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7655. Mr Ronald Williams
Subject: GOOD DAY


I write to introduce a lovely mystery dining opportunity in form of a part time
job that you'ld run at your own comfort.

MAJOR REQUIREMENT: ABOVE 20YRS OLD. You get paid ($200) for every job done and
you can do multiple jobs a day.

Our Mystery Dining Organisation (OMDO) is a hospitality mystery shopping
specialist that delivers valuable customer insights and knowledge to drive
service quality and performance for dining and hospitality-based businesses.

We invented the term ?Mystery Dining? as part of our drive to serve the
hospitality and dining industry with quality customer feedback, and we have
established ourselves as the leading specialized Mystery Dining provider around
the globe. We talk every day with real customers about real experiences in this

Above all, it really matters to us that you can trust and depend on our advice
and the quality, depth and speed of the information we produce and give you to
work with. This is what marks us out from our competitors.

We focus on the dining and hospitality industry, and know more about what
really happens in the environment than anyone else.

Mystery dining visitors are required to visit restaurants, hotels, bars,
leisure & retail units within their local area, act as normal customers and
check that the service criteria are inline with company standards. It is vital
that after the evaluation, you accurately complete a report in a descriptive
and constructive manner, detailing what happened during the visit. The ability
to be discreet, observant and have a good eye for detail is essential. Having
access to your own transport can be an advantage as you may be required to
travel up to 20 miles to carry out assignments. Most assignments carry an
appropriate budget to cover purchases made during your visit, in return for
completing the report.

What is required of you...

Mystery dining visits.
Trending analysis.
Recommendations and business action planning.
Food menu and spec analysis/compliance/comparisons.
Full menu reviews.

We need Mystery diners/visitors in the U.S and Canada: We use this process to
help the current economical situation and also give people lovely dining time.

No upfront cash commitment is made by you, and you would have flexible hours as
it suits you. If you are interested, send in your:

MOBILE NUMBER: { You require a working telephone number to be qualified for the
job }

Do send your reply to the director email address { } for
a quicker response as i do not check this email always.

+44 7031 884 581

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