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9081. Mr.Roola Quan
Subject: This is Urgent.....Pls Reply

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Roola Quan from the Philippines. On Friday the 8th of November 2013, a killer Typhoon Haiyan 
attacked Central Philippines killing over 10,000 people as at today.
You should click on the following links to see pictures and videos of the typhoon's wreckage:

I work as a driver in a security company in the Philippines. On the day of the Typhoon, I was moving a valuable consignment in a box to our security bonded ware house. The box contains a total estimate of US$11.5 Million valuables. On our way, the Typhoon started. It was unfortunate that I lost the security escorts that followed me, to the killer typhoon. Amidst all these chaos I saw the opportunity of making real good money for myself since I was alone after the death of the escorts. So I managed to find my way to a colleague in another private security company. He has been able to kept the consignment pending when it can be moved out of the Philippines. Note that my office is not aware of this as they think we lost everything to the Typhoon. I really dont want any trace, this is why I have decided I have to move the consignment out of the Philippines with the help of a foreigner like you who is not known here.

I will need your help to move the consignment out of the Philippines to your country and also assist me in the banking and management of the money pending when I join you in your country.

Get back to me urgently if you can help me out in a honest manner.
You will be compensated with a good % of the money.
Roola Quan.

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