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9756 Susquehanna Bank™

Fort Washington Avenue, 
Fort Washington, PA 19034, USA
Telephone:  +1-253-214-6631


We at Susquehanna bank USA wish to congratulate you and to inform you that
after thorough review of your Inheritance fund which was denied you in the past
from Nigeria during our Investigations we found out that your Inheritance that
was willed in your name hasn't been transferred to you yet due to some dubious
bankers whom you trusted in.

As our beloved Citizen, We have made all proper Investigations and we found out
that the Inheritance fund that was supposed to be transferred to you at the
amount of   $15,345,000.00 (Fifteen Million, three hundred and forty five
United States Dollars) was denied you because you didn't have full backup
to follow up the issue so they took serious advantage on you, which is totally

The banker that contacted you to Inherit the fund played a fast one on you,
from our Investigations, he connived with a fake lawyer to demand all sort of
false documents from you, thereby extorting money from you for their selfish
desires, Your Inheritance fund has been shared long ago between them, but with
our current development with the Central bank of Nigeria Governor, Mr. Godwin
Emefiele, We have demanded an urgent payment to you and the sum of
$15,345,000.00 (Fifteen Million, three hundred and forty five United
States Dollars) which is your total Inheritance fund has been successfully
wired to Susquehanna bank USA with immediate effect, We involved everything we
could use to make them take this urgent action because this issues has been
pending for a long time now, They have given us Guarantee that the Banker who
scammed you from your total fund, would be apprehended to face the law and all
funds stolen from your Inheritance would be repatriated. 

As I e-mail you now we are in custody of your funds which we are ready to
transfer to your desired bank account within 48 hours to fulfill all
righteousness, We do not condole any act of stealing, fraud or human right
manipulations, We help to repatriate funds that was denied the real owners
especially in the United States.

As soon as you forward to us the below details to commence with the transfer of
your long awaited Inheritance fund, We shall work with you to bring to a
successful conclusion of your Inheritance fund transfer.

1. Your full name
2. Your Address
3. Direct Telephone/Fax number
4. Occupation
5. Age/Sex/Marital Status

With the above details, We can commence proper transfer of your fund, Our team
has strive hard to bring this issue to this successful conclusion, We need your
paramount co-operation to make effect the transfer of your Inheritance so
report can be sent to the head office.

With Utmost Regards

Yours Sincerely
Charles J. Neubauer
Fort Washington Avenue

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