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9854. Sabeen Adad

Hello. Please understand me deeply. My name is Sabeen Adad from Syria. I am 63
years old woman. I am the CEO of SABEEN SEAFOOD LTD in Cambodia and Vietnam. I
was in Syria when the islamist militant took over the state I live. The fights
took my family lives and left me in a paralyzed condition. I am now trapped in
the Hospital. I am not sure if I will live long. Raqqa is the region I live in
Syria and is now controlled by ISIS militant. It is a horrible life here. I am
secretly sending you this email in regards of my funds in Cambodia to be use
for charity plans and humanitarian aid for the less privileged, the widows in
your country. I can't go back to Cambodia anymore. The money there is
$10,160.000.00. 20% should be for your commitment if you are interested. You
will contact my lawyer in Cambodia. Email: or
number +855969406446 to direct and arrange the release of the funds to you with
this information.

From now I can't reply you again. This email was secretly sent to you
confidentially. Thanks

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