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7656. Daniel Smith
Subject: Funds Available For Overseas Investment..bko

Subject: Funds Available For Overseas Investment.

Your contact was introduced to us by the commercial counselor attached to your
Embassy here and he assured us of your trustfulness and capability to handle
Investment propositions. 
In fact we were discussing generally on business investment opportunity in your
country when the Counselor mentioned your company’s name among other names
that can be trusted and relied on for capital intensive financial
I am a Financial Consultant and represent the interest of the family of late
Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabr, who was the Libyan Minister of Defence under the regime of
Muammar Gaddafi. 
Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabr died on 20th October, 2011 while on a car convoy with
Muammar  Gaddafi trying to flee from the Siege of Sirte. After the convoy was
attacked by NATO aircraft he sought shelter from shrapnel in drain pipes with
Gaddafi. NTC fighters finally captured him and Gaddafi.   
In the later days of Libya crisis, the late defence minister revealed to his
family that he had deposited the sum of US$120Million (cash) in South
Africa (without the knowledge of late Gaddafi) under UN diplomatic
coverage for safe keeping. 
The fund in focus was transported from Libya under UN protection and deposited
for safe keeping here under diplomatic status. 

The cash was however deposited under false content declaration as “Law Report
and Promotional Materials” belonging to one Idris Haruna Esq. (former
Congolese military attach? at the UN Regional Office).
As the consultant I have the full knowledge of the substance of the
transaction. I was in this context, mandated by the family to seek for your
kind assistance and cooperation in respect of overseas relocation of the fund
for investment without traces. The relocation process and subsequent investment
of the funds overseas must not be traced to the family because of their present
Confidential handling is therefore very important in view of the continued
monitoring of funds that emanated from late Muammar Gaddafi’s regime by his
country authorities. In fact the family has suffered huge financial and
material losses to malicious confiscation and seizures. 
It is true that trust will be needed in channeling of the cash money into the
banking system, and for this we are relying on our contact bank here
(Standard Bank) for the transfer of the funds overseas. 

Our arrangement with the bank in respect of the transaction is very solid and
trustful as the bank has agreed to accommodate such quantum of cash money in
their system without the relevant anti-money laundering/ terrorism documents.
The bank will also inject and recycle the cash funds in the financial system
and subsequently place it for bank-to-bank outflow for final transfer to any of
your designated overseas account. 
The bank is also sufficiently informed on the very nature and peculiar
circumstances of source of the funds and will be charging substantial
commission as compensation for their involvement. Although it was not easy to
convince the bank to participate in the deal, we however, used our goodwill
contact and relation with the bank to impress on their judgment, more so when
the funds in focus lacked adequate documentation and certification from
The most important issue is your presence in South Africa to attend to the
expected banking proceedings as this will help to establish a neutral
beneficiary platform for the funds, thereby accomplishing the projected goal of
relocating the funds overseas without traces. 
While in South Africa, you will be expected to open an NGO account in our
contact bank where the cash money will be deposited upon release from its
present custody. You will thereafter instruct the bank to further the credit
from the new NGO account opened in your favour to your choice destination
account overseas (in piece –meals). More info will be given to you
on the reasons for NGO account as it was strictly on the advice of our contact
bank here.
We are also aware that your neutral personality as a foreigner without any
previous relationship with the family of the late Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabr, remained
appropriate for the relocation of the cash money overseas without traces to the
embattled family. Your projected stay here in South Africa for the process will
be 4 working days only when we are expected to conclude and the funds
transferred accordingly and after which I will have to travel with you to the
receiving account destination. 
We want to assure you that there is really no fear or risk involved for with
adequate due diligence here successful outcome will be guaranteed. We will
endeavor to protect every interest here within the context of duty of care.
Kindly forward your private telephone number for salient voice discussion on
the funds relocation into your nominated overseas bank account. 
Please let us discuss this matter seriously so that together we will pull the
deal to fruition. 

Best regards, 

Mr. Daniel Smith 

Private Email: 
Private phone:  +273 603 1143

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