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9858. From Desk of Mrs Janet Yellen.(President)

From Desk of Mrs Janet Yellen.  (President)
Federal Reserve Bank of America
33 Liberty Street New York, NY 10045-0001,j
United States
646) 720-5000
Direct Cash delivery from (FRB)..

Attention: Beneficiary From Federal Reserve Bank of America

We wish to draw your attention over your fund valued at $5.5M (Five
Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollar Only) now recovered and
stashed under the custody of the Federal Reserve Bank of America under the
supervision and enforcement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and
Financial Security Home Land department attached to this body to ensure
adequate service delivery.

Bureaucratic,protocols bottlenecks and other fraudulent sharp practices ignited
the call for the total recovery of all over due debts owed to our citizens back
to America for direct payment to beneficiaries cleared by our security and
safety agency.
Availability of enough cash for this project has further given hope on the
reduction of hardship owing to payment delay,The G8 Community and European
Union headed by United States wants every beneficiary to have a good festive
season celebration because their cash will be delivered straight away from the
Federal Reserve Bank of America.

This was made possible due to the last minute economic and financial debt
management agreement secured by the government of America and G8 Community over
debts owed to our citizens and other corporate organization though our
negotiating diplomats backed with FBI intelligence operation produced this
desired results and applauds has been given for their achievement.

Nigeria handles all processing condition required for the delivery of the said
fund to the owner, copies of your fund transfer process has been screened and
approved by our financial home land security and safety agency for remittance
to the owner.

As a proof of ownership of the said fund, you are hereby advised to forward
your personal information to enable us re-access information and make
recommendation for your fund due processing and payment under 7days from the
Federal Reserve Bank clearing house.

Our management will be appreciate if you will adequately respond to this
constituted authority demand in order to pave way for an irrevocable and
unconditional delivery of your fund under 7days The following services were
obtainable here, ATM, Checks, Wire Transfer and Cash if you are ready to take
care of logistics and cash movement security.

Take note that this management is instructed not allow any recovered fund from
Africa to stay more than two weeks from the time of deposition into the
clearing house of Federal Reserve Bank of America and failure to address the
withdrawal issue the said fund will be revoked owing to demands, availability
and banking mopping season.

Thank you.

Mrs Janet Yellen

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