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8955. Sami Hafes Annan
Subject: Business Proposal

Attention: Sir
I am formal Army Chief of Staff Sami Hafez Anan of Egypt.
I am presently trying to cool off in London, for just a short while.
I was going through your chamber of commence in your country when I run across
your contact inquiry on the internet, hence I decided to contact you. I have
confirmed of your country’s political stability, investment opportunities,
good economic policies, dependable investment infrastructures, stable and
buoyant economy  and above all, the hospitality of your people.
Your Profile is outstanding in the business world, and no doubt you are a
business technocrat or mogul, whom i need to make my investment dream come true.
I am ready to invest with you, either in your company, if it is permitted by
your law, or in any other lucrative business of your conviction.
By virtue of my profession as a soldier, I am fully ignorant in the business
world, but fully grounded on security matters and country politics. This is the
reason why I need technocrats in business like you to invest with.
I have the sum of eighteen million five hundred thousand (18.5Million
GBP)  for investment in your country, and I will propose as follows.
1.    I want any investment that in the next 8-9 years, I will get my principal
sum back, and the investment will still be running. The profit from the
investment, will be shared prorate between us at 50% each person.
2.    I will be given you a free hands in both decision making, and venturing
into any new lucrative business of your conviction.
3.    I will like you to be my partner/manager/consultant, and am ready to give
you 5% of the principal investment fund upfront immediately the total sum hit
your account, for your upkeep and logistics while you run this investment for
If you feel that you can deliver. Let me have the following data below for my
lawyer to draft an M.O.U (memorandum of Understanding)
Full Name
As soon as you are issued the Memorandum of Understanding by my Lawyer, please
study it, sign and return back to me through him, so that I will do same and
send a copy back to you.please contact me with my private email
Kind Regards,
Sami Hafez Anan
Mob: Tel:+447024026671

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