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Subject: Attorney General Eric Holder

Department of Justice
441 4th Street NW,
Suite 1145S,
Washington, DC 20001.
Attention Beneficiary

We received a letter with an urgent instruction from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) here in the United States of America over allegations of money laundering and terrorist related activities with Nigeria bank officials to which there is over whelming evidence of your involvement, with the report we got from (Efcc) Economic and Financial Crime Commission of Nigeria in charge of financial matters.

In view of the indicting report submitted to Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI) by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria (EFCC) through MR IBRAHIM LAMORDE the commission chairman, He stated in his complain that since he took over as the commission chairman his name is been use by unknown individual for false pretence.

However, he also complain before (FBI) that you did not obtain their (Government Authorization Payment Certificate) (G.A.P.C)from Efcc or their government for the clearance of your fund, the said document was introduce by their Government 6-9-2012 after Mrs Farida Waziri and some bank official was fired, rather you involve your self with fake banks officials and lawyer to betray there government to get fake and forge documents to claim your fund, without recourse to rule of law, this has prompted their government to stop all payment with immediate effect and ask Economic and Financial Crime Commission to carry out the investigation with international security agency

Notice, a later dated 07-01-2013 was receive from Nigeria Government that Mrs. Farida Waziri has been sack from office as chairman of Economic and Financial Commission for abuse of office, with this notice anybody dealing with Mrs. Farida Waziri as EFCC chairman will face the consequence, Henceforth MR IBRAHIM LAMORDE is now the new chairman for Economic and Financial Crime Commission.

We, therefore, counsel you to draw this to your attention referring you to your fund suspended by (EFCC) with the instruction of their government, according to the information submitted to our office, was base on lack of incompetent bank manager and director and your inability to secure the genuine clearance papers approve by their government 2012 to cover payment, above it all, their (Government Authorization Payment Certificate). will only be issue to you by E.F.C.C in charge of financial matter empowered by their federal government,

Regard to the complain from the new EFCC chairman MR IBRAHIM LAMORDE, That people are using different names through different means with different ministries to forge a certificate with beneficiaries to get their fund claim from their government, for that reason, Their government has to stop all foreign payment and appoint EFCC to monitor all financial matter within their banks and organizations. Note, we don't want a situation which will prompt EFCC to institute a quasi legal action otherwise called binding over proceeding

We are giving you notice of service of writ of summons after seven days of receiving this letter by mail. If after the seven days and you are not able to obtain the Certificate from their government through the new (EFCC) chairman Mr Ibrahim Lamorde or their government to clear yourself before the FBI as reported to this offices by Nigeria Economic and Financial Crime Commission (Efcc), Legal action will begin immediately.

After your response you will be given direct information on how to contact the commission new chairman MR IBRAHIM LAMORDE for the issuance of their (Government Authorization Payment Certificate).the decision was taking because of the perpetrators who use the name of Mr Ibrahim Lamorde at the same time collect illegal fund from beneficiary.

Justice delayed is justice denied.
Yours faithfully,
Attorney General Eric Holder

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