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7714. Job Opportunity!!!


My name is Mr. Eric Donald; I want you to know I have a job for you. I am
working in (Adidas Company) here in Philippine as a manager. 
I we need someone in your country who can be as an agent to our company, your
job is to be receiving any form of payment from any of our clients we are
selling products to.

Once you receive any form of payment you will have to cash it in your bank
account then you will be send details later on how to send the money in cash to
our company here in Philippines. 

Note this is only a part time job and we will be paying you weekly for your
service which is $400. Please if this offer is okay to you, then Kindly get
back to me with the following details of yours below.:-

Full Name...
Zip code...
Phone number....
Sex (M/F)...
Kindly Forward me this filled details above if you are good with the offer so
we can proceed with your first job and I will appreciate quick response from

Thanks and please get back to me asp.

Mr. Eric Donald,

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