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9844. United Nations

617/618 Diplomatic Zone,
Central Area District,
Abuja- Federal Capital,
Nigeria Annex Office.
Dear Beneficiary,

I am David Smith of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I was mandated by the United Nations to handle all foreign payments awarded and commissioned. Based on that files has been forwarded to my office for review and subsequent payment. On the review carried out. I discovered that US$10M was grossly over-invoiced and inflated by some officials and the code of conduct bureau does not permit civil servants to run or operate foreign account.

I am contacting you just for one reason that the fund can still be paid if I recommend because my discovery has not be revealed to anyone yet and I don't want to cancel the payment out-rightly. I want to let you know that the fund can be paid if you are ready to follow my advise and work secretly with me due to the fact that I have interest in the fund .

I want to benefit from it, I will go ahead and correct the anomalies for the fund to be paid to you in seven working days. I will like us to do the business together then I will write a favorable report about the claim for the immediate release of the fund. At the precise moment, the claim has been processed, we are irrevocably mandated to debit the Grant account and credit your account.

For standing as the Beneficiary, 40% goes to you for your maximum support, while 55% for m which I intend to invest in your Country while the remaining 5% will cover any envisaged expenses.

I will be expecting to hear from you for it might interest you to note that Ten working days from the moment you acknowledge the receipt of this mail and agree on my terms will be enough to confirm the fund in your account.

I await to hear positively from you urgently.
My Regards,
David Smith.
UN/FBI Representative.

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