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7676. Sgt Ricco Torres
Subject: From Sgt Ricco Torres in Lybia

From Sgt Ricco Torres.

I am Sgt Ricco Torres a soldier with the American Army,I have been in Lybia
seens the crisis started,It has not been easy for us but we thank God.I write
you this email because i have a deal which i will like you to do with me.

Yesterday we came accross some of Muammar Ghadafis secret house and we noticed
some boxes,At first we thought it was a bomb but after opening the boxes we
noticed it was money,Its three boxes we decided to share the boxes amongs
ourself,In each of the box is a huge amount of $32million dollars because the
amount was written on it and was delivered to them here by a United States

We were three soldiers that found it and we decided to share it among ourself
so each of us are getting one box.We are still here for peace talk and i know
we wont be coming back anytime soon,So we decided to contract an international
diplomat that will deliver the money to any address of our choice.

The reason for contacting you is to help me get this package and keep it or
even lodge it in a security firm until i return from here then i can meet
you,If you can be able to do this for me i am willing to give you the sum of
$7million dollars from the money.

Please get back to me if you can help me do this deal.


Sgt Ricco Torres

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