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7736. Sohail Khan
Subject: Work with me in 2012

If you have ever thought about (or are interested in) working with me on a new business, 
this is for you 

I think it's probably safe to say that I've been involved in some VERY BIG joint ventures.

I'm looking for a handful of individuals to work together and become part of my team... 

* Subject matter experts, trainers, consultants or coaches. 

* Business owners who are looking to add Joint Ventures skills.

* Someone extremely serious about creating a lucrative business with my help. 

I've created a short video for you that details exactly what this opportunity is all about and
If you are seriously Interested in this opportunity to work with me then please click below

==> Watch Video 

But before you watch the video - it's important for me to point out who this program is 
NOT for: 

- This is NOT for someone who does not want to deliver incredible value to their clients. 

- This is NOT for someone who is not willing to put in the work on developing their JV skills. 

- This is NOT for someone who is a difficult person to work with. (Yes, you know who 
you are.) 

- This is NOT for someone who expects a home run right out of the gate. 

Reality check: This program will require a sizable commitment of your time and energy 
to work together. 

Now if that didn't scare you off then watch the video. 


Sohail Khan

P.S. Please only register after watching the video If you think this opportunity is for you. 

If you are serious about working together with me to take you to the next level, then 
watch the video. 

---------------------- The Joint Venture Group. Basepoint Business Centre. 
Luton, LU4 8LX. United Kingdom
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