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7653. Henry McKenzie
Subject: Your bank account will soon be multiplied!

Your bank account will soon be multiplied! as Rupert Murdoch's media apologized
and agreed to cash payouts to 

victims according to the following category: 

Category A: Phone & e-mail hack victim :- (£130,000 (about
$200,000), plus legal costs.
Category B: Phone hack victims: - (£50,000 pounds (about
$77,000) plus legal costs.
Category C: e-mail hack victims :- (£40,000 pounds (about
$62,000) plus legal costs.
Thirty-six (36) claimants have so far been awarded settlements and 18
of these were revealed in court today. 
Furthermore, e-mails ID & phone numbers of hack victims were revealed after
unfolding the database of Rupert 

Murdoch's media. 
Your e-mail happens to be one of those victimized by the hacking act. Please
contact the committee appointed Lawyer 

for your compensation today: 

Barr. Henry McKenzie

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