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9804. Mr.Edward Meyers
Subject: International Funds Transfer Remittance Department : Bank Of America !


My Name is Mr Edward Meyers,A citizen of the United States,53 years Old.I work in the remittance transfer department with Bank Of America here in New Mexico,United States Of America.

Am contacting you concerning your overdue payment which have been endorsed for onward transfer to your destination depending on your choice to receive your full payment,you have the right to indicate by return email, the preferable method to receive your payment within 48 hours. Bank Of America will be willing to receive your full contact details in your next email,so as to furnish you with the necessary steps to deliver your funds within 48 Banking hours only(2 days).

From the latest payment instruction we received few days ago from THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE(GAO) AND ALSO FROM INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND(IMF),you must present valid and verifiable details of your payment to my office prior to the final release of your payment so as to indicate and assure that you are the rightful beneficiary to the funds in our custody.Do not hesitate to to get back to me immediately for more details.

Acknowledge the receipt of my email today as i await to hear from you and God bless.

Mr.Edward Meyers
Funds Remittance  Department
Bank Of America Cr, N.A. Member FDIC
?015 Bank Of America...

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