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9765 Vera Williamson
Subject: How are you today?

Sorry to bore you with my problem. I am Vera from NY. I received a letter
from an insurance firm in England (where my late dad had a life policy
worth (2.5M GBP) claiming that they are going to declare all accounts
active for 3 years dormant and es-cheat them to the state for govt
project. My dad who was a construction manager died in 2012. When I
received this letter I contacted them but they told me that I was still a
minor at 16 and they can't release the funds to me unless I present any of
my relative or guardian. But the only person I know is my step mom who has
squandered everything  my dad owned on hard drugs with her boy friend that
she brought in to our house To add to this they also beat and starve me.
After disclosing to my dads attorney who resides in London. He advised me
to look for a trustworthy person to stand in as my guardian. Hence I am
contacting you. (I would not expect you to take this on without
compensation).  Please reply me to discuss this proposal.

Yours truly,

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