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7724. Rev Omang L. Ekeng
Subject: Payment Approved 11/04/2012

Payment Purpose: Inheritance Fund Release
Part Payment Value: $5,500,000.00 dollars
Authorized Paying Bank: Central Bank of Nigeria
Transaction Reference Code: CBN/KTT/27890/2011
Payment Approval Date: 11/04/2012

With due respect and honor, I am very much curious at your silence without
responding to my last email. I wish to inform you  that after the successful
meeting with the President and Senate committee on contract/inheritance
payment, you're no longer  required to pay for COST OF TRANSFER, DRUG
CERTIFICATE, and ANTI-TERRORIST CERTIFICATE as it has been wavered off by the 
President. As a beneficiary, under the new administration you just need to
obtain the "Payment Release Code" which is in total com pliancy with
the Principles of the Banking Codes on Money Laundering and it is also in
accordance with the new CBN Payment Policy. The "Payment Release
Code" attracts a fee of $180 dollars ONLY.

Hence, your payment file came across to my disk through the payment schedule
from Presidency office and it has mediated that CBN will release your fund
under the "Payment Release Code". You don't have to be afraid
concerning this office, be 100% sure you are dealing with the right office. I
will personally send transfer telex directly to you bank through Electronic
transfer unit for the transferring of your fund.

For this reason, your payment has been rightfully approved and will be paid out
directly into your bank account via "automatic swift transfer" from
our Electronic transfer unit. All transfer processing has been concluded in
line with the new  CBN Payment Policy. But before the part payment of
$5,500,000.00 dollars can be credited into your bank account, Normalization of
your account must be made directly in the Office of the President, which will
enable your funds to be credited into your bank account within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, be informed that all the clearance documents/certificates certifying
that the source and origin of the $5.5 million dollars programmed for transfer
on 4th July 2011 is clean and clear from any financial misconduct. The
clearance documents include:

I will scan and send to you the copy of those mention documents above FREE
immediately I receive your reconfirm banking details, your current address
include direct telephone number and your ability to secure the $180 for the
Normalization of  your account.

Hence, we have been working tirelessly to complete this transfer, as CBN are
now working directly with US Department of State to ensure a successful
transfer. Finally, the image of this country has to be protected, in line with
that, CBN new Administration has so far completed almost 80% outstanding
payment which we inherited from the past administration.

Furthermore, you are required to stop your previous communication with the
fraudster in the name of Dr.,Barrister, Bank  Manager,Diplomats and fake
Western Union and other offices as they lack the credit to pay you for the
foreign exchange  allocation allotted to them for payment has been recalled by
the Ministry of Finance of all the countries involved in this race as a result
of the new agreement signed with our Government.
Below is the receivers name to send the $180.

AMOUNT: $180
MTCN / REFERENCE NUMBER:...........................

I am expecting to receive your earliest reply and details of your receiving
bank account, as well as the details of payment  for the $180 dollars. My
direct telephone number is +234-7054567051
Awaiting your Urgent reply.
Thanks ,

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