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9932. Everett E. Shirley
Subject: Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

I am Everett E. Shirley; recently I am commanding United States Forces  Syria from from 
January 2012 till date.

I got your information in Facebook when i was searching for an old friend and Facebook 
suggested you. I am a Christian man, married with two children but later divorced. I do not 
want problems but I just hope you can assist me.

Let me give you some hints about my assignment in here, few weeks ago I lost six of my 
colleagues here, they were killed by ISIS (Islamic militants), So there is no guarantee of life 
in Syria but In God We Trust.

I write you this letter in good faith. I am in position of the sum of One Million Seven hundred 
thousand US dollars ($1,700,000.00) which i acquired from an oil deal that i was involved.

I contacted you because I can move this money to since i am still in service as it is against
UN Policy.

This may sounds crazy but i am very much relax to partner with you, can I rely on your 
trust to hold this money for me until I arrive your country and pick it up myself and you 
deduct 20% of the money as your commission.

If you accept my offer you can contact me only on my private phone (+1 7852845397), if 
you do not accept can you forget I contacted you.

All I need is for you to provide your address where I can move this money to. There is 
practically no risk involved, it will be delivering to your doorstep.

I hope you understand my situation. Thank you and God bless.

Yours truly,

Everett E. Shirley

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