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9058. Margaret Zondi
Subject: Attention:


I apologize for the surprise this massage will bring to you. I got your contact
from international business association Page and my spirit convinced me to
contact you. An account was opened in our bank in 2000 and since 2007. Nobody
has operated on this account again. The account has no beneficiary. The owner of
this account is late Mr. Albert Brennan an Australia Foreigner, Professional
Geologist and Mining Contractor. The amount involved is Nine Million and Four
Hundred thousand United state Dollars. After going through some old files in

I discovered that if I do not transfer this money out of the country urgently,
it will be forfeited for nothing. I am contacting you because of the need to
involve you as the beneficiary to this account/next of kin, because I know you
can handle this transaction without any mistake, and to move the fund to your
country then I can invest my shear in any lucrative venture you will direct me
in your country. Our Bank is ready to approve this money to any foreigner who
has correct information of this account, which I will give to you later.

If you are capable and willing to handle this business with strict
Confidentiality and Honesty because this opportunity will never come my way
again in my life. I will use my position in the office to influence the transfer
of this Money to your nominated bank account in any part of the World for our
mutual benefit. I NEED your Assistance, Support and Co-operation.

As soon as the whole fund is successfully transferred into a nominated bank
account that you will provide.  Is 100% rest assured that this business
opportunity is completely Risk-free and true.


I await your reply for further details.

Yours Truly,

Mrs Margaret Zondi

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