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9784 Ulrich Ulrich
Subject: Business Support


My name is Ulrich B. Ulrich, I am a banker with Deutsche Bank AG, there is a
prospect in our bank which I think it will be of your interest and I decided to
contact you privately in order to collaborate with you so that you can stand as
the foreign partner to a deceased client account.

Please remember that this operation is strictly out of telephone communication,
I will appreciate if you can let us handle it through email or fax for the
meantime, until our bank approve the application which you will be submitted to
our bank.

Please email your information if you are willing and capable of making a
contribution both logistic and expenditure.

Thanks for your cooperation in anticipation.

Best Regard,

Mr. Ulrich B. Ulrich

This message should be treated privately
Phone: +44 7520 643368 // fax no: +44 2030 041807

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