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9783 Mrs.Joy Edet


Attn: beneficiary
Good-day to you. Please I am sorry if I do bulge into your convenience but this was 
as a result of the situation I discovered yesterday morning while discharging my 
official duties with the presidency.
First, my name is Mrs.Joy Edet, personal assistant to the secretary to the president 
senator Pius Anyim Pius. Well while I came to the office yesterday morning my boss 
as i mentioned before directed me to burn down all the files in his cupboard and dust 
the entire office.
While I was doing this it occurred in my mind to go through one of the files before 
burning them so while going through it I discovered that it was related to a certain 
payment of about $5.5 million dollars that have already been programmed in an 
automatic teller machine popularly known as ATM card for your compensation 
from UN
I quickly consulted my fellow staff in the office who was too close to the president and 
my boss and she told me in confidence that the president directed his secretary 
senator Ayim to destroy those files so that they can divert the funds into their own 
domiciliary account abroad without the knowledge of the federation as when the files 
are been searched for and couldn't see them, it will be declared that the payment
 have been made to the beneficiary as there will be no files to get this confirmed.
Therefore if you are alive, please get back to me, so I will help you get your card, 
please do know that this vital information is strictly confidential so if you want to make 
use of it fine all you need to do is to get back to me and I shall direct you on how you 
will receive the card and the funds confidentially but if you don't need it please do not 
disclose this information to anyone as my life and job will be at stake for I know my 
country and the leaders they don't mind to rot me in jail.
I know that I have given out to you a vital information that will lead you to greater 
heights in future. Like I requested before, please let this matter remain confidential 
but I assure you that the file and your card is being kept safe confidential, You can 
call me on this line
Get back to me.
God bless you.
Mrs.Joy Edet
Personal assistant
To the secretary to
The president
Federal republic of Nigeria

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