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9762 OPEC

OPEC Foreign Processing Department 
OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) 
Martin Street, Birstall, Batley 
West Yorkshire, W17 9PJ - UK 


We wish to to notify you of the OFID first quater balloting final result.
Your email ID emerge in our 2rd category as a winner for a cash prize of
$100,000.00 (one hundred thousand US$). This is from 21 winners from
email list of 10,000,000 individuals, coperate and private organisations, NGO's
and public sectors selected globally in this caterory.

The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) is a
foundation owned by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
(OPEC). This foundation is funded by member nations which include:
Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, United Arab
Emirates and Venezuela. 

OFID is a development organization aimed at improving lives across the
world. This program tagged "Grass root Program" is part of efforts to
improve international housing problems, support the research for the
eradication of Ebola Virus and improve standard of living through direct
participation in community development across several communities all over the
world by empowering selected individuals as an engine for economic growth and
social development.

OFID Fund Aims At: 

1. Promoting cooperation between OPEC Fund Member States and other
developed and developing countries as an expression of solidarity with other
nations of the world.

2. Helping particularly the, low-income earners in pursuit of their social
and economic advancement.

3. Promoting equitable distribution of wealth. This grant is designed into
various categories; every member country is entitled to remit funds to two
winners of this grant, with each winner entitled to $100,000.00 in this year's

Your file has been open for data verification, claim processing,
validation and approval for remittance. Your TICKET number OFPD-03/786/14-UK
falls among the set of beneficiaries that will be documented at the United

OPEC Foreign Remittance office, this is where you will be documented. You
are to urgently contact the Director of claims department on or before 20th day
of FEBRUARY 2015 for your claim. Please bear in mind that any late claim
processing will note be entertained as the grant will be return as unclaimed

* Provide us with the below details for data verification and
documentation purpose and to ensure conformity with our records*

1) Full Names:========================================= 
2) Residential Address: ===================================
3) Ticket Number: =======================================
3) Country of Origin: =====================================
4) Nationality: ==========================================
5) Other Mobile Phone Numbers: =============================
6) Occupation: ==========================================
7) Next of Kin: =========================================

You are to urgently respond to this email with the above required to
enable swift commencement of your grant processing. Meanwhile, you are to keep
your winning information from the puclic as undue and double claiming
will not be entertained by any unscropulous individual.

Congratulations from the OPEC Fund for International Development
(OFID). Please contact your assigned processing officer Dir. Eric
McGregor via email ( as soon as possible to
enable immediate commencement of your grant processing. 

NOTE: Children below 18 years of age are automatically disqualified and
means not elligible for this grant. PLEASE REMEMBER TO QUOTE YOUR 

Yours faithfully, 

Mrs. Ikhlass Al-Sheikhly 
Head of Grants Unit, OFID 
The OPEC Fund for International Development
Foreign Processing Department

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