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9842. Compensation Commission
Subject: Transfer Cancellation Notice

This is to officially notify you that your fund is about to be cancelled and may I humbly request 
for your opinion
regarding the cancellation plans of your inheritance payment of Eight Million, Three Hundred 
Thousand US Dollars. What is
the motivation behind your decision to abandon your funds since 2012 after it has been 
approved and programmed for
immediate transfer from BANK CENTRAL ASIA (BCA) JAKARTA INDONESIA? On behalf of 
who prompted this inquiry, i wish to categorically exonerate this office from any blame if this 
fund is cancelled within 7
days as already planned by Bank Central Asia (BCA) Jakarta Indonesia which is The 
Payment Centre.
Your silence is creating a very dangerous situation here. As at last week, i got a Report from 
Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Jakarta Indonesia to prepare for the cancellation of your fund since you failed to comply on 
transfer instructions. With
due respect to our security ethics, please why don't you want your fund transferred any more.
As the Secretary General of United Nations, i will like you to explain to me in full details the 
reason why you decided not
to comply with the bank to receive your fund and have access to it been the bank in-charge to 
make the transfer of your
fund to you, we have started making the foreign transfer since two days now and all the listed 
beneficiaries alongside has
been paid remaining only you. Our concern is to continue to protect the interest of the 
beneficiary so that you can receive
your fund without delay; the report that was sent to the FBI has denied the purported letter 
sent to you from unknown
people that you have been dealing with before. During our web interaction with   it became clear that
the so called letter was forged to extort money from you to sponsor the diversion of your 
inheritance fund.  Your stand on
this issue is being urgently awaited by today or tomorrow as soon as you receive this email 
so that you will be directed
more on what to do to receive your fund.
We are still waiting for you to contact Bank Central Asia (BCA) Jakarta Indonesia to secure 
Fund Origin Certificate that
they will use to transfer your fund into your designated bank account which you will provide to 
them. Reconfirm this
information below:
1. Your full name:
2. Your address:
3. Your mobile phone number:
4. Your age;
5. Current occupation:
6. A copy of your identity card.
Urgent response is needed once you receive this email.
Yours faithfully,
Hon. Dr Tom Woods
For: Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General, United Nations

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