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8984. Marcelo Bustos
Subject: Western Union Payment

Dear Beneficiary
This is to inform you that we have sent you the sum of $5,000.00 (Five 
Thousand dollars) through Western Union as we have been given the mandate
transfer your full compensation fund  via Western Union by  the United 
Nations Government, and also a Master card  of $550,000.00 (Five hundred
fifty Thousand Dollars)ATM Card Number;5201753100031117.So i was
to email you the payment information which include MTCN (Money Transfer 
Control Number) and sender's name,so that you can pick up your payment of 
$5,000.00 to enable us send another payment of $5,000.00 by tomorrow as you 
know we shall be sending you only $5,000.00 per day. Please copy this payment 
information below and go to any Western Union office/outlet closer to you to 
receive this payment of $5,000.00 and get back to us to send you another 
payment by tomorrow.
Sender First Name:Roger
Sender Second Name: Brent
MTCN#: 7839313563
Test Question:Born
Test Answer : Great
Call or email this office as soon as you collect this payment, you can also 
track your payment on line by login to, if the money is 
not release to you by the western union office in your country, endeavor to 
send us am email with your Name/Mobile No/Home address for confirmation to 
avoid your money been placed on hold by the international remittance 
Best Regards.
Mr. Brian Fred

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