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7671. The Serious Fraud Office
Subject: Immediate Attention

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
10-16 Elm Street
London WC1X 0BJ
SFO Confidential
+44 (0)20 7404 1665

Immediate Attention;

We are the Serious Fraud Office (SFO); an independent Government
department that investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud, and
corruption. We are part of the UK criminal justice system with
jurisdiction in England, Wales and Northern Ireland but not in Scotland,
the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.Our expert forensic accountants and
professional investigators and lawyers investigate and prosecute the most
serious or complex instances of fraud and corruption.

We use our special legislative powers to obtain the evidence needed to
build successful cases and bring criminals to justice and so help maintain
confidence in the UK's business and financial institutions. Using the
lessons we learn from the cases we investigate, we try to prevent
extensive, deliberate criminal deception which could threaten the public

I am the Director of the SFO (Richard Alderman).Your transfer file
came to
my attention just this morning, and I was compelled to take special
interest in your transfer because of its peculiar history of procedural
inconsistencies and unauthorized payment approval documents that are
contained in your file. Obviously all the persons you assigned to process
your transfer have proved to be fraudulent and incompetent.

Simply put it that some management of the Bank have tried unsuccessfully
to smuggle your transfer through a non-existent back door, while
impersonating the offices of various government departments before you,
and feeding you with forged transferred document.

Consequently, I have this morning ordered the heads of all the relevant
Government Departments genuinely involved in the foreign transfer
protocol, including the Treasury Department, and the Bank to suspend all
further action on your transfer pending conclusion of my personal
investigation into the actual reasons why your transfer has failed to
date. Official memos have been issued to the relevant departments.

However, preliminary evidence shows clearly that these fraudulent persons
you have assigned to help you process your transfer have been extorting
monies from you through concocted excuses and lies, only for them to
divert the monies collected from you to their private pockets and return
back to demand more monies from you endlessly. Please you should not allow
yourself to be deceived and extorted anymore. As the Director for the
Serious Fraud Office (SFO)in the United Kingdom, I want to assure you
your transfer will now be processed through the simple, transparent and
authoritative means where you will not be required to pay any unauthorized

Please discontinue any form of contact with all those you have been
dealing with before now, no matter the nature of your relationship with
any of these crooks, including your local attorney. My intention is to
quickly reactivate and sort out your transfer without any distraction. So
you are forbidden to preempt anyone of this contact, otherwise I will be
compelled to out rightly cancel your transfer along others a bad debt.

Reply immediately to acknowledge this advice, and I will instruct you
further.All correspondents should be directed email to: Richard Alderman


Richard Alderman
The Director of the SFO

We are part of a network of Government agencies and other organisations
which work to combat fraud and corruption. For more information on how we
fit into the counter-fraud and corruption network, visit External
relations and What we do and who we work with.

Disclaimer ***** This email and any attachment may contain confidential
information. If you are not the intended recipient because it was sent to
you in error, you are not authorized to reply copy or disclose all or any
part of it without the prior written consent of The Serious Fraud Office

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