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9840. Rev Mrs Kathy Edwards
Subject: Please Please Kindly Confirm Reciept

Dear value Customer Beneficiary Of Central Bank Of Nigeria

My Name Is Rev Mrs. Kathy Edwards. Payment Director Central Bank Of Nigeria,
Please Confirm This Information As Urgent As Possible. Did You Send Mr. Thomas
Rams, From Usa To Come And Claim Your Contract Funds Valued Usd$ 10 Million ?.
Your Funds Which Has Been Long Approved In Your Name By The Federal Government
Of Nigeria, And Was Deposit Here In Central Bank Nigeria Plc. I Am Confused.
Who Is Mr. Thomas Rams, Your Brother. He Just Emailed Me Your Power Of Attorney
Stating That Your Total Fund Of $ Shall Be Wired To His Bank
Account As Your Next Of Kin, Anyway As I Am Talking To You Now The Bank
Management Is Having A Meeting On How To Transfer Your Fund To Mr. Ram With The
Bellow Account

The below Bank accounts are submitted by your representative

Canada Account:
Bank Name:CIBC  BANK
TRANSIT # : 07932/010
ACCOUNT #: 92-26133 (US$ CURRENT)
BENEFICIARY :Mr. Thomas Rams
United States of America Account:
Bank Name: Bank of America
Bank Address: 5938 FM Road 2920 Spring, Texas  77379 United States of America
Account Number: 5860-1175-0889
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
Routing Code: 111000025
BENEFICIARY: Mr. Thomas Rams

How Can You Lose Your Fund Because Of $300.00 You Are Ask To Pay For The
Certificate Of Clearance, Please Call Me As Soon As You Receive This Message.
Is Very Urgent You Call Me

Note That You Are Instructed To Re-Confirm The Following  Informations
Immediately For Payment Approval: 

1) Your Full Name. 
2) Phone, Fax And Mobile #. 
3) Company Name, Position And Address. 
4) Profession, Age And Marital Status. 
5) Copy Of Int'l Passport, Driver's License, Or Any Valid Id Card. 
Reverend Mrs. Kathy Edwards
Executive Payment Director  Central  Bank Of Nigeria  {CBN}.
Private Direct Telephone +234-81-64005133
Call Me For More Information

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