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7749. Michael R. Phillips
Subject: Re: Your Funds Intercepted

Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
Re: Your Funds Intercepted,
We write to inform you that our intelligent monitoring network intercepted some funds/inheritance, Atm 
Visa Cards,lottery winning and box of consignment contain funds valued $5.5m USD.
After we have conducted due investigation and verifications, the two men whose name has been 
withheld for security reasons confessed of been responsible for your inability of receiving your atm 
We have been able to ascertain that these imposters deliberately hindered you from not been able to 
receive your funds by conniving with the agents in charge of your funds release by demanding 
excessive fees for their own selfish reasons.
We intercepted these FUNDS when they were trying to smuggle it to The United Kingdom and we have 
deposited your FUNDS with our security company.
You are therefore requested to contact Barrister Aaron Wilson via email:
[ ]
to help you process the release of your payment to you. We trust him to help you to process the release 
as soon as you open communication with him.
We hope to redeem the image of this country from all the scams perpetrated on innocent people.
Please do not hesitate to email US if there are any further complications for guidelines.
Michael R. Phillips
Head of Assets Forfeiture and Tax Investigation Unit
EFCC Headquarters in collaboration with
Fbi Headquarters In Washington, D.C.

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