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8964. Mrs Judith Parker ( Secretary of Foreign Affairs )
Subject: From Secretary of Foreign Affairs - INVALID ADDRESS

From Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Email Address :

*** Consignment Registration Number : awb 33xzs ***


This is a mail to notify you about the Delivery of your funds that was returned
due to the Invalid address provided and due to you fail to pay the security
keeping fee of the sum of $165USD and a demurrage of $15USD will be added to
the Consignment each day as from today a notice has been sent to you.

In view of this, series of investigation has been carried out due to the
invalid address but effort failed, I am by this authority informing you that a
first part payment that was assigned to be delivered to you is the sum of
$450,000USD, Kindly confirm receipt of this email on time and provide us with
your Valid information as stated below for recognition and processing of
delivery to you as the payment of security Keeping fee of the sum of $165USD
have been confirmed :

1) Your Names and residential Address,
2) Cell Phone Contact Number,
3) Present Occupation.

The only fee you have to pay is the Security fee $165 Please indicate  the
registration Number and respond so instructions of how to pay their Security
fee of $165 can be sent to you.

We will be waiting to hear from you so your consignment is confisticated.

Utmost Regards,
Dr Wilson Terry
Representing Foreign Affairs

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