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9761 Equifax Breach Review [!!!]
Subject: Breach: Please Review Transunion/Equifax Scores

Update Notice for

The recent breaches at Target, Home Depot, and Sony have all been called
"extraordinarily unprecedented". If a world known (and well
funded) corporation can't protect itself, can you?

It is critical that you have fraud and identity protection in place. Changes in
your Experian, Transunion, and Equifax scores may indicate that your personal
data has been compromised.

Take advantage of an "on the house" review of your scores here:

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oon after receipt the buyer complained the items had been damaged during shipping. The buyer sent pictures of a minor packaging damage on the item, one box had the shrink wrap broken on the side. My BS meter immediately went off because I knew I had packed them well and they were perfect condtion, but he got Ebay involved who said I had to take the return, because of their "buyer guarantee". Ok whatever. So it takes him like 2 weeks to ship the package back when it arrives inside are three booster boxes, all opened with no wizards shrink wrap on them, every pack in each has been opened and random cards from the last 5 blocks back to scars of mirrodan are shoved carelessly inside. I was in shock. The weights on the package I shipped compared to what I received back did not match either, it was sent by USPS both ways. I immediately wrote an email to high value claims at ebay and didn't hear back (big surprise) so I called them up to talk. After about 2 hours on hold I finally ! got someone who I was able to explain the situation to, and describe how I received a totally different item then I shipped. Unlucky, for me, this person didn't give a shit and flat out told me that this is "a cost of doing business." I attempted to escalate further but the person told me that they were the top of the case managing chain and I could not talk to anyone else. I calmly laid out all my evidence including my 14 year flawless history with ebay and paypal but none of it mattered. The lady told me I had lost the appeal case and that Paypal was going to force me to refund twelve hundred dollars him in two days time because it shows to them that he returned the package back.

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