [Thanks P.T.]
8793. Accurist Watches / "passing off" spam using Accurist [Thanks P.T.]
8792. Mandy Williams / €4M internet lottery "win" [Thanks R.H.]
8791. United Nations / Ms Carlan Lapoints wants to unload $100,000 [Thanks R.H.]
8790. Dr. Williams Longman / Wants a stranger to help move huge amounts of money [Thanks R.H.]
8789. Victoria Fiddler / Unlikely, and very lengthy, job offer [Thanks R.H.]
8788. Xiang / Bogus Chinese banker with an opportunity [Thanks R.H.]
8787. Union bank management board / "If you're not dead, please get in touch"! [Thanks R.H.]
8786. Wells Fargo Online / A spot of phishing [Thanks R.H.]
8785. Robert S Mueller / Usual crap with an FBI logo [Thanks R.H.]
8784. Expedited Shipping / Your FedEx parcel contains a forbidden item!!! [Thanks R.H.]
8783. Logistics Services / UPS only just clearing up its Xmas mess! [Thanks R.H.]
8782. UK Lottery Organization / $3.6M from the UK lottery? Really? [Thanks R.H.]
8781. Coca-Cola Winning Offer / If only, if only! [Thanks R.H.]
8780. Sgt.James Thode / "Army officer working with UN for Terrorist", he sez! [Thanks R.H.]
8779. Sir Robin Mischiff / Robin by name, loan mischief by game [Thanks R.H.]
8778. Mr.Kiyotaka Akasaka / $10M ATM VISA card from the UN [Thanks R.H.]
8777. FROM DESK OF MRS ROSLYN / Someone else giving the IMF's cash away [Thanks R.H.]
8776. MR Robert White / Gimme a mere $97 [Thanks R.H.]
8775. IMF / Escrow accounts & imposters spam from Russia [Thanks R.H.]

Received in May
8774. MrJones Chime / He's just casually offering $5.6 MILLION! [Thanks R.H.]
8773. Cabaret Club Casino / Spot of casino welcome bonus spam [Thanks C.W.]
8772. Barr. J. Rock. / Very fancy load of rubbish from Benin [Thanks R.H.]
8771. Mrs.Penny B Williams / Almost as perfunctory compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8770. U K Online / Perfunctory lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
8769. Spencer Anthony / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8768. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / See comments for 8766 & 8767 [Thanks R.H.]
8767. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / See comment for 8766 [Thanks R.H.]
8766. United Nations Secretary-General / Believe that, you'll believe anything [Thanks R.H.]
8765. Jamie Sliger / Very brief but still very crooked [Thanks R.H.]
8764. Approvals_Department / Make that gibberish department! [Thanks C.O.]
8763. El Tariq Negal / Says he represents loaded Gulf Region investors [Thanks R.H.]
8762. Coca Cola 2013 / Another £500,000 win! [Thanks R.H.]
8761. APPLE iPHONE / £500,000 "win" in fake lottery [Thanks R.H.]
8760. Mr. Hassan kohl / Joe Wales is after your cash!! [Thanks R.H.]
8759. HSBC LONDON / Your funds withheld by corrupt officials scam [Thanks R.H.]
8758. Dr. Osworth Daniel / $6M internet lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
8757. Mercy Owen / Abandoned diplomatic shipment at Heathrow airport! [Thanks R.H.]
8756. Mrs C .Anderson / Born-again widow with cancer & cash [Thanks R.H.]
8755. Ambassador Terrence Mcculley / Nigerians being generous again [Thanks R.H.]
8754. Tamar Kegan / Very poor lottery scam [Thanks P.T.]
8753. Mr. Robert Mueller!! / He's back with another scam!! [Thanks R.H.]
8752. MR. Kiyotaka Akasaka / Scam revolving around the UN and Nigeria [Thanks R.H.]
8751. Barr.Harry Williams / Head of Interpol in Benin with a scam [Thanks R.H.]
8750. FedEx Online Team / Pay $186 to get $1.5M!! [Thanks R.H.]
8749. Mr Chan Yuan / Bogus job offer as a representative [Thanks R.H.]
8748. First-Class Mail Service / DHL delivery scam [Thanks R.H.]
8747. Ododomado Isaka / Another African gentleman with magic powers [Thanks R.H.]
8746. Sir Chris Walker / Minimalist scam [Thanks R.H.]
8745. Mr. Maung Lwin / Burmese banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8744. CarCompetition from MyOffers / Win a car spam [Thanks A.M.]
8743. Try Juvesiio / No botox required spam [Thanks A.M.]
8742. Mrs Yetunde Owolabi / Babies for adoption, definitely not for sale [Thanks R.H.]
8741. Visa / "Damaged payment history" credit card scam or phish [Thanks R.H.]
8740. Mrs TINA MORE / $3.5M ATM card scam from Italy [Thanks R.H.]
8739. St Georges Hospital / House wife with obscured business suggestion [Thanks R.H.]
8738. MRS.ESTHER BOATENG / Dying and wants to give away 20 million bucks [Thanks R.H.]
8737. FIRST INLAND BANK PLC / $22.5M on offer!! [Thanks R.H.]
8736. _hsbc_ / Minimalist phish, another cute email address [Thanks G.R.]
8735. H.S.B.C. / More phishing going on – great email name! [Thanks C.W.]
8734. USAA / A spot of phishing for valued customers [Thanks R.H.]
8733. Christos Lemonis / Another bogus investment banker [Thanks R.H.]
8732. Mr. David I Mckay / World's largest fund management company guy with scam [Thanks R.H.]
8731. Mr. Robert S Mueller / Oh, no! He's back in action again! [Thanks R.H.]
8730. Kenneth Peasland / Investor wants people with BIG ideas [Thanks R.H.]
8729. Postcode Sweepstakes Lottery / $1M imaginary lottery win [Thanks C.W.]
8728. Barrister Peter J. Williams / Handing out cash for the United Nations [Thanks C.W.]
8727. Steve Rober / "Robber" rather than "Rober"? [Thanks R.H.]
8726. Mr.Waraporn Sawatdee / Overdue payment scam from Thailand [Thanks R.H.]
8725. Mrs. Vivian Douglas / Another one out of the same box as Evelyn [Thanks R.H.]
8724. Ms Heitzmann Evelyn / She could be called Ms Fraudster Rotten! [Thanks R.H.]
8723. Great Priest Ogidiga / Get some Voodo spells cast on your foes! [Thanks R.H.]
8722. Majid Al Futtaim / Quick and dirty fake investment opportunity [Thanks R.H.]
8721. Sanford Gregory / Bogus oil company executive with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8720. Bishop Paul Lucas / $300K Western Union Foundation scam [Thanks R.H.]
8719. marktaylor chambers / Bogus barrister with $60M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
8718. Exxon-Mobil Oil And Gas / Very short/lazy promotion scam [Thanks R.H.]
8717. Captain Jon Hutchins / He has a proposal (of marriage?) from Afghanistan [Thanks R.H.]
8716. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission $750K Nigerian scam / [Thanks R.H.]
8715. NatWest Bank UK / "Please confirm your address" spam [Thanks C.W.]
8714. Senate House / Those Nigerians being generous again [Thanks R.H.]
8713. Federal Reserve Bank / All-purpose &8.3M payment scam [Thanks R.H.]
8712. Dr. Mark White / World Fund guy with $25M to give away [Thanks R.H.]

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