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9873. Mrs. Jamie Dura
Subject: Your UPS Package.


Speak to a UPS Adviser on how to claim your Tax benefit Delivery.

Are you missing out on unclaimed benefits?
Last year nearly 5,000 people who contacted the Tax Benefits Advice Line got 

advice about unclaimed benefits. They made successful claims and received 

almost ?17million in benefits and arrears they were entitled to but didn't 

know about.

Young and old, employed, unemployed people and company were entitled to 

unclaimed benefits. Families, carers, people who live alone or have 

disabilities or health problems, also received their unclaimed benefits.
Make sure you are not missing out by claiming everything you are entitled 

to.... Make the Call

How and when your benefits are paid
Benefits are usually paid straight into your bank account or through an ATM 

MASTER CARD delivery which will be delivered through UPS COURIER.

I have been waiting for you to contact me for your Tax benefit worth of 

$950,000 United States Dollars, which can be paid through BANK or ATM MASTER 

CARD delivery but I did not hear from you for a couple of weeks now. Then I 

went to the Ups office to deposit your ATM MASTER CARD with the UPS Agent for 


Reasons: This is due to the fact that we are in possession Of your uclaimed 

Tax benefit worth of Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars then 

i registered it with UPS for shipment to you, you are to act fast by providing 

your postal address and your direct phone Number to the UPS company to enable 

the UPS agent make the delivery ASAP.

Kindly contact the delivery department with the details given below:

UPS Delivery   Express NG©
Contact Person: Mr. Ben Claire
Telephone: +234 8141739652

Submit details below:

Full name:

Note that as soon as the Delivery Team confirms your Informationís, it will 

take Only two working days (48 hours) for your Tax Benefit to arrive

designated Address. For your Information, the Mail, VAT & Shipping fees

been paid by Tax Benefit Office, you will only have to pay for demurrage being 

payment For the Security Keeping Fee of the UPS Delivery. 

Kindly call Mr. Ben and send him Your details and ask him how much is the 

Security Keeping Fee and how to remit it.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Jamie Dura
Tax Benefit Payment Office.

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