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7680. Winchcombe Design Joinery Ltd
Subject: Re: Advert (Online Position)

Winchcombe Design Joinery Ltd
Winchcombe farm,
RG7 6SN,Uk.

Winchcombe Design Joinery Ltd is in urgent need of a reputable  Individual or
firm to serve as our financial coordinator in your region. Please reply for
more information If you are interested in working with us

Details: Regional and Online Assistant/Representative
Salary: 5000 USD Monthly
Time: 10mins daily
Payment form: Online Wire Transfer
If satisfied apply below:


*Full Name:
*Full Contact/Mailing Address(NO P.O.BOX):
*Zip Code:
*Phone Number:

N.B: For more inquiries send all mails to for fast
correspondence from us.

Advert Dept/
Winchcombe Design Ltd

N.B: This Advert is only meant for Canadian and Usa Residents Only

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