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9112. Internet Fraud Unit
Subject: This is the internet fraud unit of the Interpol police;

Good Day
This is the internet fraud unit of the Interpol police; we are mandated by the British High Commission and the FBI to combat internet fraud. Our monitoring device picked up several signal transaction on your server and since then we have been monitoring all your internet transaction and we have discovered that you have been into series of transaction.
From our investigation you have been into a transaction worth of millions of dollars which you have spent money on, and you have been dealing with the wrong people. A compensation of six hundred and fifty thousand united state dollars ($650,000.00) has been allocated to all Americans, Arabians, Europeans, Canadians and Asian citizen who have been scammed and harassed on the internet. We are also backed up by the UNITED NATIONS and have been investigating emails directed to selected individuals.
We want to clear your doubts; you are to continue your transaction with Rev. Mark Powell of the compensation payment department immediately. Please you are to notify us when you receive this email. You are not to disclose this information to a third party as we are on the trail to get all perpetrators of cyber crime.
Thank you for your understanding
Bryan Anderson
Head Internet Fraud Unit.

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