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7691. Pascal Tagro
Subject: Please Lend A Helping Hand!!??

My excuses Please,

I am courageous and hopeful enough to contact you because of my condition and some circumstances sorrounding my dreams as a young man. I am in contact with you because I want to move overseas, for my studies, to live, work and invest there. You should be useful to me and can guide me in many things. I was looking for someone capable and in the country you are and your profile in the society attracted me; i need help from someone like you, i need your help for many other reasons before my traveling.

My names are Pascal Tagro. 18 years old boy. The election crisis in my country cote d’Ivoire that lead to a civil war affected me and was the begining of my problems. I lost my dad in the crisis; my late father Désiré Tagro was a politician, former Minister and an aide to the dethroned president, Laurent Gbagbo
( Very sad! My mum had died 5 years ago. I am now an orphan, I am the only child of my late parents. The sudden demise of my loving daddy caused the evil plots of my uncles over my inheritances; I want to leave my Country to abroad and with my inheritance funds, for my university studies, to live there and also for investments. I am not happy again staying here mainly because of this and the problems the political crisis caused me. I have made up my minds but needs a help from someone like you to succeed. Please help!

I have told the bank where my late dad deposited the money which i inherited about my plans and i was told to present a guardian. I need a guardian for that and will need someone to guide me abroad too. I can never use any of my uncles as a guardian or anybody here to meet with the bank requirements. I prefer a foreigner to serve as all for an important reason. This email is very urgent, please kindly get back to me with a quick response for more information at ( or to my yahoo most especially ( ), your response will be highly appreciated. God blessings. Thanks.


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